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The 12 Best Women’s Watches Under 500

Watches should do more than reminding you of the time and date, despite these two being undeniably essential functions. They should make a statement about your outdoor style in a big way. For modern women, any watch on their wardrobe should make a statement that keeps them on track.

A perfect everyday watch should be functional at the office, on weekend adventures, and any other outdoor activity equally. Well, if you are looking for a perfect timepiece on a budget, the guide below outlines some of the best women’s watches under 500.

Matching The Watch To The Wearer

Any properly functional women’s watch should match your style. You should also consider this if you are purchasing it as a gift. Ensure that your product of choice suits the style of the person being gifted. For instance, is the woman an outdoor enthusiast? Will the watch suit and be functional in her common field of work?

Different watch styles are available, and you can consider them to find the best women’s watches under 500. You should also check on the wardrobe and lifestyle choices. Among the common styles, include;

  • Casual watches – casual timepieces have a broad face and easy to read. Most are made from leather straps and can be worn with everyday casual wear.
  • Dress watches – this style is designed to be worn in formal events or places with formal settings. Most have outstanding gemstones with leather or metal band straps.
  • Fashion watches – as the name suggests, they are designed to stand out with intricate detailing. Every part of these watches is significant and often integrated into the straps which can be made as bracelets.
  • Sports watches – these styles are made unequivocally for outdoor use. Straps are made of rubber, have a digital interface timer and probably waterproof.

The 12 Best Women’s Watches Under 500 Reviews

1) Michael Kors Slim Runway Stainless Steel Watch

The Michael Kors Slim Runway Stainless Steel Watch is a minimalist-looking watch with a lot of hidden treasures. As the name suggests, it is a good watch of choice for women who would like to make their style statements without hesitation.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Stainless Steel Watch


  • Wide 42mm case with 20mm wideband
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog display
  • Stainless steel case
  • Round case diameter
  • Water-resistant to 50m
Big case
Color fades after lengthy use

Warranty: 2 years

2) Red Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch

Michael Kors is a popular brand when it comes to watch manufacturers. It is known to deliver high-quality timepieces yet at affordable prices. The Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch adds to the list of excellent products from this company.

Red Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch


  • Stainless steel watch case with bracelet
  • Folded over clasp closure with a simple push-button release
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog display
  • Date display window
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet
  • 37mm case width
Beautiful and classy
Great design
Date display
Only suitable for short periods of swimming

Warranty: 2 years

3) Michael Kors Ladies Lexington Wrist Watch

Yet another product from the Michael Kors family, the Michael Kors Ladies Lexington Wrist Watch provides a good mix of style infused with little play. It is a perfect gift item and a great addition to your summer wear.

Michael Kors Ladies Lexington Wrist Watch


  • Stainless steel silver casing
  • Adjustable stripes with leather wrist strap
  • Traditional model buckle closure
  • Quartz movement with three-hand display
  • 35mm case width
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
Good for shallow swimming pool
Crystal face material
Gold-tone stick indexes with glitz toping
Quite above the budget

Warranty: 2 years

4) MVMT Nova Women’s Analog Watch

Women who prefer seemingly “silent” watches with cool designs will find the MVMT Nova Women’s Analog Watch is a good choice. The watch channels the essence of cosmos watches to an aesthetically designed modern make.

MVMT Nova Women’s Analog Watch


  • Battery-powered 6-hand chronograph with date display
  • 38mm case with dual time-zone function
  • Durable with hardened crystal glass make
  • Water-resistant but should not be worn when swimming or bathing
Premium watch
Durable make
Perfect for everyday use
Finely crafted movement
The band is not easily adjustable

Warranty: 2 years

5) Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch

Michael Kors remains one of the favorite women’s watches. Well, apart from the quality make, the brand boasts of variety when it comes to watching options.

The Blue Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch is a good pick for those who prefer different color options to the aforementioned red product.

Michael Kors Women’s Ritz Chronograph Watch


  • Comes with an iridescent blue dial with an amazing glitz top ring
  • Has quartz chronograph movement
  • Three subdials with corresponding chrono-pushers
  • Features a blue iridescent stainless steel bracelet
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • 37mm case width
Affordable option
Blue calm color
Stainless steel bracelet
Classy and perfect gift
Quite big

Warranty: 2 years

6) MAMONA Women’s Watch

The MAMONA Women’s Watch features everything you would need to make a perfect gift. It comes with a lightweight ceramic band that is both strong and durable. The watch can be worn with both casual and dressy attires.

