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The 10 Best Banks With Instant Mobile Deposit

Choosing the right bank is not just about saving your money or having a checking account. You also need to ensure that you have the convenience of accessing your money at any time you feel like it. When you need to deposit money, you should be able to do so at your earliest convenience.

Several banks will allow instant deposits, making it easy for you to do your banking from anywhere you want. You can benefit from the best banks with an instant mobile deposit because they are efficient and appropriate for anyone. Keep reading as we review these banks.

The 10 Best Banks With Instant Mobile Deposit

Banks With Instant Mobile Deposit

The mobile deposit has made things easy for many people because you do not have to make your way to the bank and endure long queues. Although there are limits, unlike check deposits with a bank teller or ATM, there are many advantages that you will get when using your instant mobile deposit.

The following are the top ten best banks with instant mobile deposits:

1. Bank Of America

Bank of America allows mobile check deposits of up to $10,000 per month if the account has been open for three months or longer. If the account were opened for a period shorter than three months, you would have a limit of $2500 in a month. Also, if you have a preferred reward program for more than three months, you will have a mobile check deposit limit of $50,000 per month. If the account is lower than three months, the limit will be $25,000.  This bank has efficient digital tools, and it is available for all account holders. They provide support to their customers both online and on the phone so that the customer can get any questions they have answered. You can also monitor your account activities using a virtual assistant, and it has several branches with a wide range of ATMs.

It has several branches and free ATMs
Has a solid mobile app and savings tools
The monthly fee is easy to avoid
It has lower transfer limits

2. Chase Bank

With Chase Bank, you will get a deposit limit of up to $2000 a day and $5000 over 30 days. It offers its customers convenience because the accounts come in a broad range of financial services and the rates are low. With chase bank, you will have access to auto loans, mortgages, and many other selections available with the credit card industry. The website is updated to compete with online-only banks that mainly focus on checking and savings. Every account holder has access to mobile banking, which will include paying bills online. You will also get a debit card that has a security-enhancing EMV chip to guarantee your account security from fraudsters and hackers.

It has several branches and free ATMs
The monthly basic fee is easy to avoid
Has a bonus offer when checking
The monthly fees are high, and they offer low interest on premier checking accounts.

3. Bank5 Connect

The bank5 connect has a savings account and checking account with a low balance requirement on deposits. You will need a $10 deposit to open a high-interest savings account, and it also has an online-only division to make it easy for you to make instant mobile deposits. This bank does not have any monthly fees, and you will have free access to ATMs and rebates even when you are using an ATM outside the bank’s network. The online bank will refund you up to $15 if the ATM operator charges you a fee for using the machine.

It offers competitive rates
There is no monthly fee
You can access several ATMs across the country
You need $100 in your checking account to earn interest.

4. Wells Fargo

With the Wells Fargo mobile check deposit, you will get a limit of $2500 per day and $5000 for a period of over 30 days. It is highly accessible because it has numerous branches in many locations and states so that you can easily get any service you need fast. The monthly fees are waived, and there are several methods offered to make deposits. This bank has also partnered with Intuit so that you can have a seamless and competent connection when you need to access your account at any time you like. The bank makes it easy for its users to qualify for waivers, and its innovative, secure data-sharing apps ensure your information is safe all the time. You will enjoy low-interest rates when you bank with this bank, and you can open a platinum savings with only $25.

They  have a secure system for customer account information
There is no minimum balance required to earn interest
The mobile services are fast and seamless
The overdraft fees of $35 are levied up to three times a day.

5. Citibank

Citibank is among the best banks with instant mobile deposits because it allows a mobile check deposit of $1000 per day if the account has been open for six months or more and $3000 if the account is less than six months old. It has a limit of $500 per day and allows up to $1500 in a month. This bank has a savings account that pays competitive yields for a long while, and it does not have a minimum opening deposit. This means that it is accessible to anyone, and you can have both a checking and savings account with them so that you can avoid monthly service fees. This bank requires you to have an average monthly balance of $500 so that you can have the service fee of $4.50 a month waived.

It links your savings with a checking account
You can make deposits using a Citi mobile deposit service
It offers a top tier APY to its customers
The competitive APY available to customers is only available in specifically selected markets.

6. Ally Bank

Many people recognize Ally Bank as one of the best because of its competitive rates. You do not require a minimum deposit when you open an account, and it supports mobile apps to make it easy for customers to make deposits. The APY offered by the bank is top-rated, and the products are accessible to savers of sorts of levels. This bank has a highly-rated mobile app because it is impressive and has many things that most mobile banking apps do not offer. With the app, you can easily find nearby ATMs and deposit checks, and you can also organize your savings and set up card controls.  The account does not have monthly service fees, and anyone can afford to use the bank.

