Top 10 Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser in 2021 Review

Nearly everyone is aware of the health benefits that come with drinking safe water. However, do you know the various ways to dispense it? We do! Water cooling dispensers are available in restaurants, homes, and offices. There are many types from which to select, including 5 gallon water dispenser that offers an unlimited supply of quality drinking water.

Since you can utilize water dispensers in different spaces, they are a great alternative for the best whole house water filtration system. Moreover, dispensers come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and functionality. Therefore, this gives you a chance to choose one to match your needs and requirements.

If you are in the market for a 5 gallon water dispenser, a good rule of thumb is to know beforehand where to buy 5 gallon water jugs to accompany the dispenser.

The myriad choices in the market can make it hard for you to determine the perfect fit. This is why we’ve put together this buying guide featuring ten of the best water cooling dispensers in the market in 2021.

5 Gallon Water Dispenser

Top 10 Best 5 Gallon Water Dispenser in 2021 Review

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Water Dispenser

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Water Dispenser

The Avalon A4BLWTRCLR series features a 3-temperature water cooling system. A stylish stainless steel cabinet encloses an ingenious child safety lock to ensure the whole family is safe from accidental hot water dispensing. Besides, the machine has easy to use push button spurts making it convenient for virtually any environment.


  • Bottom Loading

Forget the lifting and flipping associated with top-loading dispensers if you purchase this bottom-loading unit. Loading water using the bottom cabinet of the Avalon A4BLWTRCLR is easy and convenient. Furthermore, the cabinet is big enough to hold either a 3 or 5-gallon bottle.

  • Superior Quality

The water dispenser is listed with UL-*SA44418 and is approved by Energy Star to guarantee customers the best quality for their money. The child safety cabinet is made of highest-grade 304 stainless steel for maximum durability.

  • Enhanced Usability

First off, the push button spouts are easy for use. Just apply pressure on the button designating the temperature you prefer and water comes out from the spurt. This Avalon water dispenser further, features an effective compressor. It ensures water is cooled to a crisp-ice cold of about 47 degrees Fahrenheit. You no longer need to add ice cubes to your drinking water to make it crispy cool.

  • Child-Friendly System

A hot faucet reaching 180°Fis suitable enough to cook your coffee or tea at home or in the office without individually investing in a coffee machine. Because the water is usually at extremely high temperatures, the hot water nozzle is available with a child protection lock. This makes the dispenser safe in the home even with the little ones around.

  • Night Light

To help you see the spouts during the nights, the machine has a night-lighting mechanism. The pump extracts water from the bottom of the bottle to ensure that as much of the water is emptied. In case the bottle needs replacing, the refill bottle indicator lights up.


  • LED Night Light
  • Hot Temperature up to 185°F
  • Cold Temperature up to 47°F
  • Bottle Refill Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Available Child Safety Lock
  • Removable Drip Tray


  • No provision for bottle-less usage

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty for Avalon Water Coolers

hOmeLabs Water Dispenser

hOmeLabs Water Dispenser

The hOmeLabs water-cooling dispenser is meant to help you avoid the struggles of lifting and flipping to enjoy the convenience of hot or cold water. This stainless steel water dispenser is available in an attractive black color making it an easy fit for the decor in your space.


  • Convenient for Kitchen, Office, or Home

The bottom-loading design makes hOmeLabs dispenser convenient for any environment. You just have to place a typical 5 or 3-gallon water bottle in the bottle closet and start enjoying the convenience of your dispenser.

  • Removable Tray

You can remove the drip tray with ease when it’s full or if it needs cleaning.

  • Extra Control

The dispenser features different ON and OFF buttons. This allows you flexible heating and cooling energy usage and avoids paying high-energy bills.

  • Saves On Single-Use Water Bottles

Although it is essential to stay hydrated for your health, buying single-use water bottles can be costly for you and the environment. With the hOmeLabs water cooler, you can easily switch to reusable bottles and save money. Additionally, get to pick either a 5 or 3-gallon bottle, which is widespread in-home and grocery stores.


  • Switch cold and hot water
  • Detachable dray making it easy to clean
  • Convenient black color can fit any space
  • Hot Temperature: 185°F
  • Stainless Steel Housing Accents
  • Indicator for bottle refill
  • Cold Temperature: 49°F
  • Night lighting function
  • Child Safety Lock


  • More expensive compared to other dispensers in its category

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler

The Brio bottom-loading dispenser is one of the fewest designs featuring self-cleaning functions. The 3-temperature water dispenser is also both UL and Energy Star Approved.


