Safelink Wireless Free Government Phone

Smartphones are currently the most in-demand device all around the globe. This is because they can carry out a wide range of functions conveniently. People want smaller devices that they can easily move around with and still use for various activities in this era. Phone companies have been able to fulfill this by manufacturing high-end cell phones. 

This has driven up the cost of cell phones ridiculously. People fork out up to $1400 to get an advanced phone. While some people can purchase it comfortably, others have to squeeze their budget or even borrow funds to afford it. If you’re unable to afford one, getting a Safelink free government phone may be the best option.

Safelink Wireless is one of the most reliable wireless service providers offering free government phones to anyone who meets their eligibility criteria. They operate under the wing of TracFone, one of the largest Telecommunications companies in the country. Here is how you can get a Safelink free government phone.

Qualification Guidelines For A Safelink Wireless Phone

Safelink Wireless can distribute free phones to low-income households thanks to its partnership with the government in the Lifeline Assistance Program. The lifeline program was started in 1985 to give the low-income group a chance to enjoy Landline services for free. 

The program evolved, and the federal government started collaborating with big service providers to give out free phones. Safelink was one of the companies that joined this cause as they believed that everyone has a right to own a good phone despite their financial status.

So, to get a Safelink free government phone, you have to be enrolled in the Lifeline program offered by the government. The Lifeline assistance program itself has set guidelines that you have to meet to be considered eligible:

1. Your Income Has To Be Low

As mentioned before, the government majorly targets low-income households and individuals in these programs. Consequently, you have to prove that you belong to this group. They want to make the maximum impact with their limited budget.

The federal government, which oversees the making and editing of these criteria, requires your yearly income to be lower than 135%-150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It is important to note that the specific value for the amount of income you should be earning differs from state to state.

2. You’re Currently Enrolled In A Government Assistance Program

If you can’t prove that your wages are insufficient to qualify for a Safelink free government phone, there is still another way. Most of the time, showing that you’re currently partaking in an assistance program automatically qualifies you. This is because all government-assisted programs focus on providing relief to financially incapable individuals. These programs include:

  • The Federal Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Aid for finances, e.g., TANF (Temporary Assistance For Needy Families).
  • Medicaid
  • Aid for housing, e.g., FPHA (Federal Public Housing Assistance).
  • Aid for nutrition, e.g., SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and, free lunch program, food stamps.
  • Social security Disability
  • Veterans Survivors Pension Fund

There are additional Tribal assistance programs that may also make you eligible for a Safelink free government phone. Some of them are:

  • Food Distribution Program On Indian Reservations
  • TANF for Tribal groups.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.

3. You Are Currently Living With A Disability

The other disadvantaged group that can enjoy the benefits of a free phone and services from Safelink Wireless are people living with a disability. Disabilities hamper many people from working efficiently to earn a living. As a result, necessities like buying a phone can become a luxury they cannot afford.

For this reason, the government has made its assistance a priority. If you are disabled, you’re encouraged to apply for these phones so long as you have valid documents from a hospital to support your claim. 

A household cannot be part of more than one Lifeline Assistance Program at a go. This also means Safelink Wireless will provide one free phone for each household. The Lifeline Program is explained in detail on the official Federal Communication Commission website.

The Documents You’ll Need To Apply For a Safelink Government Phone

After determining that you qualify for a Safeling free government phone, you will need to get all your documents in order. These documents include:

  1.  Copies of documents showing your earnings: This document should show that you earn less than 135% of what the Federal Communication Commission recommends. Examples are a recent salary slip, a tax return slip, and pay stubs for the previous 4 months.
  2. Copies of documents show that you or any household member is in a government assistance program. Examples include membership cards and acceptance letters. 
  3. Copies of documents showing your identity:  Some good examples are a passport, US citizenship certificate, Identification card, and birth certificate.
  4. A document showing that you’re representing your household and no one else in your household is a beneficiary of the Lifeline Assistance Program.

A few pointers:

  • Don’t use your original documents, only use copies of your document.
  • The address that you use has to be where you are currently residing.
  • If you reside under the same roof as different households, you can still apply for a free government phone. 

Procedure For Applying For A Safelink Free Government Phone

Safelink Free Government Phone

The first step is to go to the Safelink Wireless website using your phone or laptop. The Safelink Lifeline Program is currently in a couple of states; ensure that you confirm it’s in yours. You will be requested to input your ZIP code before proceeding with the application process.

Some sections will prompt you to confirm your enrollment in another government program. Your supporting documents should be attached to your application.

If you’re successful, your Safelink Free Government phone will be sent to your address in days. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to try applying for a second time or seek other options.

Top 3 Safelink Free Government Phones

Of all the free phones offered by Safelink Wireless, these are some of the favorites:

1. Samsung Galaxy A01

When it comes to screen size, the Samsung Galaxy A01 is king. This phone has a 5.7-inch PLS LCD screen. It is perfect for movie lovers and people who love social media as the display is crisp. You have an Android 10 with an adreno 505 GPU suited for gamers for the OS.

Storage is not an issue for Samsung Galaxy A01 users as you have a 32GB internal memory and 2GB RAM. There is a dual 13MP back camera and a 5MP selfie camera for people who love to take pictures. You can use this phone for the whole day without it getting drained thanks to its 3000 mAh non-detachable battery.

2. Google Pixel

The Google Pixel is another fine device with a slightly smaller display. Its screen size is 5-inches but very functional. You can still browse and play online games comfortably. It possesses 32 GB internal memory and 4GB RAM. This is enough to store your documents, photos, or music. Its RAM allows you to run heavy applications without it slugging.

The battery has a capacity of 2770 mAh which can serve you for a good amount of time.

3. Alcatel MYFLIP

The Alcatel MYFLIP is the simplest phone on our list and the most reliable. It is 4G enabled, so you will not have any network issues. Their major advantage is a long standby time lasting up to 11 days.  

It also has a decent camera with a resolution of 2MP. If you’re not a huge fan of the wide-screen designs that have saturated the market, then Alcatel’s flip design will suit you. For a basic phone, its 4GB memory is more than enough.

Activating A Safelink Free Government Phone

Safelink free government phone activation is straightforward. Follow the procedure outlined below:

  • The phone always comes in a box, so take everything out to start with.
  • Using the power cord provided, charge the phone until it is 100% full.
  • If your phone isn’t already activated, use the guide provided on the activation card to do it.
  • The last part is turning on your phone and trying to call. If it succeeds, the whole activation process is successful.


Safelink free government phones have enabled thousands of households to get their hands on quality phones without spending a single dime. This program, available to qualifying households only is expanding daily to accommodate more people in different states.

The best thing about it is that you will also receive a free SIM card and wireless phone services from Safelink Wireless. You won’t be stuck after getting a free phone. Also, Safelink Wireless customer care is readily available; just contact them if there is any part of this application procedure that you don’t understand. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can The Safelink Free Government Phones Be Upgraded?

Yes. You can receive an upgrade from Safelink Wireless as long as your previous phone is compatible with their network. Another prerequisite is that you are a member of their service; if not, you have to join first.

How Many Free Safelink Phones Can I have?

You can only have one free Safelink at a go since the Lifeline Assistance Program requires each household to have a single phone.

Can You Get A Free iPhone From Safelink?

No, Safelink Wireless only offers mid-range android phones. If you need an iPhone, you can buy it at a discount from them.

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