The 10 Best Battery Operated Table Lamps for 2022

Battery operated table lamps add functionality, beauty, and lighting to a room. They feature creative styles and options, enabling you to choose the design that best complements your main furniture and décor. They are compact and extremely versatile, making them ideal for different lighting applications.

They do not require wires to work, which makes them function well with a realistic electric fireplace as you do not have additional cords to manage. You can easily move them from one room to another as they are lightweight and remain cold at all times. They are safe to use around children and pets. The battery-powered table lamps are not a fire hazard, and the lack of cords means a reduced risk of children topping them as they play.

The best battery powered desk lamp is multi-purpose, usually functioning as a portable lighting unit and a decorative unit. Some units give you the flexibility to change the lighting color to enhance their appeal. In this guide, we will review the best decorative battery operated table lamps for a beautiful home.

10 Best Decorative Battery Operated Table Lamps Reviews

1) Zeefo Retro LED Table Lamp

This ZEEFO wireless battery powered desk lamp brings convenience and flexibility to your home. It features three modes of operation. You can use the on-function to keep the lamp illuminating your home throughout the night or for a specified period, like dinner time or study time.

The off feature lets you switch the unit off until the next time you are ready to use the lamp. The auto mode offers an element of surprise and functionality around your home. You no longer have to walk along the corridors in the dark; the lamp has a motion sensor that triggers lighting immediately it detects motion.

The lamp will automatically turn on when someone passes within 6 feet of the sensor and automatically turn off after 20 seconds. It has a detection angle of 120-degrees that means it is impossible not to detect motion, irrespective of the placement. You can place the lamp in strategic places around your home like corridors or bathrooms where you do not need lighting.

The motion sensor will not light up during the day when there is adequate lighting. It has a classic design that makes it ideal for use in different rooms and settings. This ZEEFO table lamp uses energy-efficient LEDs, delivering super-bright illumination without draining the batteries quickly.

Zeefo Retro LED Table Lamp


  • It supports three modes of auto, on and off
  • Motion sensor
  • AAA batteries
  • LED lights
  • Warm white light color
It is sturdy
It uses an energy-efficient LED bulb
It is lightweight for easy portability
It has an auto mode that offers 20 seconds of illumination
It has a sensing distance of three meters
It is not ideal for outdoor use
The light is not very bright

2) WRalwaysLX Battery Powered Small Table Lamp

You will find this WRalwaysLX lamp useful if you are always missing the bulb. The unit comes with a functional PIR motion sensor that means that you do not have to reach your bulb or walk around the corridor in the darkness. It is inefficient to put on your bulb when you are just passing, but walking in the dark is not ideal.

This lamp will automatically turn on once it detects your motion and switches off after 20 seconds, eliminating the need to turn the switch on and off for short time lighting needs. The lamp will automatically light when you pass within six feet of the sensor. The auto mode will not light up during the day or when there is adequate lighting.

In case of a power blackout, you can turn the lamp into your main lighting source with the on the operation mode. The on mode puts the sensor off, allowing the lamp to offer illumination for an extended period until you turn it off.

The off mode switches the lamp off for storage. This WRalwaysLX lamp has an attractive square orange base and a white top design that makes it suitable for multiple applications. It will not only light up your table, but it will enhance the setting and décor of your home or room.

WRalwaysLX Battery Powered Small Table Lamp


  • PIR motion sensor
  • LED lighting
  • Three AAA batteries
  • Three modes of operation
It has a stylish design
It is lightweight for easy transportation
It turns on and off automatically
It uses energy-efficient LED lights
It does not support remote control

3) Fulcrum Light It

The Light It lamp by Fulcrum is a lightweight, bright portable lamp that you can effortlessly move from one room to another. It is a multi-purpose unit that is ideal for a multitude of lighting applications. It features 23 super-bright LEDs that offer 100 lumens, enough to illuminate any room.

The light is glare-free, and you can use a friendly three-stage dimmer to customize the lighting. The touch-activated three-stage dimmer gives you control over the quality of lighting and energy use. A single tap at the top of the lamp turns on the unit, eliminating the challenges of finding a switch to illuminate your room.

