How to Qualify for a Boost Mobile Free Government Phones

Boost Mobile is one of the leading service providers in the US that offer several phone deals to its consumers. These include providing high-quality no-contract phones and phone plans at a low cost. But did you know that many Boost Mobile free government phones are available to participants of the Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline Program is a federal government program initiated in 1985 to help low-income households receive phone services at discounted prices. While Boost Mobile is no longer a participant of the Lifeline Program, it still focuses on providing lifeline discounts to active Lifeline members in California.

This article will focus on some of the best Boost Mobile free government phones and how you can qualify and apply for one. Let’s dive in.

Are Boost Mobile Government Phones Really Free

Well, Boost Mobile free government phones are not exactly free. Boost Mobile only provides lifeline discounts for top-of-the-range phones to its customers. These phones are prepaid and also come with no yearly contracts. This lifeline discount also caters to settling part of a customer’s regular phone bill.

Boost Mobile Lifeline discounts are not countrywide and only apply to residents of California enrolled in the California Lifeline. Previously, Boost Mobile partnered with California under the CARE (California Alternate Rates For Energy) program to provide $15 monthly discounts on their mobile services. However, the program ended on June 30, 2021.

You can also get a phone discount of up to $100 from Boost Mobile by participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program offered by the Federal government. The ACP program, which replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefits in December 2021, provides phone and internet services to low-income households.

Additionally, it gives phone discounts to eligible members to buy digital devices from network providers participating in the ACP program, for example, Boost Mobile.

How Do You Qualify For A Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

To qualify for a Boost Mobile free government phone, you have to be eligible for the California Lifeline program. This also means that only residents of California can benefit from this program. Like the normal Lifeline Program, there are two broad California Lifeline Qualification criteria:

Qualification Based on Income

You can qualify for a California Lifeline discount if your household’s income does not exceed 135% of the set yearly income limits. For California, this means that a household composed of 1 or 2 people should have a yearly income of $28700 or less.

Households containing 3 people should have an annual income of less than $33,000 and those containing 4 people $40,600. The yearly income limit increases by $7300 for any additional household member past 4.

Qualification Based on Program Participation

The second way you can be eligible for a California Lifeline discount is if you or any member of your household is a participant in one of the following federal government assistance programs:

  • Supplemental Security Income or SSI
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance or FPHA
  • Women, Infants and Children Program or WIC
  • Medicaid
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations or FDPIR
  • Head Start
  • Food stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP
  • National School Lunch Program or NSL
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Federal Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Program

If you do not meet these qualification criteria, you can visit the Boost Mobile site to find other good phone deals they are currently offering.

Which Documents Are Needed To Apply For A Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

Before qualifying for a Boost Mobile Free Government phone, you will need to present some important documents to prove your eligibility.

Documents That Show Your Identity

To avoid impersonation or people using your identity to apply for a Boost Mobile free government phone, you need to present any of the following documents: Identity Card, Driver’s License, passport, or state-issued Identity Card.

Documents Showing You Current Income

These documents prove your yearly income does not surpass the required threshold. The total gross yearly income of your household includes all the funds that came in before tax for every household member, e.g., salary, grants, lottery wins, child support, and pension.

These documents include pay stubs, tax return documents, pension distribution statements, bank statements, proof of income, and workers’ compensation letters.

Documents Showing Your Participation In a Government Assistance Program

The final documents are the ones that show you’re currently participating in an assistance program offered by the Federal Government. These include TANF benefit award letters, SNAP approval letters, LIHEAP benefit verification letters, and Federal Public Housing Assistance benefits statements.

The 7 Best Boost Mobile Free Government Phones

Boost Mobile Free Government Phones

As mentioned above, Boost Mobile doesn’t provide any free government phones. However, you can get several good phones at huge discounts. Below are some of the best phone deals that Boost Mobile has to offer:

1. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Boost Mobile customers can get as much as $300 discounts for this sleek phone. Once you get your hands on this phone, you will need to choose a plan, activate it, and you will be good to go. This phone features a glass front and a plastic frame. It also comes with a single SIM slot.

The Galaxy A53 has a super AMOLED screen that is 5.3 inches wide and has a clarity of 1080 by 2400 pixels. To protect the screen, Samsung used a corning gorilla glass 5. This phone runs on an Android 12 OS with an octa-core CPU and Mali-G68 GPU supporting it.

It has a huge internal memory of 128GB that can be expanded using a MicroSD card and 4GB RAM. You have a powerful Quad back camera with a resolution of 64,12,5, and 5 MP, respectively, to capture quality images. To top it off, its battery is 5000 mAh and cannot be detached from the phone.

2. Motorola G Stylus 5G

The Motorola G Stylus 5G goes for up to $ 120 less than its retail price for Boost Mobile customers. Activating the phone is as simple as signing up for a phone plan from Boost Mobile. Like the last phone on our list, the Motorola g stylus has a plastic frame and a glass front. It also comes with a Nano-SIM and a stylus for easy operation.

This Motorola device boasts a 6.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels. It has an Android 11 operating system with an Adreno 619 GPU to help control all the phone functions. This operating system is supported by 4GB RAM and a 128GB ROM.

There is a quad main camera with a wide camera having clarity of 48 MP for people who regularly take photos and videos. Additionally, its selfie camera is 16MP and has an HDR feature. This android device is powered by a non-detachable Li-Po battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh

3. Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation

This is one of the few Apple devices you can get for $350 less than its retail price. You will need to choose a plan and activate the phone yourself after purchasing it. The Apple iPhone SE is uniquely designed with an aluminum frame, and glass on the rear and front ends.

