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The 10 Best Whole House Water Filtration System

Clean water supply is essential for a healthy environment for your family’s needs. Be it drinking, cleaning, or washing, it is important to use filtered water.

However, in most cases, the water supply to your home can be contaminated with impurities, chemicals and excessive chlorine, which can be harmful. In such situations, installing the best whole house water filtration system is a perfect remedy.

Whole house water filter, also known as “point of entry” filters are probably the most favoured water filtration systems most households use.

This is because of their excellent water filtration quality that ascertains clean, safe and filtered water all year around. That aside, it saves on money by protecting your home plumbing systems and eliminates the need to ever purchasing bottled water.

The best whole house water filter for well water will enhance the taste and smell of water. It also makes it overly safe for consumption by eliminating harmful contaminants. Above this, it reduces water hardness, one of the common reasons why your household equipment develops stains.

On the other hand, the use of a commercial water filtration system is environmentally friendly compared to other filtration systems. As mentioned, it eliminates the need of purchasing bottled water. This reduces the number of plastics released into the environment.

That said, the only limitation to enjoying clean water in your household is finding the best whole house water filtration system. There are several options to choose from, making it difficult to pick the right one. If you can’t make up your mind and search for a product to purchase, you are in the right place.

The 10 Best Whole House Water Filtration System

The guide below outlines some of the best whole house water filtration systems available on the market. Generally, the products reviewed below have been tested.

It is important to note that what worked for us might not work for you. Therefore, it is vital to carefully go through the products to find one that suits your needs.

1) iSpring RCC7AK Water Filtration System

The iSpring line of products is among America’s favourite brand of water filters using reverse osmosis technology. The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage water filter joins the list of the brand’s best filtration systems backed by unequaled performance, durability, and quality.

The unit’s 6-stage filtration process revolves around precise reverse osmosis technology that removes more than 1000 water contaminants providing clean home drinking water.

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System


  • Superior filtration

The high capacity and overly functional reverse osmosis working process is a recipe for safe and healthy water. Most reverse osmosis membranes remove harmful pollutants and helpful minerals.

Due to this, any 5-stage filtration system produces acidic water with a PH of less than 7.0. However, the 6-stage filtration systems such as iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage water filter has the ability to restore healthy minerals.

The 6th stage in the filtration system involves alkaline remineralisation that restores healthy water minerals. This gives off the water with balanced alkalinity, thus better tasting compared to 5-stage systems. It uses mineral stones as filtration media thus doesn’t sacrifice the quality for quantity.

This under sink-mounted filter eliminates up to 99% of water contaminants, which include chlorine, arsenic, hormones, calcium, bacteria, viruses and lead among many others.

  • Transparent housing

A common challenge with sub-standard water filtration systems is inspecting the sediments accumulated in the filter. Well, this isn’t an issue anymore with the iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage water filter.

It comes with a reinforced, transparent sediment filter that makes it easy to view the filtered sediments from the water. The transparent housing makes it easy to identify when it is time to change the filter before problems arise.

  • Easy Installation and Leak-Free System

Achieving a strong connection between water filters is often a daunting task. This is why most people prefer employing expert services to install the filter into their home plumbing systems.

Experts, at times, also have trouble with specific brands. However, the iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage water filter comes with an easy push to connect fittings with color coordinated tubings that simplify the installation process.

If you prefer installing the system by yourself, there are installation videos that will guide you on what to do, thus easing the process. Note that a perfect installation is crucial to achieving a leak-free system.

Premium quality make
Superior filtration
Easy DIY installation
BPA free
Lacks replacement filter

Warranty: One year

2) Express Water Heavy Metal Water Filter

The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter is another go-to option if you want to drink water straight from your faucet without being skeptical of the presence of fungi, chlorine, iron, lead, and other contaminants.

Like other Express Water brand filters, the unit is engineered to produce safe water for home use.

Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter


  • Heavy-Duty construction

For long-lasting use, water filtration systems should have sturdy construction. As for the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter, it is made purely with food-grade materials that are built to last. All the components are tested independently to meet NSF and ANSI standards.

The housing, for instance, is made from high quality and durable PCE and ABS plastic. Similarly, the connections of each housing use industrial-grade flow connectors. The connections can hold up to 0.25 gallons every second running at 45 – 80 psi.

  • Fast Flow Filtration

Unlike other water filtration systems, the Express Water filter has several unique features. Fast filtration in this unit is facilitated by;

  • A tight system that minimizes pressure loss on filtered water
  • High flow design that supplies 0.25 gallons of water every second
  • High capacity filters accommodate a lot of water
  • Easy Installation and Changes

Installing the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter is a DIY process. It is simple, especially for enthusiasts who have experience in installing water systems. Some of the installation practices that save your time include;

  • A simple twist-off function with a drop-and-go filter that reduces the hassle when changing the filter.
  • Accessible pressure release buttons that make it easy to remove the filter.
  • Visible first stage filter housing makes it easy to identify when the filter needs replacement
  • Three pressure gauges that monitor the performance of the system
  • A solid, sturdy free-standing frame that makes mounting optional.
Easy installation and quick maintenance
Sturdy construction
Efficient filtration
Extends the life of home appliances
Quite pricey

Warranty: One-year

3) Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

If you are in the search for an innovative and intelligent water filtration system, the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter should be your product of choice.

