Top 10 Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Sites in 2020

Unknown callers have increased with the growing number of cell phones and various social platforms. Many tend to leave their phone numbers on social sites. As a result, you may start receiving calls from unknown numbers. Therefore, you need the best reverse phone lookup service to help identify your callers. Several companies offer free cell phone number lookup.

A reverse phone number search helps reveal unknown callers’ identity by providing their name, address, and other valuable information. Some offer an option of permanently blocking a number or marking it as spam. Others will give you additional information about the caller, such as their criminal records, if any, and employment details.

Reverse telephone number lookup is a sure way to track a missing person or an annoying stranger. Most of the reverse phone lookup services are downloadable on cell phones. However, it will be impossible to download the application to a phone that has no smart features, such as most cell phones for seniors. Also, it is good to note that the cell phone plans do not in any way hinder the functionality of reverse call lookup on your device.

Top 10 Best Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup in 2020

There are several reverse call lookup platforms currently available. They vary on the services they offer, which is mainly dependent on the amount of data they have in their archives. To be able to give a comprehensive report, a deep web search is necessary. Most offer this service at a fee. Below are the best ten reverse call lookup that provides excellent results at no charge.

Best Reverse Phone Lookup


Spytox is known as one of the best reverse phone lookup services currently in the market. It does not require any form of registration or payment to use this premium-rate white pages’ directory. Simply enter the phone number or the electronic mail that you wish to cross-examine and receive the details that you seek. It searches extensively deep within the web to reveal all the information there is against the search query. Through Spytox, one can be able to lookup for addresses, names, phone numbers, and even social media details, etc.


  • You can only look up an individual by name

It is easy and quick to dig more information about a person by name using this service. Spytox has a detailed advanced directory search complete with the names of everyone living in the United States. Their data includes personal details, phone numbers, photos, social media accounts and details, present and previous address, among much other useful information.

  • It enables a people search mechanism.

By exhausting information of an individual available in the public domain, profiles on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn among several other available data sources, Spytox can reveal a detailed and most recent people’s search information. The directory is updated regularly with several private and public records.

  • Free database for public records of persons

Spytox directory has available details of dozens of people gathered all over from various public sources and federal or state records that make it one of the most inclusive search sites for public archives. By simply dialing a number or entering a name, you will automatically receive a detailed report publicly available for your search subject.

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is perhaps the most frequently used reverse phone number lookup service all around the globe. It reveals details of the caller in an instant, and it is free to use. To be able to use Truecaller, you are required to sign up using a cell phone number and your email address. Truecaller works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can simply download it on your cell phone as a software application. From there, you can able to see details of anonymous callers immediately. The App. permits call recording, call blocking, and marking blocked calls as spam. You can add information about known callers on the software for other users to see.


  • Call recording

This feature is available on Android devices. To use it on iOS, you need to download an additional application to support this function. You can, however, go with the option of recording manually, which works well for specific calls or record all the calls automatically. The application will upload the recorded conversations on your Google Drive account. There is no need to worry about your device’s available space.

  • Camera lookup

You can scan a phone number through the application menu by merely going to Truecaller > Menu > Scan a Number to activate the camera. It will open a minute window, which you will use to image the digits then reveal the contact information immediately.

  • Works as a back for contacts and call list

Truecaller can back up a list of contacts you have blocked, call history, phone book in your google drive account. In case you lose your phone, then you can simply restore the backed up data on a new device simply by going to Menu > Settings > Backup then sign in with your Google drive. You will get a prompt to restore the data; by accepting, you will enable Truecaller to recover all your information. However, Truecaller does not back up text messages on Android devices.

  • Video calls

Unlike other applications that allow direct video calls, Truecaller goes through Google Duo. It means that both the person making the call and the one receiving should have Google Duo installed.

  • Send and receive money

The application has a feature known as Truecaller Pay, which has been linked to more than 80 banks such as ICICI and HDFC. Truecaller Pay allows users to send or receive cash via UPI from their contacts on Truecaller by merely creating a Virtual Payment Address.

