Free Laptops For College Students

Hey there, future graduate! Let’s talk about something we all know is true: college life can be tough, especially when you’re trying to keep up with all the assignments and projects. And without a laptop? It’s even harder. But, laptops can be pricey, and not everyone has the budget for it.

Now, imagine if you could get a laptop for free. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, there are ways to get your hands on a free laptop. And I’m here to spill the beans.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through different ways to get a free laptop for your college journey. We’ll talk about everything from generous organizations to colleges that offer laptops as part of their package. By the end of this, you’ll be well-equipped to score a free laptop and make your college life a bit easier. So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Understanding the Need for a Laptop in College

Let’s talk about why you, as a college student, really need a laptop. You’re juggling a ton of assignments, you’ve got online classes to attend, and let’s not forget about the research for that big project. A laptop is like your sidekick, always ready to help you tackle your academic challenges head-on.

But it’s not just about hitting the books. A laptop is your ticket to staying connected with your family, making new friends, and even landing that dream internship. It’s more than just a piece of tech; it’s your gateway to a world of opportunities.

But here’s the kicker. Laptops can be pretty pricey, and not everyone has the cash to spare. For some students, it’s a tough choice between buying a laptop and covering other essentials like tuition fees or rent. This financial hurdle can create a divide, leaving some students struggling to keep up.

So, what’s the solution? That’s what we’re here to find out. There are ways to snag a free laptop for college, and we’re going to uncover them together. So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s get this show on the road!

Method 1: Organizations That Provide Free Laptops

Alright, let’s dive into our first method – getting a free laptop from organizations that are all about helping students like you. There are quite a few of them out there, and they’re doing some amazing work. Here are a few you might want to check out:

  1. With Causes Charitable Organization
  2. Computers with Causes
  3. Dell Scholars Program
  4. Laptops 4 Learning
  5. World Computer Exchange
  6. Smartriverside
  7. Accelerated School Program
  8. The On It Foundation

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I apply?” Well, each organization has its own application process, but here’s a general step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. First, do your research. Visit the website of each organization and read about their mission, the work they do, and the kind of help they offer.
  2. Look for their application process. This is usually found in the ‘How to Apply’ or ‘Get Help’ section of their website.
  3. Check the eligibility criteria. Some organizations might require you to be enrolled in a specific course, have a certain GPA, or belong to a particular income group.
  4. If you meet the criteria, fill out the application form. Be sure to provide all the necessary details and documents.
  5. Submit your application and wait for a response. This could take a few days or even weeks, depending on the organization.

And that’s it! It’s a bit of a process, but it’s definitely worth a shot. After all, you could end up with a free laptop, and that’s a pretty sweet deal. So, go ahead, give it a try, and see where it takes you!

Method 2: Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Moving on to our second method – did you know that some colleges offer free laptops to their students? Yep, you heard that right! Some colleges understand the importance of having a laptop for academic success, and they’re stepping up to help out. Here are a few that are leading the pack:

  1. Northwest Missouri State University
  2. University of Minnesota-Crookston
  3. Moravian College
  4. Dakota State University
  5. Full Sail University
  6. Wake Forest

Now, you might be thinking, “That sounds awesome, but how does it work?” Well, each college has its own process, but here’s a general idea:

  1. First, check if your college offers a free laptop program. This information is usually available on their website or you can ask the admissions office.
  2. Look for the eligibility criteria. Some colleges offer free laptops to all their students, while others might only offer them to certain majors or income groups.
  3. If you’re eligible, the next step is usually to fill out a form or application. This might require some personal information, details about your course, and possibly some financial information.
  4. Once you’ve submitted the form, all you have to do is wait. If your application is approved, the college will provide instructions on how to collect your free laptop.

And there you have it! It’s a pretty straightforward process, and the best part is that you end up with a free laptop. So, if you’re heading off to college soon or already enrolled, be sure to check if your college offers a free laptop program. It could save you a ton of money and set you up for academic success.

Method 3: Using Scholarship or Grant Money

Alright, let’s talk about our third method – using scholarship or grant money to buy a laptop. Now, this might sound a bit unconventional, but it’s a legit way to get your hands on a laptop without shelling out your own cash.

So, how does it work? Well, some scholarships or grants allow you to use the money for educational expenses, and guess what? A laptop falls under that category! After all, it’s a tool that you’ll be using for your studies.