  • Innovative Design

The stainless steel accent is an innovative design that makes the dispenser look classy in your office, home or any public space. Moreover, this unit’s elegance can add to the style in your kitchen.

  • 3 Temperature Water Cooler

The unit is available in three different waterspouts dispensing three different water temperatures. You can enjoy the convenience of ice-cold, hot, and room temperature water instantly. The hot water is often steaming hot, which is perfect for soup, coffee, or tea. As a result, the crisp and cold water eliminates any need for ice. The hot water faucet is safely encased in a child lock cabinet.

  • Child Safety Lock

The Brio water dispenser like a typical 5 gallon water dispenser, comes with a child safety lock. Press down the lever while pressing in the safety lock to let water out of the spout. The two-step handle operation stops kids from dispensing hot water. You can also shut off the hot water if it is not in use.

  • Detachable Tray

If you have had other water dispensers in the past, you know how the last drips and drops of water can easily fall out of the tap after removing the glass. The Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler has a drip tray with anti-rust BPA-Free properties making it easy to maintain a clean tray.


  • Easy maintenance and convenient usage
  • Works with 5 or 3-gallon water bottles
  • Freestanding floor unit
  • The prefixed child protection lock
  • Top-quality stainless steel material
  • Available as a bottom-loading dispenser
  • Includes self-cleaning functionality


  • Does not offer bottle-less water dispensing

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Whirlpool Self-Cleaning Water Cooling Dispenser

Whirlpool Self-Cleaning Water Cooling Dispenser

This self-cleaning water cooling dispenser by Whirlpool is available in a curved stainless steel front to add some glamor and class to your spaces. Because it is built to the standards of commercial-grade, you can use it nearly anywhere including the office, home, and other public spaces.


  • Self-Cleaning Technology

By the time you notice stuff you don’t want in water, the dispenser will initiate automatic unstable oxygen injections to neutralize any undesirable toxins. Consequently, you will get the peace of mind that comes with dispensing safe drinking water for the family, employees, customers in your business.

  • Functional LED Light

When self-cleaning or the hot and cold functions are running, the LED indicator shows. This helps you turn off the machine when you achieve ideal temperatures or once the self-cleaning process is complete and save on power usage.

  • Durable and Reliable

Through its commercial-grade series, the Whirlpool water cooler is not only built to withstand countless years of heavy usage but also offer reliable functionality. Top-notch cooling technology forms ice in the water bottle that delivers refreshingly 40°F cold water, highly helpful for cooling off a summer heatwave. In addition, this dispenser employs patented technology to hot water at steaming temperatures. The strong solid steel frame can withstand pounds of pressure on its top.

  • Innovative Technology

The Whirlpool water cooler employs 5th generation technology to suck water from the bottle. The powerful commercial water pump has a built-in thermostat to ensure it leaves less water in the bottle, avoid stressing the motor and guarantee many years of commercial usage.


  • Toddler resistant hot button
  • Commercial grade water pump with a built-in thermostat
  • Delivers consistent temperatures
  • Solid steel casing to last many years of heavy use
  • Includes top-notch self-cleaning technology for water purification


  • No provision for bottle-less water dispensing

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler

If you are out for a water dispenser with water-leak guard technology, the Primo Deluxe water cooler has a bracket that prevents tipping. You simply place the drip tray and load your 3 or 5-gallon bottle to start hydrating with this 5 gallon water dispenser.


  • Easy Bottom Loading Style 

The bottom-loading design makes it easy to keep hydrated with this Primo water cooler. The flips and drips of attempting to lift a full bottle of water onto your dispenser are now outdated. With this machine, you just place the water bottle inside the water cabinet and insert the probe in the bottle.

  • Allows Both 3 and 5 Gallon Jugs In Any Space

The stylish water cooler by Primo is available with a stainless steel door to infuse a modern touch to any space. The machine is small enough to fit any space in your gym, home, or office. Moreover, you can use either a 3 or 5-gallon refillable bottle and save cash on single-use bottles.

  • Child Safety Lock Feature

You no longer have to worry about clumsy adults and children in the house. The dispenser has a child security lock to stop accidentally pressing the button for hot water.

