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30 Best Online Schools That Provide Laptops For Students

The use of technology in online schools today is at extraordinary levels. Most online classes require the user’s ease of access as most courses are available over the internet. Having a laptop is one of the sure ways of getting accessibility. The only downside though, is that laptops don’t come cheap either. It is in this light that online schools that provide laptops are on the rise.

Some of the online colleges that offer free laptops give them out at no cost whatsoever, while others charge the cost on your tuition fee, or provide the laptops on a rental basis. This content will guide you on all you need to know about the online courses with free laptop.

Are Free School Laptops Really Free

Free laptops for students seem like too good a deal, and most probably, you are thinking twice about it. To help clear the air, colleges provide free laptops, only that the terms vary. Some have partnered with laptop manufacturers like Apple and Dell to employ specific technology in making the devices then pass them on to students.

Some colleges prefer to roll the charges on to your tuition fees; hence, you are not paying directly. This is beneficial as you can quickly pay it the same way you pay tuition in installments, or take care of it using your scholarships and student loans.

online schools that provide laptops

Some schools also provide laptops on a rental basis. Do your research beforehand to know what you are getting.

30 Best Online Schools That Provide Free Laptops for Students

Government programs are not the way the only way to get a free laptop or computer. Many online schools and Universities, that they provide free laptops for students through the school’s program, some schools provide free laptops for students from any school in the country or globally.

Here is the list of the 30 best online schools that provide laptops for learners.

1) Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University offers a free Dell laptop to all students but charges an upgrade when one wants to get a Mac. The additional cost of getting a 13” MacBook is $700 while for the 15” is $1450. Southern Nazarene University is also known for its high-level accessibility and student support.

Southern Nazarene University

2) Chatham University

All incoming students at Chatham University qualify for a new MacBook Air, available for pick up from the day of orientation. This comes with a carrying case and a backpack and a four-year AppleCare warranty. Students who want the laptops register at the service desk agree they will not modify or upgrade the computer in any way.

One is liable for payments of $100 in case of loss or failure to return the computer within ten days after graduation.

Chatham university

3) Bethel University

All incoming first-year students at Bethel University are eligible for a laptop within the first semester. The recipients take insurance of not less than $600 for repairs or replacement in case of theft or need for replacement. The new owner is free to install new games and other programs from certified sources but should not download music, movies, and other files. It also allows re-imaging services for computers that need wiping.

Bethel University offers both graduate and postgraduate online courses with free laptop. Some of the programs include customer relationship management, organizational leadership, nursing, and criminal justice.

Bethel University

4) Rochester College

Located at Rochester Hills, with a student body of 700 learners, Rochester College is one of the online schools that provide laptops for free. It provides a free MacBook or iPad for full-time students with not more than 29 transfer credits. You should be admitted by November 30 for the next spring or by May 31 to qualify for the offer.

One forfeits their offer on the free laptop and has to pay when they do not complete six consecutive semesters or if they choose to become part-time students. One cannot receive their transcripts and registrations without fully settling the charges.

Rochester College

5) Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University provides students iPad tablets or MacBook laptops depending on the course of study. All the students are required to pay a $1000 technology fee for the devices. Undergraduate and master’s students enrolled for the physician assistant studies qualify for both devices. A student taking Masters in orthodontics or marriage and family qualify for the iPad while Masters Students in art therapy are eligible for the MacBook.

The devices come with pre-installed applications and programs that correspond to the study area. Students are also allowed full-time Apple support and may even get a loan for repairing the machine.

6) Amridge University

Amridge University allows for discounted rates on all laptop brands for the students. The university sets a flat rate for every brand to be paid in a given year. The range of the laptops available for purchase comes with a 3-year warranty that covers all the parts and services.

The devices come preloaded with essential software like office 365 suite and Canvas learning management. Full-time students are allowed to use financial aid in acquiring the laptop.

7) CollegeAmerica

All incoming students at CollegeAmerica are eligible for new laptops they will use for their coursework. They do not have to return the laptops after graduation. The devices come preinstalled with relevant software depending on the course one takes.

The university also provides other means for students to save money, like, instead of forcing students to buy course books and other learning materials, the school loans the textbooks and course materials. It also offers one on one training for students in health-care related degrees and provides free stethoscopes, scrubs, and other lab supplies.

