Can I Deposit a Check at an ATM – Complete Guide

As the world becomes increasingly digital, you occasionally hear talk of the concept of moving to a “cashless” society. However, using cash has a number of benefits that should not be overlooked, including helping you save money.

That being said, it can be a real hassle to have a giant wad of cash in your wallet. If you are having a hard time finding the opportunity to head to one of your bank’s branches during business hours, you might be wondering what other options you might have.

Can you deposit cash at an ATM? The answer is: sometimes.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about depositing checks at ATMs seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Can You Deposit Cash at an ATM?

Not all ATMs allow you to deposit cash, but many do. Whether or not an ATM accepts cash deposits is up to the discretion of the credit union or bank. It is common for institutions to allow cash deposits at in-network or branch ATMs.

Many banks have withdrawal limits for ATMs. Some of them also have deposit limits, but these are not as common. There are sometimes also limits set on how many individual banknotes you are allowed to deposit through an ATM.

How to Deposit Cash at an ATM?

The first thing you will want to do if you are trying to deposit cash at an ATM is to use your bank’s mobile app or website to locate an ATM that accepts cash deposits. When you are at the ATM, you will usually need to use both your debit card and your pin number in order to gain access to your account.

There are some banks that allow you to access ATMs without your card by using a mobile wallet.

Once you have gained access to your account, you will likely see a number of different transaction options. You will want to select the “deposit” option. You might also need to choose the account you want to deposit money into if you have more than one account.

Next, you will enter how much money you are depositing into the machine. Then, you can insert your cash. Some banks might provide an envelope for you to put the cash in or they might let you deposit the bills directly.

If you need to use an envelope to deposit cash, make sure that there isn’t any information that you need to fill in on the envelope.

Finally, you will want to print your confirmation receipt and remember to take your car back.

Add some banks, you will have access to your funds right away. At other institutions, the money might not be available until the next business day.

Can You Deposit Checks at an ATM?

You can also deposit checks at ATMs. The process can be slightly different at different banks. Let’s take a look at how it works at a number of the biggest banks.

(Wondering if your bank is one of the biggest banks in the country? Here’s a list of the 15 biggest banks in the U.S.)

Can I Deposit a Check at an ATM? Chase Bank

Both cash and check deposits are accepted at most Chase ATMs seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There is a locator on their website to find either a Chase branch or an ATM.

Through chase, you can deposit up to 30 checks at one time.

Can I Deposit a Check at an ATM? Navy Federal

At Navy Federal, you can use either your CUCARD or Visa debit card to make check and cash deposits at ATMs that are in the participating CO-OP network. Deposits that you make through an ATM won’t be available for five business days after the date of deposit.

Can I Deposit a Check at an ATM? Wells Fargo

You can deposit both cash and checks into Wells Fargo ATMs without having to worry about using a deposit slip or envelope. You can insert up to 30 bills and checks combined in order to make your deposit.

You can have your transaction receipt either printed out on the spot or have it emailed to you.

Can I Deposit a Check at an ATM? Bank of America

At Bank of America, you can deposit both cash and checks. Cash deposits will be made available immediately after you deposit them. Check deposits can take a bit longer depending on a number of different factors.

When you deposit a check at a Bank of America ATM, digital images of the checks will be made available on both the mobile app and online banking platform. You can also request a receipt that either does or doesn’t have images of the checks.

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One of the ways that technology has changed the world in recent years is by making everyday tasks increasingly convenient. A few decades ago, the question “can you deposit cash at an ATM?” would seem to be the talk of someone who has a few screws loose. These days, however, it is basically the norm for banks and credit unions to accept both cash and check deposits through the ATM.

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