  • Removable Drip Tray

The drip tray traps spilled water and will need regular emptying. This Primo steel water cooler is fully removable allowing for easy removal of the tray for draining and cleaning.


  • Dispenses piping-hot, ice-cold, and cool water at the touch of the button
  • Child security lock
  • Spill-resistant bottle holder and leak guard stops spills when loading water bottles
  • Stylish black stainless-steel accents as well as stainless steel water closets
  • Energy Star rated and UL certified


  • No bottle-less technology

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty



If you need a self-cleaning water cooler with bottle-less technology, the Avalon A5BOTTLELESS dispenser has nearly everything you need in a water cooler. From 3-temperature cooling to a child safety lock, this machine adds convenience to hydrating your body.


  • Three Temperature Feature

Three temperature settings enable users to tailor their drinking experience. This water cooler provides a piping hot, crisp cold and cool output.

  • Bottle Less

For those in the market to reduce the expenses of endless purchases of water bottles, the Avalon A5BOTTLELESS dispenser is an ideal pick for you. First off, this machine eliminates the strain of lifting bottles and unwanted spillages. The best part, however, is that it comes with a single six-month or 1500-gallon sediment filter as well as a single six-month or 1500-gallon carbon block filter.

  • Self-Cleaning Functionality

This water cooler offers a self-cleaning ozone feature that helps to sanitize and purify the dispenser. This action avoids toxic germs and bacteria accumulating to keep you safe.

  • Light The Way

You do not have to spill water when drawing water at night since this dispenser features a built-in night-light to make the waterspouts visible in the darkness. In the event your filter needs replacing, a change filter indicator will alert you to prepare beforehand.

  • Harmless to Kids

This dispenser has an Energy Star approval and UL accreditation, together with a useful child protection system for the nozzle dispensing hot water. Child protection lock helps to keep the entire family safe from accidental burns.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Bottle-less dispensing
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Powerful filtration system


  • Does not feature separate On and Off buttons

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler

Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler

This 5 gallon water dispenser features normal and hot temperatures in an exquisite style and a brilliant white finish to blend with the décor in your room. The low-noise compressor makes this water cooler ideal for virtually any space including the home and workplace.


  • Convenient water barrel seat

The dispenser has a removable water barrel seat, making it easy to strip and clean. Regular cleaning of the barrel seat ensures you have safe drinking water at all times.

  • Simple, Functional Designs

This dispenser features three indicator lights allowing you to quickly pick the working status, indicating, cold, power, and hot respectively. The user-friendly child safety lock keeps kids and clumsy adults from accidentally dispensing hot water.

  • Strong and Durable

You will be mistaken to misjudge this dispenser for how it looks. It is made from a sturdy material that allows for accommodation of a 5-gallon water bottle weight without causing damages.

  • Hygienic Storage Cabinet

Are you worried about where to store your disposable cups? You don’t have to since this Giantex top loading water cooler features a hygienic cabinet ideal for that purpose. For that reason, the water cooler suitable for public spaces such as restaurants, libraries, and offices.

  • Useful Stop Switches

One of the challenges of owning a water dispenser is controlling its power consumption. To help address that concern this water cooler has two functional switches to help stop heating and cooling processes once you achieve desired temperatures.


  • Innovative cooling and heating stop switches
  • Anti-dust water barrel seat
  • Hygienic storage cabinet
  • Stable and durable
  • Child safety lock for the hot water spout
  • Can work with both 2 and 5-gallon bottles


  • Top loading of water bottles is tiresome and can cause spills

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Avalon Premium Top Loading Water Cooling Dispenser

Avalon Premium Top Loading Water Cooling Dispenser

This Avalon Premium series is made with style and innovation. It comes with simple paddle spouts that make it highly convenient for use. You just press the cup against the paddle and water starts coming out. In addition, the highly efficient compressor achieves low temperatures of 47° F, while the hot faucet gets to the highs of 180° F.


  • Hot & Cold Water Spouts

Using this water cooler gives you the freedom to select between a piping hot and crisp cold output. You can, therefore, use it for toasty beverages or cool refreshments.

  • Children-Friendly

The Energy Star association and the UL both approve this unit. Moreover, there is a useful prefixed security system against accidental dispensing on the hot water nozzle. This function goes a long way to prevent burn injuries in a house with kids and in situations where adults get clumsy.