Light It By Fulcrum is highly durable. It has a sturdy metal housing that means that it can withstand normal knocks and drops. You can safely put it together with other camping equipment or store it in your car boot without worrying that it will get damaged.

The small size and compact design make it ideal for outdoor dining, entertainment area, bedroom, entryway, and office. It has a stylish design that adds a decorative aspect to your room, even when the light is off.

Fulcrum Light It


  • 100-lumen bulb
  • Touch-top Operation
  • 3-stage dimmer
It has a sturdy metallic body that improves its durability
It is super bright for outdoor use
You can control the level of lighting
A top touch makes it easy to use
It does not support remote control operation
You cannot change the color of the light

4) Maythank Dimmable Powered Desk Table Lamp

Reading your favorite book or novel does not have to be eye-straining. This battery powered desk lamp by Maythank has a large light board with 40 LED pieces for the perfect reading environment. The light is dimmable, allowing you to control the amount of light that you need to avoid straining your eyes, making it ideal for office and study room.

The unit also comes with an extra night lamp that you can use to help your kids fall asleep if they are afraid of darkness, making it perfect for baby nursery and children’s bedroom. The lamp comes with two rechargeable large-capacity batteries, ensuring you do not have to spend more before using the lamp.

This Maythank desk table lamp has six adjustable brightness levels and three light colors that improve your eye care. The LEDs are flicker-free and do not have dizzy light or the blue light, providing a safe environment for working and reading. You do not have to tinker the settings every time you turn the unit on, as it can keep the memory of your last lighting mode.

Maythank Dimmable Powered Desk Table Lamp


  • A large light board
  • 6 levels of brightness
  • 3 light colors
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries
  • USB charging port
A recharging port eliminates the need to keep buying batteries
It comes with powerful rechargeable batteries minimizing cost
It supports multiply dimmable and light color settings
It has a large light board for a friendly reading environment
It does not support remote control

5) DEEPLITE Cordless Table Lamp

This Deeplite is a stylish addition to any home. It has a hands-off operation mode that turns on the light automatically when it detects movement. The motion sensor detects movement between 6 and 10 feet from the sensor. It has a detecting angle of 60-degree from horizontal and 120-degree from vertical, ensuring reliable illumination at all times.

The light will turn off automatically after 20 seconds if there is no more action detected, helping you save your electric bill. It supports three operation modes of auto, on and off. On the Auto mode, the sensor triggers light on and off, but the mode will not light during the day or in places with adequate lighting.

The on mode offers illumination until you turn the lamp off with the off mode. You should not keep the lamps close together if you are using two or more as one may not work well.

This Deeplite table lamp has a stylish, lightweight design that makes it perfect for multiple areas, including the hallway, closet, stairs, cupboard, kitchen, tables, baby nursery room, and bedrooms. The desk lamps deliver warm white light that is adequate to illuminate a dark room without being too bright to the eyes.

DEEPLITE Cordless Table Lamp


  • Motion sensor
  • Auto, on and off modes
It is lightweight
It has a stylish design
It has an auto mode that turns the light on and off automatically
It does not support a remote control
It is not super-bright

6) MJ Premier Table Lamp

This MJ Premier Desk lamp serves as indoor décor and a lighting accessory. Whether you are buying it for your dining table or as a gift, you can be sure that it will not only illuminate the room, but it will also capture the attention of your guests. It has a premium glass with diamond patterns that offers a beautiful reflection and a soft light for a vintage look.

The MJ Premier is one of the best decorative battery operated table lamps that you can buy to decorate your tabletop, bedroom, study room, and office, among other areas. It is a lovely nightstand lamp for a good companion at night, sleeping, and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The unit has two operations modes of on and off for quick operations. It further comes with a high-quality replaceable bulb that offers adequate illumination for night use. The bulb comes in a separate box for safe transportation.

It is also highly-efficient, with three AA batteries offering light for one month. Furthermore, the unit comes packaged with a customized foam box for greater protection during transportation. The lamp is backed by a professional after-sales team that responds to your queries within 24 hours.