The unit is free from secondary pollution, thanks to its tankless design. It also takes up less space yet provides fast water filtration enabling users to enjoy safe water without waiting.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


  • Fast filtration: The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter comes with an internal pump that enables water to flow at a fast rate. With this, it takes less time to get high-quality and clean water for home and office use.
  • Tankless: Most water filters in the market have tanks that often expose water to secondary contamination. Storing already filtered water gives time and space for the little remaining contaminants to accumulate and breed. This returns water to its original dirty state. However, this isn’t the case with this unit. Its immediate filtration ability enables users to drink clean and safe water at any time they need. The compact size also saves a lot of installation space.
  • Convenient installation: Installing this unit takes approximately 85 percent less time than other RO systems. Additionally, changing the filters takes only 3 seconds.
  • Saves water: The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter water waste ratio is 1:1. From this, the unit produces 1/3 water waste only compared to other units. This triples the utilisation of water thus cuts down on water bills.
No tank design
Superior performance
Low water-waste ratio
Saves money on water bills
Expensive unit

Warranty: One year

4) Home Master Water Filtration System

Home Master is a popular brand that is known to produce outstanding reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Its product series include the 2 and 3 stage filtration units that provide excellently filtered water.

The Home Master Whole House 3-Stage Water Filtration System is a good product of choice for those who need clean water for home and commercial use.

Home Master Whole House 3-Stage Water Filtration System


  • Three-stage water filtration with massive housing that provides a great flow of water of up to 15 gallons every minute.
  • The powerful combination of radial flow iron, radial flow carbon and multi-gradient sediment filters iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese.
  • The powerful filtration system also removes rust, dirt, and chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides without affecting water pressure.
  • Long-lasting coconut shell carbon filter that filters approximately 95,000 gallons before requiring replacement.
  • Removes up to 95 percent of chemicals, sediments and other water contaminants. This provides clean and safe water that tastes good.
  • Improved flow rate with oversized water filters reduce maintenance frequency; thus saves on not only time and money but also inconvenience caused by regular maintenance.
  • The multi-gradient replaceable sediment filters provide fine filtration and high dirt holding capacity.
Heavy-duty water filter housing
Dual gradient density filter
Long-lasting coconut shell carbon filter
High capacity water purification
Not for use with acidic water

Warranty: One year

5) iSpring WGB32B Water Filtration System

The iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System is a good point of entry water filtration system for cleaning home and business water supplies.

Unlike common point of use filtration systems that are installed to filter specific faucets, this unit filters water from the source. This means that every beneficiary will enjoy clean and safe water.

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System


  • The unit is equipped with a three-stage filtration system that removes sediments, rust, pesticides, chlorine, industrial solvents, and other contaminants.
  • The one-inch inlet/outlet pipe has an ignorable impact on water flow and requires minimum maintenance. Besides, the wide filter cartridges provide minimal pressure reduction and extend filter life.
  • It is installed at the main water supply to filter all the water being supplied to various units. This makes it possible to enjoy water from every faucet and appliance in the house.
  • The first filtration stage features effective polypropylene sediment filters that filter sediments down to 5 microns. The second and third are made from carbon filters uses coconut shell carbon for enhanced filtration efficiency.
Filters water from the source
Three-stage filtration system
Keeps the healthy minerals in the water
Good design and build
Leaking concerns

Warranty: One year

6) Costway Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Costway Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is a perfect choice of water filter for those who want clean and safe water but on a budget. Despite the seemingly cheap nature, the unit doesn’t compromise on its working effectiveness.

Costway Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


  • Assured clean and safe water: The Costway Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System features five filtration stages that provide resultantly clean water, safe for drinking and home use. Water produced after the five filtration stages is purified and strengthened and free from chloramines, dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
  • Advanced filtration mechanism: Filtration for any water point of entry water filter uses reverse osmosis. This unit’s RO membrane effectively eliminates harmful substances, including bacteria and viruses. The unit has 5-stage filters, thus produces slightly acidic water. However, some minerals pass through, giving water a natural taste.
  • Quiet and Hidden design: The body of the filter is contained in a built-in housing that can hide under your sink without affecting the appearance of your kitchen. The only visible item will be the gooseneck tap. Similarly, it doesn’t make any noise when operational thus assuring a comfortable filtration experience.
  • Long-lasting purification ability: The Costway Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System delivers a flow rate of approximately 8 gallons per hour. This keeps the system operational for a long period. The installed automatic control device also eliminates the worries brought about by damage and failure resulting from negligence.
Easy to install and maintain
Transparent first stage housing
Efficient purification
Ultra-quiet and compact design
Very affordable
Only five stages – produces slightly acidic water

Warranty: One year

7) Brondell RO Circle Water Filter System

The Brondell RO Circle Water Filter System is a sleek and high capacity filtration system that comes with patented water-saving technology. This makes it among the few efficient reverse osmosis water filtration systems.

