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The 18 Best Accredited Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Many times, we overlook medical coding and billing, despite the area being essential to the healthcare industry. Medical coders and billers are behind the scenes specialists you will find in almost every healthcare facility.

Recently, the number of accredited medical billing and coding schools online with financial aid has gone up. This means the healthcare industry is in dire of qualified medical billers and coders.

These professionals are more regular in the records billing unit of a healthcare practice such as clinics and hospitals. Medical billers often use codes in classifying different diagnoses and services in order to help health insurance firms and Medicare effectively process billing and reimbursements.

What Is Medical Billing And Coding

Submissions and follow-ups of medical claims with health insurance providers define medical billing. Healthcare facilities must claim before receiving any payments from insurance companies for the services they render. Thus, the medical facility becomes a billing claim.

what is medical billing and coding

In this setup, the medical biller follows the claims ensuring the medical practice gets reimbursement for the work they perform. Highly skilled billers can optimize the performance of revenue for the practice.

What is Medical Coding

Medical coding entails changing or transforming healthcare procedures, equipment, diagnosis and medical services into alphanumeric codes. The codes are universal in the medical industry.

Professionals in the medical coding department often rely on medical records to create the codes. Some of the medical records coders use include:

  • Transcripts of notes taken by physicians
  • Laboratory results
  • Radiologic results

The role of medical coding experts is to make sure codes are used appropriately during medical billing processes. This role includes:

  • Abstracting information from medical records
  • Assigning the correct codes
  • Creating claims for insurance carriers to pay

Importance of Medical Billing and Coding Certification

In answering the question of what is medical billing and coding, it is vital to explore the benefits of having certification in this profession.

Medical coding takes place every time you visit a healthcare provider. The healthcare specialist will review your complaint as well as medical history before making an expert assessment of your condition and requisite treatment. The specialist will then document your visit.

The documentation is your ongoing patient record, and it is also how the healthcare specialist gets paid. Medical codes help to translate the documentation into standard codes that inform payers on:

  • Patient diagnosis
  • Medical requirements for treatments, supplies received by the patient, or services
  • Services, treatments, and supplies offered to the patient
  • Unusual medical conditions or circumstances, which affected the services and treatments

Importance of Certification

Most of the employers tend to hire certified medical billing and coding specialists. When certified, coding professionals earn more and get better training than non-certified specialists do.

The standards in medical coding are increasingly becoming complex and need ongoing education and training for specialists in the industry. Medical coders get certification through specific training, experience in the areas of specialty, as well as qualifying exams.

Certification is therefore a specialist’s official recognition of merit, expertise, plus judgment It is a high level of specialized qualification that calls for prolonged learning as well as developing skills to maintain.

Medical Coding Skills

The work of a medical coder almost resembles that of a medical biller. However, coders often work more independently. Even as the specific duties of medical coders vary depending on the workplace, specialists in this field share the same vital skills. Discover these key skills before enrolling for medical billing and coding certification online.

  • Attention to detail: There are tens of thousands of codes comprising the standard coding system. It takes a keen eye to familiarize each and apply them accurately.
  • Research skills: Oftentimes, choosing the right codes for the records of a patient is not easy. A good coder is skilled at conducting research about the prevailing conditions of a patient before making a decision.
  • Knowledge of medical terms: Complex medical terminology makes up the vocabulary of coders. They need in-depth knowledge of the language describing human physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and pathology.
  • Ability to maintain patient confidentiality: Medical records are personal health records of an individual. It is vital for medical coders to get familiar with privacy laws protecting patients.

Career Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% increase in employment for medical coding and billing experts between 2014 and 2024. This is already faster than average growth in the medical industry.

The growth is mainly because of the increasing number of retiring and aging people in the population. The occupation has a median salary of $39,180, while those in the pharmaceutical industry making $50,170.

Education Requirements

To qualify for a job as a billing and coding specialist, you need an associate’s degree and certification. You can find a list of medical billing and coding certification online schools with financial aid below.

Many of the schools in the list only either a terminal associate’s degree, a certificate, or opting for a transfer of credits to a bachelor’s degree program.

The 18 Best Accredited Medical Billing And Coding Schools Online With Financial Aid

Accredited medical billing and coding schools online with financial aid

If you are detail-oriented and believe you need this edge in your career, the first thing is to select a matching school. On top of that, it is essential to determine how you will be paying for your education. Tuition bills often add up fast if you do not make adequate arrangements.