The mobile banking app is highly rated
It does not charge a monthly service fee
You have access to over 43000 ATMs across the country
The APY is above average at 0.50%
It does not allow cash deposits

7. Capital One Bank

Capital One Bank has a check deposit limit that varies for every customer making it ideal for people with different banking needs. The typical limit per day is $5000, and you do not need a minimum balance to operate the bank account. This bank does not charge a monthly fee, and in some areas, the customers can access physical branches. The mobile banking app used with this bank is efficient, and you will not need to pay for the deposit services. This is a hybrid financial institution specializing in providing online banking services with a few select cafes in some locations.

It does not need a minimum balance
Here are no monthly fees
No fee for ATM access
The overdraft fees are high at $35 for every transaction.

8. Discover Bank

If you are looking for a bank that also offers credit cards, Discover Bank is one of the best banks for you. It is a national brand that also has banking services accessible for all customer levels. The bank’s representatives are available over the phone 24/7 to offer you support whenever you need it, and you will not pay any fees for deposit products. You do not require a minimum deposit when you open an account, whether it is a savings or a checking account. This bank allows mobile deposits using an app. They are also available for other online services, making it easy for customers to access their accounts and keep up with their financial conditions. You can also use the over 60,000 ATMs available all over the country to access your account.

No minimum deposit is needed to open an account
There are no fees for deposit products
Bank representatives are available on the phone 24/7
They have high overdraft fees

9. TD Bank

If you open an account with TD bank, you will have a check deposit limit of $1000 per day for the first three to six months and $2500 per day rolling on a 30 day period. Customers that opened their accounts for 6 to 12 months will get a limit of $2500 per day and $3500 over 30 days. If you have had the account for over one year, you will have a limit of $2500 per day and $6000 for 30 days. This bank is ideal for anyone who likes mobile deposits because it supports this using an app and has several accounts for you to choose from. The bank has free ATM access, and it is available for many savings levels, which makes it ideal even for students who want to start saving or have started a new job and need a checking account.

Has a wide variety of checking and savings accounts
It has a large brick and mortar presence
No minimum deposit to open the account
Does not have competitive interest rates and bonuses for customers

10. TAB Bank

The Transportation Alliance Bank makes it easy for their customers because it has a highly-rated mobile app. You can use the app with any android or apple mobile device, which is accessible to all savers. There is no minimum deposit required for opening an account, and you can earn competitive yields on certificate deposits with this bank. You will not need to pay steep fees when you have an account with this bank, and you only need to have a maintaining balance of $1 daily with the savings account. You can use your account to pay bills, deposit checks and find your recent transactions anytime you like on the app. If you do not need paper statements, you will not pay the $5 monthly fee.

The mobile banking app is highly efficient
They do not charge a minimum amount for account opening
It is accessible to all kinds of savers
The ATM access fee is not free

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bank

Choosing a bank may seem easy to some people, but you must get a trusted partner to handle your finances. If you are looking to open an account, you need to consider the following factors before choosing the right bank for you:

  • Your Banking Needs: Depending on what you need your bank to do, you can choose the right bank. A personal account is different from a business account because of the services you may need from your bank. You can also combine the two depending on the type of account you want.
  • Bank Perks: Banks offer different perks, from rewards to bonuses, and you need to know what the bank is offering before you open an account with them.
  • Your Credit Score: If you need to use your bank to get loans, mortgages, and other financial reasons, you need to ensure that you check your credit score. This is because some banks will filter people with bad credit.
  • The Location: You need to know where the bank is to go to the branch if you need help quickly. If you are using the mobile app, ensure that the bank has telephone support so that you can access help whenever you need it.
  • Digital Alternatives: Even without an actual location, you can easily access banking services if the bank has a digital option. This makes it convenient and easy for you to access your bank account from anywhere you are. Check the bank website so that you can ascertain their online presence and how active they are online.
  • Account Options: There are many account options available for users, and it is crucial to choose the right one. Check with the bank if they have the type of account you will need to get the correct bank account for your use.


If you are not fond of physical banks, you will benefit from the best banks with instant mobile deposits. You can easily go paperless with these banks and use them with all your banking needs. Ensure that you keep your mobile app updated so that you can get accurate information all the time. You may also need to check with the bank so that you know any fee that you will need to pay when you are using your account for deposits and other services. Ensure that you check all the information about the bank account so that you can reap the benefits offered by the bank.

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