AT&T Phones for Sale Without Contract

If you need a prepaid mobile carrier, you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, we can all agree on one thing; AT&T is the best-prepaid carrier that you will find in the market. The carrier has a ton of handsets to choose from.

When it comes to choosing the right at&t phone, there are lots of aspects that you need to put into consideration. The primary and most important aspect is the monthly price. How much are you willing to pay for the new phone?

It is up to you to select the device that you can comfortably afford. You have to understand that the best choices are not cheap. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on the best and most reliable phone, you must be willing to pay the price for it.

The 10 Best AT&T Phones for Sale Without Contract

at&t phones for sale without contract

AT&T offered many generous offers for their customers, such as if you buy an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max you might get up to $1000 off! For the best AT&T phones for sale without a contract, this article will guide you on the same and make your search more manageable.

It is advisable that you check the features of the phone to ensure that it meets your needs. Reviews are the best way to learn more about any phones that are compatible with consumer cellular service before making your final decision.

Here is a detailed review of the top ten AT&T phones for sale without contract;

1. Apple iPhone XR Black

Apple iPhone XR Black

If you are on the hunt for the most affordable renewed AT&T phone that works, then Apple iPhone XR, 256GB is precisely what you need. Although this product is not apple certified, it has been thoroughly tested by qualified suppliers. You can, therefore, trust that it is worth investing in.

The apple mobile phone is characterized by a super quality aerospace-grade aluminum frame designed to protect the glass closure. This makes it super durable, and you can trust that it can survive even in the harshest conditions.


  • It supports wireless charging
  • It is water-resistant. Thus, you can use it anywhere and anytime
  • The phone looks brand new, it works great and has no cracks
  • The battery is 100% original and long-lasting
  • Comes with a charger cord and block
  • It features an intelligent A12 Bionic which is among the most powerful and smartest chip
  • You will love its 1MP rear camera with a portrait mode and wide-angle-lens
  • It comes with ample storage which makes it ideal for music and movies fanatics
It is super affordable
It comes with amazing features
It is durable
Has an amazing appearance
It is fully tested
The phone only works with AT&T and cannot be unlocked to work with other providers
It is not certified by apple

Warranty: The product comes with a 90 days warranty that covers return or replacement if it fails to match your needs or work as expected.

2. Apple iPhone Xs Max

Apple iPhone Xs Max

For a cheap yet super reliable AT&T mobile phone, Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB will meet your needs. The phone works as well as new. The value you get from it will exceed the value of the amount you pay for it.

The phone provides you with an immersive display, blazing performance, elegant design, excellent features, and a camera. You will be amazed by the way the glass back plays ambiance to offer different shades. This phone has the most reliable and durable glass.


  • It is only for use with AT&T and cannot be used with other carriers
  • It features an immersive 6.5” screen display, 3D Touch and HDR
  • It is water-resistant
  • Features 12MP telephoto and wide-angle cameras
  • It entails a face identification
It has a beautiful and massive OLED screen display
It involves a super-fast A12 Bionic processor
The camera is super amazing
Has a long-lasting battery
You can use it in split-view mode in some parts
The charging speed is a bit slow
Does not work with other carriers other than AT&T

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days warranty.

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB entails some of the most fantastic and dramatic features that you will ever find in apple phones. The renewed model is not only high performance, but it is also among the cheapest AT&T phones without contract.

For starters, the camera systems are to die for. Its long-lasting battery is something that you do not want to miss out on. The durability is top-notch not to forget the stereo speakers that come in handy, especially for music lovers.


  • It features a long-lasting battery
  • A solid-state home button for better responsiveness
  • Stereo speakers
  • 12-MP camera
It is super durable
Entails the best performing battery
It is water and splash resistant
It has been thoroughly tested and certified
It works with other carriers too
Includes the haptic touch technology
High performance speed almost two times the speed of iPhone 6
It does not come with a headphone jack
The screen is only on full HD

Warranty: It has a 90-days return or replacement guarantee.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus

The phone is among the most preferred devices, especially with its great processor and modem. It is one of the best AT&T phones with a fantastic screen color and clarity. It comes at a fair price, and its value will exceed your expectations. The size and its appearance are other aspects that make it the best for people of all ages. You will love its easy usability and amazing features.

For cheap AT&T cell phones for sale without contract, this one carries the best price, size, and overall performance.


  • Fast processor and modem
  • Features a wide-angle camera
  • It comes with a headphone jack
It is super affordable
Easy to use even for the seniors
It offers a fast web connection which makes it ideal for the internet and social media lovers
It comes with the best quality camera to capture every moment of your life
The camera is not as good compared to Samsung 6
The fingerprint feature would have been more accurate

Warranty: It comes with a 90 days return or replacement guarantee if it does not perform as expected.

5. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

For the best iPhone for your money that works perfectly with AT&T, look no further. iPhone XR 128GB is the perfect description of what you are looking for. It provides fast performance and a long-lasting battery than most brand new phones.

This makes it the ideal option for those looking to save money. Its design and appearance are something else to admire about the device and if well-taken care of, it can serve you for the longest time.


  • It features an excellent 12MP rear camera with wide-angle lens and portrait mode
  • Features wireless charging due to its glass back
  • Comes an intelligent A12 bionic chip
It is easy to use
It features a fast performing process
Comes with a long-lasting battery
It is super affordable
It only works with AT&T and cannot be unlocked to work with other carriers
It portrait cameras only works with people

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days return or replacement policy.

6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

There is everything to love about this mobile phone. From the size to the processing speed, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is everything you need. The best part is that you will get it at the most affordable price.

