Free Chromebook for Students

Many students miss out on big opportunities because they cannot afford a laptop. However, the government and other organizations such as Google, Dell, HP, and Amazon have offered solutions. If you want to know how to get a free Chromebook for students, you’ve come to the right place.

We live in a digital era where owning a laptop has become necessary. Nobody understands this better than students. Students need laptops to accomplish various tasks such as researching, coding, attending online classes, designing, and sending assignments.

However, students have a lot of expenses on their plates already. It’s hard to keep up with them from tuition fees, accommodation fees, and purchasing books. If you come from a low-income family, this can pose a major challenge to your education. Don’t worry! This article will help you get a free laptop from Google.

Does Google Offer Free Laptops for Students

Google offers free laptops for students through its Google for Education program. This program provides free Chromebooks to learning institutions that qualify. The learning institutions can then redistribute to their students for free.

To popularize Google cloud, Google gave out free laptops to customers of their partner, Microsoft Azure. The laptops came with testimonials from Spotify and Evernote.

Furthermore, in 2020, Google collaborated with the State Board of Education of California and donated 4000 Chromebooks and 100,000 mobile hotspots to students in rural California. These laptops would help them to study from home.

In the same year, Google distributed 1000 free laptops o students in public schools in the district of Chicago. They did this to help many students from low-income households get access to computers and quality education.

How to Get Free Chromebook For Students

Google Chromebook

Unfortunately, you cannot get a free laptop from Google as an individual student. First, you have to enroll in a learning institution that has signed up with the Chromebook For Education program. You will then be registered under the new G Suite platform. After that, you can receive a free Chromebook from Google.

Alternatives to Free Laptops From Google

What should you do if you’re not in an institution that receives free laptops from Google? There are many other ways to get a discounted laptop or refurbished laptop. Some non-governmental organizations have made it easier for students to access free laptops if they can prove they need them or come from low-income households. 

These organizations liaise with the federal government to ensure that learners do not miss out on the chance to improve their digital literacy. Keep reading to find out more about these organizations and how you can get a laptop for free.

How To Get a Free Laptop from College

The Pandemic period highlighted the importance of owning a laptop, especially for students. During this period, many learning institutions shifted all their operations online. Physical classes were abandoned in favor of remote learning.

Students who didn’t have laptops bore the brunt of this situation as they missed lessons and couldn’t complete assignments. Below are some of the best ways to get your hands on a good free device if you don’t know how to get a free laptop from google for students.

1. Scholarships

Some scholarship programs offered by colleges and universities can help you get a free laptop if you qualify. While scholarships majorly cater to tuition fees, accommodation fees, and living expenses, some of them assist you in getting a free laptop. Here are the best examples of such scholarships:

Computer Initiative Carolina

The University of North Carolina offers this program. Any student admitted to the university can apply for the scholarship if they cannot handle all their expenses financially. If you’re selected for the scholarship, you will receive a laptop from the institution.

Chickasaw Nation Higher Education

The Chickasaw Nation Higher Education scholarship program gives free notebooks to students if they meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify, you have to attend a college full-time and be undertaking your undergraduate degree.

Michigan Council Of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF)

The MCWTF gives women residing in Michigan an opportunity to advance their education without worrying about funding. To qualify, you need to have a GPA of not less than 2.8. 

It would be best if you also enrolled for an undergraduate degree in computer science, software engineering, information science, or graphics design. This scholarship is granted three times a year. It helps to cater for a new Notebook and printer.

2. Craigslist Free Laptops

Craigslist is one of the largest classified ads sites. Occasionally, scrolling through the pages to check for any free laptop offers won’t hurt. Some people have laptops lying around that they have no use for anymore. It can be your fellow students or anyone else. Other people might want to trade their laptops for other devices that you might not be using.

3. Participate in Contests

There are many competitions on the internet that offer laptops as prizes. While some competitions may require you to write an essay or come up with something to be eligible for a prize, others only need your name and contact details.

For Instance, Burger King rewards high school students with GPAs above 2.5 with cash. This cash can come in handy when purchasing a laptop. The only thing you need to do is be part of their draw.

4. Local Libraries Offer Free Laptops

Local Libraries should be among the top places where you should be searching for a free laptop. The devices provided by most libraries can only be used within their vicinities alone. So, they are not free per se. However, as a student, they can still help you finish many of your tasks.

5. Apply For Grant

You can apply for educational grants such as the Pell Grant. The grant is used to pay your tuition fee. However, if a balance remains after you have cleared all your tuition fees, you can ask for a refund from your school.

They can send you the cash directly or deposit it into your account. You can then use the cash to purchase a laptop of your choice. The best thing about grants is that you won’t have to pay them back.

Non-Governmental Organizations that Offer Free Laptops fro Students

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can get a free laptop from one of the several non-governmental organizations in the country. Here are some of them:

1. With Causes

The first organization on our list carries out recycling and reusing of computers. They obtain laptops from computer companies and repair and refurbish them before distributing them to low-income households. With Causes also supports learning institutions to help students get access to technology.

Recently, they started donating devices to students from low-income households. How can you apply for one? Just go to their Facebook page, where they explain everything in detail. You can also search for With Causes on google. Both high-school and college students are encouraged to try their luck.

2. Computer 4 Kids

Computer 4 Kids is one of the most reliable non-profit institutions offering free computers to the residents of Los Angeles. This organization receives computer donations from tech companies or people who have no use for their devices.

They collaborate with recycling plants whose main aim is to refurbish these computers. After that, they identify learning institutions that lack computers and donate to them. You can apply for a computer from them by visiting their Computer 4 Kids online site.

3. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange partners with the federal government and non-profit organizations to give free laptops to disadvantaged people in the community. Applying for a free laptop from them is very simple. Send them an application through their World Computer Exchange site or call them personally.

Before you can be eligible for a free laptop, this organization has set some prerequisites that you have to meet. They have to ensure that you truly need the free laptop.

4. Technology for the Future

As their name suggests, Technology for The Future has collaborated with other like-minded organizations to assist students in getting the tools they require to succeed in this digital age. These include laptops, tablets, and Computers that they use daily while learning.

To get a free laptop from them, you can contact them through the number found on their site: Technology For The Future. They will take you through the whole application process.

5. The On It Foundation

This organization knows how important being tech-savvy will be in the future. They understand that a digital divide is being created because some students can’t access technology.

The On It Foundation has donated 2000 laptops to grade K-12 students all over the country. In addition, they have trained thousands of students to be computer literate.

You can’t fill out an application yourself. That is the job of your parent solely. Your school will also have to write a statement on your behalf to prove that you need a laptop.

6. Accelerated School Program

This program was initiated to provide students from low-income families with laptops that they can use to enhance their studies. The Accelerated School Program collaborates with the government to give free laptops to students after they have made a refundable $100 deposit.

To get your $100 deposit back, you need to return the laptop after you’re through with it. Go to the Accelerated School Program to find out more about how you can make an application.


Freecycle aims to reduce the amount of e-waste in landfills by recycling and reusing. They help people with financial challenges to access free items such as laptops. This is one of the best ways to get a free laptop for students. All you need to do is join their online community and request a laptop. If any member has a free one, they will respond and let you know how you can get it.

Which Colleges Offer Free Laptops for Students

Nowadays, more colleges invest their resources to help their students get free laptops, among other financial assistance schemes. This has helped many students to start their college life comfortably. Different colleges have different conditions that they have set before awarding you a free laptop. Here are some of the top colleges that you can check out.

1. College America Free Laptops

This institution provides you with a free Notebook that you can use after graduating. It also gives you a MacBook upon admission if you’re in their graphic arts school to help you in design. All these laptops come with programs that are already pre-installed.

2. Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University is a committed partner of Apple. If you enroll for an undergraduate degree with them, you will get a free MacBook to do with as you wish.

3. St. John’s University-New York

This university firmly believes in equality for all students despite their financial backgrounds. They came up with the Academic Initiative program to offer free laptops to students joining the institution. If you qualify for this program, you will get a free laptop and tech support.

Bottom Line

Buying a new, high-end laptop is nearly impossible if you’re a student already on a tight budget. This article explains how to get a free laptop from Chromebook for students. Hopefully, that will get you started. If you can’t find one from Google, you can explore all the other options mentioned above.

Most of the organizations mentioned above will be happy to give you a free laptop if you can prove that you cannot afford one. You must carry out extensive research before contacting an organization for a free laptop, as many scams are out there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Laptops Are Mostly Used By College Students?

Basic laptops like Chromebooks are popular since they are less expensive. However, in a few colleges, MacBooks are common due to the institution’s type of programs, e.g., graphics design.

How Can You Choose a Free Laptop that Fits You?

If you’re getting a free laptop, your options are limited, and you have to take what you’re given.

Are Laptops Really Important For Students?

Yes, almost every college work is done using a laptop, e.g., preparing PowerPoints, writing essays, researching, and programming.

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