Top 7 Best High Velocity Fan Lasko in 2021 Review

The importance of a Fan is well known to everybody and there are no new lesions for introducing the use of fans. It is a basic essential when it comes to electrical appliances anywhere. It brings some fresh air to make me feel cool and peaceful.

However, if you are carrying out with some extreme heat and humidity, a regular small desk fan is not sufficient for cooling and protecting from overheating. For this reason, you may need a good fan of your room where you usually work and sleeps even to relax. In this case, a high velocity fan Lasko could be a great option for cooling down your room.

High velocity fans are much more forceful and durable than a normal small desk fan. It comes with strong metal blades and a ball bearing motor. The airflow efficiency of a high velocity fan is normally much higher than a regular fan.

The high-velocity fan can cool down large sizable rooms in a very small time. As it is good for larger areas simply you can use this fan anywhere, like in your home, office, or workplace. It is also very useful in ventilation and drying if needed.

However, in this guide, we will explain about Top 7 best high velocity fan Lasko in 2021 along with velocity fan definition, Benefits and drawbacks of high velocity fan, where we can use them, and what things you consider when buying high velocity fans. Hopefully, you will get everything you need in this article.

What is Velocity or High Velocity Fan?

Basically, velocity means, how fast something moves in a particular direction. In that case, we can say velocity-fan means speedy fans that keep cool our place in a little time. A high velocity fan rotates very fast and it is a massive duty air circulation floor fan.

A high velocity fan has a variety of uses. It can cool down your home, even replacing air conditioning also effective for venting, cooling, and drying out the places like workshops and garages.

Benefits of High Velocity Fan

At the workplace or home, the heat can trouble us a lot that is why we feel disabled and tired. As air condition is not budget-friendly and desk fans have limitations of their cooling power, so it is not useful in larger rooms. For instance, People usually prefer high velocity fans, whether at home or in a workshop. They have several benefits like quiet operation and strong power efficiency.

It is effective in both residential and commercial areas. It is not only cool down our home and workplace but also cool the outdoor terrace. A high velocity fan delivers plenty of air.

It is a bearable fan and it can be shifted from one location to another location. As ceiling fans need to be set up in the ceiling but high velocity fans are easy to install everywhere. A high velocity fan is considerably affordable than ceiling fans.

You can use these fans on your construction site easily. It offers effective, efficient climate control and ventilation for your construction site. So, basically, it is most powerful in

  • Cooling
  • Operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Circulating Heat
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture management

Therefore, these are the simple benefit you can get more information by searching the specific model.

The Drawback of High Velocity Fan

As velocity fan is known for its powerful operation that may abate many air related issues in your house or workplace yet still has some drawbacks. If you want to purchase high velocity fan for industrial purposes then you may find this type of fan is pretty large.

It takes a lot of space for placing. In this situation, it can be creating a problem if your workspace is small. This type of high velocity floor fan is quite expensive.  If you are searching for a true industrial grade model that blusters high velocities then you have to pay a bit more for this investment.

Review: Top 7 Best High Velocity Fan Lasko in 2021

Now it is time to get rid of the disruption of overheat and tacky weather with the best high-velocity fans. Now you may want to go to the market for the best high velocity fan but you find it difficult to choose the right one. To make the decision easier here we will discuss the top 7 best high velocity fan Lasko in 2021.

Lasko is one of the biggest renowned fan brands. Lasko fans are long-lasting and easily adjustable anywhere and do not need any professional learning for installation. However, here are the 7 best Lasko high velocity fan.

high velocity fan lasko

1. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan


  • Reduce Air Temperature Up to 25 Degree
  • 90-degree Pivot direct air stream
  • Instinctive directing louvers generate a wide sweep
  • Weather, UV, Rust Resistant
  • For Outdoor use Inline GFCI Cord
  • 72 inches Cord length

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan is specially built for outdoor. It is ideal for use on sports events, patios, and many other outdoor places. You can carry it for family picnics and for gardening projects, anywhere you need to feel cool and pleasant.

This Misto outdoor misting fan makes use of a standard hose hook up to generate a breezy fine mist which is effective for reducing air temperature up to 25°. This misto outdoor misting fan weather, UV, and rust-resistant and has an inline GFCI with 3 prongs landed plug.


