Cricket Wireless Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Cricket Wireless is one of the best companies in the country when it comes to wireless service provision. It is a one-stop shop for phone and internet services. Off late, Cricket phone deals for existing customers have taken center stage to encourage consumers to continue using the Cricket Wireless network.

These Cricket phone deals enable you to purchase cellphones at the best Android discount prices from Cricket Wireless. Amazingly, you can choose from various cell phone models ranging from basic devices to high-end devices. It will all depend on how much you’re willing to spend to get a cell phone.

If you have subscribed to any of the Cricket monthly plans, you can get amazing deals that will allow you to get discounts. You can also join Cricket Wireless today if you’re not a member to enjoy these benefits of Cricket. This article expounds on all the Cricket phone deals for existing customers; kindly read along.

How to Get Cricket Wireless Discount Phone Deals

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Many Cricket phone deals for existing customers have prerequisites for you to qualify for them. Not every customer can be eligible for these deals as they are always limited. To benefit from a Cricket Wireless phone deal, the following conditions have to be met:

  • You should be subscribed to a Cricket Wireless plan and use it regularly. If you’re currently not a Cricket Wireless customer, you will need to join their network before you pick a phone plan.
  • The consumer is required to have been a customer of the Cricket wireless network for 6 months and above.

Meeting the criteria above makes you eligible for a free phone from Cricket Wireless. But if you have some cash to spare, you can enjoy huge discounts on higher-quality phones. Another way you can bypass these requirements and still enjoy great deals is by purchasing Cricket Wireless phones from third-party sellers.

Cricket Wireless Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Below are some of the best Cricket phone deals for existing customers. You can review each deal carefully and pick the one you feel will suit your budget. Cricket has deals for both Apple and Android devices.

1. Cricket iPhone Deals

  • iPhone SE: For active members of the Cricket Wireless network, you can purchase this phone for as low as $249.99, a step down from its $349.99 retail price. You’ll only need to move your number from your previous service provider to Cricket Wireless and subscribe to a plan that costs no less than $30 every month.
  • iPhone XR: Cricket is offering this phone for only $399.99. Bringing your line to Cricket is necessary if you want to enjoy this deal. You also have to sign up for a plan that costs at least $30 every month.

2. Cricket Android Phone Deals

  1. Samsung Galaxy A02s: This phone retails at $109.99 in the market, but if you’re an existing customer, you’ll only need $39.99. Like the previous phones on our list, you have to activate your line on the Cricket network and subscribe to a plan that costs at least $30 every month.
  2. Motorola Moto G Power: Cricket existing customers can receive this device without paying a dime if they come with their number and subscribe to a plan that costs at least $60 every month.
  3. Samsung Galaxy A12: You can enjoy a $50 discount on this phone if you’re an active member of the Cricket Wireless network. The only condition is that you come with your number and pay for a plan costing more than $30 every month.
  4. Cricket Ovation 2: To get this device on the market, you will have to part with $129.99. But existing Cricket customers don’t have to pay anything for it. If you’re joining their service, you’ll have to retain your previous number and initiate a $60 a month plan or something that costs more.
  5. Cricket Debut:  This is one of the phones that Cricket offers for free. It means that you will save $79.99. The only prerequisite you have to fulfill is maintaining your current line and getting a $55 per month plan activated.

3. Cricket 5G Phone Deals

  1. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G: The Galaxy A32 5G has a retail price of $279.99. If you are currently their customer and active, you can have as much as $130 knocked off its retail price. Like some phones on our list, you need to subscribe to a plan that costs $30 each month.
  2. Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G: To get this phone for $99 instead of its original $279.99 price, you have to move to Cricket Wireless if you’re not their customer already. Additionally, you’ll be required to maintain your previous number and subscribe to a plan that costs at least $30 each month.
  3. Motorola one 5G: The retail price for this phone on the market is $259.99. It’s quite pricey, but you can still get it without paying any cash if you are an active member of the Cricket Wireless service. Activate your number and choose a plan that costs more than $60 every month, and you’re good to go.

Factor to Consider Before Taking Cricket Wireless Phone

Cricket Wireless always comes up with enticing deals to lure new customers to their service and retain their current ones. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before you settle for a Cricket phone deal. All these factors will help you make an informed decision that you will not regret later.

Weigh Up The Cricket Wireless Phone Deals And Those Offered By Other Wireless Service Providers

Cricket Wireless has several deals that it offers its potential and current customers. However, many other network carriers also do the same to keep up with their competitors. It would be best to find out what deals they offer and compare them to the Cricket Wireless Phone deals.

