Free Tablet With Food Stamps

Many people have a low income in the USA, and for that, they cannot access an internet connection, and they do not have a laptop or a tablet. The twenty-first century is impossible to think of without the use of the internet, as it plays a significant role in everyone’s lives. It brings lots of information and knowledge and low-income group people do not get the advantage.

So many things can be managed with the help of the internet, and if they have a tablet they can easily use it to get the benefits of the fast-growing world. For this, the federal government has ensured that every person in the USA will stay connected with the internet and the virtual lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, everyone needs to have an access to a tablet, and if you cannot afford to purchase one, you can get a device for free using food stamps or EBT card. Let’s find out the eligible ways to get a free tablet with food stamps.

Who is Eligible for Food Stamps Program

Many people can be eligible for this program if they’re eligible for one of the programs below;

  • SNAP benefits you can take part in this program
  • Medicaid and supplemental security income, you can apply
  • Survivor’s benefit and veterans pension programs
  • You can apply if your income is below thirty-five percent of the poverty guidelines of the government
  • If you are a part of the tribal programs
  • You can apply if you live in the governmental public housing.

If you become eligible you will receive a free tablet, with a discount on the wireless or landline service, but not both. Also, only one person from a family can have the tablet. If another applies for this program they must Unenroll their name, because it may be subject to severe penalties.

Who Are Not Eligible For Food Stamps Program

Many groups were eliminated from this program in 2016, and they are:

  • State created criteria
  • Low-income home energy program
  • Temporary assistance for poor families
  • The national school lunch program

What Documents are Required for Free Tablets with The Food Stamps Program

  • Eligibility proof document
  • Income proof of the student details
  • Your contact information
  • Residence proof
  • Income proof of salary
  • If you can present these documents, you will get a free food stamp tablet.

How To Get a Free Tablet With Food Stamps or SNAP Program

Seniors using a free tablet

SNAP is the abbreviation of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which was previously known as food stamps. This program assists low-income families to get healthy foods, as they are unable to afford them. To make sure these people get quality food, this federal government program has a list of grocery stores and other shops.

If you are eligible for the program, you will get an EBT card and you can use these in the qualified stores to buy food and other necessary things. This card is similar to a debit card, and using this you can buy food every month. You can buy foods using this card at gas stations, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, and food cooperatives. This program helps children disabled, veterans, single mothers, and seniors to meet their health needs.

You will get discounts on devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets; in addition, you will receive a hundred-dollar discount to purchase a device. The total price of the tablet can be a hundred and fifty dollars to hundred dollars; it will depend on how much you can spend. Also, if your local broadband provider isn’t a member of this program, you will not get the benefit.

The food stamps program also allows you to get a free tablet. You just need your EBT card, and you can have a tablet for free once you choose a plan from the official website of SNAP. Let’s find out if you’re qualify for a food stamps free tablet.

The Best Food Stamps Free Tablet Providers

Tablet is an electronic gadget that can be used to stay connected with the world like business meetings, banking activities, attending online classes, accomplishing some work, and then completing the tasks of governmental official sites.

Various providers will give you a free tablet if you are eligible for the SNAP program. Let’s take a look at the below points.

1. Q Link Wireless

This is one of the most popular Lifeline providers in the USA. Until last year, the company participated in the EBB or the Emergency broadband benefits program. When the program wasn’t available anymore, Q Link Wireless participated in the affordable connection program, which offers the same thing as EBB.

The ACP program from Q Link Wireless gives you a free monthly mobile phone, with unlimited text, talk, and data. You will get the services from the company if you are eligible for SNAP. The model of the tablet device will depend on the availability and the location, but you will get WiFi and Bluetooth connections. The members of ACP have to pay only ten dollars to receive the gadget.

To get the tablet from Q Link Wireless, you have to be eligible for the requirements of ACP. And you can be eligible with the EBT program too.

2. T-Mobile

This is a large carrier in the USA, and it’s recently offered the EBB to make sure low-income people and pandemic-affected people can stay connected with the internet. For the Coronavirus, many people lost their jobs and businesses. So to aid these needy people of the USA, T-Mobile offers the SNAP program. This is an emergency broadband service that provides internet to the low-income groups that need it.

This helps the libraries, higher education places, and government offices; so it ensures that the needy people get the full internet services. The eligible families can also get a free tablet with unlimited data, but it will depend on the availability and the location.

You can get a twenty GB hotspot with unlimited data with a specific tablet company. It’s beneficial for disabled people too. If you are disabled, and you’re under low income, it’s impossible to afford a tablet with an internet connection. So, with the T-Mobile EBB program, you can avail both things and you won’t have to pay anything extra for it.

However, you have to be eligible for this program first. Various options will make it easy to qualify for the program. So, you can visit the official website of T-Mobile and look for the plans. But before you apply, you must have the documents and other requirements with you.

Get Free Tablet With Emergency Broadband Benefits

An emergency broadband benefit is known as EBB. This is a government program that offers cell phone services to low-income families, and mostly to the people who cannot afford internet service or a tablet. If you’re low income which is one thirty-five percent lower than the federal government poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for this program.

As many people have lost their jobs and businesses they have no other options o pay for household expenses, and they cannot bear the cost of internet connection with a digital device. So, to help out the pandemic-affected and low-income groups, food stamps program offers high-speed internet with a free tablet for free.

For this, it’s very crucial to check if the local provider is a member of this program. You will receive the benefits of the food stamps program if you are eligible for SNAP.

How to Get a Free Tablet in Other Ways

You can get a free tablet with the food stamps, but you can receive it with other methods too. Let’s check out the ways.

You can get a free tablet with an ACP program. However, you have to be eligible for it first. To get this program you have to be, from a low-income group according to the poverty guidelines of the government. If you receive tribal program benefits, survivors and veterans pensions, SSI federal public home assistance, and Medicaid.

If you have received a Pell grant in the current year and many more. To know in detail you can check the official website of ACP, or get in touch with the companies who offer this program.

  • You can also get a free tablet, through non-profit organizations, and charities, like the Salvation Army.
  • Look into various giveaways, on Reddit, Freecycle, and Craigslist
  • From a church
  • From a public library
  • Various phone companies, and agencies if they offer free laptops or tablets.

Advantages Can You Get Other Than a Free Tablet

When you become a member of the SNAP program, you will get various other benefits such as:

  • A free smartphone
  • Free monthly texts, and data
  • Free monthly Talktime
  • Get a discount on a connected digital device
  • Receive a discount on the internet service per month


You can have a free tablet with food stamps in the USA, and it’s only for low-income families. Only one member of the family can receive the benefit from this program. You can check the official website of SNAP to know more about this program, and then apply for it, but make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. To know more, you have to read this article thoroughly.

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