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The 10 Best Instant Approval Virtual Credit Card Online

Online stores have brought new possibilities and new challenges. You can buy a device from any part of the world, giving you greater flexibility and a wide variety of products. Online stores also tend to have better prices and run promotional campaigns for greater savings.

However, most online stores require you to pay for your purchases with a credit card or a debit. Paying with a card is easier and convenient, but it brings with it a security challenge. Banks have taken up the challenge of online shopping by introducing an instant approval virtual credit card.

An instant approval virtual credit card functions like a normal credit card, but with a greater security benefit. A virtual credit card helps to reduce fraud cases that occur due to a data breach as you cannot lose it. It also separates your real card and account details from what merchants have as your payment information, increasing security for your data.

Since you do not have control over the persons who see your data once you complete an online transaction, a virtual card can help to keep your data secure. Furthermore, it helps you monitor online transactions easily for quick awareness when something is wrong.

This article focuses on the best instant approval virtual credit cards that you can use to shop online for enhanced data security.

The 10 Best Instant Approval Virtual Credit Card Online

1. Citi Virtual Card Accounts

Citi Virtual Card Accounts (VCA) is a payment solution that helps to prevent fraudulent purchases while simplifying reconciliation. It works by generating unique card numbers that carry client-set controls, safeguarding against unauthorized spending.

The VCA payment solution generates a unique, plastic-less 16-digit virtual card number for every transaction, minimizing the risk of fraud and misuse. It further comes with enhanced real-time controls, allowing you to manage the number of uses, maximum payment amount, validity period, and vendor payment restrictions.

Citi Virtual Card Accounts application is easy and quick. The instant approval virtual credit card has real-time capabilities that help to improve transaction management and reduce the risk for confident shopping. It is also easy to keep an eye on your transactions.

The virtual card generates enhanced card transaction data that enables improved audit capabilities and streamlined program reporting.

It has higher controls for custom purchases
Protects your credit card details
It supports local payments in over 40 countries
Reconciliation is easy and flexible with up to 29 user-defined fields
It only works with Citibank credit cards
It only works with Citibank credit cards

2. Visa Checkout

Paying for online purchases is easier and more convenient with Visa Checkout. The payment solution offers faster checkout with only a username and a password in as few as 3-clicks. Signing up is simple and secure and works across smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

It is a free service to cardholders, issuers, and merchants. Visa Checkout works with all major credit cards, making it an ideal solution for individuals with multiple credit cards from different insurers.

Visa Checkout powers simple and secure shopping for peace of mind to buyers and increased conversion to merchants. It features multiple layers of security, including fraud monitoring systems to help keep your payment information safe.

It also helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing an effortless and trustworthy experience that allows individuals to shop online with confidence.

It is a free service
Supports all Visa credit cards
It is accepted globally
It does not have rewards

3. MasterCard Click To Pay

MasterCard’s Click to Pay enables faster and smarter online shopping without the need to remember a password. You do not need to reach out for your credit card or type in your payment details; the wallet keeps all your MasterCard details for an effortless shopping experience.

Click to Pay wallet is available on your smartphone, PC, or tablet. Applying for a virtual credit card is easy and straightforward. You only need to enroll once and click “remember me” to speed through the checkout process with your email address. It sends a secure one-time code to your email, eliminating the need to remember passwords.

MasterCard’s Click to Pay payment solution offers peace of mind shopping with encrypted payment information, sophisticated bot detection, and protection against fraud.

The payment wallet keeps your details secure when you shop online using an encrypted unique virtual card number. Click to Pay further keeps your transactions secure with MasterCard ID Theft protection and Zero Liability Protection.

It works with all MasterCard credit cards
Works globally
It offers a faster, smarter shopping experience
The benefits depend on your credit card issuer

4. Chase Pay

Chase Pay is one of the best instant approval virtual credit card payment solutions that let you earn rewards when you make a purchase. You do not need to set up an account to use Chase Pay if you are a holder of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited, and the Chase Pay. The payment wallet connects with your Chase Ultimate Rewards account, enabling you to track or redeem your rewards points.

Chase Pay simplifies online shopping by allowing you to create secure, scannable QR codes that you can use at various stores. The payment wallet is free to use, enabling you to use it as frequently as you want.

