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The 5 Best Soft Pull Department Store Credit Cards in 2022

A soft pull, also known as a soft inquiry, grants a creditor a chance to re-examine your credit score and credit report to understand how excellent you are managing your credit. With soft pull credit cards, you can confirm pre-approval and ask for a credit limit increment without requesting a hard credit inquiry. 

Soft pull department store credit cards are issued after making a comprehensive hard credit inquiry. Soft pull credit cards can be hard to come by or easy to find – it all relies on how you describe them.

If you have been searching for department store credit cards that provide pre-qualification upon giving your soft pull credit report, search no more as we have compiled numerous options in this post. Most prominent issuers provide pre-qualification requirements on some or all their cards, which is meant to enable you to get an enthusiastic sense of your approval values prior to your application.

The 5 Best Soft Pull Credit Card Stores

Soft Pull Department Store Credit Cards

Do you want to control your expenditure or build credit and avoid a hard credit pull? Worry no more as here we cover the 5 best soft pull department store credit cards worth considering. While soft pull credits offer nearly nothing in the form of perks or rewards, the secured cards discussed here will not need a hard inquiry.

Below are the five most accessible and best soft credit cards you should consider.

1) Target REDcard store

Target stores are the second-largest store across the United States, giving millions of shoppers everything they require from electronics to food to clothing and other basic household goods.

They provides various card options, a Mastercard, a debit card, and a store card. Target gives a debit card that you can use to pay for your target purchases by paying directly from your checking account. Target credit card is only usable on Target stores.

Key features of Target REDcard:

  • Free shipping on target buyers
  • No yearly fees
  • Extended return period
  • 5% discount on target.com and Target purchases

2) Walmart Store Card

The Walmart Store Card is one of the best soft pull department store credit cards that you can find easily. Walmart is among the big-box stores that can make a potential source for almost all your shopping necessities. If you are a regular Walmart customer, this card offers fabulous in-app and online rewards besides cashback earning chances on other standard purchases.

Key features of Walmart store card:

  • The card can be used at different Walmart stores
  • Has offers for purchasing gas
  • Incentivizes purchases made on Walmart.com instead of in-store
  • You get $20 off on every purchase of $75 or higher
  • Card owners get 3% on purchases through Walmart.com and 2% off on gas (only on Murphy and Walmart USA gas stations).
  • You also get 1% off on every purchase made.
  • No annual fees
  • It has a relatively high APR, and it varies based on credit score

3) Fingerhut Credit Account

Fingerhut is a shopping website focusing on making purchases more affordable by issuing credit accounts with minimum monthly payments. WebBank provides this credit card purposefully to allow you to grow your credit.

Key features of Fingerhut Credit Account:

  • Charges $0 annual fees, membership fees, or over-limit fees
  • Has a fixed 29.99% APR for buyers
  • It has a returned-payment fee and late fee of about $40
  • Has steep interest rate

4) JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenney Credit Card is one of the most common soft pull department store credit cards often used to pay your online bills, operate your account preferences, check your FICO score, and register for paperless billing. Cardmembers are directly signed in JCPenney rewards with plenty of benefits. With JCPenney Credit Card, the higher you spend, the better the services you enjoy.

Key features of the JCPenney Credit Card:

  • Cardmembers are automatically eligible for rewards on all purchases made using the card.
  • For every $1 spent on purchases from the in-stores or jcp.com, you earn one point amounting to a maximum of $2.
  • Has exclusive savings day.
  • Has special financing on each qualifying purchase for fine jewelry, mattresses, furniture, and many more.
  • Issues low-cost credit build-up.
  • Has no annual fees.
  • It only needs fair credit to get approved.

5) Kohl’s Credit Card

Kohl’s is a family-friendly store offering quality clothing commodities at an affordable cost. The store uses its credit card to cultivate loyal customers by offering friendly discounts., coupons and promotions. The card is only usable on Kohl’s department stores and at Kohls.com.

Key Features of Kohl’s Credit Card:

  • Receipt-free returns on all commodities bought using the card
  • Access to My Kohl’s Charge online platform through individual account
  • Regular notifications on Kohl’s Charge sales event.
  • Has no annual fee


Retailers such as store credit cards push for credit cards because they want you to spend more. A retail card will not harm your scores by increasing your credit use.

The only bottleneck of soft pull credit cards is that they charge high interest rates and can even be dangerous than conventional credit cards, especially when you carry a balance.

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