MAMONA Women’s Watch


  • Japanese quartz movements assure precise and accurate timekeeping
  • 30m waterproof but not suitable for swimming or diving
  • Has a ceramic bracelet with hidden double locking closure
  • Made from stainless steel alloy
  • 32mm dial case diameter
Scratch-resistant case
Fashionable design
Classy and perfect gift
Not suitable for swimming and diving

Warranty: 2 years

7) Michael Kors Women’s Runway Quartz Watch

If you are in need of a watch with utmost elegance that meets precision timing, go for the Michael Kors Women’s Runway Quartz Watch. The watch is beautifully designed to integrate elegant appeal with excellent functioning.

Michael Kors Women’s Runway Quartz Watch


  • 43mm wide casing with 20mm wide band
  • Mineral crystal covering with quartz movement
  • Round stainless steel casing with gold dial
  • Water-resistant up to 50mm
Suitable for short swimming sessions
Wide case
Quality make
Good color option
Easily scratches
Quite priced

Warranty: 2 years

8) Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch

The Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch is another budget-friendly watch with simple elegance but of obvious quality and superior design. The watch brings forth a conservative elegance with quality workmanship and slim design.

Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch


  • Good strap material – the watch uses a high-quality leather strap, silicone, and metals that withstands its test of time.
  • Standard two-hand movement – The Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch has a two-hand movement that satisfies both functional preferences and aesthetics.
  • Water-resistant – this model offers average water-resistant features like other standard women’s watches of its price range. The 30m water-resistant mark makes it perfect for light diving, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Quick-release pins – you can maintain the signature style with the swappable and versatile watchstraps. This makes it possible to change the straps, as you like.
Stylish watch
Swappable straps
Good design
Adjustable fold-over clasp closure
Second and minute hands are of the same length

Warranty: Limited lifetime

9) Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Watch

The Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Watch is a simple yet classic watch that offers a minimalist style while being highly functional for everyday wear. The watch’s craftsmanship shines from its stainless steel case and bracelet with gold accents for a traditional look.

Citizen Women’s Eco Drive Watch


  • Powered by light – the Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Watch converts both natural and artificial light to the energy that powers the watch. With this, don’t expect to be bothered with battery replacements or charging.
  • Easy to recharge – regardless of the quality of light, the watch can easily recharge even with dim light. This not only makes it cost-effective but also easy to use.
  • Continues running in the dark – the lithium-ion cell stores enough energy converted from natural light to keep the watch running. That aside, it has a low-energy indicator and power-saving mode. Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Watch can run up to 7 years when fully charged even in the dark.
  • Eco-friendly – the watch doesn’t require a battery that may leach chemicals and pollutants to the environment.
Safe to the environment
Good design
Quartz movement
Date display
Not good for scuba diving

Warranty: 5 years

10) Red Michael Kors Women’s Runway Watch

The Red Michael Kors Women’s Runway Watch is a smart and elegant watch of choice for many reasons. Despite being a product from the popular and positively reputed Michael Kors, the item comes with intriguing features that makes it among the top picks yet at an affordable rate.

Red Michael Kors Women’s Runway Watch


  • Water-resistant to 50m. This makes it suitable for short recreational swimming sessions but not good for snorkeling or diving.
  • 38mm case diameter
  • Quartz movement with a multifunctional analog display
  • Round shaped stainless steel case
Red pretty color
The wide case that suits most women’s style
Fold-over clasp
Not good for diving

Warranty: 2 years

11) Fossil Women’s Riley Multifunction Glitz Watch

The fossil line of watches has always been inspired by ingenuity and creativity. Well, the Fossil Women’s Riley Multifunction Glitz Watch adds to the brand’s quality and fashionable watches that complement every style. The model makes a perfect gift idea for your special person.

Fossil Women’s Riley Multifunction Glitz Watch


  • Good strap material The Fossil Women’s Riley Multifunction Glitz Watch features stainless steel bracelets that are durable and can last a lifetime.
  • Quartz crystal movement The model is battery-powered and powers the quartz crystal movement, which is more accurate compared to mechanical movement.
  • Water-resistant – the watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet. This makes it suitable for swimming, bathing, and snorkeling.
  • Quick-release pins – the swappable and versatile watchstraps can be changed easily with the quick-release pins.
Multiple strap options
Durable strap material
Not good for scuba diving

Warranty: Limited lifetime

12) Michael Kors Darci Women’s Hand Wrist Watch

The Michael Kors Darci Women’s Hand Wrist Watch is another excellent product from the reputable Michael Kors brands of watches. Enthusiasts of gold-toned watched will certainly find this a good choice.

