Total Wireless Phone Deals With Activation

Total Wireless is one of the most efficient MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) working as a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. Being an MVNO, they rely on Verizon for network provision. This enables them to provide a reliable network and have greater coverage throughout the country.

New and existing customers can get Total Wireless phones through the numerous deals they offer. With a Total Wireless phone, you can enjoy some of Total Wireless’s excellent plans, which you can get by paying as little as $25 every month for 1GB of LTE data.

Total Wireless also provides prepaid phones at discounted prices, which you can purchase without credit checks or getting into a long-term contract. This article talks about some of the best Total Wireless phones you can get, how to activate them, and the plans offered. Keep reading to find out more!

Best Total Wireless Phone Plans

Total wireless shop

There are plenty of plans you can subscribe to using Total Wireless phones, with the cheapest one costing only $25 and the most expensive one $100. All these plans come with a 5% auto-refill discount so that you can save a few dollars from the total cost.

They are also valid for 30 days only. You can compare the plans below and pick the one that suits your budget:

1. Single Line Total Wireless Plan Varieties

Every Total Wireless Single line plan comes with unlimited talk and text options. Below are some of them, including the 5% auto-refill discount.

  • The $23.70 Per Month Plan: This plan costs $25 minus the 5% auto-refill discount. It comes with 1 GB of high-speed data. You don’t have to sign contracts and can still enjoy 2G internet connectivity once your data is exhausted.
  • The $33.20 Per Month Plan: The $33.20 plan gives you 5GB of data and unlimited 2G internet connectivity once your data is finished. Furthermore, you will receive an unlimited mobile hotspot. It also costs $35 before auto-refilling.
  • The $47.50 Per Month Plan: This plan retails at $50 before you get the 5%auto-refill discount. Total Wireless customers will receive 10GB of data for Mobile hotspots. You also receive 25GB of high-speed data.

2. Extended Multi-month Plans

These plans are different from ordinary plans that are valid for 30 days only. Extended plans are meant to last you 3 months. One plan costs $90. Unfortunately, you will not get an auto-refill discount when purchasing this plan.

However, you will still enjoy 5GB of monthly data. Total Wireless offers unlimited 2G internet access anytime your data is exhausted.

3. Family Share Plans

This plan gives you more than one line to share with your friends or family. If you purchase data on the primary line, you can share it with the other lines. There are three categories of family plans:

  • The $57 Per Month Plan: This plan costs $60 minus the 5% auto-refill discount. Total Wireless offers you 30GB of data that you can share between 2 lines max. They also provide 10GB of mobile hotspot for each line. Additionally, you can enjoy unlimited 2G internet when you’ve used up your data. Existing customers can purchase this plan with 6000 reward points.
  • The $80.70 Per Month Plan: When you purchase this plan, you will receive 60 GB of high-speed data, which you can share among 3 lines. Like most other plans on our list, you don’t have to get into any contract when you buy this plan. This plan also comes with 10GB of mobile hotspot for each line. You can use 8500 reward points to get this plan if you’re an existing customer.
  • The $95 Per Month Plan: The most expensive plan on our list costs $100 without the 5% auto-refill discount. It has 100GB of data to be shared among a maximum of 4 lines. This is a no-contract plan, so you won’t have to worry about extra costs.

Some other add-ons you can purchase with Total Wireless phones to supplement your monthly plans include A $10 add-on that gives you an extra 5GB of data and a $10 global add-on that enables you to call globally.

The 5 Best Total Wireless Phone Deals

Total Wireless provides a range of phones from manufacturers such as Apple and Motorola. Here are some of the best Total Wireless phone deals you can get when you shop directly from them:

1. iPhone SE 64 GB

iPhone SE 64 GB

This phone comes with a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 750 by 1334 pixels. The screen is well-protected thanks to an ion-strengthened glass and an oleophobic coating. Total Wireless sells the iPhone SE at a competitive price of $199.99.

This device has a speedy processor and internal storage of 64GB. You can store a couple of movies and watch them without your phone hanging or shutting down suddenly. Taking photos with this phone has been made simpler due to its 12MP front camera and 7MP back camera.

2. Nokia C100

Nokia C100

The Nokia C100 is one of the cheapest Total Wireless phones on our list. It retails for only $39.99. This device has many impressive features starting with an Android 12 operating system which ensures that the phone doesn’t lag.

It boasts a 5.45-inch display with clarity of 720 by 1440 pixels, ensuring that you always view your images in high-definition. Its internal storage is 32GB, while its battery capacity is 4000mAh. You can use a USB Type C 2.0 port to charge this battery or transfer data.

3. Blu View 3

Blu View 3

The Blu View 3 goes for only $59.99. This handset has a 6-inch screen and an Android 11 operating system. They allow you to browse smoothly or watch YouTube videos without straining. Its internal memory is 32GB, but you can expand it further using a MicroSD card.

For its price, the Blu View 3 has a pretty decent battery. This battery is non-removable and has a capacity of 3400mAh. This phone has extra features, including a proximity sensor and an FM radio.

