Free Cell Phone Service Without Paying

Cell phones have become a part of everyday life. Even if you do not use the device for some hours, these calling devices have become an essential part of the modern lifestyle. Mobile or cell phones are powerful devices but they are not cheap. The latest smartphone can cost more than a thousand dollars or more.

In addition, when there are other household bills to pay, you will need these hundred dollars in your bank account. Not everyone has that much money to spend on a mobile where the other costs are too high, and they might not need to buy an expensive gadget.

Sometimes, you just require a cell phone that is just used for simple calling or texting. Also, if you are looking for free cell phones and the ones that come cheap, take a look at the below points.

How To Get a Free Phone Service From The Government

Free Cell Phone Service

You might ask how to get free cell phone service without paying? The first thing you should know is that the government offers some free services. You may not get a free iPhone, but you will get a cheaper version of calling. You can apply for the lifeline program, and you can easily opt for it, and the best thing about this is that the eligibility requirement is not too complicated.

Let’s take a look at the government-provided free cell phone services.

Lifeline Program for Low-income Families

This program is a government-funded service that reduces the cost of a cell phone if you meet the qualifications. If you qualify, you will get the $9.35 per month subsidy for your cell phone bill and a free smartphone, and it won’t be Apple from the program.

You can qualify for this service if you are eligible for these:

  • The amount of income in the family is less than seventeen hundred dollars
  • If you are a resident of a contiguous state
  • If you earn less than thirty-five percent of the poverty scale every year.

If you fall into such categories you can apply for the programs such as:

  • Food stamps or SNAP
  • Supplemental security income
  • Survivors benefits and veterans pension
  • Medicaid
  • Tribal programs, which are only for the tribal land residents
  • Federal public housing assistance

Only one person in the family can get the subsidy, and it won’t qualify even if there are several eligible members in the family. If you get a phone plan that costs less than the monthly subsidy, you can cover the full price with it.

1. Assurance Wireless

This is a part of the Lifeline program, and you can use this one if you qualify for the Lifeline program. With this program, you will get unlimited text and Talktime and in addition, you will get two GB of data per month, and this entire plan is free of cost.

If you qualify for Assurance wireless, you will get a free Android phone, and if you want to add an extra data plan, you can apply for the monthly plan or pay for it.

2. SafeLink Wireless

This is another program from the Lifeline program. You can get this service on your existing phone and can avail a free Android smartphone when you sign up for the plan. If you are eligible for the services of Lifeline, you will get the free phone services from SafeLink wireless, but the plans will differ based on your location.

For instance, the residents of Massachusetts will get one GB of data and thousand minutes free per month. However, if you live in California, you will get three GB of data and unlimited Talktime, and if you use your cell phone, you will get four GB of data.

The Best Free Cell Phone Service Providers

When you are looking for how to get free cell phone service without paying? You can search for mobile phone service providers that offer cheap and free monthly plans. Let’s take a look.

1. CellNUVO

This phone provider allows you to play games so that you can get points, and pay the bill with the gathered points. If you can earn more points, you can cover the entire smartphone bill, with the cost of buying the device.

This means you will get phone and service both for free. To get this service you will have to download the app of CellNUVO. After downloading the app, you can watch ads, and download apps to earn more points. You can redeem the points for Talktime, data, or the monthly payment for buying your phone.

However, earning points can be a long task, so you have to use the phone only when you need it. This will store the points, and you can earn more points to get a free phone.

2. FreedomPop

This is a free phone service provider that you can use easily. You won’t have to sign up for any of the eligibility requirements. You just need a cell phone, you can also buy one from FreedomPop
And you will get a discount.

You will get a free plan that offers two hundred minutes of Talktime, five hundred MB of data, and five hundred texts. You can upgrade from the free plan to get unlimited text and Talktime for eleven dollars, and for one GB of data, you have to pay twenty dollars each month.

3. Republic Wireless

You will get unlimited text and Talktime for only fifteen dollars, and if you add data, it will cost you five dollars more. You can change the plan, but if you do not use the data, you will still have to pay in full.

4. Google Fi

You will get two plans from Google Fi, unlimited and flexible. For the flexible plan, you have to pay twenty dollars for unlimited text and Talktime, with one dollar for per hundred MB of data you use. For the unlimited plan you have to pay forty-five dollars to seventy dollars, and you will get unlimited everything. In addition, you will get a free hundred MB of cloud storage.

5. TracFone

With TracFone, you will get unlimited text and unlimited Talktime with one GB of data for twenty dollars each month. You can get extra data for five dollars, and if you do not use the data, it will be added to the next month’s plan. If you have a cell phone that you do not use often, you can get a free plan from TracFone. With this free plan, you can recharge the phone at low costs and use it for a long time.

Get Free Cell Phone Trial Services

Other than the government-provided Lifeline plans, you can get a free service from a phone carrier’s rail period. Although you will get the service for a few days, you can use it for emergencies. Let’s check out the free trials.

Mint Mobile free trial

If you are a resident within the coverage area of T-Mobile, you will get a free trial plan. For this, you can activate the eSIM immediately, or you can get a physical SIM card.

The plan includes two-fifty texts with talk minutes and two-fifty MB of high-speed data. You can also make free calls to Mexico and Canada. However, the plan is free for only seven days, and after that, the features will be unavailable. You must have a credit card when you are applying for this trial plan.

Visible from Verizon has a free trial plan

Just like T-Mobile, if you live within the service zones of Verizon, you will get a longer trial period from Visible. You will get unlimited text and Talktime with high-speed data.

Furthermore, Visible will not ask for a credit card to activate the free trial service. But you will require an eSIM with your zip code, name, and email to create the account. You will also have to be an Apple user, and it will require the latest model, older versions will not work with an eSIM. Similar to T-Mobile service, the plan will get canceled after fifteen days.

Other Ways to Get Free Cell Phone Services

You will get other ways to use a free cell phone service, and you won’t have to pay anything. You will get three options such as,

  1. Business cell phone– many organizations offer free phones with services to get help in business-related communications. At the time of emergencies, you can use this phone when you don’t have your own smartphone. In addition, companies allow the phone for personal use, light internet browsing, and texting. However, you have to be careful about sharing data because it’s a shared service.
  2. Join family mobile phone service– You can get this plan with your family member, who won’t monitor your data usage. Your sponsor can be your friend, relative, spouse, or parent.
  3. Use free social app services– You can take advantage of the free mobile phone services for free, and you just have to use the social mobile apps. The best thing about this is, that you can make international and domestic texts and calls.

However, you will require a WiFi service to enjoy these free services. Also, you have to ensure that the other person has an internet connection with the same app. You can use apps like Facebook Messenger, Signal, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Hangouts. Besides, you can get free WiFi connection if you are a resident of a metropolitan city, where most places have free internet connections for the public.


You can get a free cell phone service without paying a dime, but you have to research a bit about available services in your country. You can also check this article to know about free and cheap plans. Make sure to check if you are eligible for the plans and if they will cover your requirements.

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