Using the virtual card is straightforward. You will not have to login into your account to update your details. Chase always ensures that the virtual card’s expiry date and security code are always up to date.

It helps you earn rewards with Chase credit cards
Free to use
It is secure and easy to use
You can only use it at select stores

5. Wells Fargo Wallet

Wells Fargo digital wallet is easy to use and helps you pay securely. It replaces your actual card number with a virtual credit card number, which means that merchants will not see or store your full card number.

You can easily confirm your identity with a pattern lock, a PIN, fingerprint, iris, or face scan to pay at stores with a contactless symbol. The digital wallet is accepted in many places and offers 24/7 fraud monitoring and zero liability protection.

It is easy to use
It is accepted in many stores
You will have to configure it with other digital wallets

6. Capital One Eno

Do you need an instant approval virtual credit card that not only notifies you of suspicious charges but also helps you resolve them? Capital One Eno assistant looks out for you, ensuring that you do not pay for a suspicious purchase.

It notifies you of suspicious charges before completing the transaction. It also checks and notifies you about free trials that are about to expire. The Capital One payment assistant will further reach out to you if it notices a charge that is higher than normal.

In addition to acting as your virtual payment assistant, the Capital One Eno digital solution keeps your payment and credit card security with a virtual account number. It will also help you solve any issues on your account 24/7 through a mobile app and text.

Paying for services and products with Eno is safer and easier. It generates a unique virtual card number for every merchant for enhanced security. You can lock and unlock that virtual card number without affecting all other spendings.

It can help you manage your capital One account online
It features award-winning mobile app alerts
You can lock and unlock the unique virtual card number
You will need to have a Capital One credit card to use the service

7. Netspend Card Account

Netspend Card Account helps you pay your bills and purchases with ease of mind. The account allows you to generate up to six temporally virtual account numbers for online and phone transactions.

You can easily create and cancel a virtual card without affecting your Netspend Card Account. You can also customize the card with your photo, a family photo, or a favorite image to make it attractive.

You can generate up to six virtual account numbers
It is easy and quick to apply
You can customize the card
You have a limit on the virtual card numbers you can create

8. American Express Go

American Express Go is a convenient expense solution that works with a corporate card program. It offers a faster, flexible way to pay your freelancers, contractors, recruits, and infrequent travelers on the go. You can easily create a user profile and a virtual card in the American Express Go portal for your team with an option to send a physical card.

The employees can use the virtual cards right away or add them to a mobile wallet for use on-the-go. The card helps you easily reconcile employee expenses with critical details like names and optional accounting codes for each transaction.

It offers greater control and flexibility on payments
Helps companies to limit the back-office hassles of processing reimbursements
It is easy to set up and update details to match changing needs
The card work with American Express, which is less popular compared to Visa and MasterCard

9. Divvy Virtual Credit Card

An instant approval virtual credit card for businesses that helps you manage subscriptions and make purchases online can ease your payment management and control. Divvy virtual credit cards offer the benefit of convenient purchases online with better protection from fraud and over-charges.

You can create as many virtual cards as your business needs at no cost. It is easy to set up a virtual card, freeze individual cards or send payments with extra control. You can create a unique payment card for each vendor and limit available vendor payments.

It makes it easy to manage business subscriptions and payments
You can create as many virtual cards as you need at no cost
You can limit spend for every virtual credit card
It is only available for businesses

10. Emburse Virtual Cards

The Emburse virtual cards help businesses successfully implement remote working and work digitization. Emburse allows you to instantly create virtual credit cards that employees can use remotely, eliminating the wait time for reimbursement. You can effortlessly create a virtual card, expire it, adjust budgets and grow cashback rewards.

You can quickly create virtual cards with spending rules
It allows role-based permissions and approval flows
Supports automatic expense categorization
It offers real-time insight and reports
It is available for businesses


Online purchases with your credit card put your data at risk. An instant approval virtual credit card helps you purchase online products or pay bills with improved privacy and enhanced security. Virtual cards have temporary card numbers that you can use to pay for your purchases, hiding your actual details from merchants.

It also protects you from online theft, double-charges, fraud, and chargebacks as you can delete the virtual card after making payment. A virtual card further allows you to sign for free trails risk-free as the subscription will not auto-renew.

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