  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe and durable
  • The Setup function is easy
  • Required no tools
  • No batteries required


  • Limited warranty
  • Little bit loud

2. Lasko High Velocity Pro-Performance Pivoting Utility Fan-Grey U15617

Lasko High Velocity Pro-Performance Pivoting Utility Fan-Grey U15617


  • Beating capability from the overheat.
  • High-velocity airstream for maximum air distribution.
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for generation
  • An authentic space saver

The model is a black high velocity air mover that is mechanized by 3 fan speeds. It features twin 120V adornments outlets and 3 prong plug with 10 foot fiber. This massive duty blower creates maximal air distribution of approximately 341 CFM.  It is perfect for cooling the hottest spaces in the living area, best for drying and the heavy carpet and the floors. 

If you have no air condition in your areas where the heat spreads most, this high velocity utility fan provides comfort to beat the overheat. It is 14.5 inches tall with an 11.3″ x 14.5″ with footprint.  This fan is also best for narrow spaces where cool air is essential.  Manual controls make it easier for adjusting the air velocity.


  • A safety circuit breaker with a reset button
  • Easy-grip handle for highest flexibility
  • Built with 3 performance speed
  • Twin 120V accessory outlets
  • 3 prong plug with a 10-foot cord


  • Little bit sizable
  • The only black gray color is available.

3. Lasko U12104 High Velocity Pro Pivoting Utility Fan-Black 12104

Lasko U12104 High Velocity Pro Pivoting Utility Fan-Black 12104


  • Design with 3 powerful speeds.
  • Manual control
  • Fully assembled
  • An authentic space saver
  • Ideal for generation
  • High-velocity Airflow.
  • Designed with 120V grounded accessories outlets.

Lasko U12104 high velocity Fan is an exclusive pivoting utility fan that is supreme for use in the narrow spaces such as on your basements and garages and more places. It is built by 3 fan speeds. This high velocity fan can create maximal air distribution of approximately 305 CFM. It is ideal for cooling the warm places where you live, work, exercise, play, and party places.

It is 12. 3 inches tall with a 9. 6″ x 12. 2″ footprint and it is a little bit sizable. It constructed with 10-foot power cord and a large easy grip handle that can help to place it anywhere. It has a circuit breaker and a grounded plug for assuring safety and flexibility.


  • Convenient to handle
  • A circuit breaker with a reset button facility
  • Grounded plug for flexibility.
  • Easy to Place anywhere
  • Usable in-home, floor, wall, and carpet


  • Little bit sizable.
  • Only black color

4. Lasko High Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan Blue X12905

Lasko High Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan Blue X12905


  • Fully Assembled
  • Multi positioning utility blower
  • 120V accessory outlet
  • Two USB ports
  • Cord Length is 72 inch
  • Height is 11 inches with a 9 x 12 inches footprint.

The Fan is a blue high velocity heavy-duty air mover that is built by 3 fan speeds which are perfect for cooling the warm places and also effective in ventilating and drying. It is generally ideal for shop, garage, kitchen area, and other places. Standing height is 11″ tall with a 9″ x 12″ footprint. It is easy to shift from one place to another and usable almost anywhere in the house.


  • It is versatile
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to use
  • 2 USB ports for powering additional devices.
  • Circuit breaker and grounded plug facilities.
  • Ideal for generation
  • A real spot saver


  • Little Noisy

5. Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount-Black 2264QM

Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount-Black 2264QM


  • 6 Foot Grounded Plug
  • Manual controls
  • Easy carrying handle
  • CFM (High/Low):3460 / 3160
  • Easily Convert from Floor to Wall Mount
  • Pivots to direct air stream and circulation
  • Usable for all spaces

This fan is constructed by 3 powerful speeds that are made by metal blades for maximal air distribution. It has quick mount system that helps to convert the fan from floor to wall. Also it comes with long lasting tubular steel which is made by rubber pad for preventing surfaces. It is ideal for cooling and ventilation and you can direct the air up, down and place it anywhere.


  • Long-lasting
  • It is easily portable
  • Converting facilities
  • 3 powerful speeds
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Rubber pad to prevent surface


  • Limited Warranty
  • Little noisy

6. Lasko 20″ High Velocity QuickMount, Silver 2265QM


  • Cord length is 72 inch
  • 6 Foot Grounded Plug
  • Manual controls
  • Built-in carry handle
  • CFM (High/Low):3460 / 3160
  • Easily Convert from Floor to Wall Mount
  • Pivots to direct air stream and circulation
  • Usable for all spaces

This unique fan is designated by 3 powerful speeds with metal fan blades. The fan helps you to easily convert the floor fan to a wall mounted fan.