Luckily enough, there are plenty of schools offering students financial aid to pursue medical and coding programs. Here is a list of medical billing and coding certification online programs with financial aid.

1. Rasmussen College

The proportion of students getting financial aid87.00%
Main CampusSt. Cloud, MN

Rasmussen College offers a certificate program in medical billing and coding. The course prepares students for their careers in the healthcare industry. Students get essential skills to help inpatient medical records analysis and management, medical billing, as well as using the electronic health records systems.

This program stands out because graduates can transfer credits to the institution’s degree program.

2. Vista College

The proportion of students getting financial aid88.00%
Main CampusEl Paso, TX

Vista University offers an associate medical insurance billing and coding degree program. The program helps prepare learners for the workplace in as little as two years. This program offers an education in:

The program offers an education in:

  • Foundation English composition
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Coding

Students also have a chance to complete vital hands-on externships to gain practical work experience before entering the job market.

3. Berkeley College

The proportion of students getting financial aid96.00%
Main CampusBerkeley, California

Based in Berkeley, California, the college is among those with many satellite locations in the Golden State. The institution offers certificate and degree programs helping students nurture skills requisite for a fruitful medical billing and coding career in the healthcare industry.

The program underscores the structure and dynamics in the healthcare profession, as well as a vital technology for collecting and processing essential healthcare data.

4. University of Cincinnati Clermont College

The proportion of students getting financial aid85.00%
Main CampusBatavia, OH

This is one of the best accredited medical billing and coding schools online with financial aid. The medical biller and coder program at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College is specifically created to assist students to nurture the communication and organization skills required for a career in the field of healthcare.

Offering the program at certificate level, the course is available online and takes one year to complete.

5. Drexel University

The proportion of students getting financial aid99.00%
Main CampusPhiladelphia, PA

Drexel University medical and billing certification highlights a fully online structure plus two professional trajectories from which to select. Being one of the most comprehensive coding training in the US, they have already set best-practice standards in the industry.

Students undertaking the program learn coding according to the four main manuals of coding. Besides, they gain a solid understanding of the application and critical terms upon which the industry relies.

At the end of the program, students can sit for national certification tests of three different bodies.

6. Purdue University Global

The proportion of students getting financial aid84.00%
Main CampusIndianapolis, IN

Recently the University acquired Kaplan, an online education company, whose merger resulted in the name Purdue University Global.

The institution is fully optimized to offer high-quality education thanks to its fully online programs. Certification in medical and billing is not different in this because students learn beyond coding and insurance billing.

The college also helps students learn medical office management, physiology, medical terminology, as well as pharmacology among others.

7. San Joaquin Valley College

The proportion of students getting financial aid82.00%
Main CampusVisalia, CA

The institution holds to the belief that coding and medical billing holds an essential skill to a fruitful career in healthcare industry. For that reason, SJVC provides both an associate’s degree and a certificate program. These programs equip students with requisite skills for a present day career in the industry.

Being a fully online program, it helps students:

  • Understand the principles of medical insurance
  • Insurance claims management
  • Diagnostic & procedural coding
  • Basic office management skills

8. Northwest Technical College

The proportion of students getting financial aid89.00%
Main CampusBemidji, MN

Medical coding and billing are available as a certificate and a 60 credit associate degree course at the Northwest Technical College. This ensures that graduates from this institution find employment anywhere in the healthcare industry.

The program focuses on enabling students to gain skills for organizing and coding medical data as well as facility records. The program further emphasizes classification procedures and diagnoses in relation to medical treatment.

After completing this course, students can further their education through a bachelor’s of applied science in business administration program at Mayville State University.

9. Sullivan University

The proportion of students getting financial aid93.00%
Main CampusLouisville, KY

You can a diploma in medical billing and coding in slightly less than nine months. As full online program, students get the convenience of flexible class hours.

Sullivan University’s medical coding and billing are designed specifically for learners looking to start their careers immediately. Students also take classes only for those subjects they’ll use in their place of employment.

