What Towers Does Cricket Use

Cricket Wireless offers affordable mobile plans and eye-catching offers that may influence your decision to switch your carrier provider. As a Cricket Wireless customer, you will have a broad range of products and services that will help communicate with your loved ones while remaining fully entertained. The Cricket Wireless high-speed cell phone plans start at $25 a month up to $55 per month, depending on the data allocation. You will also find exciting cell phone options that let you own some of the best mobile devices on a budget.

Furthermore, Cricket Wireless provides you an option to use one of the best network coverage without signing a long-term contract. Switching to Cricket Wireless allows you to enjoy high data speeds, quality voice, and premium connections at an affordable cost.

In this article, we look at what towers does cricket use, mobile plans, phone plans, and perks that make Cricket Wireless one of the best MVNOs carriers.

What Features Does Cricket Wireless Offer

You need to know what to expect from Cricket Wireless before you swap your SIM cards. Cricket Wireless offers several mobile phone plans, cell phone plans, and unlimited plans to suit the needs of different individuals and families. You will not need to sign a contract with Cricket Wireless as most of its plans are prepaid. The company further has good 4G and 5G network coverage, which ensures high-speed downloads and uploads, and quality voice calls.

Cricket Wireless’s quality commitment goes beyond providing affordable calls, data, and messages. The company offers several features with every plan to help customers keep in touch with family and friends while enjoying their time at home. The standard Cricket Wireless plans come with amazing features that include unlimited calling, texting, and picture and video messaging. You will have several ways to communicate with your friends and share exciting moments.

Cricket Wireless also offers 5G access with compatible devices for high-speed connections whether you are watching a movie, online gaming, or uploading photos on social media platforms. Some of the features that come with a standard Cricket Wireless plan include:

  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited picture and video messaging (MMS)
  • 5G data access
  • Call forwarding
  • Three-way calling
  • Voicemail and visual voicemail
  • Cricket call defense
  • Call waiting

Cricket Wireless customers on unlimited plans get to enjoy additional features, depending on the plan they choose. The add-on features for unlimited plans may include, unlimited calling and texting in Mexico, Canada, and the US. They also enjoy high-speed internet access while traveling in Canada and Mexico. However, you may need a compatible 5G device to use some of the Cricket features.

What Towers Does Cricket Use

What Towers Does Cricket Use

If you are switching to a new mobile carrier, you will need to ensure that it has good coverage in your area and the areas you frequently visit. Cricket Wireless has one of the best network coverage nationwide, which makes it one of the best MVNOs providers nationally in terms of coverage.

Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T, one of the largest mobile network operators in the United States. In March 2014, AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless’ parent company. As a result, Cricket uses AT&T’s network to provide service to its customers. This means that Cricket customers have access to the same network coverage as AT&T customers, which includes 4G LTE and 5G coverage in many areas.

How Good Are Cricket Wireless Towers

Cricket Wireless towers are largely distributed nationwide, which provides the best signal reception from almost every part of the country. In 2021, the Cricket Wireless parent company, AT&T wireless network ranked as the second best network in the country after Verizon.

Verizon had 70 percent 4G LTE network coverage while AT&T had 68 percent cell phone coverage. T-Mobile was third with 62 percent. The company has also deployed a 5G network in most major cities and towns. You can visit the Cricket Wireless network page to find out if your area has good 4G and 5G coverage. However, it is necessary to note that just all MVNOs, Cricket Wireless may encounter reduced speeds during peak times.

The pros and cons of Cricket Wireless network towers include:


  • Cricket Wireless uses the AT&T towers
  • Cricket Wireless as a subsidiary of AT&T enjoys priority over other MVNOs
  • Cricket Wireless is phasing out 3G and only plans to offer 4G and 5G networks
  • Cricket Wireless benefits from the AT&T best latency experience
  • AT&T has the best 3G network in the country, which ensures a stronger network even in remote areas
  • AT&T has the fastest download speeds, which Cricket Wireless customers benefit from


  • Cricket Wireless’s parent company AT&T has the second-best coverage
  • Cricket customers get lower speeds than AT&T customers

What Plans, Deals and Perks Does Cricket Wireless Offer

If you are planning to switch your carrier, Cricket Wireless has some of the best plans and deals. You can get a 5G deal at only $25 per line. You will also get a Samsung Galaxy A03s phone for free if you subscribe to the $60 per month unlimited plan. You may also save up to $180 a year if you subscribe to the $40 plan and make a one-time payment. The plan comes with 10GB of data each month for up to a year. The iPhone lovers get the iPhone SE for $0 if they switch their number and purchase a $60 a month plan for three months.

Cricket Wireless further provides unlimited data, HBO max, and 5G to customers who qualify for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The benefits extend to existing customers. Cricket allows customers to get calls, and voice and text messaging in Mexico and Canada for $40 per month. Other exciting Cricket Wireless offers available include the iPhone 13 for $1 initial payment with the lease-to-own program, HBO Max, and affordable phone upgrades.

Some of the notable Cricket Wireless highlights include:

Prepaid Monthly Cell Phone Plans

Cricket Wireless offers non-annual contract plans, which give you the flexibility to customize your mobile plan as you wish. The plans also come with exciting add-on features, which allow customers to personalize their Cricket experience. The prepaid Cricket Wireless plans include:

  • $30 per month 5GB plan
  • $40 per month 10GB plan
  • $55 per month unlimited Cricket Core plan
  • $60 per month unlimited Cricket More plan

Cricket Wireless offers more savings on accounts with multiple lines. Customers can get a Cricket Core plan at $100 per month with four lines, which translates to $120 savings. You will get $30 off on your second line and $45 off on each of your third and fourth lines.

