Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee 2022

Have you been unsuccessfully looking for a free cell phone with no deposit no activation charges? Don’t worry; this article has all you need to know to get yourself one? There are different types of cell phones ranging from basic to high-end phones that people use daily. However, these phones do not come cheap. Additionally, paying for phone services is costly.

That is why most people explore other options, such as free phones. But where can you get a free phone? You can use many avenues to get a free cell phone, with the most preferred one being receiving one from the Government.

The Federal Government has developed programs to help financially unstable people access free phones and discounted phone services. One of such programs is the Lifeline Assistance program. Please keep reading to know more about this program and how it can help you get a free cell phone.

Getting a Free Cell Phone With No Deposit No Activation Fee

To get a free cellphone no deposit no activation fee, you have to enroll in the Lifeline Assistance Program offered by the Federal Government.

The Federal Government initiated the Lifeline Assistance Program in the mid-90s. It is administered by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Its sole purpose was to help people from the low-income group settle their telephone bills back then.

But as the cell phones emerged and the internet became more popular, the Government partnered with wireless service providers to provide free cell phones and discounted internet services. To ensure that only the disadvantaged get these free phones and plans through the Lifeline Program, the FCC has set guiding criteria that have to be met by every applicant.

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The Federal Government has to confirm that you meet these criteria every year through its national verification application system. If you meet all the requirements set by the Government, you will qualify for the Lifeline program and be eligible for a free cell phone.

Who is Eligible for a Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee

Anyone who meets the qualification guidelines set for the Lifeline Assistance program by the FCC can qualify for a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee. Below are some of the guidelines:

1) Qualification through Income

To qualify, your household’s income should not surpass 135% of the threshold set by the Federal Government. This threshold is called the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you don’t have a household, your income should not be more than $12,880 each year.

Households with more people generally have a more significant threshold to meet. Note that this threshold changes every year, the reason why you are required to renew your Lifeline Assistance Program membership every year.

2) Qualification through Government-Assistance Program Participation

The Lifeline Assistance program can help you secure a free cell phone no deposit no activation and discounted plans if you’re a member of any one of the Government aided programs mentioned below:

  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income.

Other tribal assistance programs can also make you qualify, including:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • Tribally-administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

Before receiving a free phone, you will need to produce all the documents showing your income, participation in an assistance program, citizenship, and address. If you need to learn more about Lifeline eligibility, you can visit the official page for the Federal Communications Commission.

What does Cell Phone Activation Fee Mean

The activation fee is a one-time payment to the service provider when creating your new account. These fees are usually from $35-$45, which is quite significant. So why do service providers charge an activation fee? Most of them do this to recover their incurred costs when setting up your account.

Service providers also charge this fee to discourage fraudulent people from taking advantage of their discounted phones and plans. Ideally, activation fees should never exist, but most service providers still have them.


Best Companies Offering a Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee

Below are some of the best companies which can give you a free phone no deposit no activation fee. Always check if the service provider is available in your region before applying for a cell phone.

1) Qlink Wireless

Qlink Wireless is one of the country’s most extensive network providers participating in the Lifeline Assistance Program. They have a coverage of close to 100% in all states. This provider gives out free cell phones, but they have the best smartphones in store if you have money to buy one.

Their free cell phones also come with an attractive monthly plan consisting of free data bundles, minutes, and texts. With a Qlink wireless free cell phone, you can make calls all over the country and internationally. The best part is that you don’t have to sign any contract or pay any hidden fees.

You can also opt for their prepaid wireless service whether you’re a Lifeline member or not. To get a free phone from Qlink Wireless, go to their site and input your Zip code. After that, click on apply and fill out the forms as per their instructions. Only eligible applicants will be considered for a free phone.

If you feel the online process is tedious, just download the application form, fill them out, attach essential documents and mail it to their physical address.

2) Access Wireless

The next organization on our list has dedicated its resources to helping serve people who have been enrolled in the Lifeline Assistance Program. If you’re a member of the Lifeline Assistance Program, you can get a phone at no cost. Access Wireless has branches in over 40 states.

Why choose Access Wireless? For starters, the process of applying with them is very straightforward. The phones they have in store are very high-quality. In addition, the free cell phones they offer you don’t require you to sign any contract.

Their plan consists of 1000 minutes that you can use to call both locally and internationally, a data package of 4.5 GB  to browse the internet, and unlimited texts. If you want to apply for a free cell phone from Access Wireless, you have to be Lifeline Eligible.

3) Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile provides free cell phones to encourage consumers to swap from their current service provider to their network. If you’re ready to join Boost Mobile, securing a free cell phone with no deposit and no activation fee is straightforward.

Once you switch to their network, you enjoy many perks, including a text plan of over $50, cheap data, and call plans. If you’re a participant of the Lifeline Assistance Program, receiving a free cell phone from Boost Mobile will be easy. Just follow the instructions on and join Boost Mobile.

4) Verizon

Verizon is a decorated wireless service provider with many accolades won in the communication sector. It offers enticing plans, and its services are very reliable. If your credit history is in good standing, you can apply for a free phone no deposit no activation fee.

They only provide free phones if you have signed to their postpaid or prepaid plan. The prepaid plan is your best bet to receive a free cell phone.

5) AT&T

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications companies in America. Apart from offering excellent phone deals, they also give free government cell phones to Lifeline Assistance Program members. If you get a free cell phone from AT&T, you will not pay any down payment or activation fees.

Alternatively, you can wait for their “buy one get one free” offer to get their best phones. AT&T offers iPhone 11 as their free cell phone. However, out of all the organizations on our list, AT&T has the least favorable plans. This is because they dig into your wallet.

6) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a reliable service provider that can help you cut costs when searching for a new cell phone. They do not oblige anyone who has qualified for a free phone to pay any deposit fee or enter into any contractual obligations that might tie them down later on.

You will only need to pay for a voice line that T-Mobile will give you. Take a look at T-Mobile’s website and see if you can get a free cell phone.

Best Free Cell Phones No Deposit No Activation Fee 2022

What are some of the best free cell phones no deposit no activation fee that service providers offer? This section will mention some of them and their standout features.

1) Samsung Galaxy A51 Factory Unlocked

Samsung is a leading brand in coming up with products with cutting-edge technology. The Galaxy A51 Factory unlocked is one of them. Given that it is already unlocked, you’re free to put a Simcard from any network, and it will function.

This phone comes with a large 6.5-inch screen that you can use to watch movies and series comfortably. It has sufficient storage space with 64 GB of ROM and 4 GB RAM. It has an Android 10 OS and an octa-core CPU that will enable you to carry out all your operations without the phone lagging. Its battery is non-detachable with a capacity of 4000 mAh. This is enough to last you the whole day.

2) iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 shows how much detail-oriented Apple is when making their phones. This phone has an ultra-clear 6.1-inch Liquid Retina screen display. