Easy Wireless Replacement Phone

Easy Wireless is a major Lifeline Assistance provider, offering all eligible customers free phones. Customers can join the network carrier by getting a free government phone or bringing their own devices.

After getting a free phone, you may need to replace it at some point. But how do you get an Easy Wireless replacement phone? This article canvasses the replacement policy and outlines steps you can take to get an alternative device.

Phone Replacement Policy at Easy Wireless

Easy Wireless has a specific phone replacement policy. The company only replaces a phone if the old device develops problems free from misuse. Easy Wireless honors phone replacement claims placed within the warranty period.

Buyers who return their wireless phones 48 hours after purchase get a full refund. In that case, a subscriber must return the handset as it was during activation. For more information on the modalities of returning a phone to Easy Wireless, it is necessary to call customer service at 1-877-476-3451.

In case of a handset malfunction, a subscriber can visit the nearest Easy Wireless store or call customer support. Before accepting to replace the phone, the representative would take you through an elaborate troubleshooting process to try and fix the issue.

If troubleshooting doesn’t fix the issue, the representative will offer you an Easy Wireless Replacement phone. You may get a replacement phone in-store or via mail. But you won’t get a replacement phone if you misuse your phone.

Can I Upgrade My Phone with Easy Wireless

Yes, you can upgrade your phone with Easy Wireless. To get one of the Easy Wireless upgrade phones, you’ll pay anything from $20. It’s also possible to trade your current device for a new one for as little as $20.

Besides, Easy Wireless offers refurbished handsets at affordable prices. So, you can pay the $20 and get a working refurbished phone. However, Lifeline beneficiaries have no choice in the type of handset they can get.

What Type of Replacement Phones Does Easy Wireless Have

Easy Wireless provides a wide variety of replacement handsets. However, people on Lifeline Assistance cannot choose one handset over another. Easy Wireless reserves the right to select a replacement phone for you.

Furthermore, brand-new handsets may have a limited manufacturer warranty. So, that reduces the chances of you returning your phone for replacement before the expiry of the warranty period.

When returning a phone, you should ensure it is as it was during activation. If you misused or damaged the phone, Easy Wireless may charge you the full price for the new phone.

Easy Wireless may also provide a new phone number with the replacement device if you want your old number ported to the new phone, request it.

What If I Don’t Get an Easy Wireless Replacement Phone

If your handset malfunctions or requires replacement for other reasons, you should call Easy Replacement customer service at 1-877-476-3451. You can also get an Easy Wireless replacement phone by visiting the nearest store.

Easy Wireless is under no obligation to grant you a phone replacement. If it declines your request, you will have zero options for recourse. Like any other major corporation, Easy Wireless has the resources to protect itself from legal ramifications.

So, Easy Wireless would refuse to grant you a replacement phone if it believes you have no entitlement to one. If your application doesn’t get approved, don’t pursue it legally. After all, you might lose a lot of money you don’t have.

In that case, what do you do? The best way to handle the issue is to accept to pay for a replacement phone or switch to a different Lifeline Assistance provider for a free device and discounted phone plans.

How to Get Easy Wireless Replacement Phone

Easy Wireless Replacement Phone

Have you ever lost, damaged, or had your phone stolen? If so, you understand how frustrating it can be to communicate with family members and friends. Luckily, Easy Wireless offers replacement phones to its subscribers.

How can you get a replacement phone from Easy Wireless? Here are some of the circumstances that may necessitate an application for a replacement phone:

1. Accidental Damage

Is your phone damaged? It might not be easy to have it repaired. If the phone isn’t extensively damaged, you can still use it to make and receive calls and browse the internet. A replacement is necessary if the damage to your phone renders it dysfunctional.

If damage to the phone is due to mishandling, Easy Wireless may require you to pay for the new device. Alternatively, you could get the phone repaired if that’s more affordable than getting a replacement device.

2. Lost Phone

After losing your device, the most logical step is to try recovering it. The following are some of the ways you can locate and recover your phone:

  • Google Search: If your phone’s data or GPS is turned on, use online tools to locate it. For example, type ‘Find my Android phone’ in Google and search. You’ll receive simple instructions to help you locate the phone. Be sure to do everything as suggested.
  • Calling Your Number: A good phone recovery strategy is to call your number using a different phone. If the phone is close enough, you may hear it vibrating or ringing. Or a stranger may pick up and answer the phone. Either way, you’ll get your phone back.

If any of the above tricks fail, you’ll be responsible for all charges on your phone plan until you notify Easy Wireless. After notification, Easy Wireless should suspend service to your number and handset. You have to notify Easy Wireless of recovery of the phone within 30 days or activate another phone. If you don’t, Easy Wireless will deactivate the account, making you lose the phone number.

Easy Wireless subscribers must re-activate a new service by providing proof of eligibility. In that case, you’ll pay for a replacement device and get a $20 discount once in your lifetime. Also, Easy Wireless may charge replacement devices at full price.

Besides a replacement phone, an eligible customer may also receive a new phone number. If your phone gets lost, you should call 1-877-476-3451, the Easy Wireless customer service number.

3. Stolen Phone

You could also have your phone stolen. In that case, you must notify Easy Wireless of the lost phone. Before doing so, you’ll be responsible for all charges on the phone plan.

Easy Wireless is obligated to suspend service to the stolen phone soon after receiving your notification. It is up to the subscriber to notify Easy Wireless within 30 days after finding the device. Otherwise, Easy Wireless will deactivate your phone number, rendering you unreachable.

Easy Wireless Phone Replacement vs. Easy Wireless Upgrade Phones

Regarding phones courtesy of Lifeline Assistance, it is easy to confuse between replacement and upgrade. Replacement phones are those provided in place of damaged ones either free of charge or at a smaller cost.

If your phone is still under warranty, you can exchange it for a new phone once it gets damaged. Due to the active warranty, you receive a replacement phone without paying a cent. On the other hand, Easy Wireless upgrade phones come in the form of the newest models of higher quality than the old ones.

Alternatively, you can buy a new phone elsewhere and bring it with you when joining Easy Wireless. Of course, the new phone might be better than your old one. However, it is always good to ask Easy Wireless what offers they have by calling the Customer service number.

Easy Wireless Replacement Phone List

Easy Wireless is one of the few network carriers without an elaborate phone list. Therefore, customers have no role in choosing a device. Instead, Easy Wireless issues available devices at its discretion.

However, customers can participate in the network carrier’s “Bring Your Own Phone” option. With this option, you must check that your phone is compatible with Easy Wireless. Also, you should check that the phone is unlocked and ready to use with Easy Wireless.

Can You Get an Easy Wireless Replacement Phone Via Insurance

Easy Wireless mainly targets people on Lifeline Assistance. Therefore, its range of phones doesn’t include expensive phones that warrant one to take out an insurance policy. But nothing stops you from taking insurance. In doing so, ensure you understand the insurance company in greater detail.

Remember, not all insurance companies offer a replacement or full refund when your phone gets damaged, stolen, or lost. Some insurance companies have strict terms and conditions that make it hard for you to get a reimbursement. So, you should approach phone insurance companies with the utmost caution.

How to Qualify for Easy Wireless Lifeline Assistance

Lifeline Assistance is available to people in low-income families. You can qualify for a free phone from Easy Wireless via Lifeline Assistance, courtesy of having a low income or participation in a government assistance program. Here is how to qualify for an Easy Wireless Lifeline Assistance phone:

1. Low-Income Status

Eligible subscribers should have an income of 135% of the prevailing Federal Poverty guidelines. Applicants must submit income-related documents such as pay stubs, social security documents, etc.

2. Government Assistance Programs

If you cannot prove that, you must consider an individual’s participation in government assistance programs. Several government-assistance programs can make you eligible for Lifeline Assistance. The following are the best known:

  • Federal Public Housing (Section 8)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans Administration Pension
  • Veterans Survivor Benefits

3. Tribal Assistance Programs

Besides the mainstream federal government assistance programs, eligible persons should also participate in Tribal programs. The following are some of the programs that can make you suitable for an Easy Wireless free government phone:

  • Tribally Administered TANF
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Head Start for residents of Tribal Lands,
  • Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

The Bottom Line

You can get an Easy Wireless replacement phone by applying via the phone or in-store. The network carrier would grant you a new phone if your old device got damaged within the warranty period. But you must prove that the damage wasn’t due to negligence or carelessness on your part.

If you cannot get a free replacement phone, you have the option of paying anything from $20 to get one. That might mean getting one of the Easy Wireless upgrade phones, which may come at the market price.

People Also Ask

What service is Easy Wireless Lifeline?

Easy Wireless Lifeline is a program that provides free phones with support from the Federal program. Participants qualify due to having a low-income status or a government assistance program. Besides, participants get connected to an Easy Wireless phone plan at discounted rates.

Can I bring my own phone to Easy Wireless?

Yes, you can bring your own phone to Easy Wireless. The program will work for you if you have a compatible, unlocked phone. So, if you have a working GSM phone, it should be easy to move to Easy Wireless.

How do I set up my Easy Wireless phone?

You can set up an Easy Wireless phone by inserting the network carrier’s SIM card. After powering on the phone, the SIM card and phone would go into a pairing process. Once the pairing is over, you should be able to make calls.

Is Easy Wireless legit?

Yes, Easy Wireless is legit. It runs on the AT&T network, one of the largest in the United States. Therefore, it is available across the country. You’ll find it anywhere you live.

How do I switch my government phone to another phone?

You can switch your government phone to another by making an online application or calling 1-888-898-4888. After applying, you would have to wait several days to receive the replacement. However, you’d have no choice on the type of phone you can get.

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