Cricket Wireless further offers the Cricket More plan at $130 per month with four lines, which saves you $110 every month. You get $30 off your second line and $40 on each of your third and fourth lines. You can also save more by signing up for Autopay. Cricket gives you a $5 bill credit when you sign for Auto Pay. You may also save up to $70 a month with Group Save.

Cricket Wireless unlimited plans feature unlimited data access and unlimited talk and text to and from Canada, Mexico, and the US. You can use your home as if you are at home while traveling to and from Mexico and Canada. The Cricket More unlimited plan features premium data, 150GB of cloud storage, 15GB of mobile hotspot data, and HBO Max with ads. The Cricket Core unlimited plan comes with 10GB of hotspot data. Cricket Wireless will slow your internet connection to 128 Kbps once you exhaust your data allocation.

How to Save More With Cricket Wireless Group Save

With Group Save, you can mix and match different Cricket plans and get discounts. The option helps families with different data needs to reduce their monthly bills. You are free to choose the best plans for your group and get Group Save discounts. The savings that you will enjoy with Group Save include $10 per month for two lines, $30 per month for three lines, $50 per month for four lines, and $70 per month for five lines.

Cricket Wireless Phone Payment Plan

Cricket Wireless has a partnership with Progressive Leasing Online that enables customers to buy the mobile phone through a lease-to-own program. You do not need credit to qualify for the program and you can lease up to five phones and five accessories, depending on the approved limit. However, your first phone must cost not less than $149.99. The program offers flexible payment plans. You can choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment option. The structure of the program has 12 months to ownership but you will have a 90-day purchase option and other early buyout options. Follow these steps to buy a phone with lease to own;

  1. Apply for lease amount – Provide your basic personal financial information to get an instant decision. You may apply even with no credit.
  2. Choose the smartphone and accessories you want to buy – The first item must cost $149.99 or more after discounts. You can add up to five phones and accessories to your shopping cart.
  3. Complete your order – Choose the Progressive Phone Payment Plan at checkout to complete the process. You will have up to 12 months to pay for your device.

Some of the Cricket Wireless upgrade phones you can buy include:

  • $729.99 iPhone 12
  • $49.99 Galaxy A13
  • $249.99 Moto G Stylus
  • $399.99 Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • $499.99 Galaxy S21 FE 5G
  • $1099.99 iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • $999.99 iPhone 13 Pro

In addition to the discounted phone upgrades, Cricket wireless further offers special phone deals for its customers. Some of the best Cricket Wireless phone deals available include:

  • $0 Dream 5G when you switch your number and activate a $60 a month plan
  • $0 iPhone SE 2nd Gen, when you buy a new line and create a new account
  • $0 Galaxy A03s, when you switch your number and activate a $60 a month plan
  • $0 Icon 3, when you switch your number and activate a $55 a month plan
  • $0 TCL 30 Z, when you switch your number and activate a $60 a month plan
  • $0 Icon 2, when you switch your number and activate a $30 a month plan
  • $0 Debut, when you switch your number and activate a $55 a month plan

What Else Does Cricket Wireless offer

Bring Your Own Phone

Cricket Wireless allows you to bring your current phone and enjoy the discounted plans. You will also get up to a $180 discount per year on the 10GB rate plan. That said, ensure that your phone is unlocked for it to work on the Cricket network. It must also be compatible with the carrier’s network.

1GB data add-on feature

Cricket customers without unlimited data plans can purchase 1GB of data if they need more high-speed data at $10. You can buy it once or include it as a recurring monthly feature. Nonetheless, the additional 1GB of data will expire at the end of your current monthly cycle plan.

Simply data plans

The carrier offers simply data plans for customers who do not need minutes and text messages with their line. The 20GB plan is available at $35 for 20GB of data. Customers who need more data allocation can purchase the 100GB plan at $55 for 100GB of data.


Cricket Wireless offers exciting discounts on its plans that let you save up to $120 on multiple lines. It also has one of the best network coverage nationally, which allows customers to enjoy great Internet speeds and quality voice calls. It uses AT&T towers, which means Cricket Wireless 4G and 5G services are at 68 percent coverage nationally. Some plans further allow you to call and browse as you travel to and from Canada and Mexico at no additional cost.


Can you bring your phone to Cricket Wireless?

Yes. Cricket allows you to bring your device when you switch. However, the phone must be compatible with the carrier’s network. It must also be unlocked to accept a Cricket Wireless SIM card.

Does Cricket Wireless offer discounts to new customers?

Yes. You can get a Samsung Galaxy A03s phone for free when you bring your number and subscribe to the $60 per month plan, among other phone deals. New customers also get to save up to $140 per month when they subscribe to the Cricket More plan with five lines.

Do Cricket towers provide high-speed connectivity?

Yes. Cricket Wireless delivers some of the best upload and download speeds among the MNVOs. Cricket uses the AT&T network, which is ranked second in the country.

What types of phones does Cricket Wireless offer?

Cricket Wireless offers a range of smartphones, from budget-friendly options to high-end devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Keep in mind that Cricket Wireless doesn’t offer device subsidies or payment plans for premium smartphones, so customers may need to purchase them outright or explore other financing options.

Can I use my Cricket Wireless phone internationally?

Yes, Cricket Wireless offers international calling and roaming services in select plans. Be sure to check the specific plan details and the list of supported countries on Cricket Wireless’ website before traveling or making international calls.

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