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The 11 Best Instant Credit Approval Online Shopping

Are you looking for a way to finance an emergency expense? There are many options that you can consider. For instance, your refrigerator, TV, or computer might have issues and you might need to replace it as soon as possible so that you can continue enjoying the same convenience like you used to have previously. A credit card can greatly help you with online shopping with minimal or no hassle at all.

However, the process of applying for a credit card can be tedious and time-consuming. In most cases, credit cards normally arrive in the mail within 10 business days. Waiting for this period can be very inconvenient.

The good news is that you can now apply for certain credit cards and receive an instant card number that allows you to do online shopping, right after approval. This article will outline some of the 11 best instant credit approval online shopping that you should apply. 

How Do Instant Credit Card Numbers Work

To start with, an instant credit card number normally works the same way a normal credit card number work. In fact, this number will be identical to the actual number on the card you receive in the mail. The only minor difference is that you will be able to access the card’s number early enough as you can actually get it once your application has been approved. This way, you will not have to wait for the actual card to arrive so that you can proceed with your shopping plans.

Once you have the instant credit card number you are at liberty to start shopping immediately. However, the only limitation you have here is that you will not be able to tap, swipe or dip the card whenever you are shopping. This is because you do not have a physical credit card. As a result, it is only ideal for online shopping. However, you can enter your new credit card number into your mobile wallet and then use your phone to make in-person purchases out there.

The 11 Best Instant Credit Approval Online Shopping

Instant Credit Approval Online Shopping

Some of the best credit cards that allow you to get your credit card number after approval include the following:

1. American Express credit cards

To start with, you will note that all Amex cards normally have the ability to receive instant card numbers once your identity has been validated. Once your application has been approved, you will be eligible for instant access and you will get your card number.

Here, you will receive a 4 digit card number and an expiration date that allows you to use the card anywhere it is accepted. It is imperative to note that Amex co-branded cards cannot be used with the brand until you receive your physical card. Some of the popular Amex cards that allows you to get an instant card number include:

  • American Express Green card
  • Blue Cash Preferred Card
  • American Express Gold Card
  • The platinum Card 
  • American Express Cash Magnet Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express Card

2. Capital One Credit cards

Besides American Express, you can apply for a credit card from Capital one and you will be able to access your new credit card number instantly after approval. However, for you to find the card details, you will have to download the Capital One app and then sign in.

Once you have signed in, you will have the chance to see your card details such as the card number and the expiry date. In case you do not see the number via the app, it is important that you log out and then log in again.

This way, you will refresh your account details and have the opportunity to see your new credit card number among other details. Some of the best capital one credit cards that you can apply for include:

  • Capital One VentureOne Rewards credit card
  • Capital one platinum credit card
  • Capital one quicksilver One Cash Rewards credit card

3. Bank of America credit card

If you are an existing Bank of America mobile customer, you can readily apply for this card through the Bank of America mobile app and get instant approval. Thereafter, you will have the chance to upload your new credit card into your mobile wallet.

In addition, the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit card, which is issued by Bank of America, also offers the much-needed instant credit upon approval once you apply for the card while booking for an Alaska Airline flight. Generally, you will use this instant credit card for Alaska Airlines. Some of the best Instant use credit cards from Bank of America include:

  • Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit card
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card
  • Alaska Airline Visa Signature credit card.

4. Barclays credit card

As we speak, there are several Barclay credit cards that offer instant access. Some of the cards that you can apply include:

  • Frontier Airline World MasterCard
  • Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard
  • The JetBlue Card
  • Priceline Rewards Visa Card
  • Princess Cruises Rewards Visa Card.

5. Citi credit card

Just like Bank of America, not all Citi cards are known to issue instant card numbers once you are approved. However, there are a few co-branded cards that do this. They include:

  • AT&T branded credit cards
  • American Airline branded credit cards
  • Costco Anywhere Visa card by Citi

You will note that Costco Anywhere Card normally offers instant approval and immediate card number once you apply in person at a Costco location. Besides this, Costco will print out a special barcode that can help you shop immediately at Costco without having to wait for your new card to arrive.

6. First National Bank of Omaha credit card

First National Bank of Omaha normally issues M Life Rewards MasterCard that provides you with an instant card number once you apply in person and get approved. Here, you will be able to get a printed copy of your credit card information that allows you to do online shopping the way you please.

7. USAA credit card

You can also apply for a USAA credit card and get your credit card number instantly after you have been approved. However, you will be limited to spend up to $1000 until you receive the actual card in your mail. In addition, you need to be a member of the USAA before you apply for this credit card. If you are a member of the military, you can go ahead and apply for membership to USAA.

8. U.S Bank credit card

As we speak, the U.S Bank has begun issuing instant credit card numbers for online use. Here, you will have an opportunity to do shopping online and so on. However, this option is only limited to those processing a credit card application with their text-to-apply option. This can only happen if your application is processed by a bank, over the phone or via email.