Michael Kors Darci Women’s Hand Wrist Watch


  • Mid-size watch with 39mm case width
  • Mineral dial window
  • Gold-tone finish with stainless steel bracelet
  • Three-hand dials for the hour, minute and second makes reading easy
  • Water-resistant to 50m.
Good sturdy design
Perfect color choice
Easily fades

Warranty: 2 years

Recommended Products

Factor To Consider When Buying a Women’s Watches

Shopping for cheap watches for women can be overwhelming. This is probably due to the endless options available, coupled with the few dollars available for spending.

The watch market is swamped with a wide range of quality and cheap imitations of popular brands. Therefore, knowing how to differentiate the two will spare you a lot of disappointment.

That said, when browsing through the internet looking for the best women’s watch under 500, stick to the tips below to ease your search.

1) Women’s Watch Materials

Regardless of the watch style, it should complement the complexions of the wearer. Most, if not all, watches have metal watch casings that protect the rather delicate watch internals.

The common casing material used is stainless steel. However, fashion watches looking to enhance their elegance, opt for gold and silver material casings. These preferred colors match every wearer’s complexion.

Sports watches, on the other hand, due to their functionality, are made of rubber. These are available in many colors. However, black-colored watches are a good choice as they look not only classy but also expensive and match any sportswear.

2) Age

It is also important to consider the age of the wearer. This is because it significantly influences the color and style of choice. For sure, the style of watch that suits your mother may not be a good choice for your teenage daughter and vice versa.

That said, your mother will certainly like the small-faced watch with a leather or metal straps made from gold or silver. However, your teenage daughter will go for a fashionable women’s watch made from gemstones and possibly with a bracelet wrist.

3) Watch Crystal

Watch crystal covers the watch casing. Among the commonly used watch crystals include minerals, Plexiglas, plastic, or sapphire. The type of crystal used often varies and determines the price of the watch. Low-priced watches, for instance, likely have plastic crystals. The downside is that they may crack easily and are prone to scratches.

On the other hand, a high-end women’s watch is made from mineral glass and sapphire crystals that are much more durable and resistant to scratches. This explains why these watches appear brand new despite years of use. A combination of a durable crystal with proper casing makes the watch water-resistant.

4) Size of the case

Common women’s watches have casings with widths of 34mm or less. However, in a bid to keep up with trendy fashions, modern case sizes have up to 60mm case width.

These make big faces on the wrist. Well, if your woman isn’t afraid of making statements on her wrist, such would be a perfect choice. Nonetheless, conservative women should stick to small casings as they match their conservative styles better.

Pro Tip: Tall women should go for large casings with broad bands as it suits their style. Petite ladies with small waists will find a small case with standard straps a better choice.

5) Interchangeable Bands

It is understood that women generally prefer something they can customize to suit their day wear. Well, this explains why modern women’s watches come with removable straps with additional bands.

The ability to use the same face with multiple straps provides immense versatility. Most brands offer standard leather straps with different color options.

Such straps make matching the daily wardrobe choice to the watch comfortable. That aside, it is fulfilling for women to be spotted with different looks every time.

Purchasing a watch with both leather and metallic brands is a plus. The leather band is a good choice for a casual look, whereas the metallic band appears dressier. With this, you will be using the same watch for every occasion.

6) Watch Movements

Most people ignore the fact that women care a lot about how the watch works. Just to mention, watch movements can either be automatic, quartz, or mechanical. Mechanical watches are probably out fashioned, thus not a good choice. Quartz has the easiest movements and is affordable. However, automatic watches are the best to watch enthusiasts.

7) Watch Brand

There are endless watch brands known for producing excellent timepieces. However, if the quality is your statement, always be on the lookout for the best women’s watch brands top 10. The best thing about shopping for a brand is that you will know exactly what you are looking for, thus avoid getting duplicates.

You should also check for other details such as the length of the strap, the diameter of the strap, power source, and reviews.

The Bottom Line

When getting yourself a new watch or shopping for a gift for someone special, it is of essence that you get to know their style. Women love wearing a watch as it adds to their element of style and increases the sophistication of their outfits.

If you are not sure of the style, go for the classics, which can work well for both formal and casual occasions. Whereas there are limitless options to choose from, luxury options can be too costly. To save on your budget, consider the best women’s watches under the 500 mentioned above.