4. Alcatel MY FLIP 2

Alcatel MY FLIP 2

If you love flip phones, you should try out the Alcatel My FLIP 2, which is priced at $29.99 at the Total Wireless online shop. This phone has a display that is 2.8 inches in size. Its internal memory is 4GB which is not bad for a flip phone. It also has a MicroSD card slot if you want to increase the storage.

This device uses a KaiOS operating system and an Adreno 304 processor. It also possesses a good battery which can last you over 6 hours when in 4G mode.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

This is among the best Total Wireless phones you can get in the market. You can find it online for $299.99. The Samsung Galaxy has an elegant design, a glass front and back, and an aluminum frame. Its screen is crisp-clear, thanks to a super AMOLED display.

This handset runs on an Android 8 operating system that you can upgrade to an Android 10. Furthermore, it has an Adreno 630 GPU that adds to the processing power and speed. The ROM of this Samsung Galaxy 9 is 64GB, while the RAM is 4GB.

Best Prepaid Total Wireless Phones At Walmart

Total Wireless Prepaid phones allow you to shift carriers without incurring extra costs. Below are some of the best Prepaid phone deals you can find at Walmart:

1. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G, 64GB

The Samsung Galaxy A13 retails at $149 at Walmart’s online store. This is a good phone deal for android enthusiasts. It features an Android 12 operating system that ensures everything on the phone functions properly.

This gadget has an ultra-high-definition display perfect for scrolling through social media pages. There is 64GB of ROM and 4GB of RAM for people who love to keep their documents on their phones.

2. TCL 30 Z, 32GB

The TCL 30 Z has been given several thumbs up by different Total Wireless customers. This is because it functions well for a $59.88 phone. It has an Android 12 operating system and a 32GB internal memory.

This device has both front and back cameras with 5MP and 8MP clarity, respectively. It can also stay for several hours without switching off due to its 3000 mAh Li-ion battery.

3. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, 128GB

If you love iPhones and have spare cash, the iPhone 13 Pro Max should be your go-to device. This phone costs $1099 at Walmart. This price is a bit steep, but you will be getting a superior phone with plenty of processing power.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max boasts a 128 GB internal memory and a lovely display. Additionally, there is a 4325 mAh non-detachable battery for powering this device.

How to Activate Total Wireless Phone

All Total Wireless phones need activation before you can begin to use them. You are going to need a Total Wireless Simcard for you to complete the activation process. If you buy a phone from Total Wireless, it will automatically come with a SIM toolkit.

However, if you purchase it from third-party retailers, you may have to buy the SIM activation kit separately from Total Wireless. Here is how you can carry out the activation procedure:

Activating Phones Bought From Total Wireless

To activate a phone that you have bought directly from Total Wireless, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Take the phone package and identify a Red Activation Card with the label ‘START HERE’.
  • Step 2:  Write the phone’s serial number as provided in the activation card.
  • Step 3: Search online for the Total Wireless activation page.
  • Step 4: Pick the ‘Total Wireless phone’ option and select ‘continue’.
  • Step 5: Input your device’s identification number. This can be your IMEI, serial, or IMEID number.
  • Step 6: Go through the Total Wireless terms and conditions and select ‘continue’ after you’re done.
  • Step 7:  Choose a phone plan and select ‘continue’.
  • Step 8: Set up your phone by following the on-screen instructions provided. After that, select ‘continue’. Here, you can choose to retain your old number or get a new one.
  • Step 9: Finish the activation procedure by following the prompt that appears.

Activation Using the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Procedure

In case you have a phone from a different service provider or one that you have bought from a third-party retailer, you can activate it using the procedure below. However, the phone has to be unlocked and compatible with Total Wireless.

  • Step 1: You can start the whole process at the Total Wireless activation page.
  • Step 2: Pick the ‘Bring Your Own Phone option and select ‘Continue’.
  • Step 3: Accept all the Total Wireless terms and conditions before proceeding.
  • Step 4: Input your’ device’s IMEI number. You can also use its serial or IMED number. Select ‘continue’.
  • Step 5: Purchase a SIM activation kit from the Total Wireless website.
  • Step 6: Turn your phone off, and insert the Total Wireless SIM card. Follow the directions for activating your phone and Simcard as written in the SIM activation kit.

You can test if the activation process was successful by calling or texting with your device. If it works, then the procedure was successful, and vice versa is also true. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support for Total Wireless at 1-866-663-3633 to take you through the activation process.


Nowadays, high-end Total Wireless Phones have become more accessible at great prices thanks to the company’s partnership with tech giants like Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. Total Wireless also offers affordable and accessible plans to go with these phones. Additionally, you don’t incur any activation costs or sign binding contracts when purchasing a Total Wireless phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Network Does Total Wireless Use?

Total Wireless uses Verizon’s network since it is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

What Phones Are Compatible With Total Wireless?

Most CDMA phones are compatible with Verizon. This is because Total Wireless uses Verizon’s network, and Verizon is a CDMA network provider. However, all phones must be unlocked before using them with Total Wireless.

How Is The Total Wireless Network Coverage?

For an MVNO, Total Wireless has excellent network coverage. Besides that, it also has affordable phone plans which are straightforward to purchase.

Does Total Wireless Charge An Activation Fee?

No, Total Wireless does not charge any activation fees. You will only have to purchase a plan and pay for the first month, and you will be good to go.

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