It has a 4.7-inch retina LCD screen with clarity of 750 by 1334 pixels. This screen is secured using an ion-strengthened glass and an oleophobic coating. The iPhone SE boasts an iOS 13, which can be upgraded to an iOS 16 for better processing capabilities. Gaming is easy thanks to the Apple GPU, which has 4-core graphics.

Although it doesn’t come with a memory card slot, the iPhone SE has a respectable internal memory of 64 GB and a decent 3GB of RAM. It also has a single main with a resolution of 12MP and a front camera with a resolution of 7GB. This phone is powered by an 1821 mAh battery which you cannot remove.

4. Samsung Galaxy A03s

The second Samsung phone on our list goes for $70 off its original price. Boost Mobile requires customers to activate this phone by choosing one of their available plans. The Galaxy A03s is a huge phone with a 6.5-inch screen and a plastic frame. It also features a dual Nano-SIM slot to eliminate the need to switch off your phone when swapping SIM cards.

This phone derives its processing capabilities from an Android 11 operating system, a PowerVR GPU, and 2GB RAM. For storage, you have a 32 GB ROM, which can be increased further thanks to a dedicated MicroSD card slot.

The Galaxy A03s has a triple back camera with a clarity of 13MP and a single selfie camera with a 5MP clarity for you to take photos with friends and family. A non-detachable 5000 mAh Li-Po battery is used to power the phone throughout the day.

5. Samsung  A13 5G

Boost Mobile offers a $170 discount on the Samsung A13 5G. This device comes with a single slot for a Nano-SIM card. It also comes with a screen with a width of 6.5 inches and clarity of 720 by 1600 pixels.

Like the Galaxy A03s, this phone runs on an Android 11 operating system which you can enhance to an Android 12. With a 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM, this device can store multiple important files without running out of internal storage.

However, if the internal storage diminishes, you can add to it with the help of a dedicated MicroSD slot. The Samsung A13 has a superb triple main camera with the largest camera resolution being 50 MP. Its front camera is single with a 5 MP resolution.

6. Motorola G Pure

The Motorola G Pure is available for Boosts Mobile customers with a $70 discount off its original price. This device has an eye-catching water-repellant design with a plastic back and frame. Its screen is 6.5 inches wide and has a 720 by 1600 pixels resolution.

This phone operates without lagging even when heavy applications run due to its Android 11 operating system, MediaTek chipset, and PowerVR GPU. It also contains a microSD card slot to supplement 32GB of internal storage.

There is a dual back camera and a single front camera for taking beautiful photos. They each have a resolution of 13MP and 5MP, respectively. Additionally, Motorola provides a 3.5mm headphone jack for people who want to plug in their audio devices.

7. Celero 5G

 Boosts Mobile has discounted $200 off the Celero 5G’s retail price in this phone deal. The Celero 5G is a good phone with a 6.52-inch TFT screen. Unfortunately, this screen does not come with any protective features.

This gadget possesses an Android 11 operating system supported by a MediaTek Dimensity chipset and an ARM Mail-G57 GPU. There is 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM, but if you want extra space for storage, you can use a MicroSD card.

The Celero 5G has a triple rear camera and a single front camera for taking pictures and selfies. It also has excellent speakers and a headphone jack for listening to music or podcasts. Finally, this phone is powered by a 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery.

Application Process For A Boost Mobile Free Government Phone

Applying for a Boost Mobile Free Government phone through the California Lifeline is not a complicated process. Just follow these step-by-step guidelines:

  • Step 1: Contact one of Boost Mobile’s customer representatives through their official number, 1-866-402-7366, for them to start your application through the California Lifeline Program.
  • Step 2: Boost Mobile will check to see if you meet all their prerequisite criteria.
  • Step 3: Boost Mobile mails you an application form with a Personal Identification Number/PIN. This happens in three weeks or less.
  • Step 4: You will now need to complete your application online or manually. If you opt to do it online, you will need to fill in the required details on California Lifeline’s official page, including the PIN provided to you. If you go for the manual process, you will be required to fill the application form provided carefully and send it through mail to: California Lifeline Administrator, PO Box 138014, Sacramento, CA 95813-8014.
  • Step 5:  You will get an approval letter if your application goes through. If it doesn’t, you will get a disqualification letter. If approved, you can enjoy great phone discounts from Boost Mobile.

Note: It is important to note that you will be required to fill out accurate details and attach the relevant documents despite the application method you used.

Final Verdict

As you can see, plenty of Boost Mobile free government phones are available to customers. All you need to do is apply and qualify for the California Lifeline first, and you will get to choose from a list of high-end devices on the Boost Mobile official website. However, if you don’t qualify, Boost Mobile still offers free phones to new customers who are switching to their service. Don’t be afraid to try your luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Boost Mobile Give Out Free Phones?

Yes, Boost Mobile has free phone deals when you switch to their service. It also offers Lifeline discounts for advanced phones to help new customers get them at an affordable price.

What Is The Boost Mobile EBB Program?

This Federal Government program that Boost Mobile participates in provides affordable wireless services to low-income households. The Affordable Connectivity Program replaced this program in December 2021, but its functions remained the same.

Is Boost Mobile A Participant Of The Lifeline Program?

Technically, no. Boost Mobile is not a participant in the Lifeline program. However, it offers Lifeline Discounts to California Lifeline Program members (The California Lifeline is very similar to the Federal Government’s Lifeline Program).

How Can You Pay You Boost Mobile Bill Without Incurring Any Charges?

You can do that by dialing #ADD, and you will be guided on settling the bill using your debit card or redeeming a Reboost card.