If you are looking to get a functional but straightforward smartphone for your seniors, you can never go wrong with this. It soars in torn elements. With its long-lasting battery, durable exterior and activation key, this is one of the most recommended AT&T phones.


  • It features a 16MP camera
  • The phone entails a 5.1’’ screen display
  • A processor speed of 2.1GHz
It includes a rugged construction that helps the phone to thrive in all situations
It is water, shock and dust resistant
It has an active key is super helpful
Features the best performing camera
Has a smooth and snappy user interface
It only works with AT&T
More storage would have come handy
Its all-plastic design is not much appealing

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days warranty.

7. Kyocera DuraForce PRO E6820

Kyocera DuraForce PRO E6820

This is one of the most robust and most durable phones that you can find in the market. If you are in need of a kind of phone that can thrive even in the harshest working conditions, then Kyocera Duraforce Pro 32GB will do just fine. It is one of the best-rugged phones with unique features and solid specs.

Also, it comes at a super affordable price. It is among the few phones that are specifically geared towards travelers, adventure lovers, and construction workers. The phone’s flagship counterparts are not only associated with its amazing specs but durability too.

This is due to its ability to survive even under conditions. It comes with a range of solid specs that it balances with its fantastic performance, which you do not always find in rugged phones.


  • It features a secondary wide-angle camera lens
  • Entails dual-band WiFi
  • Comes with a fingerprint sensor
  • It works with AT&T and T-mobile
  • A non-removable lithium-ion battery
  • 32GB ROM/3GB internal storage and supports up to 256GB S card
  • 13MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing cameras
It features an incredibly bright 5 inch screen
It entails lots of buttons for easy usability and responsiveness
It is super durable and can survive even in the harshest conditions
It features IP-68 water-resistant feature
A super-wide angle camera characterizes it
The battery’s life is not impressive
It is big and heavy
It does not have a USB-type-C port
Its performance is not as good

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days return or replacement guarantee.

8. Apple iPhone Xs Max Gray

Apple iPhone Xs Max Gray

This phone is the future of iPhones. The Apple iPhone Xs Max entails all the features that you would possibly be looking for. The best part is that the renewed one comes at the best price. It, however, does not have the home button, which has been a considerable part of the iPhone design for the longest time. Also, it has a fantastic display that goes almost from edge to edge.


  • It features a 6.5’’ screen display
  • It features face identification that lets you unlock the phone securely
  • Entails a real-time machine learning for magical gaming and photo experience
  • Features a 12MP dual-camera that features an enhanced portrait and bokeh mode
It is water-resistant
Has the most amazing operating system
Contains extra tools and features to help you personalize your phone
Super easy to use
It is affordable
It only works with AT&T and cannot be unlocked to work with other carriers

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days return or replacement guarantee.

9. Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

Powered by a super-powerful process, Nokia Lumia 900 is among the most affordable phone whose value will amaze you. The phone is a perfect definition of a multitasking machine. It runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS, allowing you to access many applications. You will love its incredibly large 4.3 “ touchscreen display which makes multitasking super easy.

You can easily catch your favorite show, movie, or music videos at a blazing speed with the 4G signal connection. It allows you to surf at any time and from anywhere with the phone’s fast WiFi connectivity. If you are a traveler or adventure lover, you can capture every aspect of your life with its quality 8MP camera.


  • It features a 4.3’’ display
  • Has an 8-MP camera
  • It entails a super-fast 1.4GHz processor
  • It is 4G LTE enabled
It is easy to use
It is best for those who dare to be different
It is super fast and responsive
It is affordable
The battery life is not very impressive

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days return or replacement policy.

10. Moto Z3 Play

Moto Z3 Play

The Moto Z3 Play is among the cheap at&t phones for sale without a contract. It is loved for its amazingly stable performance. It comes with a lot of customizable features, and it sells at a very reasonable price.

One of the things you will note first is the big screen that makes it easy for you to multitask. It is super flexible and extensible. Its design makes it portable and ideal for people of all ages.


  • It features a 6’’ Full HD screen
  • Comes with a 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM and can accommodate up to 2TB expandable memory
  • It entails a 12MP rear and 5MP dual cameras for studio-quality photos
  • Turbo Power charging
It has an excellent build quality
It has an impressive battery life
It features Moto display which makes the device awesome
Great fluid software
You can integrate Moto Mods support to make up for other limitations
The camera quality is not as impressive

Warranty: It comes with a 90-days warranty.

AT&T Phones for Sale Without Contract Buying Guide

AT&T is among the most extensive network carriers. It is widely known for its amazing offers such as unlimited talk and texts both for families and individuals. However, not all phones work with this carrier. It is, therefore, best to ensure that the device that you choose is compatible with AT&T.

Before selecting a particular mobile phone, check the description to ensure that it falls under this category. Some only work with AT&T while others can be unlocked to accept other carriers. If you do not plan on using AT&T all the time, you should go for the latter. Other factors to put into considering when navigating through AT&T phones for sale without contract include;

1. Determine your budget

The phones come at different prices. Choose the one that you can comfortably pay for

2. Consider decode and specs

The ideal specs and features depend on what or how you intend to use the phone. The main specs to look for are the battery life, camera storage, and type of operating system

3. Do a market survey

Do not forget to do thorough research on the best AT&T phones in the market. You can check reviews or ask around from family or friends and let them recommend the best device to you. This should be in terms of durability, battery life, and the overall performance of the phone.

The Bottom Line

Getting the right best cell phone deals no contract can be daunting. However, with this guide, everything is bound to be easier and manageable. Do not rush into buying the first choice that comes your way but instead, take your time. Look for a mobile phone that matches your exact needs. This list of the top 10 phones is an excellent place to get started with your search.

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