Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

Straight Talk highlight is the flexible phone payment plan options that allow users to purchase brand new smartphones at great discounts. The company offers a wide selection of new smartphones and several options to pay for them. You can pay a one-off fee for your dream phone or choose the affordable monthly option.

What is Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

With many mobile carriers offering affordable service plans, cellular providers are looking for innovative ways to gain market advantage. Straight Talk has partnered with several financial providers to enable its customers to buy the latest mobile phones in affordable payment plans.

The phone payment plan is helpful to customers who want to use the latest phone technology but do not have the budget to pay for the phone upfront. For instance, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for $799. Alternatively, you can use the phone as you pay affordable monthly instalments that start as low as $33.

Phone Payment Options Offered By Straight Talk

Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

1. Monthly installments

Monthly installment allows people to buy their dream phone without over-committing their finances. Almost anyone can get a phone at Straight Talk, irrespective of your income as long as you have good credit. You choose the phone you want to buy, make a downpayment and pay the balance in a flexible period of up to 24 months. It is a good option for customers who cannot afford to pay for the phone in full. The monthly installments are usually between $20 and $30, depending on the price of the phone you want to buy.

2. Lease

Why stick with a mobile phone for years while manufacturers release new ones every year? Straight Talk gives you the option to lease your phone. You will pay a monthly fee to use the phone and return it to the carrier at the end of your leasing contract. It is an affordable way to get your hands on the latest device without a long-term commitment to keep the phone. You can lease the $1099 Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G smartphone for as low as $45 a month. Leasing further brings possibilities to those who do not have the budget for a phone. You can lease the Blu C5L 2020 smartphone for as low as $2.46 a month.

3. Finance

Straight Talk allows customers to finance a new phone through the equipment installment plan (EIP). It is a monthly installment phone payment plan that lets you pay for a device in several installments. It is different from monthly installments as you will have to pay the full phone price before you can get the device. In a monthly installment plan, you make a deposit, get the phone and pay the balance as you use the device.

4. Early upgrade

If you are not happy with your current phone, you can upgrade to a new release at no extra charge. The free early phone upgrade is available to customers making monthly payments. You do not have to wait for the payment plan to end before you upgrade to a newer release. Nonetheless, you will extend your agreement and your monthly expense will rise if you choose to upgrade early.

Companies That Offer Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan

Straight Talk has a partnership with several financing companies to give its customers broader options. You can apply for financing through the Straight Talk website or visit the respective financing company website to get a Straight Talk phone loan. The companies that offer Straight Talk phone financing include:

1. SmartPay

Straight Talk has a partnership with SmartPay that allows customers to get financing and buy the latest mobile devices. It is a leasing company that lets you get the latest mobile technology and pay in affordable monthly instalments. The service does not have cancellation fees. You can cancel the lease at any time you find a better option. Some of the SmartPay Straight Talk phone deals available on its website include:

  • $27.04 per month for Google Pixel 6
  • $49.96 per month for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • $14.54 per month for Apple iPhone SE
  • $31.21 per month for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
  • $3.71 per month for Motorola Droid Turbo 2

2. Affirm

Affirm lets you buy a Straight Talk smartphone and get free shipping. You also get zero-percent APR financing if you pay for the phone in four payments every two weeks. Setting up your account is easy and it will not affect your credit score. The company does not have hidden fees. You will pay for what you see. To pay with Affirm, you should:

  1. Shop for Straight Talk phone at the carrier’s website or Walmart
  2. At checkout, choose pay later with Affirm
  3. Select the best payment option for you
  4. Make your payments


If you’re looking for an affordable way to pay for your cell phone service, the Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan is a great option. With this plan, you can choose to pay for your service on a monthly or yearly basis, and you’ll get a discount if you pay for your service upfront. The biggest downside to this plan is that you’ll need to have a credit card to sign up for it, but if you’re able to use a credit card, it’s a great way to save money on your cell phone bill.

People Also Ask

Does Straight Talk have payment arrangements?

Yes, Straight Talk offers payment arrangements for customers who need help paying their bill. Customers can contact customer service to set up a payment plan that works for their budget.

How do you get approved for Straight Talk SmartPay?

To get approved for Straight Talk SmartPay, you will need to provide some personal information and answer a few questions. Once you have completed this, you will then be able to choose a payment plan that best suits your needs.

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