Now, keep in mind that not all scholarships or grants will allow this, so you’ll need to do a bit of digging. Start by checking the terms and conditions of your scholarship or grant. If it’s not clear, don’t hesitate to reach out to the scholarship or grant provider for clarification.

Here are a few scholarships and grants that are known for their flexibility in terms of how the money can be used:

  1. The Pell Grant
  2. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  3. The TEACH Grant
  4. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

Remember, every bit of financial aid helps, and if you can use some of it to buy a laptop, that’s one less thing to worry about. So, go ahead, explore your options, and see if you can use your scholarship or grant money to get a laptop.

Method 4: Local Library Laptop Lending Programs

Next up, we’ve got a method that’s a bit off the beaten path – local library laptop lending programs. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, libraries lend out laptops?” And the answer is, yes, some of them do!

Local libraries are all about providing resources to the community, and in this digital age, that includes laptops. Some libraries have programs where they lend out laptops to patrons, just like they would a book. It’s a fantastic resource, especially for students who need a laptop for a short period.

So, how do you get in on this? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Start by checking if your local library offers a laptop lending program. This information is usually available on their website, or you can give them a call or pay a visit.
  2. If they do offer this service, ask about the borrowing process. Some libraries might require you to fill out a form or sign a borrowing agreement.
  3. Find out the borrowing period. Some libraries might lend out laptops for a few hours, while others might allow you to borrow one for a few days or even weeks.
  4. Once you’ve got all the details, all you need to do is follow the process, and voila, you’ve got a laptop!

Remember, each library is different, so the process and borrowing period might vary. But it’s definitely worth checking out. After all, it’s a free resource that’s right in your community. So, go ahead, give your local library a visit, and see if they can hook you up with a laptop.

Method 5: Looking for Free or Cheap Laptops on Craigslist

And now, for our final method – hunting for free or cheap laptops on Craigslist. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Craigslist? Really?” But hear me out. Craigslist can be a treasure trove of free or cheap items, and yes, that includes laptops!

Craigslist is an online classifieds website where people can buy and sell items, and that includes all sorts of tech gadgets. Some people might be upgrading their laptop and want to get rid of the old one, or maybe they just have an extra laptop lying around that they don’t need. Whatever the case, their loss could be your gain!

So, how do you navigate Craigslist to find these laptop deals? Here are some tips:

  1. Start by searching for laptops in the ‘For Sale’ section. You can also check the ‘Free’ section to see if anyone is giving away a laptop.
  2. Be specific with your search terms. Instead of just searching for ‘laptop’, try terms like ‘free laptop’ or ‘cheap laptop’.
  3. Once you find a potential deal, contact the seller. Ask about the laptop’s condition, why they’re selling it, and if possible, ask for pictures.
  4. Always meet in a public place for the exchange. Safety first!
  5. Inspect the laptop before you take it. Make sure it’s in working condition and doesn’t have any major issues.

And there you have it! With a bit of patience and some savvy searching, you could score a free or cheap laptop on Craigslist. So, why not give it a shot? You never know what you might find. Happy hunting!


And there you have it, folks! Five savvy methods to score a free laptop for your college journey. We’ve covered everything from generous organizations to handy local libraries, and even the treasure trove that is Craigslist.

Remember, every student deserves to have the tools they need for success, and that includes a laptop. So, don’t let financial hurdles hold you back. Explore these options, find the one that works best for you, and get your hands on that laptop.

Just think about it – your next laptop could be just an application or a Craigslist ad away. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, explore these methods, and get ready to power up your college journey. You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to get a free laptop?

Absolutely! As long as you’re obtaining the laptop through legal methods like the ones discussed in this guide, there’s nothing illegal about getting a free laptop.

Can I get a free laptop even if I’m not a student?

While many of the methods we discussed are geared towards students, there are other ways to get a free laptop if you’re not a student. For example, some organizations provide free laptops to low-income individuals or families, regardless of their student status.

Can I trust the laptops from Craigslist?

While Craigslist can be a great source of free or cheap laptops, it’s important to be cautious. Always meet in a public place, inspect the laptop before taking it, and never give out personal or financial information.

What if my local library doesn’t offer a laptop lending program?

If your local library doesn’t offer a laptop lending program, you might want to explore other options. For example, some community centers or non-profit organizations offer similar programs.

Can I use scholarship or grant money to buy other educational supplies?

Yes, in most cases, scholarship or grant money can be used to cover any educational expenses. This can include textbooks, software, and other supplies in addition to laptops. However, it’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your scholarship or grant to be sure.

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