The 5 Best Simple Mobile Prepaid Plans (Unlimited Data)

As communication reaches unforeseen technological peaks, borders become less meaningful. The past few years have seen telecommunication innovations that have facilitated interacting with loved ones abroad, and diving into the infinite resource of internet information you share with them.

However, these innovations do not come cheap: while the internet is practically required to function in the US, an unlimited connection remains inaccessible to many. Simple Mobile prepaid plans are designed to decrease your spending and improve your web surfing and calling experience.

Simple Mobile has offered highly competitive data and call plans for years now. However, this year it has seen the arising of even more exciting features: the “Truly Unlimited Plan” and the “Upgrade Unlimited Plan”. Requirements to subscribe to this service are basic. You need only to join the Simple Mobile family. Stick around to examine what you may gain from this switch.

In this post, we will examine the validity of Simple Mobile claims, and establish whether or not their plans are worth the investment. We will also provide you insight on services that may help you make the transitions to Simple Mobile.

The following information will also tell you all you need to look for in an ideal prepaid contract. From 4G LTE coverage to unlimited international calls, you now have an array of premium options to pick from at the fraction of the price requested by Tel-Com giants. We believe that there are all the resources you need to start saving. So sit back, get comfortable, and read further on Simple Mobile hyper-competitive service plans.

A Little Background On Simple Mobile

Before you invest in a prepaid plan, you will want to know a little more about the company you are entrusting with your monthly re-up payments. After all, plenty of service providers are notorious for their poor network coverage and deceitful data-limiting practices.

You may be reassured to find that Simple Mobile has a relatively good reputation. Simple Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that runs on the T-Mobile network. The company has acquired substantial coverage to ensure its customers can access crisp-clear call communication and rapid internet access.

Simple Mobile was founded a decade ago in Miami, Florida. Since then, the company’s ethos has been coast-to-coast coverage with no added costs, contract fees or overpriced re-ups. Essentially, the company asserts that no matter the service you choose, you will be able to enjoy either 4G LTE internet or HSPA+ 4G service, which is considered almost as good. Simple Mobile internet speeds up to 42.2 Mbps per second, which makes them about mid-range in high-speed internet provision. Simple Mobile also provides roaming services in Mexico.

Why Use Simple Mobile

Before we get into the prepaid mobile plans Simple Mobile offers, you may want to consider the company’s strong points. The following sets Simple Mobile apart from the competition:

  • Affordability: Simple Mobile unlimited data plans start at $25 and $30. There are offers available to all budgets.
  • No strings attached: there are no additional or “mystery” fees required when subscribing or unsubscribing to the service
  • High-speed internet: the provision of high-speed internet will allow you to stay in constant contact with those you love or work with.
  • You may keep your own phone: Simple Mobile allows you to use their plans with your existing phone as long as it is unlocked by its carrier, entirely paid for and equipped with a 1700 AWS band.
  • Discounted Smartphones: even the lowest simple mobile prepaid plans allow you to purchase a brand new, high-tech smartphone with credited payment.

Simple Mobile No Contract Service Plans

1. Standard Payment Plans

The following service plans are standard simple mobile prepaid plans packages. They entail free text messaging, unlimited talk and data available during international roaming to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Peru.

Plan NamePlan FeaturesPlan CostClauses
3 GBUnlimited internet, Unlimited calls, Unlimited text, Mobile hotspot$25.00 first payment or 2,500 points $23.75 monthlyFirst, 3GB is 4G LTE and then 2G
5 GBUnlimited internet, Unlimited calls, Unlimited text, Mobile hotspot$30.00 first payment or 3,000 points $28.50 monthlyFirst, 5GB is 4G LTE and then 2G
15 GBUnlimited internet, Unlimited calls, Unlimited text, Mobile hotspot, HSPA+ 4G service$40.00 first payment or 4,000 points $37.50 monthlyFirst 15 GB are 4G LTE and then 2G or HSPA + 4G depending on network coverage
Truly UnlimitedUnlimited internet, Unlimited calls, Unlimited text, Mobile hotspot, HSPA+ 4G service, 5 GB extra for hotspot at 480p video stream quality$50.00 first payment or 5,000 points $45.50 monthlyPotentially reduced speeds when network is congested The potential speed reduction for customers using over 40 GB a month
Truly Unlimited 4G LTE Speed DataUnlimited internet, Unlimited calls, Unlimited text, Mobile hotspot, 50 GB cloud storage, HSPA+ 4G service, 15 GB extra for hotspot at 480p video stream quality$60.00 first payment or 6,000 points $57.00 monthlyPotentially reduced speeds when network is congested The potential speed reduction for customers using over 40 GB a month

In order to facilitate your service use, you may want to sign up for Auto Refill, which will save you from having to repay first month rates every time. Using the Simple Mobile pay bill Auto Refill, your service is automatically renewed by the Service End Date. Fortunately, the system allows for swift service cancellation at any time with no penalties or added fees.

