Free Government Phones in Arkansas

Did you know that the Arkansas Public Service Commission collaborates with the Federal Government in the Lifeline program to offer free government phones? The two authorities have combined to help the enormous magnitude of people living in poverty.

Many telecommunication companies also take part in this program. Their role is to distribute the free government phones in Arkansas. The main intention is to enable every household within the state to get phones they can use to communicate or work.

Telecommunication companies are usually mandated by the Arkansas Public Service Commission to help low-income consumers who sign up for their services. You may also get free phone services when you enroll in the Lifeline program these companies offer. This article will detail the companies that offer free government phones in Arkansas.

How to Qualify for Free Government Phones in Arkansas

Free Government Phones in Arkansas

You can qualify for a free government phone in Arkansas if you’re a member of the Lifeline or ACP programs. These two programs have specific eligibility criteria, including participation in any of the government-aided programs below:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Women, Infants, and Children
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Programs that are specific to tribal lands include the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), and Head Start.

You can still get a free government phone even If you’ve not subscribed to any of the programs mentioned above. However, you will need to show that your annual income is not more than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for the Lifeline program and 200% for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

The 10 Best Companies For Free Government Phones in Arkansas

Arkansas has plenty of companies that provide free government phones to people who need them. They all have different eligibility criteria and perks that they offer the consumer. Below are some of the best companies that can provide you with free government phones in Arkansas:

1. Life Wireless

Life Wireless is a remarkable service provider offering Lifeline assistance to residents of Arkansas facing financial challenges. However, you will have to provide documents that show that your income is lesser than 135% of the Poverty Guidelines set by the Federal Government.

This company offers eligible customers a lifeline plan which consists of free unlimited texts, 500 minutes, and 4.5GB of data. On the other hand, their Affordable Connectivity Program gives you free unlimited minutes, texts, and 6GB of data.

For people who spend a significant amount of time on their phones, you can settle for the Lifeline and ACP combo that provides unlimited minutes, texts, and data, all at no cost. The great thing about the Life Wireless service is that it comes with incredible features. Some of them include: call waiting, free 911 service, unlimited data, unlimited minutes, no roaming charges, three-way calling, free domestic long-distance calls, voicemail

You can check if you meet the Life Wireless qualification criteria from the Lifeline application page. Alternatively, contact customer support at 1-888-901-9878 for further details.

2. Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless is one of the best telephone companies participating in government assistance programs. Enrolling in Lifeline and ACP programs can get free government phones in Arkansas. If you don’t qualify for their free phone, you can still receive a 25% discount on your phone bill.

Eligible customers receive not only a free phone but also free unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data. Additionally, you can refill these benefits for very low prices. For example, you can get 1000 minutes of talk time or 1GB of data for only $15. As for text refills, $12 gives you 4000 texts.

You can start your application from the Assist Wireless online enrollment page. Only your email address and ZIP Code will successfully begin this process. You can also locate an Assist Wireless store near you and drop off your application.

The Assist Wireless customer service team is available by phone from Monday-Friday from 10 am-6 pm CT, so you can free to reach them at 1-855-392-7747.

3. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a company providing free government phones that also serves the residents of Arkansas. This company offers qualified customers free smartphones. You can also get their combined Lifeline and ACP service which gives you free unlimited minutes, data, text, and 10GB of mobile hotspot data.

However, you will need to submit documents that show you’re eligible before your application is approved. You should also note that Assurance Wireless limits its Lifeline to only one household member at a time.

Assurance Wireless offers additional perks like a $20 Amazon gift card when you successfully refer your friend to the Lifeline program. Ensure that you check the testimonials of previous customers first before applying.

You can get in touch with Assurance Wireless at 1-888-321-5880 or through mail at: Assurance Wireless PO Box 5040 Charleston, IL 61920-9907.

4. enTouch Wireless

enTouch Wireless is a lifeline service program facilitated and run by Boomerang Wireless. This program provides free government phones in Arkansas. It also offers free phone service under its Lifeline plan, which comes with free 1000 talk time, 500 texts, and 100MB of data.

Their free Lifeline plus ACP plan allows you to make calls internationally for free. This plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data. It also doesn’t tie you down to any contracts, nor does it have any hidden fees. The free government phone that enTouch Wireless provides is always in mint condition.

You might need to qualify for government assistance programs such as Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Medicaid before you can get a free phone.

Applying for a free phone from enTouch Wireless is very simple; visit their enrollment page and provide the needed details. If you have any more queries regarding the enTouch Wireless Lifeline service, dial 611 on your free phone, and you will be assisted. You can also call 1-501-682-1718/1-800-482-1164 or send a mail to PO Box 400 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0400.

5. SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a Lifeline Company operating in Arkansas to help several low-income residents access telecommunications services. Customers get free 25GB of high-speed data and 5GB of hotspot data when they subscribe to the Lifeline and ACP plan. They also get talk, text, and calls to Canada and Mexico.