MJ Premier Table Lamp


  • 3V LED bulb
  • Three AA batteries
  • Customized foam box
  • Premium glass with diamond patterns
It has a vintage look for decorative purposes
The lamp is backed by a professional after-sales service team
The batteries have a long life
It does not have an auto mode for hands-free operation
It does not support remote control

7) MJ Premier Nightstand Lamp

A special portable design table lamp can add a touch of elegance to your room, improving the mood. This MJ Premier nightstand is a lovely piece of art that complements your room décor while adding functionality. You can use it to illuminate and decorate your bedroom, study room, living room, coffee table, office, and outdoor.

It comes with an energy-efficient super-bright bulb that offers perfect lighting with excellent energy savings. Two AAA batteries can illuminate your home for one month. The bulb comes packed in a separate package for safe transportation. You do not have to worry about the unit arriving broken. It comes with a breakage-proof package with customized foam box for greater protection.

This nightstand lamp by MJ Premier is easy to set up and use. It supports two modes of operation, making it effortless to turn it on and off. To start using the lamp, you should take the bulb out from the brown box and screw it inside the glass. Take the batteries to cover off and insert the batteries correctly and then put the cover back. You are now ready to turn the lamp on and illuminate your home.

MJ Premier Nightstand Lamp


  • 3V voltage LED bulb
  • On and off operation modes
  • Attractive glass design
It adds a decorative aspect to your table and room
It comes with an energy-efficient bulb that offers one illumination with two AAA batteries
It is environmentally friendly
It does not have an auto mode for hands-free operation
It does not come with a remote control

8) WRalwaysLX Dimmable Table Lamp

This mini white lantern is user friendly and attractive for home and office use. It comes with a remote control function that lets you quickly change settings and illuminate your room. You can quickly turn the lamp on and off and adjust the brightness using the remote control.

It also comes with an advanced timer function that lets you set the working time, avoiding disrupting a sleeping baby. A 5-stage dimming function lets you adjust the brightness from warm white to cool white, ranging from 50-percent to 100-percent. The unit further comes with a USB port that enables you to connect it to a computer, TV, power bank, or other USB power sources for more significant savings.

WRalwaysLX Dimmable Table Lamp


  • Remote control function
  • 5-stage adjustable brightness
  • Timer function
  • USB charging port
It supports remote control function for effortless functionality
It has a timer function that lets you set the working time
It has an advanced dimming function for enhanced user experience
It does not have an auto function for hands-free use

9) MJ Premier Metal Frame Base Cylinder Lamp

This table lamp by MJ Premier is a perfect gift for your family and friends. It has a classic design that features a unique, open round cylinder glass that adds beauty to any dark table.

The lamp comes with a high-quality replaceable bulb that offers perfect illumination without straining your eyes. The lamp base features a metal frame in a black finish, providing a modern, aesthetic feeling. It adds a touch of elegance to your table room, bedroom, hallway, and office.

MJ Premier Metal Frame Base Cylinder Lamp


  • High quality LED bulb
  • Warm white light color
  • Stylish glass
It has a stylish glass design
It is lightweight
It uses an energy-efficient bulb
It does not support auto mode
It does not come with a remote control

10) MJ Premier LED Table Lamp

This table lamp by MJ Premier is a modern piece of attraction that is made of an attractive open top cylinder glass shade and high-quality golden metal base. The glass cylinder has leaf veins that create an attractive, aesthetic appeal.

The golden metal base makes the lamp feel durable and sturdy for use as a table lamp, living room lamp, bedroom lamp, and nightstand lamp. It comes with an energy-efficient bulb that offers great power management.

MJ Premier LED Table Lamp


  • High-quality golden metal base
  • Open-top cylinder glass shade
  • High-quality replaceable bulb
It has an attractive design
It has a sturdy base that makes it more durable
It is backed by a professional after-sales service team
It does not come with an auto mode
It does not support remote control

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When you are looking to buy the best battery powered desk lamp, you need to consider the style and design of the lamp. The best unit should blend with your tables and other furniture while enhancing your home décor. It is also essential to look for a unit with a decorative aspect and multiple light colors for a customized appearance.