What Phones Are Compatible With Consumer Cellular

For quite some time, there has been plenty of ads marketing consumer cellular. Well, this company targets retirees and senior citizens looking for affordable smartphones and cell phone plans. Apart from their advanced age and plenty of options available, seniors often find it daunting to understand what phones are compatible with consumer cellular service.

With their plans starting from $20 per month for one line to $35 for two months monthly, consumer cellular phones for sale are undoubtedly an attractive option.

Consumer cellular ads frequently mention their cheap prices and a wide array of features alongside users who can’t stop proclaiming the much love they have for this service.

An outstanding feature that most users appreciate is that the company provides US-based customer support, which is very important, especially for seniors living in rural areas without cell phone boosters. The other great feature is that it spreads nationwide, using the same towers as big wireless service companies.

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Cellular plans are available in two categories. There are talk plans that cover cellular talk time and connect plans that handle texts and browsing data. If you wish, you can mix and match both to come up with a plan that suits your phone needs.

Most consumer cellular plans cost from $15 per month for 250 minutes of talk time with an additional $5 for texting and data. Before signing up, keep in mind that some users will require more data than the amount provided in this basic package.

Despite locking up several applications on the phone and using it only for directions when traveling, users will likely use more than 250MB.

Due to this, most consumer cellular phones for sale work well with the $10 monthly 1GB data plan. At home, consumer cellular users can take advantage of WIFI to minimize data plan consumption. If users surpass the chosen plan, the company upgrades to the next plan automatically. This minimizes instances of overage charges.

The mix and match plan works well if you need a few talk-time and connect plans. However, it is not a good choice for those who need either a lot of talk time or connects data. Users can opt for the 10GB data plan that comes with unlimited texting and costs $30 per month.

Consumer Cellular Payment Plans VS Contracts

As mentioned, there are various consumer cellular payment plans available. However, there are no contracts available for this option. You can purchase a phone based on a payment agreement. However, you will be required to pay off the remaining balance before switching or leaving the network.

Most consumers looking to switch their carriers learn that they have to clear the remaining balance before switching or leaving their current carrier. This is a common practice currently.

Nonetheless, you can work a way out with the carrier you are switching to on how to pay off your previous carrier for the old phone.

Consumer Cellular Special Features

If you don’t know, consumer cellular uses the 4G LTE network. This is an assurance of the same service speeds as other big brands, thus minimal waiting time when surfing or checking on various online pages.

Users cannot also use their iPhones or Android phones as personal hotspots. Nonetheless, this isn’t much of an issue since consumer cellular sells standalone mobile hotspot plans.

AARP members receive special discounts from consumer cellular. This is partly because this company has been part of AARP since early 2008. That said, members receive a 5 percent discount on their monthly bills and a 30% discount on other select accessories.

Before signing up, consumer cellular allows users to try out their service as either free 30 days, free 300 minutes, 300 texts or 300MD data. Customers can cancel the plan at any time if they feel they aren’t getting any value. AARP members receive an extended 45-day trial period or 450 minutes.

Consumer Cellular Reviews

As mentioned before, most users and beneficiaries of the consumer cellular company like their services. However, there are varied reviews, others singing praises as others share cautionary tales about their services.

That said, before settling for the services, it is prudent to inquire from family and friends who have used the services for their recommendations.

What Phones Are Compatible With Consumer Cellular

As mentioned, the main perturbing question that most seniors find difficult to answer is what phones are compatible with consumer cellular service.

From the website, there are 25 phones, including both affordable and high-end smartphones as well. Low flip phones include the Doro PhoneEasy 7050 with well-spaced buttons and dedicated emergency call buttons among others.

On the other end, there are various latest flagship models from Samsung and Apple, which include the Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS and XS Max.

If you aren’t satisfied with what the company brings forth, you can bring your own phone models provided it is from AT&T or T-Mobile. Without forgetting, there are also mobile hotspot and tablet options. Mobile hotspot delivers WIFI to users’ laptops.

