Top 5 Best Cheap Black And Decker Electric Mower Reviews in 2021

Are you in the market for a top-tier electric mower? In that case, you are in luck for you are in the right place. We’ve reviewed some of the best black and decker electric mower options in this article. And you’re probably wondering, ‘why black and decker electric mower?’

Well, it is a well-known, high-performance brand, and a handy power-cleaner tool for the home like these vacuum cleaners for pet hair. And you may also want to know why you need an electric lawn mower?

An electric mower is similar to its gas-run counterpart in terms of configuration. In both products, there’s a steel blade spinning in the deck, made of steel or plastic, depending on the model. You will also raise and lower this deck using height-control levers, according to your preferred grass length. And you’ll push the mower, or it will push itself via front-wheel or rear-wheel drive.

But electric-engine mowers differ from gas-based models in noise, making them great for indoor use just like these Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors. The electric mower is safer to use since it doesn’t emit toxic fumes. So, you want to know about the finest electric lawn mower from Black and Decker? Well, you may have to stick with us to the end.

What Is An Electric Lawn Mower: Everything You Should Know

As the name suggests, an electric lawn mower entirely runs on electricity, unlike gasoline units that depend on fuel. Moreover, electric-powered mowers can be corded or cordless depending on the model, with the latter drawing power from a rechargeable battery. And similar to corded vacuums, just plug in the appliance’s cord before you start mowing with a corded unit.

Note that a power socket should be close enough when using a black and deck electric mower or any other corded mower model. You may not mow if the outlet isn’t within reach since corded units don’t support an internal battery or gasoline motor for mowing beyond the cord’s reach.

Besides, paying close attention to your mower’s power cable is important. You’ll want to ensure the cord stays behind the deck at all times to prevent cutting it when the machine runs over the cable. Electric motors are particularly eco-friendly due to their zero carbon footprint. Consider getting one of our best black and decker electric mower options listed below if you do not want to inhale toxic fumes.

Electric Mowers And Noise Levels

Electric lawn mowers are not only lightweight, maneuverable, and flexible, but also produce less noise compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts. However, you should not buy into the marketing hype without getting the facts right. In some cases, the difference in noise may not be that significant.

For example, an average electric-motorized mower can produce seventy dB of noise, which for comparison is similar to a vehicle moving at sixty miles an hour. On the other hand, top-rated gas mowers can emit between ninety and a hundred dB of noise, comparing to a revving motorbike.

Wear hearing protection when using lawnmowers, especially gas-based models, to prevent damaging your eardrum. And while industry experts don’t emphasize wearing ear protection for electric mowers, you’ll still need it when mowing for long hours because the noise levels can be unpleasant.

How Much Electricity Does An Electric Lawn Mower Consume?

The latest electric lawnmowers usually come with brushless motors, drawing between 5 and 10 amps per hour of electricity. Such engines don’t produce hazardous emissions, making them friendly to the environment. But the consumption will significantly depend on your lawn’s size and the wattage of the engine.

You can always calculate the required amps for the model you intend to buy. For instance, an average mower sold in the US has a 1400-watt motor. The mowing season often begins in April through October. Let’s assume that you will be using the electric lawn mower for approximately thirty minutes per two weeks. In that case, you will be consuming about 9.8 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

The United States consumer pays 12 cents for every kilowatt-hour of electricity on average. Your electric lawn mower will use about $1.2 worth of energy during the mowing season, although you can do the math with your specifics in mind.

Top 5 Best Affordable Black and Decker Electric Mower Reviews

After learning everything about electric engine mowers, let’s also find the top five best cheap black and decker electric mower options.

Black And Decker Electric Mower

1. Black+Decker Lawn Mower MTE912

MTC220 Cordless Black \u0026 Decker Electric Mower


  • 3-in-1 design
  • Two 20-volt lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Flexible trimmer
  • 4-inch and 1.6-inch cutting heights
  • Suitable for up to 750 square feet property
  • Adjustable pivoting handle
  • Twelve-inch edger cum trimmer
  • Up to 60% charge-time in two and a half hours
  • Automatic feed system
  • Two-year limited warranty

The MTC220 packs plenty of unique new features with some conventional things you’ll find in other everyday mowers. The cordless electric lawn mower conveniently eliminates the hassles of a power cord. This black and decker electric edger can quickly transform into a mower and trimmer for all your outdoor cleaning tasks.


  • Experience bump-free trimming thanks to its AFS technology
  • It smoothly converts from edger to trimmer to mower
  • Adjustable trimming height convenient for cutting grass to your preferred size
  • A self propelled electric lawn mower with a power drive transmission that stops bog-downs
  • Extended run-time with two batteries
  • It comes in a lightweight, ergonomic construction


  • Less operational hours due to its battery-powered model
  • It lacks a grass collection bag

2. Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower EM1500

EM1500 Corded Black \u0026 Decker Electric Lawn Mower


  • 10-amp motor
  • Fifteen-inch wide cutting path
  • Edge Mas design
  • 1-inch to 3-inches cutting height
  • Power drive transmission
  • Height adjustment lever
  • Low-profile construction
  • Four wheels
  • Grass box
  • Foldable handle
  • Suitable for up to 3,750 ft² yards
  • Two-years limited warranty

The EM1500 is for those who need efficiency in cutting with corded power supply. Save time by doing away with the challenges of pull cords or the frustrations of mixing oil and gas, plus maintaining the engine.


  • Up to six settings for height adjustment
  • A convenient grass collection bag
  • It is great for cutting under obstacles and shrubs
  • It can cut up to the edges of landscape borders and fences


  • It has the limitations of a power cord.

