What Carriers Are Compatible with MetroPCS

MetroPCS has been one of the revolutionary cell phone service providers in the country. Whether it has been excellent customer service, great connectivity, and cutting-edge prices, they have been a treat for the tech-savvy heads out there.

Why is Metro PCS a fan favorite? MetroPCS has affordable monthly costs that are fixed and no contracts. To get the best of the amazing benefits Metro PCS has to offer, you need to know what carriers are compatible with Metro PCS.

Many Metro PCS customers, however, wish to carry their personal gadgets. Fortunately, Metro PCS has the renowned option for Bring Your Own Phone. Here’s whatever you need to know about device compatibility if you’re one of many cell phone users interested in Metro PCS’s low, fixed monthly pricing and super cool features.

What Type of Carriers Are Compatible MetroPCS – GSM Or CDMA

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) allows you to send both data and voice at the same time; however, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) does not. The fundamental difference between GSM and CDMA is that in GSM, client data is stored on a SIM card that may be transferred to a new phone.

A CDMA network, on the other hand, can only be utilized with phones from a particular group of company networks. T-Mobile and AT&T have incorporated the GSM in the United States, whereas Verizon, US Cellular, and Sprint use CDMA. These are also some of the popular carriers that are compatible with Metro PCS.

MetroPCS decommissioned its CDMA network in 2015, leaving only GSM-enabled handsets compatible with the company’s service. Needless to say, the switch to GSM left many MetroPCS customers without service. Hence the firm ran a restricted trade-in program.

If you’re considering MetroPCS, you’ll need a compliant or recent mobile phone, one that uses GSM technology, because the trade-in program has officially ended. Although one must ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the Metro PCS frequency.

Popular Compatible Carriers With MetroPCS

Metro PCS

1. T-Mobile

As a general rule, any phone that has previously been used in the T-Mobile network will be perfectly operational on MetroPCS.

The mechanism behind this functionality is pretty basic to start with. T-mobile shares the same GSM carrier compatibility with Metro PCS. Depending on your situation, you’ll need to either purchase a new Metro PCS SIM card or bring your existing number. T-Mobile phones can only be used at Metro PCS if they are unlocked.

2. AT&T

Even though AT&T phones have GSM frequency band, any AT&T network-activated Android, iPhone, or Windows phone would function on Metro PCS.

You can access the AT&T unlock portal if you have an AT&T phone and want to unlock it that can be used with Metro Pcs. T-Mobile Metro PCS plans start at $30, while AT&T plans begin at $75.

You may obtain a few of the inexpensive cell phone plans without a commitment by browsing for a deal with MVNOs such as harnessing the power of AT&T carrier compatibility with Metro PCS.

3. CDMA Carriers

Verizon, U.S Cellular, Sprint, and more;

It’s a little trickier with Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular because they largely use the CDMA architecture. As aforementioned, Metro PCS abandoned CDMA in the year 2015. However, you might discover that only certain non-AT&T and non-T-Mobile smartphones are carriers compatible with Metro PCS, you can check the official details of more such carriers on the official Metro PCS website.

If you have to pick up examples, with the exception of the iPhone 4, all Verizon and US Cellular iPhones are MetroPCS compatible. However, most other phones that were formerly connected to the Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular networks will not operate with Metro PCS. If you have a Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular phone and wish to switch to Metro PCS’ service, there’s nothing to fret over too much.

Many contemporarily designed phones are designed to work either with the CDMA or GSM module, making them far more adaptable when switching providers. Always verify with MetroPCS first, as it’s possible that your specific phone model will be compatible.

If you look at the bigger picture you will find that these policies are indeed very encouraging and flexible to accommodate anyone who is really interested in either switching to Metro PCS or starting afresh.

What Does MetroPCS Offers

Once you have checked your carrier compatibility with Metro PCS, it’s time to make your pick amongst the many offers Metro PCS has available. Choose the one that suits your needs and fits your budget, there are four available as of now. The 4 distinct Metro PCS plans are:

  • 2GB 4G LTE Data for $30 a month
  • 5GB 4G LTE Data for $40 a month
  • Unlimited 4G LTE Data for $50 a month
  • Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plus 10G Hotspot for $60 a month

When you add more lines to your plan, you also get a discount.

MetroPCS may allow you to save a significant amount per month on your telecommunications budget. And the best part? You can cancel at any time because there are no contracts.

Do I have to Change my Number

You can keep your current phone number with MetroPCS. Carriers must now allow you to take your phone number with you when you quit, thanks to new laws.

Your new carrier doesn’t have to accept the new number, but they nearly always do. After all, refusing to allow a new customer to bring an old phone number is a horrible way to build a first impression. The process is fairly easy. Make a port request to take your phone number with you.

Contact the company you want to switch to before canceling your current service. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything because the new provider will call your old provider to start the porting procedure.


Metro PCS has made a flexible, efficient, and widely connected telecommunications platform. While the carriers compatible with Metro PCS are mostly supporting GSM networks, there are a few surprises under the rug when it comes to CDMA carrier compatibility as well. With some research on their website, you will find what you’re looking for.

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