The 6 Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors in 2022

Hardwood floors have made an outstanding comeback over the last two decades. If you have them in your home, it means purchasing the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors to ensure they remain clean and shiny. Unlike carpets that can hide piles of dirt within the fluffy threads without anyone ever noticing, you cannot say the same of wood flooring.

Any bit of dirt, hair, or debris ending up on the polished wood floor surface is visible to everyone. So, how do you keep your hardwood floor clean? In order to maintain the attractive aspect in these floors, we have zeroed down on the ten best hardwood vacuums that will help get rid of all the debris, dirt, and dust without scratching the surface.

These battery-powered vacuums carry different suction settings and soft rollers to help clear pet hair, including other forms of dirt and debris in the home. Besides, when you are looking at a carpet and wood flooring in the same home, suction will not be the same for the two surfaces.

If you have a furry friend in the home, it means getting the best vacuum for long hair with excellent performance on hardwood floors as well. Therefore, the task of cleaning up the accumulation of dirt on the once perfect wood flooring boils down to details.

What is a Cordless Hardwood Vacuum?

Simply, a cordless hardwood vacuum does not have a cord and is specifically meant for hardwood surfaces. You will also encounter many cordless vacuums for hardwood floors and carpets in the market. However, today we are only focusing on products tailored for hardwood floors.

In most cases, cordless vacuums are known as stick vacuums. The products are thin, light and usually carry a charging system for the walls. This makes cordless vacuums easy to store. Stick vacuums are ideal for hard surfaces because you do not drag a heavy vacuum out of the closet just clear a small mess. In essence, stick vacuums are the modern-day stick brooms.

Over the last few years, cordless vacuum manufactures have been optimizing their models and now offering devices with increased battery life. This has contributed to making these cleaning apparatus more widespread among consumers.

Typically, the best vacuum for hardwood floors features multiple suction levels suitable for different floors and needs. Lower power levels consume less power than high power levels. Different control levels allow you to control how long you can use the tool without recharging.

Cordless vs Corded Vacuums

Cordless vacuums are not anything like their traditional corded counterparts in their both look and use. To help understand the concept better, here are some key differences between cordless and corded vacuums.

  • Cordless vacuums are slimmer and lighter compared to corded vacuums. Because of that, stick vacuums are easy to store, utilize, and are flexible enough to fit in places an ordinary corded vacuum cannot go.
  • Corded vacuums usually have extra space for storing dust in their dust cups. Therefore, you can use them longer without having to empty the collection bins.
  • Corded vacuums have more suction power than stick vacuums
  • With respect to make and model, the majority of cordless vacuums are slightly affordable compared to corded ones of similar quality.

Do I Need a Hardwood Cordless Vacuum?

This could be the intrinsic question in your mind. Is it necessary to invest in a stick vacuum, particularly when you have a corded one in the garage?

If you have plenty of hardwood floor space in the home, it means investing in the cordless vacuum model. In addition, if you are in for quick cleaning solutions, then a stick vacuum is for you. The minute a spill occurs, it is difficult rushing to store to fetch the gadget and have it fixed to the wall. The longer you wait to clear the mess, the more it is likely to stain your hard surface.

Moreover, when purchasing the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, you are certain the product is not going to scratch or hurt your floors. The vacuums carry features such as a cleaning head, which can be switched on and off. This ensures that your hardwood floor does not get any scratch. You will realize that most stick vacuums have several attachments to deal with nearly any mess on any kind of hardwood floor.

In conclusion, most typical situations require both a cordless vacuum and a traditional corded vac for hardwood floors. Both kinds of vacuums have different strengths and functions. A stick vac is easy to reach and use. You will, therefore, need it to keep that shiny wood floor looking perfect.

In addition, the cordless apparatus is ideal for quickly checking pet hair in the house from accumulating and causing allergies. On the other hand, when you need to do a comprehensive cleaning of the whole house, the more bulky, yet powerful and effective corded vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

The 6 Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors in 2022

Among the details to consider are less resistance and soft hairy brushes. Bearing in mind the stiff and wide expanse of hard surfaces, you will need free-flowing suction for effective and safe cleaning.

In addition, versatility is an essential aspect of locating the best vacuum for a hard floor. In order to enjoy using your device, you’ll probably want one that can quickly navigate the hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean areas in the house. Therefore, this article covers everything on the best hardwood vacuums, and ultimately providing answers to the question: what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors?

1) Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you are thinking about investing in an ideal vacuum for hard surfaces, this model from Onson is a great start.

Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful Suction: The vacuum cleaner features a strong 150-watt suction when in the highest setting mode. This is a handy feature for eliminating pet hair, crumbs, and dust hair in minutes. The Onson stick vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice for handling furniture, hardwood floors, ceilings, and walls. Its cordless design makes the device ideal for cleaning anywhere you want.
  • Lightweight Portable Design: Being lightweight, the design makes it convenient to move around for effective cleaning. In addition, it shouldn’t be difficult lifting this vacuum if you want to clean the shelves and walls. Most important is that the Onson stick vacuum can easily transform into a handheld vacuum to give you better use. For ultimate convenience, this machine features two snap-on tools.
  • Comprehensive Filtration System: Since the vacuum functions at low frequencies, you are guaranteed a silent operation. No more worrying about irritating sounds when cleaning the house. In its package, you will find a 2-in-1 dusting brush, a sweeping brush, a crevice tool, as well as an additional HEPA filter. To complete the package is a charging adapter.
Brush easily detaches
Strong suction
Easy & lightweight for regular use
Easily changes to handle design
Unsuitable for thick carpets

2) TINECO A10 Master Cordless Vacuum

This new generation cordless stick vacuum is specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks. To double the runtime of this machine, it is fitted with two detachable batteries. This means you get to complete the entire cleaning task with no interruptions if you are using this tool.

TINECO A10 Master Cordless Vacuum


With dual batteries, you can run the machine for 50 minutes, and half the time with a single battery.

  • 2-Full Size LED Brushes: In addition, the Tineco A10 Master stick vacuum carries two full-size brushes that have built-in LED lights. Cleaning hard to reach and dark areas is easy with this product.
  • 2-Mode Settings: You can clean almost any type of floor with this device. Its new technology smoothly picks up dust and hard debris from the floors. The two-mode suction setting lets you operate the machine in the right mode for your needs.
  • Suction Power: As for motor power, the cordless vacuum cleaner features an impressive 350W digital motor that minimizes noise during cleaning.
  • Filtration Mechanism: There is a 4-stage fully-sealed filtration mechanism that locks dirt and debris inside the machine. All the toxic allergens are kept in the bin with no worries about leakages.
  • Attachments: Apart from that, Tineco A10 Master comes with a number of features to give you a comprehensive cleaning experience. For instance, you can use its pet hair tools to collect pet hair from sofas, beds, and the floor. Among other uses, you can use this vacuum to clean up your car. If you have big home with different cleaning needs, this the right machine for you.
Lightweight and portable
2 standard LED brushes
2 detachable batteries
4-stage leak proof filtration system
Available in various attachments
Makes noise
Not freestanding
Bulky design

3) Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

Dyson is, without doubt, the brand in the vacuums industry featuring a wide selection of vacuum cleaners for all users.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue


  • Intelligent LCD Reporting: Experience the convenience of intelligent reports from an LCD screen. The screen shows real-time performance relating to remaining runtime, selected power mode, reminders on filter maintenance and reports on blockages.
  • Power Gauge: You get to know the remaining power in your battery for each suction mode through the LCD screen. This feature gives you more control over your cleaning tasks.
  • Maintenance Warnings: For the most part, vacuum cleaners break down due to poor maintenance schedules. In order to ensure your machine is in perfect condition at all times, Dyson’s latest technology includes maintenance alerts that remind you to clean the filters for maximum performance. In addition, the alerts will tell you if there is a blockage and how you can clear the problem.
  • Automatic 3-Mode Settings: You can forget about changing between modes by the touch of a button. This Dyson edition has a comprehensive Dynamic Load Sensor system. The technology automatically switches the motor speed between hard floors and carpets for effective cleaning. Furthermore, unlike standard stick vacuums that are available in 2 modes, the V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum by Dyson carries a 3-mode suction strength including boost mode, eco-mode, and auto mode. For that reason, you can clean throughout the house without worrying about transforming between modes.
  • Extra Battery Power System: It comes with an exceptional battery power system. The Dyson V11 stick vacuum carries a lighter, but powerful 7-cell lithium-ion power system or battery. The fun doesn’t end there. There is a convenient docking station that charges and stores the device, plus other attachments.
Great for pet hair
Very easy to empty
Powerful suction
Excellent filtration
Multi-surface cleaning
Relatively quiet
It has a display
Useful storage
Fairly long run time
Has attachments
Two-year warranty
Quite pricey
The dirt cup could be bigger
Long recharge time
No accessory bag
Being cordless can have limited runtime particularly on higher settings
Non-Swappable battery

4) Hikeren 1200PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The two-in-one stick vacuum from Hikeren is adapted to various functions and can switch between two power modes for cleaning the entire home. Choose between quick and deep cleaning modes to effectively, sanitize different areas of the house according to their individual cleaning requirements.

