Cheapest Place To Buy a iPhone

Apple iPhone is a leading phone brand that is known for its innovative features. Customers queue in thousands to get the latest brand and become a few individuals to enjoy new features. Unfortunately, Apple phones do not come cheap. Unless you know how to get an iPhone for cheap, you may have to pay the high manufacturer recommended price. Nevertheless, you do not have to pay an excessive price if you know the cheapest place to buy iPhone.

In this guide, we focus on helping you find cheap phones without a contract by giving you tips and places where you should look for quality iPhones at low prices.

How To Get An iPhone With Cheap Price

1. Buy a smaller model

Apple phones come with different memory capacities. You can save money by choosing the phone with the smallest memory capacity. A 64GB iPhone SE will be cheaper than a 256GB capacity phone. Both phones share all features, except for memory capacity. For Example, the unlocked iPhone SE 256GB is currently trading at $549 while the unlocked SE 64GB is available at $399. Choosing the 64GB model over the 256GB version lets you save $150. You will also notice that the $549 for SE 256 version is adequate to buy the iPhone XR 64GB model.

2. Choose an older model

When the iPhone 7 was released, you needed to have an excessive $800 to get the smaller 64GB version. Today, you can get the 64GB iPhone 7 version with a budget of less than $250, saving an upward of $500. Although the iPhone 7 is no longer a flagship phone, it is still a decent phone with amazing features like 3D Touch and quality cameras.

3. Look for a promotion

If you are looking for one of the latest iPhones and are short on budget, you should look for promotions. Almost all phone carriers regularly offer a free phone with new service deals that you can take advantage of to get an iPhone on cheap. Leading phone providers like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have promotional offers that let you get highly discounted phones when you switch.

4. Opt for a flexible payment plan

Coughing the full amount for the iPhone upfront is a big hindrance to why most people cannot afford the latest devices. Luckily Apple and major carriers have an agreement that allows people to pay for the phone in monthly installments. The installment payment plans vary among phone providers, with some taking up to 24 months. It is also common to find installment plans that let you upgrade your phone after paying a certain amount of money.

5. Purchase a pre-owned iPhone

Buying a refurbished or used phone does not mean that you are getting lesser quality. Although used phones usually have some cosmetic issues, purchasing a reputable seller’s phone gets you a reliable, affordable iPhone. Some people do not sell their phones as it is old or broken, but because they want to upgrade to the latest model. However, before you can purchase a pre-owned phone, you need to ensure that it is in a good state and not under contract.

6. Trade in your phone

Almost all the leading carriers allow existing and new customers to trade in their phones for an upgrade. However, the phone providers tend to have a restriction on the phones that qualify for a trade-in and thus, you must ensure that your phone qualifies for a trade-in.

The 10 Best Cheapest Place To Buy iPhone

A Google search on cheap iPhones for sale unlocked will give you endless results. However, the majority of the results are not to be trusted as some sites sell stolen products. If you are looking to buy a used phone, you should ensure that it is certified. It is also helpful to look for a device that comes with a warranty. Buying your phone from a trustworthy dealer gives you peace of mind that the iPhone is quality and not stolen. Some of the reputable, cheapest places to buy iPhone include:

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online stores globally, with millions of traders and customers. The competitive nature of the Amazon marketplace means that the sellers offer the lowest possible prices. Amazon is a global store that allows you to purchase products and items from different countries for a discount.

Currently, the store has over 1000 iPhone products in new, used, or renewed conditions. It is the perfect place to start your search for cheap iPhones without a contract. You can also find affordable carrier cell phones at discounted prices as well as installment payment offers. The site offers express delivery that lets you get the phone in less than 48 hours.

2. Target

At Target, you can purchase iPhone SE for $399. The site offers exceptional deals for the latest iPhones by major cell phone carriers. It is a perfect place to start your search when you are looking for a cheap carrier phone. Currently, it has offers for Simple Mobile, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, MetroPCS, AT&T, and Consumer Cellular. You can purchase new or pre-owned iPhones at the store. The site has a particular drive program for quick, easy pickup. At no extra cost, the store delivers the phone to your car when you order with the Drive UP program.

3. Swappa

Swappa has some of the best deals for new and used iPhones. You can get an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro for $780, iPhone 11 for $549, and iPhone 11 Pro Max for $845 at Swappa. The iPhone XR is available at $395, Xs Max for $505, Xs for 435, and iPhone 8 for $210. Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace that offers safety and simplicity.

As a people-powered marketplace, it enables individuals to buy and sell directly with other users. Swappa offers extensive buyer and seller protection to keep both parties safe while ensuring a quick payment process. You can buy with confidence as the site does not allow broken items, and every listing goes through an approval process, ensuring confident shopping.