  • Groundbreaking Fashionable Design

The Avalon Countertop series dispenser offers a striking slender design, which does not look immense when considering smallest of spaces and can suit nearly any table-top.

  • Save Time

With this unit, preparing soup, hot tea, or coffee can be done on the go.

  • Top Loading Dispenser

The top-loading mechanism allows you to see when the water is about to run out and plan for a replacement water bottle.


  • Made with food-grade stainless steel material
  • Convenient press-paddle spouts
  • Provides consistent temperature
  • Comes with a child safety lock
  • Can use either a 3 or 5-gallon bottle


  • Lifting and flipping to load water bottles is strenuous
  • 2 temperature water cooler

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

This Countertop hot and cold water cooler by Avalon features convenient press paddle-spouts. The machine cools water to a crisp 47° F eliminating the need for ice cubes. Moreover, the hot faucet can double up as a coffee and tea maker at temperatures of about 185° F. Because of the extremely hot temperatures, the machine features an ingenious child protection lock for the hot water outlet.


  • Hot and Cold Water Outlets

Choose between hot and cold water spouts for toasty beverages or cool refreshments.

  • Burn-Proof

This water cooler dispenser has approvals from both UL and Energy Star. Besides, it comes with a childproof lock for the hot faucet to avoid accidental burns.

  • Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The self-cleaning ozone system disinfects and cleanses your dispenser to avoid the buildup of unsafe microorganisms and bacteria in your drinking water.

  • Night Lighting

Let the prefixed nightlight illuminate the water nozzles at night to avoid unnecessary spillages. The unit equally features a filter indicator lighting up when your filter needs replacing.

  • Bottle-Less

If you are in the market for a machine that saves you money in the end, this top-loading water cooler offers bottle-less water dispensing. You equally get a single six-month sediment filter and a similar volume of carbon block filter.


  • Bottle-less water dispensing
  • Night lighting for better visibility at night
  • Safe for kids
  • Convenient paddle spouts
  • UL and Energy Star Approved
  • Comprehensive filter set
  • Easy to install


  • Two-temperature water dispensing

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler

Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler

The PKTWC10SL series hot and cold dispenser by Nutrichef is available in countertop design featuring great functionalities including; automatic water dispensing and built-in compressor for quick cooling. You’ll love this design for compatibility with all 5-gallon bottles and jug countertops.


  • Hot and Cold Water Nozzle

Users can select between hot and cold water, which is suitable as a cool refreshment or toasty beverage. Coldwater temperatures range between 40°F and 45°F, while hot temperatures range between  170°F and175°F.

  • Accommodates Different Gallons

This countertop Nutrichef water cooler can put up with 5 or 3-Gallon bottles to save  you hundreds of dollars every year

  • Great Cooling Mechanism

The tabletop water cooler operates with a programmed plug-in system to quickly cool your water in an ultra-quiet operation

  • Flexible Design

With the innovative tabletop design, this Nutrichef dispenser is perfect for home and office uses.

  • Child-Friendly

This unit has the hot water spout fitted with a child safety lock to keep the family worry-free.


  • Child safety lock
  • Fits both home and office environments
  • Built-in compressor
  • Universal bottle compatibility


  • Two temperature water dispensing
  • Tiresome top-loading system
  • No bottle-less dispensing

Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty

How To Buy The Best Water Dispenser

If you are looking at a limited space or need a large capacity water cooling dispenser for your office, there are various options to select from. You can choose a water dispenser by type, such as top-loading or bottom-loading and countertop or free-standing. In addition, you will want to consider the following:

  • How You Intend to Use It – Do you plan on buying and refilling your water bottles or you need a point of use system to tap into and purify from your main water source?
  • Your Space – There are plenty of options for a 5 gallon water dispenser in the market today, ranging from small spaces such as boats and RVs to larger spaces like restaurants and homes.
  • Your Budget – Water coolers are available in different sizes, designs, special features, and aesthetics among others. All these features have different price tags. Your budget will always determine the kind of water cooling dispenser to purchase.

The Bottom Line

While it may seem difficult to locate the right dispenser matching your needs, there is a product for everyone in the market. This guide should ease your 5 gallon water dispenser shopping experience. If not, you have at least picked up useful insights to help you get started in finding the best product for you.