2. Add-On Plans

The following are plans you may add to an existent package for added data or international calls.

Plan NamePlan FeaturesPlan CostClauses
2GB2 GB data added to 4G LTE internet$5.00 or 500 pointsUnused balance cannot be used the next month
5 GB5 GB data added to 4G LTE internet$10.00 or 1000 pointsUnused balance cannot be used the next month
10 GB10 GB data added to 4G LTE internet$20.00 or 2000 pointsUnused balance cannot be used the next month
Add-On InternationalPay As You Go$10.00 pr $1000 pointsBalance Roll Over to Next Month with Active Service

The 5 Best Simple Mobile Prepaid Plans With Unlimited Data

simple mobile prepaid plans

1. 3GB Plan $25

The special offer 3GB plan is something to hop on before going back to school or college. It offers a fantastic discount on fast internet provision. The 3GB of 4G LTE internet can be used throughout the month for video streaming, video-calling and the use of apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

However, if you are a frequent web user, this bundle may run out fast and you will have to be dependent on 2G internet. 2G internet will allow you to use standard sites like Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia comfortably. It will also allow you to send emails and chats. However, it may become uncomfortable when streaming videos or attempting to have a video call. It may also lead to delays during web-calling.

We advise that you opt for this plan if you have both a limited budget and little use of fast-speed internet. This plan is heavily discounted because of its special offer. You will still be allowed a discounted payment with your Simple Mobile pay bill ReUp though. Therefore, if you feel it may be suited to you, don’t wait any further!

2. 2GB Plan $30

This plan is perfect for students and those with little use of phone internet. If you are not spending the day bent over your screen watching trending Youtube videos, this may be the option for you. The standard 2GB plan allows for local and international calling (rates will apply) and unlimited texting nationwide. This will allow you to stay in touch with your connections without breaking the bank.

If you are a standard iMessage (or other chatting apps) user, you will find that an unlimited 2GB of the internet is entirely enough to fulfill your testing needs.

3. 15GB Plan $40

When special offers feature large-scale fast internet provision, there not much else to consider. 15GB of 4G LTE internet over a month amounts to half a GB of lightning-speed videos and video calls every day. 500 MBs a day is more than enough to cover web-surfing and the watching of videos. It will also allow you to stream on music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music for uninterrupted hours on end.

The only people who may find this plan unsatisfactory are chronic internet users. Therefore, if you consider yourself a social media and streaming addict, you may want to keep scrolling.

As a frequent web and app user with time to spare for video sharing and music streaming, however, this plan will do you justice. It’s a limited offer so why hesitate any longer?

4. $50 Unlimited Plan

The truly unlimited plan has earned some controversy because of its network-congestion speed slowing and its hot-spotting bundle. Customers have reported struggling to use high-speed internet on their Hotspot and being unsure what roaming privileges they were entitled to.

However, this was not our experience. With this package, you can hotspot with 4G internet for up to 10 GB after which your hotspot drops down to 2G. This means that on top of your unlimited high-speed phone internet, you can now stream movies on your computer or TV comfortably, for up to 10 GB!

Yes, there may be some speed reduction. However, that is standard for every service provider. The truly unlimited plan only offers slow internet at times of network congestion. This is usually out of Network providers’ control, as they will need to make space on the network to increase fluidity. At over 40 GB of internet use, Simple Mobile reserves the right to slow your internet to an HSPA+ 4G speed, which is practically as fast as 4G LTE. Most experts will agree that this change in speed is barely perceptible to users.

This plan is ideal for those who work and/or play on the internet abundantly and do not wish to have their consumption limited. You can now stream any movies, go on youtube marathons while video-calling, or spend your day broadcasting, guilt-free. With this package, gone are the days of early-month forced add-ons. You can be certain that with 40 GB of high-speed internet, your whole month can feature constant rapid access to the virtual world.

5. $60 Unlimited Plan 4G LTE

The idea that a price cut could be available on the truly unlimited 4G plan seems almost too good to be true and this offer can be yours. As all the information necessary about the features of this pack and others have already been listed, we hope you are now ready for your own verdict.


Simple Mobile plans are, as far as unlimited internet and call services go, some of the most enticing packages on the market. They have affordable plans for the basic internet user and the streaming junkie. With all budgets, you can be certain to find what you need with Simple Mobile.

However, many of Simple Mobile offers involve the limited provision of 4G internet, therefore, this is a service we believe is most enjoyable on a higher budget. Our suggestion is to opt for the 15 GB 4G LTE subscription service first to try out Simple Mobile coverage.

Simple Mobile prepaid plans are deserving of a notable mention among the best service plan offers. While you may have to be prepared for add-on data bundles when opting for the lower-price service plans, the total costs will still be relatively competitive. The only letdown of this service is the likelihood of crowded coverage at certain hours of the day. However, this problem is not individual to Simple Mobile.

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