It is important that you check out the fine details of these deals, as some might contain hidden costs that may be a burden to you later on. Look at how they price their phones, the discounts they offer, and the monthly plans they have before making a decision.

Do Cricket Phone Require Annual Contract or Not

Before settling for a service provider, you should check whether they need you to sign a contract. Some service providers make it compulsory for you to sign a contract with them before you subscribe to their network and enjoy their phone deals.

These contracts typically run for one year, which means that you will be tied to their service for a whole year. They do this to retain you to their network for longer so they can recoup some of the cash they used in offering phone and data deals. This can greatly inconvenience you when you want to switch to a different service provider, but your contract has not ended.

Network Coverage And Internet Speed

The network coverage and internet speeds are important aspects that you need to consider before taking a Cricket phone deal for existing customers. The network coverage and speed of various network carriers may differ depending on the location, and proximity to network towers plays a huge role.

The four biggest providers, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, have the most reliable network, thanks to their vast distribution of network towers all over the country. Thankfully, Cricket also has vast resources to ensure good coverage since AT&T snapped them up in 2014.

Before taking a Cricket phone deal, find out if their network covers where you currently reside. Go to their wireless coverage page and enter your ZIP code. If it is available, monitor the data speeds to see if they are satisfactory.

Device Performance

Cricket phone deals are usually very attractive, so you might forget to look at the device’s performance. You should scrutinize the features of every phone that Cricket Wireless offers you through their phone deals. 

For example, you could look at the type of operating system, the size of the storage, and the quality of the Camera. You might have to part with some cash in Cricket Wireless discounted phone deals to get a top-of-the-range phone.

Cricket Wireless Phone Return Policy

Inquire from Cricket if they have a return policy if your phone malfunctions. Phones are always prone to defects, whether they are new or refurbished. A good company always communicates what they need from you before repairing your device or replacing it. 

This is important to avoid getting stuck with a defective phone. You can also check the Cricket Wireless website to see their full return policy.

How to Unlock Cricket Wireless Phones

Some of the devices Cricket Wireless provides to its existing customers are locked, while some are unlocked. Unlocked phones are generally more expensive in comparison to locked ones. If your budget is tight, you can still go for the locked phones.

Afterward, you can contact a Cricket Wireless representative, and they will walk you through the process of unlocking it. However, your phone can only be unlocked under these circumstances:

  • An active device in the Cricket Wireless networks for 6 months and above.
  • The phone has not been used to commit any fraud in the past.
  • The device isn’t stolen from anywhere
  • You have to get the confirmation of your service provider.

Cricket Wireless Customer Service

One important aspect of every business entity is customer service. It is not any different for the telecommunication industry. It would be best if you always settled for a service provider whose customer support is always available and can be contacted easily. 

You can also look at other factors such as how they communicate and their efficiency in handling issues their customers have raised. The best way to do this is to go online and check the reviews left by previous and existing customers. If there are more negative reviews than positive ones, you should avoid the service provider.

Cricket Wireless allows you to raise your issues to their customer service representatives by chatting online, emailing, or calling them. For calls, you can reach them anytime between 9.00 AM and 9.00 PM ET from Monday to Saturday and between 10.00 AM and 9.00 PM on Sunday. 

Their official number is 1-800-274-2538. Alternatively, dialing 611 on your phone puts you through to their next available customer service representative.


Cricket phone deals for existing customers and those who’ve just joined their service have helped many people get their hands on high-quality devices and affordable plans. This has enabled them to save on the costs of purchasing a new phone and accessing wireless services.

 It is also very simple to know if Cricket Wireless network coverage is in your area and high-speed network quality because cricket wireless uses the AT&T network towers. If you want to join them, as mentioned above. Unlike other service providers, you will not be required to sign contract with them. Go to their website and see what deals they have in store for you today!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Does Cricket Wireless Accept Any Trade Deals In Their Phone Deals?

Yes, it does. If you have subscribed to the Cricket Wireless network, you can trade your phone for a better one. The phone you own at the moment will be used as credit when getting the new one. You will only be required to take an additional line.

Does Cricket Wireless Allow You To Bring Your Own Phone?

You can come with your previous device to Cricket Wireless if it is not locked and uses the same network as Cricket Wireless.

Can You Get A Free Phone Through Cricket Wireless Phone Deals?

Yes, you can. Cricket offers a couple of mid-range phones for free. This article mentions them all. They will only require you to subscribe to one of their monthly plan that costs more than $60.

Why Should You Choose Cricket Phone Deals For Existing Customers?

Because Cricket is a reliable service provider with nationwide coverage, they also offer some of the best deals without conducting credit checks.

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