4. Bestbuy

Bestbuy is a popular electronic store that offers exclusive deals and promotions for iPhones. At present, the site has a promotional offer for iPhone XS and XS Max that allows customers to save up to $500 with qualified activation. Bestbuy offers flexible financing options that allow people to own an iPhone without paying the entire upfront fee. Once you purchase an iPhone, you can receive it in one hour with Curbside Pickup or opt for free next-day delivery. The website has special offers for iPhone SE, iPhone XS, XR, X, XS Max, and iPhone 11.

5. Walmart

Walmart offers great deals for all types of Apple devices. The store brings you the best phone deals from manufacturers and phone carriers. You can buy iPhone SE upgrade starting at $6.63 per month for AT&T and Verizon, or you can choose the unlocked 64GB version at $399.99. The SE 64GB version for Straight Talk and Total Wireless is available at $349. The site offers multiple deliveries and pickup options, including two-day delivery, home delivery, free pickup, and free pickup. It also brings deals by major carriers such as Verizon, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, and Simple Mobile.

6. Gazelle

Gazelle buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics. The company inspects, certifies, and sells pre-owned electronics to consumers looking for cost-effective solutions. The site is simple and convenient for everyone. Gazelle sells iPhone XS Max 64GB at $519, iPhone 6s 32GB at $79, iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB at $779 and XR 64GB at $429.

7. eBay

Businesses and individuals can sell at eBay. eBay is the place to check when you are looking for an exceptional deal. The marketplace uses two modes of selling, enabling you to bid or buy at a specified price. Bidding allows you to purchase the phone at a price determined by demand, making it possible to purchase an iPhone at lower prices. The store offers a money-back guarantee that lets you return the phone for a full refund if it is not as described.

8. Verizon

Verizon has some of the best iPhone offers. You can get Apple iPhone 7 for free or iPhone SE for $5 per month. The carrier also offers iPhone 8 at $12 per month, iPhone 7 Plus at $12.99 per month, iPhone 8 Plus at 16 per month, iPhone XS at $12.45 per month, and XR at 18.29 per month. The carrier offers new and certified pre-owned iPhones. However, you have to be a customer or get a new line to qualify. You may also have to meet other requirements to qualify for the free iPhone 7.

9. AT&T

At AT&T, you can get a free iPhone SE. However, the deal is available as supplies last and requires a new line and $30 activation. The iPhone SE is available at $5 per month, iPhone XR at $5 per month, and iPhone XS at $10 per month. The carrier further offers iPhone 11 at 11.67 per month, iPhone 8 Plus at $16.67 per month, XS Max at $20 per month, and iPhone 11 Pro at $33.34. It is worth noting that the offers are only available for a limited time and requires a new line or an unlimited plan to qualify.

10. T-Mobile

An inadequate budget should not stop you from owning an iPhone. T-Mobile offers financing options, enabling you to buy one of the latest iPhone devices without any down payment. In addition to fast and easy financing decisions, the carrier has some of the cheapest Apple phones.

The iPhone 7 price starts at $14.59 per month while the iPhone SE is available at $16.67 per month. T-Mobile sells iPhone XR at $25 per month, iPhone 8 Plus at $18.75 per month, and iPhone XS at $29.17. You can save up to $700 with iPhone 11 Pro when you switch and trade in an eligible device. The carrier also offers other deals like 50-percent off for iPhone XS when you switch and $350 off for iPhone XS Max when you switch.


Finding a cheap iPhone is no longer a difficult task. As long as you can afford as low as $5 per month, you can enjoy the innovative features and decent functionality of one of the best Apple phones. You can also find special offers for pre-owned phones at the leading marketplaces. It is also possible to lower the cost further by trading in your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Find A Cheap iPhone To Buy?

Yes. You only need to know the right places to find a cheap phone. With little research, you can find exciting promotions like that of T-Mobile that lets you save up to 50-percent for iPhone XS. You can opt for a pre-owned iPhone to get the phone on a cheap.

Which Is The Cheapest Place To Buy An iPhone?

If you are looking for a new unlocked phone, you should consider the major online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart to find significant savings. In addition to the main sites, you may also consider Gazelle and Swappa to look for the best deal on a pre-owned phone. The carriers are useful when you are considering making a switch, purchasing a new card, or paying in installments.

Do Cheap iPhones Have Good Quality?

Simply because an iPhone is cheap does not mean that you are not getting a quality product. Cheap iPhones from significant carriers are promotional offers to attract new customers or to reward existing customers. Furthermore, most stores that offer pre-owned iPhones have put measures to ensure the products on sale are of good quality.

How Much Does A Cheap iPhone Cost?

The price depends on whether you want a new or a pre-owned phone. The cost also varies depending on the model. However, it is possible to buy an iPhone 7 at less than $200 and SE at less than $300.

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