8) Wake Forest University

In a bid to help students cover the associated costs that come with the university requirements of every student to own a laptop, the university has WakeWare Program to provide discounted prices on the laptops for students. The programs allow students to purchase Dell and MacBook laptops at reduced prices, and they come with extended warranty and insurance against theft, damage, and other incidentals.

The university also provides financial aid through a Technology grant that covers the laptop, taxes, and insurance costs. One can opt for the delivery of the computer to their address or pick it up upon arrival.

9) Valley City State University

With one of the most flexible laptop deals, Valley City State University provides all students a way to get a laptop. It offers full-time students an option of MacBook Air for students in arts, music, and education programs, and HP Elitebook 840 G4 for students in STEM, business and social sciences. Part-time students are allowed a range of previously issued 12.5” Lenovo ThinkPad Twist or 13.3” MacBook Pro.

The cost of the laptop is included in every student’s tuition fees and a damage fee in case of loss, damage, or theft. Students have the option of entirely purchasing the laptop after they graduate.

10) The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

UNCP has an Honors Scholar Laptop Initiative, which looks to provide laptops to high achieving students at a lower cost. All students return the laptops at the end of every academic year and covers for any associated repair or replacement costs.

The school issues out the laptops on a first-come basis hence the need to make applications. It also has a summer laptop rentals programs students can benefit from.

11) Full Sail University

Full Sail University has partnered with Apple to provide students low-cost MacBook pro through the Project Launch Initiative. Students who cannot afford the discounted price can still apply for a scholarship by the university.

The laptops come with different software and hardware additional depending on the course on pursuing. One can opt out of the program if at all, they already own a laptop.

12) Independence University

Independence University looks to make it easier for students to acquire laptops by providing tablets and laptops to all the students. The cost of buying the device’s tuition is included in tuition fees.

The tablet is given out in the first semester while the laptop at the fourth term. The laptops come with a pre-installed online course with software. The learners keep the laptops permanently at no extra cost when graduating.

13) St. John’s University

Located in New York, St. John’s University has a laptop for students in specific courses. There are several laptop brands for students to select. Some of the available models are the MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, and Lenovo L380 Yoga.

One is eligible for the program within the first six months of admission, and it comes with warranty protection against damage, and theft. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree and higher can keep the laptop after graduation.

14) St. Mary University of Minnesota

St. Mary as one of the online schools that provide laptops for free gives tablets to all students to help with its tablet LMS optimized course. The cost of the gadget is factored into the tuition fees. The iPads come with productivity tools that allow for collaboration, holding online discussions, access textbooks, and connect on social media.

15) Stevens Henager College

Stevens-Henager College has a no-fee package for undergraduate students, and that involves giving a free laptop to the students, which they can keep upon graduation.

They also provide for the leasing of textbooks and other study materials instead of outright purchase. Students who take healthcare-related online courses with a free laptop also get lab supplies and scrubs. Graduate students are not eligible for the free laptop offer

16) Ohio State University

All students joining, transferring to, or coming back to Ohio University are entitled to a technology kit. The kit comes with a 10.5” iPad, smart keyboard, protective case, Apple pencil, and a one-year warranty. Students who opt-out of the program are awarded financial credit based on the state of the iPad at the time of return.

17) Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology launched an IIT Mobile Computing Initiative in 2011, where it provides an iPad for every incoming first-year student. The devices have access to Blackboard, e-books, and iTunes university software. It also has the campus news site, courses, and medical and security emergency contacts.

The university offers training sessions to students and faculty members on how best to integrate the technology into their work. Besides, it has an iPad lab for hiring an iPad when yours is damaged.

18) Coppin State University

Coppin State University has a Student Laptop Initiative where undergraduate students get to hire laptops of different models throughout the semester. The student can purchase the computer after four consecutive semesters of borrowing at a low cost which is great for students with no credit history. The University has a provision for aiding those who cannot afford the laptops even after the four semesters of hire.

19) Maryville University

Maryville University has a digital World Program where it provides iPad at no extra cost; neither is it included in the fees. The students can keep the iPad even after graduation.

The device is reloaded with course-aligned software and applications for easy access to textbooks and study materials. Students must bring the iPad to class daily; as most lectures involve tablet learning.

20) Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Missouri State University provides a laptop to all students; graduate and post-graduate, those who study on campus and online and continuing students. The laptops are given out on a hiring basis. The University does not provide for insurance hence the need for one’s protection to insure against loss or damage.

