Where to Buy A Burner Phone

The number of phone users has increased tremendously. Thanks to the many mobile Apps that have surfaced to provide ease of operation when handling a phone. Some of these Apps have broken the borders and enabled people to chat and make calls in real-time. Generally, cell phones have thus made communication fast and easy.

Due to a significant subscriber base, cell phone numbers have fallen among the list of unique IDs used to identify and pinpoint a person’s whereabouts. Since the cell digits are not subject to privacy requirements, it is easy to trace your contact history together with the conversations at the precise location from where you are communicating and to who and where.

As a result, a specific cell phone number that guards privacy is a growing concern. The preceding has led to the rise of burner phones and burner App. Now, you may be wondering what is a burner phone, where to buy a burner phone, and how it works. Well, these and many other answers are below, just continue reading.

What Is a Burner Phone and How Does It Work

Where to Buy A Burner Phone

A burner phone, unlike any other phone, has an unidentifiable phone number that is not easily trackable. In most cases, there is no need to divulge your details when acquiring one. The phone helps keep your identity secret, thus protect your privacy at a cheap cost. On the other hand, the burner phone App is designed for Android and iOS and it enables users to create temporary unidentifiable phone numbers that are discarded immediately after use especially when a number is considered too risky or “burned”.

When acquiring a burner phone, you don’t need to purchase any talk time since the device is prepaid. However, unlike all prepaid phones, a burner is usually used precisely for one purpose then it is discarded, in short, they are untraceable prepaid cell phones. To conceal their identities when buying, many shoppers prefer purchasing the phone in cash rather than use any card. In that process, you need to fill any form or contract, thereby making the phone much harder to trace.

Why Would Someone Use a Burner Phone

Apart from the fact that that they offer a high level of privacy, they are also cheap, prepaid and disposable. There are several benefits of a burner phone, as seen below.


Burner phones are not meant for criminals or stalkers as is the perception. They come in handy, for example, when you need to use a private number to hide your real identity when you are posting items on a classified site. Craigslist and many other websites may open up possibilities for undesirable texts and calls from unknown individuals. To avoid strangers invading your privacy, consider going for a burner device.

It will enable you to dispose of the temporary phone once you finish with your dealings. Observe similar precautions when visiting dating sites as well. You may not prefer sharing your primary contact with a person you may not be in touch with for the long run. Blocking them is an option, although not guaranteed they can’t reach you. They may decide to call you using a different number and will still get you.

Since you can buy a burner phone in cash without giving personal details, it does not entirely rule out the fact that they are completely untraceable. It is possible to locate unlocked cell phones over a cellular provider through the temporary cell number. also, it is possible to trace your identity each time you call a person through their cellular network.

It is Inexpensive

One impressive motivator about burner phones is that they guarantee more for less. It may not have access to many social sites, but it can still give notifications for Facebook and Twitter via SMS. A burner could cost as low as $20, which is very cheap compared to other phones. Many retailers such as Newegg and Swappa, offer the best refurbished phones in this category at a low price.

It is Usable During Emergencies

Do you know that you can dial 911 without being registered by a phone network carrier? It loosely translates that you don’t even require a sim card to call the emergency number. It is a mandate passed on by the Federal Communications Commission, to all carriers’ providers elaborating that all cell phones must be able to dial the emergency number even if they are not listed. For this reason, you can acquire a cheap burner phone from any of the above-listed stores, and keep it for emergencies.

It Comes As a Backup

Most burner phones are limited and can only call or text. It is because they lack advanced features. However, due to this reservation, the burner phone can store power much longer than a smartphone. It is therefore ideal to be used as a backup most especially when your smartphone battery dies out.

