Simple Mobile Phones for Seniors Citizens

While smartphones are essential, seniors need simple, basic phones that make it possible for them to communicate. Senior citizens need to call family members or emergency services providers. That’s why they may not need smartphones.

Simple mobile phones for seniors may come in the form of flip phones and bar phones. Since you might not know which phone to choose, this article describes these devices in greater detail.

How to Choose Simple Mobile Phones for Seniors

Simple Mobile Phones for Seniors

Not every simple phone is excellent for senior citizens. When choosing a phone for this population segment, you should pay attention to several things. Here is a quick look at what makes a phone work for the elderly:

1. Flip Phones for Seniors

One of the effects of age is difficulty in using the traditional smartphone keypad. With a flip phone, seniors can access large tactile buttons that make it easy to type. Besides, the display provides black and white contrast for vivid visibility. Similarly, flip phones offer simple navigation and ergonomic, aesthetic design.

2. Durable Battery Life

A good phone for seniors should have long battery life. It should last for at least 12 hours. That way, seniors won’t have to spend much time recharging their phones. So they can remain in touch with loved ones throughout the day.

3. Voice-Activated Features

Having keystrokes has an obvious appeal to senior citizens. However, you don’t have to stick to it. With a smartphone, senior citizens can activate features that only require the use of voice. With voice-activated features, senior citizens can use voice texting, voice dialing, text-to-speech, and other voice controls.

4. Utilize Add-On Magnifier or Large Screen

Aging results in diminished vision. Senior citizens with impaired vision can use large-screen smartphones or acquire a magnifying device. While that results in additional costs, it makes it possible for them to read emails, web pages, and texts.

5. Instant Contact Features

Simple mobile phones for seniors with quick dial features for emergency responders are a great option. Some smartphone manufacturers have also included these features in their products. For example, users of Samsung phones can send SOS messages to emergency services.

6. Hearing Aid Compatibility

For smartphone users, there are several apps for amplifying sound to help seniors listen to conversations with family members. Also, you may get a phone that pairs well with hearing aids to help senior citizens easily make calls.

The 8 Best Simple Mobile Phones for Senior Citizens

There are several phones for senior citizens, including smartphones, tablet phones, bar phones, and flip phones. The following are some of the simple mobile phones you can purchase for senior citizens:

1. Snapfon ezTWO3G

Snapfon ezTWO3G

The Snapfon ezTWO3G has a vivid keypad with large numbers and letters. Senior citizens can view the number clearly, making it easier to call family members and emergency services. As they dial the numbers, the speaking keypad pronounces them loudly. Therefore, it’s easy to know when you have dialed the wrong number.

It’s easy to see the numbers on the keyboard since they come in 28-point font. The phone also makes it possible to enhance volume to use the keypad effectively. Apart from senior citizens, the phone can also serve people with impaired vision.

You can buy this phone as an available device capable of working on SnapMobile, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other networks. Therefore, the phone plan will depend on the network carrier to which you are subscribed.

The phone has an SOS button on the back for making emergency calls. So all you need to do is press the button. With that, you can call family members and emergency services whenever you’re in distress.

Due to its minimalist design, the phone is perfect for basic phone calls and messaging. However, the phone has no option for sharing or transferring photos via text message. Instead, it requires you to transfer files using a USB cable. In addition, it weighs 8.6 pounds and could be too heavy.

2. GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

GreatCall Jitterbug Flip

If you’re looking for an essential flip phone, the GreatCall Jitterbug Flip is the best option. Like the older feature phones, this device lacks internet, apps, games, and other special features. All it does is help senior citizens make calls and nothing more.

With a keypad that displays large numbers, the phone is easy for senior citizens to use. The navigation menu is old-fashioned with Yes and No buttons. However, it has a 5start urgent response button for making emergency calls.

Although lacking other apps, the GreatCall Jitterbug Flip syncs with the GreatCall Link. Through the app, loved ones can monitor a senior citizen’s activities. The app also sends out emergency alerts to loved ones.

Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t work with any other network carrier but only connects to GreatCall services. Furthermore, users have reported connectivity issues. While many dropped calls, others experienced poor reception.

3. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2

This is the first smartphone in the simple-mobile-phones-for-seniors category. It has an easy-to-navigate list-based menu with voice typing and universal icons. Senior citizens can use the phone to make calls quickly and send texts.

It features pre-installed apps like Gmail and Google Maps. The Jitterbug Smart2 features a front-facing speakerphone for maximum clarity and audibility. It comes with a 5.5-inch screen with a rear and front camera.

The phone has a large 2 GB phone memory that allows users to download and install many apps. One of these apps is the GreatCall Link, which enables family and friends to track the activities of their loved ones. Once you activate the 5Start button, the phone sends alerts to the concerned family members.

One of the selling points of the Jitterbug Smart2 is the long-lasting battery. The 3000mAh battery provides average performance, just like any other smartphone. However, it’s locked to the GreatCall network. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it on any other network before unlocking it.

4. Blu Joy

Blu Joy

Even though a simple phone, the Blue Joy has a sleek, glitzy exterior with a leather backside. With such as modern look, you’ll be forgiven for mistaking it for a high-end phone. However, it weighs 1.22 ounces, making it incredibly lightweight.

It features several entertainment options, including MP3 & MP4 players, FM radio, and a camera for recording brief video clips. Senior citizens will love the large keypad. It’s easy to navigate and use.