To get a free smartphone from SafeLink Wireless, you need to satisfy all the eligibility criteria for their Lifeline and ACP programs. New customers can start their application by inputting their ZIP code on the Safelink Lifeline page.

SafeLink also offers a ‘Bring Your Own Phone program if you don’t get one of their free government phones. This allows you to continue enjoying their free phone services with your current phone. If you need any help, you can call a customer care representative at 1-800-723-3546.

6. Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless offers government assistance to financially challenged residents of Arkansas State. They also provide phone services at no cost. Their Lifeline plan offers free minutes, unlimited text, and high-speed data.

Currently, Cintex Wireless offers three types of smartphones from some of the top brands when you sign up for their Lifeline program. These phones include an Apple iPhone 7, a Samsung Galaxy S8, and the OnePlus N200 Nord 5G.

 If you cannot get a Cintex Wireless Free Government Phone, you can opt for their tablets which come for as low as $10. Some examples of tablets you will find include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Apple iPad Mini 2, Alcatel Joy Tab, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Who qualifies for a free phone from Cintex Wireless? Anyone who meets their income guidelines and those who participate in government-aided programs mentioned on their application page. Contact Cintex Wireless at 1-855-655-3097 for help.

7. TruConnect

You or any household member can apply for and qualify for the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs TruConnect offers in Arkansas. These two programs will make you eligible for a free android smartphone.

Additionally, you will receive unlimited talk and text every month. TruConnect also offers free international calling services and as much as 14GB of monthly data for browsing. You can enjoy all these benefits and services by signing up for their Lifeline and ACP programs on their official website.

TruConnect will send you the free government phone together with a free SIM card if you’re approved for their Lifeline and ACP programs. Once you receive your phone, you need to activate it so you can text and call without concern.

If you have any issues that you want to raise with TruConnect regarding their free government phone program, you can reach them at 1-800-430-0443 from 5 am-9 pm PST.

8. Tag Mobile

TAG Mobile specializes in distributing free government phones to low-income households in Arkansas. They can do this through the Lifeline program offered in unison with the Federal Government.

Their lifeline service is only meant to benefit residents of Arkansas who meet specific conditions set for the Lifeline program. This service provides monthly free unlimited global text, unlimited talk time minutes, and 8.5GB.

Some of the benefits of their Lifeline service include a call waiting feature, caller ID, nationwide coverage, no contracts, voicemail feature, call waiting, and no cost incurred. Several subsidy programs, such as Veterans or Survivors Pension, and Medicaid, make you eligible.

If you don’t know how to apply for a free phone from them, then the Tag Mobile application page is a great place to start. Alternatively, seek help from the customer support team at 1-866-959-4918 or chat with them online.

9. Terracom Wireless

TerraCom Wireless is a renowned provider that offers government phones in Arkansas and other states. If you cannot afford a smartphone, you can start applying for one from TerraCom by entering your Zip Code in the form provided on the application page.

This company offers a variety of plans, including Lifeline, broadband, upgrade, and non-lifeline. The lifeline plans allow you to enjoy free services like unlimited text, minutes, and data. Unfortunately, the minutes provided do not roll over to the next month.

TerraCom Wireless has the following features you can use on your free government phone: call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, 3-way calling, and caller ID. For more details about the Terracom Wireless lifeline service, call 1-888-716-8880.

10. StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless assists thousands of Arkansas residents who struggle to make ends meet every day. They provide free government phones to customers who combine Lifeline and ACP benefits.

Combining Lifeline and ACP allows you to get 10 GB of high-speed data, nationwide coverage, unlimited talk time, data, and texts. All applications can be initiated on a form found on their official website.

You can call 1-800-544-4441 in case of any queries or send a mail to StandUp Wireless PO Box 72397 Newport, Ky 41072.

If you have any problem with the Lifeline service offered by any of the providers mentioned above, lodge your complaints to the Federal Communication Commission’s consumer complaint center or contact 1-888-225-5322.


For a long time, Arkansas residents from low-income backgrounds could not get access to good phones. This denied them access to phone services that would enable them to communicate, study and work. Luckily, many service providers have emerged to help distribute government phones in Arkansas.

Some of the companies have been mentioned in this article. You can go through the list carefully and compare what each company offers. If you find your perfect fit, you can send your application to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Apply for Government Phones in Arkansas?

You should first check if you’re eligible through the National Verifier portal. Search for an Arkansas Lifeline provider and visit their website. Send your application and verification docs and wait for a response. It usually takes somewhere between 5 and 7 days for them to send you a government phone if your application was approved.

Who Are the Best Government Phone Providers in Arkansas?

Life Wireless, enTouch Wireless, Assist Wireless, and Assurance Wireless are Arkansas’s most preferred government phone providers. However, they all offer different plans and benefits

What Are The Qualification Criteria for Government Phones in Arkansas?

To qualify for free government phones in Arkansas, you need to subscribe to and receive assistance from a government support program, e.g., Medicaid or SNAP. Alternatively, your income should be less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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