Get Free Phones When You Switch! The 2024 Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of your old phone but worried about the cost of an upgrade? Believe it or not, in 2024, several service providers are offering free phones just for switching to their plans.

This guide lays out all the details on snagging that no-cost device — from current deals to fine print understanding. Keep reading; a shiny new phone may be closer than you think!

Key Takeaways

  • Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless have deals for free phones when you switch to them.
  • You need to understand the rules like how long you must stay with the new provider and what plan you pick.
  • Research offerscheck your area’s network coveragecompare data plans, and look for extra benefits to find the best phone deal.
  • AT&T and Sprint do not offer free phones for switching right now. Smaller carriers might not either.
  • It’s important to read all about each offer so that there are no surprises later on.

Current Offers for Free Phones When Switching Service Providers

Free Phones When You Switch

Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Metro By T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless are currently offering free phones when you switch service providers. Each of these carriers has different phone options available for new customers looking to make the switch.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless often has deals for people who want to switch. They might offer a free smartphone if you leave your old service provider and join them. The exact phone you can get for free will depend on what Verizon has available at that time.

To get one of these free phones, you usually need to pick a certain plan or agree to pay monthly for a couple of years. Sometimes, they ask for your old phone in exchange. Each deal comes with its own rules, so it’s important to read the fine print before saying yes.

Getting a new phone without paying extra feels great! Just make sure to check how long the promotion lasts and what kind of service plan goes with it. Special offers change all the time, so keep an eye out for fresh deals from Verizon Wireless if you’re thinking about switching soon.


T-Mobile often has deals for a free smartphone when changing providers. They want to make it easy for new users to pick them over other companies. To grab one of these offers, you might need to choose a specific plan or trade in your old phone.

Sometimes these plans come with unlimited data, talk, and text.

Look out for T-Mobile special promotions throughout the year. These can give you a shiny new device without paying extra. They may even let you upgrade from an old phone to a newer model as part of your service switch deal.

Keep an eye on their website or visit a local store to find the latest information about getting a free mobile phone with service switch at T-Mobile.

Metro By T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile has cool deals for people who want to switch. You might get a free phone when you come over from another service provider. They often throw in extra perks like unlimited data plans or discounts on your monthly bills.

Check out the latest promotions because they change pretty often.

You’ll need to pick out a plan that fits what you need and trade in your old phone sometimes. Metro makes it easy, so switching doesn’t give you a headache. Make sure to read all the details so you know how long you have to stay with them before the phone is really yours.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless currently offers free smartphone promotions for new service activations. With no cost to you, switching to Cricket Wireless can get you a complimentary cell phone with their provider change deal.

As one of the leading wireless carriers, Cricket Wireless provides free mobile devices when transferring service, making it an attractive option for those looking for cost-free cell phones.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions of Free Phone Deals

When switching service providers for a free phone, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions. Pay attention to the length of the contract, any required deposits or fees, and the activation process.

Read through the fine print about data plans, possible limitations on features or services, and any additional costs involved.

Be sure to consider factors like network coverage in your area, device compatibility with your new carrier, and accessibility of customer support. Always clarify if there are any trade-in requirements for your current phone and whether there are penalties for early termination of the new contract.

Understanding these terms will help you make an informed decision when taking advantage of free phone offers from different service providers.

How to Get the Best Free Phone Deal When Switching Carriers

After understanding the terms and conditions of free phone deals, you can maximize your benefits by following these steps:

  • Research Current Offers: Look for service providers offering the latest smartphone models as part of their switch deals.
  • Compare Data Plans: Ensure that the new carrier offers affordable and suitable data plans for your usage needs.
  • Check Network Coverage: Verify that the new carrier has strong network coverage in your area to avoid connectivity issues.
  • Inquire About Additional Benefits: Look for extra perks such as free accessories or discounted add-on services to enhance your deal.

Who Doesn’t Currently Offer Free Phones When You Switch Carriers?

When considering which carriers don’t currently offer free phones upon switching, it’s worth noting that some major providers like AT&T and Sprint are not running specific promotions for free phones when switching.

Although both companies have attractive offers for new customers, such as discounted devices or trade-in deals, at present they do not provide free phones outright. While these companies may change their offerings in the future, it’s important to keep this in mind if obtaining a complimentary phone is a priority when deciding on a new carrier.

On the other hand, smaller mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) or regional carriers may also be less likely to offer free phones when you switch. It’s crucial to carefully research each provider’s current promotions and policies before making a decision.

By doing so, one can make an informed choice based on available offers and decide whether procuring a free phone is essential when changing service providers.


So, now you know where to look for free phones when switching service providers. Remember to review the terms and conditions before making a decision. Get the best deal that suits your needs and enjoy your new phone!


Which company gives free phone when you switch?

Most major carriers offer deals for switching and porting your number where you can get free or very discounted smartphones. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon frequently have free 5G phone offers if you switch and open a new line of service. Regional carriers also offer affordable device promotions.

Can I get free iPhone?

It’s rare nowadays for standard free iPhones without any plan sign-up catches. However, switching promotions do include iPhone offers when you port-in and pay monthly device installments tied to a 6 month or 12 month service agreement. Apple also offers refurbished/used iPhone models at more affordable pricing.

Why is Cricket giving away free phones?

Cricket Wireless offers a range of free phone models to draw in new customers to their no-contract plans. As a smaller prepaid carrier competing against major companies, promotional deals like free smartphones, waived activation fees and multi-line discounts incentivize trying their services. They earn on monthly plan revenues.

Can you buy a phone for free?

Many carriers now push device installment plans where you make 0% interest monthly payments towards owning the phone. While not technically free, this route allows getting top phones for $0 down instead of hundreds upfront. Meet eligibility terms and pay on-time to own eventually.

Why do phone companies give free phones?

Phone companies have an inventory of phones at wholesale pricing that they need to move. By giving devices away, carriers incentivize new and existing subscribers to use their monthly network plans which is where they generate profits. Free phones also build brand loyalty for retention.