Some consumer cellular phones ranging from $50 to $100 require a one-time purchase. Cellular iPhones, on the other hand, require a deposit of over $50 upfront and subsequent monthly installments to top-up for the services.

1. Alcatel Go Flip

The Alcatel Go Flip is a classic, convenient flip phone that makes communication easier. The phone offers not only an economical but handy way to remain connected wherever you go.

The large keypad buttons make it easy to dial a call or text. Its external display allows users to find out who’s calling even without having to open the phone.

Overall, the phone is comfortable, lightweight, compact and easy to use. Seniors will also like the long-lasting battery.

Alcatel Go Flip


  • Large and easy to use keypad
  • Bright and colorful display
  • Average external display screen
  • Installed calendar and contacts app
  • Supports Bluetooth, FM radio and 2.0 MP camera
Colorful display
Easy to use the keypad
Good-sized display
Long-lasting battery
Outdated operating system

2. Doro 7050

Probably among the most common senior phones, the Doro 7050 is another good phone compatible with consumer cellular. Its outstanding feature is the conveniently situated assistance button that makes it easy to make an emergency call. The well-spaced and high-contrast buttons make texting and calling easy. It is also has a well-lit display that is clear to see.

Seniors would definitely want something they can use to capture quality pictures of their grandkids. Well, this senior-friendly phone features a 2.0MP camera with a built-in flash for this purpose. Overall, the phone is lightweight, durable and compact.

Doro 7050


  • Easy to read 2.8” display screen
  • Convenient emergency button
  • High contrast keys
  • MP camera with Video recording ability
  • Supported Bluetooth technology
High contrast keys
Convenient emergency button
Old fashioned

3. iPhone XS

Seniors with a better understanding of the tech world will find the iPhone XS a good consumer cellular phone of choice. This model comes with a 5.8-inch retina display screen with custom-built OLED panels for excellent HDR display. This provides outstanding color accuracy, remarkable brightness and true blacks.

Security is enhanced with modern phones, with this model having a Face ID that users can use to unlock the phone, log in to various apps and automate payments with just a glance.

iPhone XS


  • IP68 dust and water-resistant to depths of 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • 12MP dual cameras and 7MP front camera
  • Wireless charging
  • A12 bionic next-generation neural engine
  • IOS 12 with screen time, group face time and Siri Shortcuts.
Latest OS
Wireless charging
High-quality camera
It Maybe complex for seniors

4. iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is probably the biggest screen on the iPhone line of smartphones. It features a 6.5-inch with the common retina display and custom-built OLED panels for excellent HDR display for industry best brightness, color accuracy and true blacks. Like other iPhone models, the face ID feature enhances security and makes it easy to use.

The 12MP dual back camera brings a whole new level of portrait pictures with portrait mode, enhanced bokeh, portrait lighting and new depth water-resistance control.

iPhone XS Max


  • 5-inch retina display with HDR
  • Dust and water-resistant feature
  • Face ID for enhanced security
  • Wireless charging
  • Long battery with 25 hours talk time
Long battery life
Dust and water-resistant
Latest OS
Complex for seniors

5. iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is another good smartphone for seniors due to its big screen, ease of use and other handy features. With a large 5.5-inch screen resembling the iPhone 7s screen, users will enjoy the true-tone display.

This implies that the screen locks better regardless of the lighting conditions, thus a great choice for those using the phones both indoors and outdoors.

The phone also supports overly augmented gaming experiences and apps, but may not necessarily be of importance to seniors.

iPhone 8 Plus


  • 5-inch retina display
  • All aluminium and glass design
  • 12MP dual back camera with various picture modes
  • Wireless charging
  • Touch ID for better authentication
  • Extended battery life that supports 21 hours talk time
Quality camera
The aluminum design makes it durable
Wireless charging

Is Consumer Cellular Worth The Hype

Those searching for a reliable carrier with good coverage within the US and exemplary customer support can consider the Consumer Cellular. You should, however, have a clear understanding of what phones are compatible with consumer cellular before approaching the company.

Besides, you can find the latest phones in the company or alternatively bring your own phone model of choice, probably making the entire plan affordable.

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