The unit’s flexible reservoir with a patented smart valve significantly reduces wastewater by eliminating the number one cause of water waste in RO systems back pressure.

Brondell RO Circle Water Filter System


  • Smart Valve: The unit comes with small valve technology that removes back pressure. This saves up to 10 times on water loss compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems. This saves both water and money spent on bills.
  • Versatile reservoir: Couples with the smart valve, the reservoir system simultaneously expands and contracts to provide consistent water flow rates. This improves the overall unit’s efficiency without necessarily requiring electricity or pumps.
  • Automatic RO filter flushing: Unlike other systems that require close monitoring of its reverse osmosis filters, the Brondell RO Circle Water Filter System automatically flushes its filter membrane. This, besides reducing maintenance requirements, extends the lifetime of the membrane significantly.
  • Compact design: The entire unit is contained in one, sleek case that takes up less space under your kitchen counter. Note that the entire unit consists of four separate filters working together to achieve maximum filtration.
Quality build
Four filtration stages
Auto-reverse osmosis membrane flushing
Smart valve feature
Flexible reservoir
Weak connectors with possible leaks

Warranty: One year

8) Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Filtration System

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Filtration System is a good top of the line water filtration system available at a pocket-friendly price.

The unit does not only filter water but also cleans all the contaminants by passing water over ionic plates. Remember, ionized water is not only clean and pure but also tastes great.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Filtration System


  • The unit comes with five titanium-coated plates covering approximately 81.8″ of surface area. This provides an assurance that any water passing through this system undergoes electrolysis.
  • The plates produce water of PH value ranging from 4.5 to 11. It is also available in up to 7 choices that can be selected by pressing a button. They include four alkaline water options, a neutral PH and 2 acidic options. Acid water is good for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Filtration System operates at temperatures of approximately 140°F. This makes it easy to make quick coffee cups in the morning. It can also generate up to 3 liters of water every minute. This amount can be adjusted using the easy touch controls.
Advanced electroplate technology
Efficient carbon water filter
Easy setup
Does not work with well water

Warranty: One year

9) iSpring WGB21B Water Filter

The iSpring WGB21B Whole House Water Filter is another executive water filter from iSpring line of products that provides reassuring water filtration results.

Unlike other high-end iSpring products, the unit has two-filtration stages and an effective carbon filter that assures maximum filtration.

iSpring WGB21B Whole House Water Filter


  • The two-stage filtration system eliminates up to 95% of sediments, dissolved solids and chlorine thus reviving the taste and odor of water.
  • 50,000-gallon capacity replaceable filters ensure that your family gets clean water for a full year.
  • The system is delivered pre-assembled for an easy, DIY assembly.
  • The efficient pressure release valves enable the flawless release of built-up pressure in the filters. Water filtered from this unit can be used for drinking, and other home uses directly.
An easy and DIY installation
Up to 50,000 gallons of filtration capacity
2-stage filtration
Minimal leaks on inlet and outlet

Warranty: One year

10) Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter

The Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter is probably the most effective water filtration system for city water. It provides a high level of protection from harmful contaminants yet doesn’t hurt your wallet.

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter


  • Performance: Unlike other high-end products, the Aquasana brand and line of products have a good reputation for manufacturing long-lasting water filters. This 3-year gallon filter, therefore, is no surprise. The unit is built to provide high performance without much drainage, water waste or backflushing. The unit eliminates up to 97% of chlorine and contaminants in water. Although it lacks a water-softening option, it performs as much as water softeners would.
  • Design: The unit is quite different compared to other conventional water filters. Common three-stage filters are built horizontally, but the Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter has two tanks, each laden with copper and mineral stone filters. The top tanks have bacteriostatic blends that reduce chlorine and soluble heavy metals while inhibiting bacteria and algae growth. The bottom is full of high-grade activated carbon that reduces chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.
Affordable water filter
Softens water
Low maintenance
Removes various impurities
Large capacity filter
Tedious to install

Warranty: Ten years

What to Look For A Buying Guide

As you may have noticed, whole house water filtration systems available are diverse, each with varying features commanding different prices. Selecting the best unit, therefore, becomes a daunting task. Some of the guiding tips that will help in finding the best unit include;

  • The number of filters: It is always good to have a 3-water filter system. This will ensure the maximum removal of contaminants. Also, check out for systems that feature sediment and carbon filters.
  • Flow rate: You should also check on the flow rate of the unit. Go for a system that can pass more than 20 gallons of water per minute.
  • Filter life span: Filters with a long life span are a good choice. It saves on time and maintenance budget.
  • Installation and replacement: Always consider water filters whose installation and maintenance aren’t challenging.

The Bottom Line

The importance of whole house water filtration systems in providing clean and safe drinking water cannot be ignored. It is due to this that you should find a great unit. The guide above outlines some of the best systems available on the market. Check out the units and go for one that suits your needs.

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