  • It is easy to bear.
  • Converting facilities
  • Long-lasting
  • 3 powerful speeds
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Rubber pad to prevent surface


  • Little noisy

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

7. Lasko 20″ Floor or Wallmount High velocity fan with Grey model- H20610

Lasko 20″ Floor or Wallmount High velocity fan with Grey model- H20610


  • 20’’ velocity floor fan or wall mount fan
  • Three hooks grounded plug
  • Front-mounted control for usability
  • Long-lasting tubular steel construction
  • Easy carrying handle
  • Metal fan blades for maximal air distribution

Lasko Max Performance high velocity floor fan constructed by 3 powerful speeds. It comes with metal blades for maximum air movement. This fan also comes with long-lasting still construction which is made by rubber pad for preventing surface and easily adjustable on the wall.


  • Easy to convert from floor to wall
  • Ideal for garages and workshops
  • 3 strong speeds
  • Easy to carry


  • Limited Warranty
  • Little noisy

Where Can You Use High Velocity Fans?

High velocity fan is ideal for anywhere. It is not only usable in the home but also effective in garage or workshop, basement and outdoors.

  • Garage or workshop

In the summer season or a sunny day, if your garage has no air conditioning system or no ventilation, in this case, heat is spread in the entire place. This cause, make the place intolerable for working especially when the garage is used as a workshop. For instance, you can use high velocity fan that can help you to avoid these issues.

  • Basement

Similar to garage and workshop, the basement also keeps overheating. In this case, you can use this high-velocity Lasko fan for effective air circulation as well as cooling and freshening the entire place.

  • Outdoor 

As, this type of fan can be moved from place to place so you can carry it for outdoor cooling activities easily like, in sports, picnic, garden, and many other places. It has an easy carrying handle. So you can port it easily.

Things to Consider While Buying a High Velocity Fan

Fans and Air-condition give us an immediate cooling solution. When you are going to shop for purchasing the high velocity Lasko fan you should ask yourself that what thing you consider while buying high velocity fan. However, let’s check the things you consider.

  • Check Speed Settings

It is best to check out the speed setting of the fan fast when you searching for a high velocity fan. You may need 3 powerful speeds setting that allow you to choose the proper amount of air circulation you need.

  • Blade size

When you decide to buy a velocity fan must check its blade size as a longer and wider blade generates more airflow.

  • Dimensions

If you have not enough space of your home to set the fan in that case, you must consider the dimensions of the fan. It informs you how easily will set the fan on the narrow space of the home.

  • Oscillation/Fluctuation

The broad oscillation is a characteristic that must have in your high velocity fan to enhance the air circulation efforts. Whatever the CFM of the fan, if the fan cannot directs up and down; it means it is not effective for moving the air all over the space.

  • Programmable Timer

When you purchase high velocity fan, you should consider the programmable timer for controlling the humidity of the room. This feature allows you to cool down your room within an allotted time.

  • Warranty

Finally, you should check the warranty when you buying a high velocity fan. Keep it in mind; a long year warranty is better than a limited year warranty.

How to Clean a Lasko Fan?

After choosing the Lasko fan, you need to pay attention to its cleaning process. When the fan blades are circulating the air, it may accumulate some dust & rubbish. For ensuring better function you need to clean the fan regularly. However, Lasko has a variety of fan brands. The cleaning process is different from each other.

1. Cleaning process of Lasko Window Fan

  • Take the fan on the window and place it on the floor
  • Remove the screw by using the screwdriver
  • Then clean big pieces of dust by applying the kitchen towel.
  • After that, wash the blades and panel with the soapy water and keep it to dry on the air for a while
  • After drying join the blades together and again set on the window.

2. Cleaning process of a Lasko Pedestal Fan

  • At first, detach both grills(The font and rare one)
  • Clean the fan blade by reversing the direction of the set.
  • Apply soapy water and scrub it with a soft cloth
  • Move the soap by clean water and place it for dry.

3. Cleaning process of a Lasko Tower/Blower Fan

  • Attach the brush with a vacuum
  • Use it to take away the dirt and dust from the grill.
  • Clean the outer fan housing by using the soft cloth.
  • Do not touch the motor

4. Cleaning process of a Lasko Cyclone Fan

  • Switch off the power supply then place it on the flat surface
  • Remove the screw by using a screwdriver
  • After that clean all the parts with a damp cloth. Then join the screw to bring together the fan.

5. Cleaning procedure Lasko Wind Machine Fan

  • Place the fan on a flat surface
  • detach the screw from the back-side
  • Place apart the grill covers to find to the blades.
  • Clean the blades dirt by using a cloth.


Therefore, if you are searching for a good fan for your workplace and home you can choose high velocity fan with the Lasko brand. By researching this article you can select your suitable one. In my opinion, Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan will be convenient for you. It is designed for outdoor. You can carry it easily in anyplace which brings flexibility. So, that is all about from our side. Thank you for being with us.