21) Dakota State University

Dakota State University in a bid to gain a paperless classroom gives out free tablets to all the students. The tablets are configured to cater to all the basic needs of a Dakota State University student needs. Students can use the tablet to record notes, take audio, and turn in assignments. It also comes with full tech support, free repair, and battery replacement for the whole campus life.

22) Southern New Hampshire University

Not necessarily free laptops, Southern New Hampshire University provides considerable discounts on Dell and Apple products. The accepted students also get free tech repair and support, free software, and warranties on top of the discounted laptops, desktops, and tablets. The ease and improved internet connection within the campus had led to more than 80,000 students picking up online education in this institution as compared to only 4000 on-site students.

23) West Liberty University

West Liberty University has a Student Laptop Center to cater to all the student gadgets needs. They give discounts on personal computer sales and services, free diagnostics, software, and hardware upgrades, among other services. All the devices come with Microsoft Office and other productive software preinstalled.

24) Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University has a culture of giving back to the community; that is why it’s free laptop system is a little different than from other online schools that provide laptops for free. It has a deal with Dell and Apple to provide students with discounted products. It also has a Recycled Computer program for various departments to get used devices. Students get a refurbished MacBook for completing 40 hours of community service, which is an excellent intensive to encourage students to take more serving hours.

25) Moravian College

Moravian College has an extensive free laptop program where all the freshmen joining the campus receive a free MacBook and an iPad. The institution looks to use technology in learning and has gone ahead to create literature courses and apps. It also embraces an All-Apple initiative to ensure standardization among the campus departments to strengthen collaboration.

26) Johnson C Smith University

Starting as a free laptop program, Johnson C Smith has partnered with Apple to provide free iPad to new students. Embracing new technology has allowed the campus to incorporate multi-modal and multidisciplinary teaching and research across all faculties.

27) Duke University Global Health Institution

As one of the most reputable health institutions, Duke University offers free iPad to students of the Global Health Institution, a global public interdisciplinary and degree-granting research canter. The institution wants to combat health issues by integrating technology in every sector of the world; medical, scientific, economic, environmental, social, and political.

28) Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University runs a Patriot Scholarship program, in aid of new and ongoing students with life-changing injuries. The successful candidate must have a high school diploma, honorable service discharge, and a disability rating of not less than 30%. The 50 yearly successful recipients receive a cash award, a new laptop, and digital textbooks.

29) Indiana State University

Indian State University runs a Sycamore Technology Award that provides the chosen students with a computer. The award is open for in and out-of-state students. The recipients of the awards keep the laptop for two consecutive semesters. Those who leave before the end of the period must return the laptop.

30) Saint Leo University

St. Leo University has a laptop rental program where full and part-time undergraduate students pay a deposit for a laptop that comes preinstalled with Microsoft Office and other productivity software. The rentals help to keep the university technology compliance standards. The program works on a first-come basis, but those who miss on the laptops for hire can find other options in the university library.

Why Do Some Online Schools Give Laptops?

The essential factor in online education is accessibility irrespective of where you are. Most students find it challenging to pay for schooling expenses and afford a laptop. Giving students the laptops or rolling the cost to the tuition fee is a way of providing convenience to the students as they get to access the lessons.

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Factors to Consider When Looking for Free Laptops From Schools

Different schools provide for different rules and regulations when providing laptops for free. These are some of the factors you must consider in all;

  • Hardware and Software upgrades: Most colleges provide guidelines on how to perform system upgrades, or if you have to take the computer to the student technology center for improvements. Most colleges prohibit downloading movies, music, and any other form of system alteration.
  • Computer cost: While some colleges provide laptops for free, others charge it on your tuition, as others charge you a leasing fee. Take your time to compare the one that makes financial sense to you the most.
  • Study level: Some colleges only give laptops to newcomers, while others can give you a laptop even if you are a continuing student.
  • Theft and damages: Although some laptops come with theft and damages security, others do not. For that, you will need to take insurance cover for the risk.
  • Leaving school early: Look for the college’s charges when a student leaves early. At times it might be so costly, and you have to confirm if you are ready to incur the cost.


Online schools giving out laptops for free has improved the uptake of technology in the learning institutions. It is only set to keep spreading to other colleges. Remember to be careful to go through all the terms and provisions of the school you are considering before getting the free laptop.