3. TruePeople Search

TruePeople search web page opens through a minimalistic interface that requires you to prove that you are not a robot by ticking on the verification checkbox.  The feature makes it look more like a con web page. However, once you complete the verification process, the site fully opens up. TruePeople allows search for individuals by their phone number, address, or name.  It gives additional pertinent information such as criminal history apart from the individual’s identity. Besides some of the fantastic stuff this site provides, the verification feature may be somewhat a turnoff to other people.


  • A convenient way to get numbers of strange and missing persons

With records of over a billion persons in their database, it will be easy and straightforward to get a phone number of an individual by their name or recent address.

  • Background history and criminal record are available

It makes it even more convenient to know the history of the unknown number that keeps calling you besides just knowing the name and the address. You will be able to avert a crisis on the face of looming danger if the stranger has a history of crime.

  • Provides lists and records of known associates

When using TruePeople to lookup for information about a phone number or a name, you will also get information about people known to associate with the individual you are searching for. This additional information is handy in tracing the exact whereabouts of your search subject. It is ideal for tracking missing persons or strangers who are issuing life-threatening statements through the relevant arm of the law.

  • Free peoples database

TruePeople Search site has more than a billion records of individuals. It offers a simple and easy way to get details of the person you are looking up at the convenience of your device. The additional information, such as a person’s background, enables you to deduce the character of an individual that you have come across.

4. ZoSearch

With an experience spanning well over a decade, ZoSearch works in many different ways. It offers several ways to lookup for details of a person. You can either use a phone number, known address, or email ID. There is also an option of searching for a person using one of their name and city.


  • Background checks

ZoSearch provides public and record of illegalities for your search subject. The public records are mainly information available in the public domain, such as tax history, business associates, licenses, political inclination, social media profiles, among many others. On the other hand, criminal records details if the person has a history of arrest. It will also show any driving offense and available records of the court, such as if the caller has ever been prosecuted in court for sexual violation, fraud, etc.

  • Caller identity

ZoSearch reveals details of a caller immediately, either before receiving a call or when dialing up a number.

  • Address lookup

You can be able to lookup for an individual address only by using their phone number or email address. ZoSearch will provide more accurate data because it regularly receives the most recent up-to-date details of people. Additionally, you may get personal and contact information, social media profiles, and possible relations.

  • Peoples directory

ZoSearch has comprehensive data of people ranging over a decade of collection. The massive archives offer quick information for anyone willing to run a check on an individual. The good part about it is that it is free.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS

You can download the ZoSearch application on your phone or any other device and have it on the go. You can access it anywhere and at any given time of convenience.

  • It offers a free service

Perhaps this is one of the best features of ZoSearch. The fact that it does not require any charges to lookup for caller details makes it top and the most preferred service provider.

5. SpyDialer

SpyDialer is an advanced reverse call lookup service that can enable reverse call check on cellular phones, fixed landlines, and VOIP. Apart from supporting peoples’ identity by number and address, it also helps reverse email checks. It also offers a feature to expunge your details from their database. One is required to sign up at no cost to enjoy more services.


  • Ten free searches in a day free

You can search up to ten phone contacts per day without having to register with SpyDialer. It does not require any form of membership or sign up to lookup for details of your caller.

  • See personal details

SpyDialer reverse lookup readily provides full names of a caller and his known aliases, if any.

  • Listening to outbound voicemail

In case your caller’s phone numbers have an outgoing voicemail, then SpyDialer will play it for you. From the voicemail, you will be able to pick the caller’s name, gender, residence, or other useful details that may help know their true identity.

  • View display picture

If you are unable to identify the caller by their number or address, then SpyDialer will show you the callers’ latest picture available to help you see if you can identify them.

  • Email lookup

It provides the names and phone numbers that are associated with the email address. It also gives additional information such as the birth date, social media profiles, and age.

  • People search

People search provides a list of public records listed under an individual such as marital status, tax reports, judicial documents, and many more.

  • Search by address

Address lookup provides information about a person’s housing history, which includes present and previous resident locations, including registered companions.

  • SpyDialer premium service

Although the services are free, for an extensive deep dive into your search, you need to pay a fee. It will cost approximately $20 a month for this service, or you can trade-in your phone book to receive data in the form of 100 free spy dials.

6. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch provides information about a caller together with their address on the spot. It requires no registration or sign up to access their reverse lookup service. It boasts of extensive coverage in comparison to other service providers. However, ZabaSearch does not give consumers reports. Therefore, it is not among the list of consumer reporting agencies. So the website can be used for free reverse phone lookup only. ZabaSearch links to Intelius to lookup for more information and people records.