9. First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard Secured Credit Card

Once you apply for the above-mentioned credit card, you will know in less than a minute if your application has been approved or not. Generally, clients are able to enjoy an expedited processing option here.

If your approval has been approved, you will be able to gain access to a credit line of $200-$2000 where you can do online shopping the way you please. However, the amount allocated is dependent on the amount you put down as a security deposit. The good news is that this card can help you rebuild your credit rating in the future.

10. Total Visa Credit Card

If you have no credit history at all or you have bad credit, you can readily apply for this credit card to facilitate your online shopping. The good news is you will be guaranteed acceptance and get an instant decision about your application.

Although the card comes with high APR than any other card out there, it is ideal for those who have been rejected elsewhere. This way, you will have an opportunity to build your credit rating in the long run and even increase your chances of getting accepted when applying for a credit card in the future.

11. Amazon.com Store Credit card

First of all this card is more of a store card than a credit card. However, if you normally shop at Amazon, this card is the best option for you. In fact, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you stand to earn a 5% cashback on all purchases you make with this card.

New customers on the other hand are entitled to a $10 bonus. Other benefits that come with this card include; no annual fees and allows you to rebuild your credit ratings in the long run. Also, it comes with 0% financing for 6 to 24 months.

Benefits Of Instant Use Credit Cards

By applying for an instant approval credit card, you stand to enjoy several benefits. They include:

1. Ideal in case of an emergency

Let’s face it, emergencies normally occur when you least expect them. Sometimes, one of your appliances might get faulty or damaged beyond repair and you need to repair it immediately. If you do not have the cash to pay for it upfront, you can consider applying for a credit card.

Fortunately, instant approval credit cards do not take time for you to get the credit number if your application has been approved. This way you will get the much-needed credit to cater for emergencies in your home.

2. Allows you to take advantage of card perks faster

Sometimes, your credit card might offer perks such as coupons or free checked bags to its user. If you have applied for this card and have been approved, you will be in a position to take advantage of those perks when doing your regular shopping.

3. Allows you to start earning your sign-up bonus

Sometimes, you might want to make expensive purchases. For instance, if you are buying a modern refrigerator online, you can use an instant use credit card to earn a sign-up bonus. This way, you will save more money in the long run.

4. Allows you to get a discount on a large shopping cart

Assuming you are doing back-to-school shopping or holiday shopping online, your instant approval credit card will allow you to get some discount on all the items you want to buy. This still helps you to save a few bucks for your next shopping.

Factors To Consider When Picking a Credit Card With An Instant Card Number

When choosing the best credit card with the instant card number, there are several considerations that you should make. They include:

1. Determine why you need the instant line of credit

Knowing the purpose that you want to fulfill with the card will help you choose the card that fits your needs. This is because these cards do not offer the same amount of credit. Some offer small credit while others offer more credit. If you know the reason behind the whole endeavor of applying for a credit card, you will choose the right card that will cater to all the expenses involved.

2. Know you credit score

Your credit score also plays a pivotal role in determining if your credit card application will be approved or not. You will note that some cards only allow those people with good credit to apply. However, there are others that allow you to apply even when you have bad credit. Therefore, the status of your credit score will also determine the kind of credit card that you will apply for.

3. Compare the reward structures

Different credit cards normally come with different reward structures. Rewards such as bonuses, discounts and other perks can help you save more money when doing your shopping. The more rewards a certain credit has, the better the card.

4. Check for fees

Besides the above-mentioned 3 factors, you should be keen to check if your credit card comes with pricey annual fees and other fees. Ideally, your credit card of choice should not attract high fees as this might strain your budget in the long run.

How Do You Apply For An Instant Approval Credit Card

When applying for an instant approval credit card, here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Pick a credit card

If you know that your credit is not that high, you should choose a card that does not require a high credit score. A good example is a secured credit card. However, if your credit score is good, you can go for any of the best cards out there. The choice is solely yours

2. Go to the credit card’s application page

Once you chose your favorite credit card, the time is ripe for you to visit the credit card’s web page and make your application. You will note that most credit cards normally offer instant approval through phone applications while others require online applications.

3. Enter the required information.

When applying for the credit card, you will be asked to submit a few details about yourself such as your name, SSN, address, date of birth, level of income and so on.

4. Submit your application

Once you have filled in the right details, you can now submit your application and wait for the approval process. Since you are applying for an instant approval credit card, you will get a response almost immediately.

5. Check the credit card number

If your application is approved, you will get a credit card number almost instantly which enables you to start online shopping. Unless the card issuer denies your application and asks for more time to review it, you should get the card number as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

With an instant approval credit card, you will be able to access your new line of credit almost instantly. This way, you can make large purchases, get discounts, and earn sign-up bonuses among others. Also, if your instant use credit card comes with additional benefits such as free checked bags, you can enjoy these perks instantly.

Consider applying for the above-mentioned instant approval credit cards and finance your online purchases with minimal or no hassle at all. These credit cards are truly incredible.

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