Get a Free Assurance Wireless Phone: Apply Now in 2024

Staying connected is tougher when money’s tight. Assurance Wireless helps by giving out free phones and service to people who qualify. This blog will guide you through getting a phone so you can stay in touch without the stress.

Let’s dive in and find out how!

Key Takeaways

  • Assurance Wireless gives free phones and service to people who need them. You can call, text, and use data without paying.
  • If you do not make much money or are in a government help program, you might get a phone from Assurance Wireless.
  • To ask for an Assurance Wireless phone, go on their website. Fill out a form with your details and show that you do not have much money.
  • There are no yearly contracts with Assurance Wireless. This means you won’t be stuck in a long deal.
  • You can upgrade your phone with Assurance Wireless if you want something better than what they give for free.

What is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a cell phone service provider that helps people stay connected. It’s part of the Lifeline Assistance program, which is a free government phone program for low-income individuals.

If you qualify, Assurance Wireless gives you a free smartphone and includes services like free monthly minutesunlimited texting, and free monthly data.

This program makes sure you have the chance to reach out to family, look for jobs or call for help in an emergency without worrying about bills. They work across many states and offer different plans based on where you live.

The goal of Assurance Wireless is to make sure everyone can talk and text even if they don’t have much money.

Benefits of Assurance Wireless

Get a free cell phone with free voice minutes and texts, along with no annual contracts. This program provides low-income individuals with the connectivity they need at no cost to them.

Free cell phone

Assurance Wireless offers a free phone to people who qualify. This is part of the Lifeline program which helps low-income folks stay connected. You get a smartphone that lets you do important things like calling for jobs, making doctor’s appointments, and staying in touch with family.

This phone isn’t just any phone; it comes with awesome stuff like free monthly data and unlimited texting. Plus, there are no yearly contracts to worry about. It makes sure you have the basics covered without extra costs.

Free voice minutes and texts

After getting a free cell phone, you can also enjoy talking and texting without worry. Each month, Assurance Wireless gives you free minutes to call friends and family. Plus, you get unlimited texts, so you can chat as much as you want.

This is great for staying in touch with everyone important to you. There’s no need to stress about the cost because it’s all free every single month!

No annual contracts

Assurance Wireless offers a free government phone program with no annual contracts. You won’t be tied down by yearly commitments, giving you flexibility and peace of mind. With Assurance Wireless, there are no long-term obligations to worry about, allowing you to enjoy your cell phone service without any contractual constraints.

By choosing Assurance Wireless, you can access the Lifeline Assistance Program without the burden of annual contracts. This allows eligible low-income users to benefit from free monthly minutes and data with no contract requirements.

The absence of annual contracts means that you can stay connected without being locked into extended agreements, providing freedom and convenience in accessing essential communication services.

Eligibility for Assurance Wireless

To qualify for Assurance Wireless, individuals must be enrolled in a government assistance program or have a household income at or below 135-150% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Want to know more about eligibility criteria and how to apply? Keep reading!

Lifeline Assistance Program

Assurance Wireless is part of the Lifeline Assistance Program, a government initiative that provides free phone services to eligible low-income individuals. Through this program, Assurance Wireless offers free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes for qualifying customers. The Lifeline Assistance Program aims to ensure that everyone has access to essential communication services, particularly those who may struggle to afford them on their own. This lifeline program helps bridge the digital divide by providing vital connectivity to those in need.

Affordable Connectivity Program

After understanding the Lifeline Assistance Program, it’s essential to know about the Affordable Connectivity Program offered by Assurance Wireless. Here is a detailed breakdown:

  1. Affordable Data Plans: Assurance Wireless provides affordable data plans for eligible customers, ensuring they stay connected without worrying about high costs.
  2. Discounted Smartphone Options: Through this program, eligible individuals can access discounted or free smartphone options, making it easier for them to stay connected.
  3. Flexible Payment Options: The Affordable Connectivity Program offers flexible payment options, allowing customers to choose a plan that suits their budget and needs.
  4. Expanded Coverage: Customers enrolled in this program can benefit from expanded coverage areas, ensuring reliable connectivity in more locations.
  5. Additional Benefits: In addition to the core services, the program may also offer additional benefits such as discounted accessories or special promotions.

How to Apply for Assurance Wireless

To apply for Assurance Wireless, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Assurance Wireless website.
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” button.
  3. Fill out the online application form with your personal information, including your name, address, and proof of eligibility.
  4. Submit the required documents, such as a valid ID and proof of participation in a government assistance program.
  5. Review the submitted information to ensure accuracy.
  6. Wait for a confirmation email or letter regarding your application status.
  7. Contact Assurance Wireless customer care if you have any questions about the application process or need assistance with your application.

Assurance Wireless Coverage

Assurance Wireless provides coverage in many parts of the United States, including most urban and suburban areas. The coverage includes voice calling, texting, and data services. It uses a network that covers millions of people across the country.

The service is designed to offer reliable connectivity so that eligible individuals can stay connected with their loved ones and access important resources without worrying about dropped calls or poor reception.

If you have Assurance Wireless in your area, you can enjoy the benefits of a free government phone with no annual contracts and affordable plans for additional features like data. This coverage ensures that users can make voice calls, send texts, and access mobile internet without facing frequent connectivity issues.


In conclusion, getting a free Assurance Wireless phone comes with great benefits. Through the Lifeline Assistance Program and Affordable Connectivity Program, eligible individuals can enjoy a free cell phone, voice minutes, and texts without annual contracts.

Applying online is easy, and customer support is available for any questions about coverage or upgrading phones. So, if you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay connected affordably and reliably with Assurance Wireless.


Is Assurance Wireless a legitimate program?

Assurance Wireless is a legitimate program that offers free government phones to eligible low-income individuals. It is supported by the federal Lifeline program, which aims to provide affordable communication services to those in need.

The company provides free monthly minutes, unlimited texting, and even data for qualified customers. Additionally, Assurance Wireless offers customer care support and online application options for easy access to its benefits.

Users can unlock devices with Assurance Wireless after meeting certain criteria. They offer smartphones and voice/text services without annual contracts or hidden fees as well.

What free phone will I get from Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless provides eligible enrollees with a choice of basic smartphones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other models to use with their free Lifeline plans, subject to availability. Contact them to learn current device options.

Will Assurance Wireless replace my phone for free?

Yes, Assurance Wireless will replace defective, lost or stolen phones for free up to once every 12 months as long as you provide required claims documentation and qualify based on plan standing. Additional replacements incur costs.

What phones work on Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless currently provides iPhones, Samsung devices and budget Android phones that are optimized to run on eligible Lifeline plans from the provider across coverage areas. Bringing your own device is generally not allowed.

Does Assurance Wireless charge for phones?

No, Assurance Wireless does not charge enrollees for phones they supply directly to subscribers as part of qualified government-subsidized Lifeline program plans … However, only basic smartphone models are offered for free.

Can Assurance Wireless phones be upgraded?

Upgrading Assurance Wireless phones is possible. If you currently have a basic phone, you can upgrade to a smartphone for a small fee. This allows you to enjoy the full benefits of having a smartphone, such as accessing the internet and using various apps.

Upgrading your phone can be done easily through the Assurance Wireless website or by contacting customer care for assistance.

Assurance Wireless offers qualifying customers an opportunity to upgrade their phones from basic models to smartphones. This upgrade enables users to make full use of popular features like web browsing, social media applications, and more.