Hikeren 1200PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Multifunctional Use: For multi-functional use, the product is ideal for tiles, hard floors, and carpets among others. If you want to suck up dust and debris hidden in the cushion and sofa, the stick vacuum is available with a crevice for that purpose. On top of that, it has a brush that connects to the hand vacuum if you need to eliminate pet hair. Further, it features a fold-down iron handle making it easy to store. The low profile design is useful for reaching under most furniture items.
  • Cyclonic Suction: This Hikeren stick vacuum has a powerful 1200Pa cyclonic suction that pulls up dust and debris from nearly all surfaces in the home. For the filtration, the product employs the new HEPA technology to filter and separate dirt materials and prevent lowering the suction power. When cleaning, you can pick up the debris and dirt, including pet hair with ease, thanks to the LED headlights illuminating dark places.
  • Long Battery Life: For a simple stick vacuum, the machine carries a long battery life ranging between 30-40 minutes of running time. It would take you approximately four to five hours to recharge the battery.
  • Easy Emptying of Dirt: Emptying dirt and debris is by the push of an easy empty button on the product. You can easily convert this Hikeren stick vacuum into a handheld cleaning tool by simply detaching the hand-vac from the vacuum base. You will fall in love with the versatility of this apparatus.
  • Freestanding: Being a freestanding model, you do not need a docking station for storage as it can go anywhere. Besides, this function reduces the likelihood of the machine tipping over and breaking parts.
Easy dirt disposal
4-5 hours of recharging time
30-40 minutes of run time
2-in-1 vacuum converts easily from a stick vacuum to a handheld
Brush and crevice tool attachments
Users are complaining that it is ineffective for cleaning carpets
Lacks edge suction

5) Shark ION F80 Cordless Vacuum

Shark’s latest ION F80 is an exceptional cordless vac. You can clean your floor properly with this stick vacuum even when experiencing back pains. You do not have to bend your back since it carries a long stick.

Shark ION F80 Cordless Vacuum


  • Lightweight and Compact: The lightweight vacuum cleaner works for every category of consumers, including furniture, upholstery, carpets, and wooden floors. The vacuum equally features a compact design that is folded and stored with ease.
  • Maneuverable: Moving around with the stick vacuum during cleaning tasks is very easy, making it a maneuverable tool for tight spaces.
  • 2-Mode Settings: Some of the essential functions that come with this product include built-in power modes, as well as being easy to use. You can change the machine’s suction power to match your cleaning requirements. Use it to sanitize bedsheets, curtains, your car and many other surfaces.
  • Runtime: Moreover, you get double the runtime with two lithium-ion batteries, each providing 40-minutes uninterrupted cleaning. With the two combined batteries, you get to clean a large floor area for 80 uninterrupted minutes.
  • Charging Dock: To help you charge the removable battery, you get a charging dock. Simply switch the batteries to make the cleaning process seamless.
  • MultiFlex Technology: It is a multipurpose stick vacuum built in with the new MultiFlex technology. Simply transform this device using a button and sanitize all the hard to reach places like under the tables, chairs, and bed. Just remove the big portion of this vacuum and use it with one hand.
  • DuoClean Technology: Its DuoClean technology is ideal for a variety of floor types. As such, the Shark ION F80 vacuum cleaner can work on carpet floors, hard floors, and wooden floors among others.
  • Attachments: The in-built brushrolls are essential for sucking allergens, debris, and dirt from the floor. As for the package, buyers get essential attachments as well as a user manual and a warranty card.
Lightweight cleaner tool
Foldable design for easy storage
DuoClean and MultiFlex technology provide a powerful cleaning operation
Double batteries with 80-minutes runtime
Strong suction capacity
Can transform to a handheld device
A bit heavier with bulky design
Some users are experiencing poor battery life

6) Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner from Hoover is a great choice for consumers in need of a stick vacuum with excellent mobility and portability. With a powerful suction capacity, you can easily transform your daily cleaning tasks into enjoyable moments.