Benefits of Using A Burner Phone

  • A burner Phone is Affordable: Unlike other phones, the burner is cheap. You can own several of these without hurting your budget. Having more than one readily available is a good idea since it will spare you the time you could have spent identifying where to buy a burner phone, and besides you may require one urgently at desperate times. However, you can make a quick purchase through Amazon, Best Buy, or Swappa if you prefer a second-hand fully unlocked device.
  • Anonymity: Do you recall the controversy that rocked Facebook in 2019? If you did not learn from that, now is the time. It is advisable to keep your sensitive information private. Many people are continuously sharing their sentiments on how much they are worried about their details and information leaking online. You can avoid all these by merely getting a burner phone.
  • Helps prioritize calls: There is usually an incidence of those calls that may annoy you. In that case, a burner will serve you as an alternative phone where you can store your most essential callers list. It will make it easy to tell if a call is necessary or not by merely seeing which phone is ringing. It is the right way to communicate with your priority callers.
  • A great way to ignore stressful Apps On your smartphone: Downloading Apps may at a time, be stressful, especially after realizing that you have just downloaded an App that is not functioning as you expected. You may end up performing the same routine continuously without success. However, you can avoid this tedious trend by owning a burner phone. It will be able to maintain your contact and afford some peace of mind and save on time you could have spent searching for Apps that are not meeting your desire.
  • Gives a getaway from annoying persons: You may desire to retire to a private location or just lock yourself up in the house to work privately. However, it is not possible if your smartphone is on. Somebody may be able to locate you through the GPS tracker on your smart device and ruin your time alone. For this reason, a burner phone is the best as it will not reveal your whereabouts. It is a perfect choice when thinking of a vacation or some alone time.
  • Durable: Carrying phones is a norm for many people. It is impossible to imagine being without one, especially in this era. A smartphone is highly unlikely to survive after being dropped down or falling in the water. A burner phone, on the other hand, can withstand these with minimal damage which at a time may not even require a repair or replacement.

The 5 Best Places To Buy A Burner Phone

1. Amazon

Amazon has dramatically transformed a shoppers’ experience by availing a variety of items under one roof, including cell phones. The phones are sourced either directly from the manufacturer or specific distributors and wholesalers. So, if you make inquiries well before buying, then you can save some cash because these bulk dealers tend to lower prices, offering discounts, and the best of all when they are clearing sales, the prices are at an all-time low.

Amazon has dedicated a page for burner phones that gives you quick access to spot the phone of your choice. Amazon offers one of the easiest and secure shopping experiences. With no signing of contracts and buyer confidentiality, it is a highly recommended place where to buy a burner phone with total anonymity. Delivery is quick, and you can be able to monitor every step and know exactly where and how far is your phone.

2. Swappa

Swappa offers the best deals on second-hand burner phones that are fully unlocked. Quality checks are conducted by the team to ensure that phones are in the best condition. Second-hand phones are a great way to save money since a burner phone is for single-use then considered ”burn” and destroyed. The site is very secure and offers second-hand phones that are in perfect condition to give you quality service and value for money.

3. B&H Photo Video

Camera enthusiasts and professional photographers associate the brand as one of the best stops for everything to do with camera accessories. But do you know that they have a wide selection of cell phones on display? Indeed, they are a significant phone dealership with some of the best deals for burner phones. They have an extensive range of cell phones, not excluding a selection of limited release devices and other various cell phones that you may not have come across in the market. Their channels are safe and do not disclose a shopper’s real identity.

For this reason, many people buy unlocked cell phones from this site. Perhaps a fantastic feature when shopping at the B&H site is its dedicated search tool that enables a consumer to narrow down his search by brand, price, or color. It makes shopping, fun, and accessible.

4. Newegg

Apart from other fantastic electronics available, there’s a comprehensive listing of burner phones at Newegg. Newly released unlocked cell phones from all big brands are available here. There is also a unique selection of devices, most of which have are trade-ins from all around the globe.

However, when shopping for an imported burner phone, it is prudent to confirm whether it is compatible with the local area network and go through the actual copy of the warranty carefully. Consider shopping at Newegg when they are offering open box, clearance deals, or refurbished sales. It will be the perfect opportunity to purchase that burner phone you have always desire at an incredibly low price on top of a full product warranty.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy has created a brand for selling carrier devices. However, it has also established retailing in burner phones. Best Buy offers a variety of unlocked phones at affordable prices. Although when shopping online, check and confirm that you have selected a burner phone since they are sharing the same platform with carrier phones. Make sure before purchasing that the device is fully unlocked and does not need any activation.

The 5 Best Burner Phones

There are several burner phones on sale from various stores. Top among the retailers are Amazon for new phones and Swappa that retail refurbished devices. Unlike other phones, burners do not come with many features that might take you a lot of time to choose.