Upon completion of the program, students are able to:

  • Translate medical records into the correct codes
  • Apply the codes through correct reimbursement procedures

10. Herzing University

The proportion of students getting financial aid93.00%
Main CampusMinneapolis, MN

Herzing University provides fully online degrees allowing students to learn from home, work, or whichever place is convenient. Concerning a career in medical billing and coding, students at Herzing have two education trails from which to choose.

  • If a student is looking to get into the job market straight away, then they can opt for the diploma in the medical billing program. This program can have learners ready for the job market is slightly less than 12 months.
  • For those who need a more rounded education, they can opt for Herzing’s bachelor and associate degree programs.

11. Ultimate Medical Academy

The proportion of students getting financial aid98.00%
Main CampusClearwater, FL

Ultimately, the Ultimate Medical Academy subsists to get students ready for a prosperous career in the field of healthcare. The institution holds credence to their medical billing and coding programs being among the best in the country.

Apart from attending 100% online classes, students in this program get to be intimately familiar with the medical coding and billing procedure.

At UMA, classes assist students to get ready for the Certified Professional Coder exam that makes them outstanding when applying for jobs.

12. Southern Careers Institute

The proportion of students getting financial aid89.00%
Main CampusCorpus Christi, TX

The Southern Careers Institute provides some of the most recognized trainings, certifications, and externships in medical and insurance billing in Texas State.

The programs teach the necessary computer applications and medical insurance billing codes. In addition, students get to learn the often ignored keyboarding skills needed for the modern workplace.

Upon completion of the program, students are able to get into successful careers in various areas like physicians’ offices, schools, emergency care offices, and clinics among others.

13. Dakota State University

The proportion of students getting financial aid96.00%
Main CampusMadison, SD

DSU Health Care Coding Certificate centers on industry standards such as CPT and ICD coding as well as third party reimbursement. This means that graduates can get into the job market immediately or pursue additional credentials if they wish.

What makes the certification program at Dakota State University is that the courses students take double up as a stepping stone into the bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs in the Health Information Technology department.

14. Bryant Stratton College

The proportion of students getting financial aid93.00%
Main CampusCleveland, Ohio

The billing and medical coding program at Bryant & Stratton College is for people who have an eye for detail and love working with computers. In this program, students will learn:

  • How to use the latest classification systems to assign standard codes
  • How medical coding works from the overall healthcare industry perspective
  • Rules and regulations around patient confidentiality
  • Key medical terminology

With certification from this program, coders are able to earn up to 20% in comparison with their non-certified counterparts.

15. Cowley Community College

The proportion of students getting financial aid85.00%
Main CampusArkansas City, KS

The medical coder program at Cowley Community College provides the convenience and flexibility of pursuing a college education from home or remotely. Students are able to attend lectures on their schedule.

In addition, this is an open enrolment format program. This means that applicants do not have to worry about start dates for semesters.

The program is also competency-based, implying that graduates will gain the requisite skills to become successful in the field of healthcare. Cowley Community College offers degree and certificate programs in medical coding.

16. Keiser University

The proportion of students getting financial aid90.00%
Main CampusFt. Lauderdale, FL

Keiser University offers an associate of science degree in medical administrative billing and coding. The program is designed to help students get ready to assign accurate medical codes to the various services healthcare practitioners offer. Students in this program develop:

  • The ability to use medical language and systems of classification
  • Essential skills to become successful in performing both administrative and clerical duties

17. Cosumnes River College

The proportion of students getting financial aid73.00%
Main CampusSacramento, CA

Cosumnes River College Health Information Coding Specialist Certificate is optimized to get students ready to incorporate medical coding classifications in different healthcare set-ups in the industry. Graduates in this program be made ready for certification tests that governing bodies in coding required.

The program offers students an opportunity to combine an interest in business, computer information systems, and health information.

18. Daymar College

The proportion of students getting financial aid100.00%
Main CampusOwensboro, KY

The college exists on the belief that almost every healthcare practice in the country requires competent billing and coding specialists working behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly. Because of that, the institution has designed programs to help students gain the necessary billing and coding skills to succeed as specialists.

Daymar is unique among accredited medical billing and coding schools online with financial aid. This is because the program is available at multiple satellite locations as day and night classes.

Final Thoughts

The need for competent coders in different specialties like gastroenterology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics among others, remains high. There are countless scholarship opportunities upon which prospecting medical coding and billing professionals can leverage.

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