3. Black+Decker Corded Electric Lawn Mower MM2000

MM2000 Corded Black \u0026 Decker Electric Mower


  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • 13-amp motor
  • 20-inch deck
  • Up to seven-setting height adjustment
  • Edge Max technology
  • A thirteen-gallon grass collection bag
  • 5-inch to 4-inch trimming height
  • Two-years’ limited warranty

It is one of the best riding lawn mowers for sale by Black and Decker. The MM2000 offers clean, consistent electric power with instant starting any time you need to use it.


  • Allows for side discharging, bagging, and mulching
  • It can trim lawns to the edge of flower beds and fences
  • Flexible multi-height adjustment for a preferred lawn cutting
  • Convenient grass bag allowing you to check fill levels
  • Outstanding 20-inch wide trimming path


  • It has the restrictions of a corded electric gardening tool.

4. Black+Decker Cordless Electric Mower CM2043C

CM2043C Cordless Black \u0026 Decker Electric Mower


  • Edge Max design
  • Twenty-inch cutting path
  • Single height-adjustment lever
  • 3-in-1 construction
  • Cut height of 1.5-inches to 4-inches
  • Ideal for up to ¼ acre lawns
  • Up to six height adjustment settings
  • 15-gallon framed grass collection bag
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Two 40-volts batteries

You’ll get this CM2043C black and decker electric mower if you want to avoid the hassles of a corded model. It comes in a compact, lightweight design, offering impressive maneuverability.


  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • Offers up to the edge cutting
  • Wide cutting path
  • Foldable for upright storage
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Great versatility, allowing for bagging, mulching, and side discharge


  • It has poor battery life.

5. Black+Decker Electric Lawn Mower BEMW482BH

BEMW482BH Black and Decker Electric Mower


  • 12-amp motor
  • Push start button
  • 17-inch deck
  • Up to six height adjustment settings
  • Winged-blade construction
  • Suitable for 1/8 acre lawns
  • Between 1-inch and 3-inch cutting height
  • Two-years’ limited warranty
  • Rugged wheel treads

The BEMW482BH corded mower by Black and Decker offers a comfy grip handle in a lightweight model that’s easy to maneuver. You’ll experience unmatched user control in dense grass plus its special blade delivering thirty percent better collection of clippings.


  • Easy starting with a convenient push-button
  • Decent cutting path
  • Ideal for powering through tall grass thanks to treaded wheels
  • Up to 30 percent better clipping thanks to its blade with wings
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • A lightweight model with outstanding maneuverability
  • Powerful motor for extended working hours


  • It has the limitations of a corded power gardening tool.

Troubleshooting Black & Decker Electric Mower

If your black and decker electric mower stops working or develops mechanical issues, consider the following troubleshooting tips before you get professional help.

Mower ProblemSuggested Solutions
The mower isn’t running after activating bail handleEnsure the mower is correctly plugged in and completely press the button on the switch box before you pull the bail handle Turn the mower off by releasing the bail handle and unplug it. Then turn it over to ensure the blade is free of obstacles
Lawnmower suddenly stops while mowingTurn off and unplug the mower. Then turn it over to ensure no obstacles prevent the blade from turning. Adjust the wheel’s cutting height to the highest settings and re-start the mower. Do not overload the mower, reduce the cutting speed, or raise the trim height.
Unsatisfactory grass trimming performanceTurn the mower off by releasing the bail handle and unplug it. Then turn it over to ensure the blade is sharp. Check and free the chute of obstacles. Check that the wheel height isn’t too low for the condition of your grass.
The mower is too difficult to push.Turn the mower off by releasing the bail handle and unplug it. Then raise the cutting height to prevent the deck from dragging on the grass. Also, check to see if each wheel has free rotation.
The mower is too noisy with excess vibration.Turn the mower off by releasing the bail handle and unplug it. Then turn it over to check the blade for bends or damages. Replace damaged blade with the recommended model or take the device to a certified service center for other damages Disassemble the blade assembly if there are no visible damages and clear it off the debris
The mower isn’t picking clippings in the collection bag.Check for a clogged chute. Shorten the cut length by raising the cutting height Check for a filled collection bag and empty it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an electric lawn mower?

An electric mower is a lawn trimming device that runs on electricity instead of gasoline. Electric-based mowers can be corded or cordless, depending on the model.

How does an electric mower work?

The corded electric mower works by drawing electricity from an electrical outlet via an extension cord. Cordless units use a rechargeable battery to power the motor. Note that you must charge the battery separately before inserting it in the mower.

Is an electric lawn mower better or gas?

Although an electric mower isn’t ideal in all situations, it offers several benefits over the gas model. For instance, it is less costly to maintain than gas units. Also, electric lawnmowers are eco friendly, and you don’t have to inhale toxic gases. However, electric-powered models are not as multi-purpose as their gas based counterparts.

How long do electric lawn mower batteries last?

The battery on a cordless mower can last up to five years if you use it regularly. You can replace it once you notice it takes longer to charge, or it doesn’t last as long as it used to on a single charge.

Which is the best electric lawnmower?

There are various top-rated electric lawn mowers from brands like Honda, Hecht, Black and Decker, Bosch, and GARDENA, among others. The best unit will depend on your personal needs, like the condition and size of your lawn plus financial capability. However, you can easily find the finest electric model in our reviews above.

How much does an electric lawnmower cost?

The cost of an electric lawn mower varies according to its extra features, size, and model. A robust and reliable unit can range from anywhere between $250 and $400. But your initial investment might go up based on the above variables. We recommend that you do a price-feature comparison before you settle on the best affordable unit.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the top five black and decker electric mower options dominating the market. Note that these models are the best affordable solutions for a majority of homeowners, although you can get more expensive units of the same brand. Moreover, our top selection offers excellent savings on engine maintenance since electric models are easy to operate. We always recommend knowing your cut surface area before choosing the right mower for you.