However, there are the general underlying specifications that they need have to ease your operation and give you a good experience. The list below presents the best burner phones currently in any of the above-mentioned best retailers.

1. Nokia 3310 3G


  • 3G network
  • 31 days’ battery standby time
  • 22 hours’ battery talk time
  • LCD screen 2.4 in2.4-inch 320 x 240
  • 2MP camera
  • 85g weight
  • Micro SD storage
Audio-video player
The battery lasts for a whole week
Up to 32 GB expandable memory
You can access Twitter and Facebook
Dual SIM slot
LED flash for the camera
Comes in four different colors
Thinner and lighter than the old 3310
No Wi-Fi
Lack of focus results in poor image photos
Difficult to type the type on a T9 keyboard
Bad opera browser
Internal memory only 16 MB
No Wi-Fi
Lack of focus results in poor image photos

2. Nokia 105


  • 2G network
  • 35 days’ battery standby time
  • 15 hours’ battery talk time
  • LCD screen 1.77-inch 160 x 120
  • No camera
  • 73g weight
  • 4 MB storage
Better signal reception with flatbed or body distributed antenna
FM radio
Simple easy to navigate interface
very light and portable
Long battery life
Very cheap to purchase
No camera
Minimal memory
Lacks micro SD slot
No audio or video player
Not ideal due to its low frequency

3. Doro 1370


  • 2G network
  • 22 days’ battery standby time
  • 7 hours’ battery talk time
  • LCD screen 2.4-inch 640 x 480
  • 3 MP camera
  • 106g weight
  • Micro SD storage
Has an expandable memory
supports bluetooth
Flash camera
FM player
SOS button available
Has a torch
Excellent navigation
Comes in handy in places where there is no 3G or 4G network
No Wi-Fi
Lacks audio-video player
Cannot record videos
Not best for use in the US in some states due to different network carriers
Not sleek by design

4. TracFone LG L442BG


  • 3G network
  • 7 days’ battery standby time
  • 1 hours’ battery talk time
  • LCD screen 2.2-inch 640 x 480
  • 3 MP camera
  • 103g weight
Supports bluetooth
Excellent navigation
Audio-Video player
No Wi-Fi
Has no expandable memory

5. Nokia 8110


  • 4G network
  • 25 days’ standby battery time
  • 7 hours’ battery talk time
  • LCD screen 2.4-inch 320 x 240
  • 2 MP camera
  • 117g weight
  • Micro SD storage
Bluetooth enabled
Connects to Wi-Fi
Supports up to 64 GB expandable memory
Video-audio player
FM radio
LED flash camera
Little RAM only 512 MB
Generally, slow
More expensive

Factors To Consider When Using A Burner Phone

  • Refrain from referring to names when communicating. The primary purpose of a burner device should be to preserve your identity and that of your contacts. If possible, avoid being too obvious with details while conversing. Your communication should be discreet and not give out details that may lead to your whereabouts.
  • It is suitable to use a burner phone to contact other burner phones. Do not call a person through their carriers repeatedly as this may leave traces of your communication.
  • Take necessary precautions when securing a burner phone. Once you have identified where to buy a burner phone, it is good to pay in cash and avoid using your debit card. You should also not purchase the phone from a place where you frequent. Consider shopping at Amazon, Swappa, Best Buy, Newegg, or B&H Photo for the best secure deals.
  • A burner phone is made for single-use after which they are ”burned”. The nature of your communication majorly determines this. Suppose It is of very high importance, then you will need a new device each time. You can opt for a second-hand device at Swappa, which will be way much lower as compared to a new device at B&H Photo or Amazon.
  • Do not turn your burner next to your primary phone. Since your phone is traceable, then so will be the burner next to it. A data trail through your smartphone will identify your burner and link it to you, thereby leaving you exposed if you must then connect it to a cordless device. Some of the best cordless phones can pair your device to your home network.

Bottom Line

Burner phones offer a great deal of privacy at a low cost. There are many stores where to buy a burner phone, as mentioned in this article. Online stores provide an option and are an excellent way for anonymity. There is not much to consider when shopping for a burner since it is to serve a primary function and not for prolonged use. Perhaps you could feel the cheapest options by buying a second-hand cell. When using a burner, follow the laid down protocols to maintain your anonymity.

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