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Discover The Top 5 Lifeline Phone Service Providers

Phones have become the most common mode of communication today because they are fast and reliable. However, you need phone services for you to connect with friends and family using mobile phones.

This is challenging for many low-income households who have to bear the cost of expensive phone services while struggling to make ends meet. Luckily, many lifeline phone service providers have stepped in to subsidize the cost of these services. This is enabled by the Lifeline Program.

What is the Lifeline Program? It is an assistance program started by the Federal Communication Commission to reduce the cost of telecommunication services for qualified low-income households. Several phone service providers help distribute these services for free or at subsidized costs. They will then receive compensation from the government.

This article will mention the five best Lifeline phone service providers in the country and what they offer.

How to Qualify for Lifeline

The Lifeline program has a set of guidelines that have been put in place by the Federal Government to limit the number of people who can access the program. To qualify for free or discounted service from Lifeline phone service providers, you must meet these guidelines:

Income Guidelines

The income guidelines set by the Federal Communication Commission dictate that you need to have an annual income that is equal to or does not surpass 135% of the Poverty Guidelines to qualify. People who also receive no income because they are unemployed or have lost their job can qualify.

Government Assistance Program Guidelines

You can also meet the guidelines for the Lifeline program if you’re a member of any of the following government-aided programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • The Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Medicaid
  • The Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income

Some of the tribal programs that can make you qualify for free phone service from Lifeline phone service providers include:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Head Start
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Household Size Guidelines

The Lifeline program can only provide Lifeline phone service to one household member at a time.

Documentation Needed for the Lifeline Program

You can only prove your qualification for the Lifeline program by submitting your documents to the Lifeline Providers. The documents are then forwarded to the National verifier for authentication. The following are the categories of documents that will be required:

Income Documents

You can provide any of the following documents to show that you meet the income guidelines set by the FCC.

  • Unemployment Statement of Benefits
  • Tribal tax return
  • An income statement from where you’re currently employed
  • Divorce decrees
  • Veterans Administration Statement of Benefits

Government Assistance Program Participation Documents

The following documents prove that you’re currently enrolled in a government-aided program and are an active member.

  • Statement of benefits from any of the programs
  • Benefit award letter from any of the programs
  • Benefit Verification letter from any of the programs
  • Approval letter for a Government assistance program

Identity and Address Documents

Submitting one of these documents will enable Lifeline phone service providers to authenticate your Identity and Address.

  • A Taxpayer’s Identification Number
  • Passport
  • A valid Driver’s License
  • State-issued Identification card
  • A Social Security Number
  • U.S. military ID

The Top 5 Lifeline Phone Service Providers

Lifeline Phone Service Providers

Several Lifeline providers offer phone services to consumers in different states. However, they all provide different benefits. The list below encompasses some of the best among them.

1. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is among the best wireless service providers in the country. Their massive size and partnership with the Federal Government enable them to provide Lifeline services to consumers across several states.

How to Apply for Their Lifeline

If you want Lifeline phone services from Assurance Wireless, follow the following simple steps:

  • Start from the Assurance Wireless website.
  • Go through what they offer under their Lifeline program and click “Apply Now” if you’re satisfied.
  • Input all the necessary information and attach all the required documents to the page you will be redirected to.
  • Complete the application by submitting the filled-out form. You will be informed as soon as your application is reviewed.

Lifeline Benefits Offered

If you qualify for Lifeline from Assurance Wireless, you’re eligible for all of the following benefits:

  • Unlimited minutes per month
  • Unlimited text messages per month
  • Unlimited high-speed data every month
  • 10 G.B. data for mobile hotspot every month
  • A free smartphone

States Offered

Assurance Wireless offers Lifeline in Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, District of Columbia, Arkansas, Arizona, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Virginia, Nevada, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Delaware, Indiana, Pennsylvania, to mention a few.

How to Contact Assurance Wireless

You can get in touch with the Assurance Wireless customer service representatives through any of the following channels:

  • Phone Number: 1-888-321-5880
  • Physical Address: Assurance Wireless P.O. Box 5040 Charleston, IL 61920-9907

2. SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a service-providing subsidiary of the telecommunication giant Tracfone. Their Lifeline program has enabled millions of consumers to get phone services at a cheaper cost and some for free.

How to Apply for Their Lifeline

Applying for the SafeLink Wireless Lifeline is very straightforward:

  • Visit the SafeLink Wireless Lifeline page.
  • Input your ZIP code and select “Start”.
  • Provide all the necessary information and documents on the page you will be redirected to.
  • SafeLink Wireless will contact you and initiate the Lifeline service as soon as you’re approved

Lifeline Benefits Offered

All SafeLink Wireless Lifeline members will get:

  • Unlimited monthly Talktime
  • Unlimited monthly data
  • Unlimited monthly text
  • A free phone

When combined with ACP, you can get:

  • 5 G.B. of hotspot data
  • 25 G.B. of high-speed data
  • Free texts and calls to Canada and Mexico

States Offered

You can get the SafeLink Wireless Lifeline if you reside in Wisconsin, Texas, Utah, South Carolina, Nevada, Kentucky, Maine, West Virginia, Michigan, Hawaii, Alabama, Virginia, Connecticut, Missouri, Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, Rhode Island, New Mexico, California, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Mississippi, New York, Indiana, DC, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, to mention some.

How to Contact SafeLink Wireless

If you want to reach the SafeLink Wireless customer support team, you can use:

  • Phone Number: 1-800-723-3546
  • Physical Address: SafeLink Wireless P.O. Box 160490 Hialeah, FL 33016-9997

3. Qlink Wireless

QLink Wireless is one of the country’s most reliable Lifeline phone service providers. To get free service from them, you have to be Lifeline-eligible.