The 2G phone is compatible with many network carriers, including Straight Talk, T-Mobile, and Simple Mobile. In addition, it comes with a dual-SIM feature to hook up to different data, voice, and text plans.

Blu Joy comes with an SOS button at the back. Pressing the button triggers the phone to send emergency calls to firefighters, medical personnel, and the police. So, you don’t have to dial 911 to reach emergency responders.

Even though one of the best simple mobile phones for seniors, it doesn’t work with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint 3G, 4G, or 5G services. Therefore, Blu Joy users are only limited to 2G networks. In addition, when it comes to the internet, the phone is prolonged.

5. LG Exalt LTE

LG Exalt LTE

The LG Exalt LTE comes with a 3.0-inch color screen, one of the biggest for a flip phone. Senior citizens can use the giant screens to read texts and make calls easily. In addition, it features a minimalist design that makes it very practical. With large tactile buttons, the phone is straightforward to use.

It is tied to the Verizon 4G LTE network and is capable of transmitting voice in HD. Regardless of how inaudible a senior citizen is, they will be able to make clear calls. Hearing assistance amplifies sound, making communication easier even in noisy environments.

The phone has a 5 MP camera for shooting vivid, high-resolution pictures and high-definition videos. In addition, the phone now has 8GB storage, expandable to 32GB via microSD.

It is one of the best simple mobile phones for seniors. The LG Exalt LTE has the text-to-speed capability, helping seniors to listen to texts easily. It’s also great for hands-free operations.

6. Kyocera DuraXV LTE

Kyocera DuraXV LTE

The Kyocera DuraXV LTE was released in 2018 for Verizon Wireless. It is capable of working on both 3G and 4G networks. Apart from Verizon Wireless, the phone is excellent for international roaming.

It has robust architecture, durable construction, a backflip, and a rubberized phone. The phone features a 1-inch back OLED display that shows time and other status information. Once you flip it open, the phone reveals a bright 2.6-inch LCD camera.

There’s a speakerphone at the base of the flip, making it possible for seniors to have hands-free operations. In addition, it has rubber plugs covering the phone’s ports to form effective waterproofing.

It can withstand water damage, dust, corrosion, vibration, and shock, thanks to its military standard 810G rating. Although it may allow some water, the phone dries up quickly after shaking.

The phone operates on the Verizon 3G network. Besides global roaming, you can use the phone to make calls over the internet, thanks to the availability of dual-band Wi-Fi. In addition, it provides high-quality audio and comes with several essential apps.

7. Kazuna eTalk

Kazuna eTalk

The Kazuna eTalk is one of the best simple mobile phones for seniors. Even though it features a simple flip phone look, the phone has 4G capability and provides smartphone voice quality. In addition, the phone, made in Japan, features exquisite craftsmanship, which you cannot find elsewhere.

It weighs 107.7 grams and measures 113 x 58 x 17mm, fitting perfectly in the arms. The phone has 4GB storage and 512MB of RAM, and a 2.8-inch screen. It has an additional black casing with little or no sharp edges.

The phone can survive drops and other bruises from everyday use thanks to the black, rigid plastic material. In addition, it has a camera and an LED flash for taking photos in dark conditions.

For the benefit of visually challenged seniors, the phone has large tactile keys. As a result, seniors will find it easy to use and navigate. The phone also has shortcut keys for camera and speakerphone functionalities.

8. Samsung Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e

The Samsung Galaxy A10e is the second smartphone on this list of simple mobile phones for seniors. It features a 5.83-inch screen capable of providing an HD display. In addition, the phone operates on the Android 9.0 OS and runs an Exynos 7884 Octa-Core processor.

At the very basic, the phone has 32GB of storage, which you can expand using microSD. Therefore, it can store most of your files, pictures, and videos. Depending on your model, the phone has 2GB or 3 GB of RAM.

It has a 3000mAh battery lasting up to 39 hours on a single charge. In addition, the phone has several connectivity options, including dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, and USB Type-C 2.0. besides, the phone has a 5MP or 8MP primary camera or a 2MP or 5MP selfie camera. So it’s straightforward for you to take high-quality pictures.

Seniors benefit from the large screen, which vividly displays texts, emails, and web pages. As a result, they can make calls and receive them quickly. At the same time, it’s easier to use the text-to-voice functionality when reading messages.

The Bottom Line

Simple mobile phones for seniors make it possible for the elderly to communicate with loved ones without strain. Some have special buttons for calling emergency services or loved ones. While many of the devices come from flip phones, others are smartphones.

When buying a phone for a senior citizen, please pay attention to its ability to display high-contrast graphics. It should also have an emergency button. Luckily, several phone models exist for seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of phones are best for seniors?

The best phones for seniors provide larger keypads, highly-contrasting displays, and text-to-sound features. As a result, they make it easier for seniors to communicate with loved ones and emergency services. A good phone for seniors should also have a dedicated emergency dial button.

Are smartphones with more oversized buttons better for seniors?

Yes. With big buttons, seniors can navigate their phones and make and pick calls. Such phones are helpful for seniors with poor vision and talent issues.

Do older people need smartphones?

Yes. Older people need smartphones since they provide better functionality. For example, they can use their phones to book appointments, do online shopping, or carry out banking transactions.

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