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless 18V Lithium Ion Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Sleek Design: It comes in a sleek design that you can use on the go because of its built-in battery power. It employs lithium-ion battery for sustaining performance on all floor types. For that reason, you can use it on thick carpets, hard and wooden floors with ease.
  • Low Profile: With a low profile design, you can use it to sanitize underneath the bed, furniture and other difficult to reach areas. Furthermore, being a multi-purpose stick vacuum, it is a suitable housewife companion.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology: The Hoover BH50020PC is built with the new Wind Tunnel Technology, the latest technology in the industry. Its cutting edge technology creates a suction that eliminates debris from the floor and sends them to the dust cup. Fitted with edge cleaning bristles, you can collect debris from edges and corners. The electronic brushrolls effectively collect debris, harmful allergens as well as dust from all floor types including carpets.
  • Smart Charge Technology: As an enhanced, cordless cleaner, it carries a smart battery charger for recharging the battery. Smart Charge Technology offers quick recharging for convenient cleaning. Further still, the technology alerts you once your battery is fully charged.
  • Power ON/OFF: Besides charging technology, users benefit from the battery gauge as well as fingertip controls that are easy to use when cleaning. Functional ON and OFF switch allow you to use the machine when you want to.
  • Fuel Gauge: The Fuel Gauge alerts you on how much power you have remaining in the battery.
  • Attachments: The Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature comes with comprehensive tools and accessories. In addition, you will get a user manual containing all instructions about the machine and a two-year warranty.
Built with Wind Tunnel Technology that smoothly removes stubborn debris
Built-in potent interchangeable battery
Smart Charge Technology and Smart Charger
Comes with edge cleaning bristles
Suitable for many floor types
Some users have highlighted poor suction capacity
Limited battery life

Hardwood Cordless Vacuum Buying Guide

Are you ready to locate a perfect stick vacuum for hardwood floors for your home? There are things you will still have to consider. Be sure to find a tool with plenty of useful features. This is the surest way to acquiring a cordless vacuum that effectively works on your hardwood floor.

Floor type

This may be obvious, but when trying to locate a hardwood stick vacuum, it is vital not to purchase one that is meant only for carpet. A good rule of thumb is to consider the types of hard surfaces in your home. When you are looking beyond hardwood, it means looking for an apparatus that is also effective on laminate or tile floors.

Stick vacuums for hardwood surfaces will often clean tile and laminate well. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you do some more research to make certain you are investing in a tool with everything you require.

Battery Power

It goes without say that stick vacuums lack the battery power of corded vacuums. This, however, does not imply that they are not useful. Most of the present day models offer between 15 and 45 minutes of battery power on average.

How much battery power you can get from an individual cordless vacuum usually depends on suction levels. Besides, you might come across some hardwood stick vacuums providing an extra battery. You can always have the extra battery on charge while you are vacuuming.

If you only intend on using the hardwood cordless vacuum for cleaning spots, then you should not be on the lookout for a lot of battery life. Stick vacuums with short battery life would be ideal in this case. On the other hand, if this tool is going to be your primary vacuum in the house, getting one with the longest possible battery life is an excellent choice.

Motor and Suction

When looking for a cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors, make certain to select a model carrying a powerful motor as well as multiple suction levels. Two levels of suction power are the standard. This goes a low way towards preserving battery life and tailoring your vacuuming to the cleaning needs.

The most popular stick vacuums have low and high suction levels. The lower levels of suction are suitable for small messes such as crumbs on your hard surfaces. If you will be using the tool as a hardwood and carpet cordless vacuum, the higher-power mode is most suitable for cleaning bigger messes and carpets.


Plastics can become a bit of a problem on the bottom of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. Pushing the cordless vacuum around the hardwood floor can result in scratches on the surface.

Padding typically solves this problem. Any cordless vacuum model worth it’s salt should have bottom and side paddings as well as rubber wheels. In other words, any part of the stick vacuum being exposed to your hardwood surface should have soft padding.


The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors should be a featherweight. This allows anyone in the home to use the product. Furthermore, the lighter your vacuum the less likely they are to scratch up your surface. The maximum standard weight for a stick vacuum should be less than ten pounds. Beyond that, you are likely to face difficulties moving the device without causing damage to the hardwood floor.


Do you have pets? If so, you will be out for the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair. It is typical of these models to carry an attachment that is specially tailored to pick up pet hair. If you have a shedding pet, then you know why this is a great feature to have in a stick vacuum.


Most of the stick vacuums are two vacuums in one. They operate both as handheld and stick vacuum cleaners. The transformation to a handheld vacuum is usually easy in these models because of their small size. It means there is less part to remove during the transition.

While you may think that, a 2 in 1 stick vacuum for hardwood floors is useless, it is not. Two-in-one products are excellent since they let you clean beyond hardwood floors. They are often ideal for cleaning drapes, tables, and furniture, making it easier to keep the whole home clean.


One of the most compelling benefits of cordless vacuums for hardwood floors is the ability to clean in various places, unlike traditional vacuums do. To do that, however, they need the right attachments for the different areas to ensure effective cleaning. Any hardwood stick vacuum you buy should carry a wide selection of attachments.

Some of the most essential attachments for your stick vacuum include a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an edging wand. If you are trying to locate hardwood cordless vacuums for hard floors and pet hairs, make sure you buy one with a pet attachment.

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