How to Apply for Their Lifeline

Enrolling in their Lifeline service can be done as follows:

  • Visit the QLink Wireless official website.
  • Confirm that you reside where QLink offers its services.
  • Input your ZIP code and email address and click “Get it now” to sign up.
  • Provide all the documentation and information needed and complete your application.
  • Wait for QLink Wireless to reach out to you. This may take a few days.

Lifeline Benefits Offered

QLink Wireless provides the following to its qualified Lifeline customers:

  • Unlimited monthly talk
  • Unlimited monthly text messages
  • Bring your own phone program
  • Unlimited monthly data
  • A free simcard

States Offered

If you live in any of the following states, then you’re eligible for Lifeline phone services from QLink Wireless: Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Iowa, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, Hawaii, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and many more.

How to Contact QLink Wireless

Get in touch with them through:

4. Access Wireless

Access Wireless is a Lifeline phone service provider that depends on Sprint to supply the network to millions of its customers.

How to Apply for Their Lifeline

Applying for Lifeline from Access Wireless is not a difficult task. This is the procedure:

  • The process begins from the Access Wireless website.
  • Input your ZIP code in the empty box on this page and click “Apply now”.
  • The next page will show you what Lifeline benefits you’re eligible for depending on your state.
  • Select “Enroll” to get the Access Wireless Lifeline
  • Complete the application and submit it.
  • Wait for approval which may take a couple of days

Lifeline Benefits Offered

The following lifeline benefits are offered by Access Wireless when you also enroll in their ACP program:

  • Unlimited monthly text messages
  • Unlimited Talktime
  • Unlimited data
  • Free smartphone

States Offered

Residents of the following states can get Lifeline phone service from Access Wireless: Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Delaware, New Hampshire, Texas, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Utah, Colorado, Virginia, California, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and District of Columbia.

How to Contact Access Wireless

If you have any problem signing up, you can reach Access Wireless through:

5. StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless has been providing Lifeline phone service for a couple of years. Currently, they have improved the benefits and perks they offer to eligible customers.

How to Apply for Their Lifeline

If you’re interested, you can follow these steps to send your application:

  • Start from the StandUp Wireless Lifeline page.
  • Sign Up by providing your ZIP code and email address in the spaces on the form available.
  • Provide your eligibility documents and personal info and send your application.
  • These will be used to determine if you can receive Lifeline benefits.
  • StandUp Wireless will contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted into the program or not.

Lifeline Benefits Offered

Some of the benefits that you can enjoy from StandUp Wireless include:

  • Unlimited text messages
  • 10 G.B. of high-speed data
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Free phone
  • Unlimited calls

States Offered

The states in which StandUp Wireless offers Lifeline phone service include New York, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Massachusetts, Ohio, Arkansas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Indiana, and Louisiana.

How to Contact StandUp Wireless

StandUp Wireless is easily accessible using any of the following means:

  • Phone Number: 1-800-544-4441
  • Physical Address: StandUp Wireless P.O. Box 72397 Newport, Ky 41072

How to Apply for Lifeline Assistance

If you want to receive Lifeline assistance from any of the providers mentioned above; you can follow this simple process:

1. Check if You Qualify

You can use the qualifications guidelines mentioned in this article to check if you qualify for Lifeline phone service assistance. If you meet any or all of the guidelines, you can continue with the application process.

2. Apply

Submit your application for the Lifeline program by either filling out an application form on the official Lifeline website or sending a filled-out application form downloaded from their site. Alternatively, you can present yourself to any of their physical offices, and you will be assisted. Carry all the qualification documents if you decide to visit their offices.

3. Wait for Feedback

The next step after applying for Lifeline is to wait for your application to be scrutinized before you’re given feedback. This process might take a while, so it’s best to remain patient.

4. Select Your Preferred Service Provider

If you’re notified that your Lifeline application was successful, you can proceed to choose a Lifeline phone service provider from the list above. You should ensure that the provider you have selected offers phone services in the state you reside in.

5. Get Your Lifeline Phone Service

The Lifeline provider will start providing you with a free phone and phone service if you’re eligible for one.

Phones Provided by the Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program also provides free phones to financially incapacitated individuals to enable them to enjoy the Lifeline phone service. Most of the service providers rarely offer top-of-the-range phones but instead, they provide average smartphones. Some of the discounted and free phones that the Lifeline program can get you are:

  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • NUU Mobile A3
  • Blu Advance
  • Alcatel Dawn
  • Samsung Galaxy  J3

Limitations of The Lifeline Program

Although the Lifeline program is handy for many struggling households, it does not come without limitations. These include:

  • You cannot transfer a Lifeline benefit to another person if you have no more use for it.
  • The program only gives you 30 days to report when your Lifeline eligibility expires.
  • Every Lifeline member is required to renew their membership annually to prevent your Lifeline phone service from being disconnected.
  • Only one member of a specific household can get a Lifeline benefit at ago.
  • You can only apply for the program from one Lifeline provider. If you are unsatisfied with your current provider, you can switch to a different one at any time.
  • If you’re not paying any fee for your Lifeline service, it is mandatory that you put it to use at least once every 30 days to prevent it from being disconnected.


Phone services are essential to staying connected with our friends and family. They also help us to access job and business opportunities. Luckily, they have become more affordable thanks to the Lifeline program that the Federal Government provides.

If you previously couldn’t access phone services due to your current situation, contact one of the Lifeline phone service providers mentioned in this article. Their customer service representatives will help you out.

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