  • Shows personal details
  • Area code search

This search provides details about an area and phone number exchanges within it.

  • IP Address search

It allows you to look up a persons’ details only by using their IP address. Nothing is much suitable in this era of technology than this.

  • A People search engine

Peoples’ search provides a list of public records listed under an individual such as marital status, tax reports, judicial records, and many more.

  • ZabaSearch premium

7. is known for its extensive public records. Although it is not a consumer reporting company, therefore, it cannot be used to look up details for any other purpose. Though it works as a reverse call lookup tool, it also allows you to check information about businesses anywhere in the United States.


  • Lookup businesses provides information on all business entities located within the United States, including their contact details, address, and even reviews.

  • Points location on the map gives detailed and accurate search information, including the current location on the map. However, to get a more accurate result, one is required to pay a fee.

  • It allows search by email ID, phone number or address

8. White Pages

Whitepages is a vast online directory with the largest database of peoples’ contact data. It offers a free lookup and background checks. There is the option for premium service if you desire more detailed information. Many companies have subscribed to the premium service. By performing background checks on their consumers, they can be able to keep in touch with the genuine and flag fraudsters.


  • It facilitates search by email ID, phone number or address
  • Background information

Whitepages provides a public and criminal record of a search subject. The public records are mainly information available in the public domain, such as tax history, business associates, licenses, political inclination, social media profiles, among many others. On the other hand, criminal records details if the person has a history of arrest. It will also show any driving offense and available records of the court, such as if the caller has ever been prosecuted in court for sexual violation, fraud, etc.

9. CellRevealer

CellRevealer boasts for the most up-to-date and reliable reverse phone lookup service. They use their caller ID database to relay search results. They provide the option of marking a number as spam so that other users will identify it as such. You can check out the comment and complaints section that have brought forward regarding some numbers.


  • Allows marking a number as spam
  • Email search

Email search provides the names and phone numbers that are associated with the email address. It also gives additional information such as the birth date, social media profiles, and age.

10. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is suitable for checking private numbers. Their results include social media profiles, employment details, and pictures of the search subject. However, background information such as criminal history or tax reports, come at a cost.


  • Provide employment information

Employment details include a person’s employment history, such as previous and past employments.

  • Shows photos
  • TruthFinder will show you the callers’ latest picture available to help you see if you can identify them if in case you are not able to identify the caller by their number or address.
  • Search by email ID, phone number or address

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free reverse phone lookup service?

Yes, there are several free reverse phone lookup services currently available such as CellRevealer and TruthFinder, among many others. However, if you wish to dig deeper to get more comprehensive details regarding a phone number, then some fee is applicable.

Can I find the best free reverse phone lookup service?

Yes, several top-class high tech reverse lookup services are readily available. They include True caller, SpyDialer, Spytox, Whitepages, among many more. When choosing the best, it is advisable to consider its suitability to you.

How can I look up a number without spending any dime?

Simply visit any of the available free reverse call lookup services such as ZabaSearch, key in the details that wish to lookup and begin your search. Most of the free reverse lookup site does not require any form of registration or sign up.

How can I look up for someone’s name by their phone number without incurring any cost?

By visiting any free reverse lookup site, you can be able to immediately search for a person’s details using their phone number alone. Most reverse call lookup platform does not require registration or sign up. It is impressive the additional information you will receive besides the name.

Can Google perform a reverse phone lookup without any charges?

Yes, Google can perform a reverse call lookup for free. Just type the cell phone number and the area code then click on search.

Does *67 still work 2020?

Yes, it does work. By dialing *67 on landline or cellular phone, then followed by the number that you wish to call. When using *67, your number will appear as “Unknown” or “private number” on the receiver’s telephone or handset. However, when calling emergency numbers or toll-free numbers, the *67 does not work.

Bottom Line

Reverse phone lookup is an excellent way to know online scams and frauds. The best reverse call lookup allows you to look deep into the web and provides as many details as possible. Checking criminal history should be part of the functions of the best reverse call lookup platform. A right service provider should have an extensive database that can allow you to search both cell phones and landlines.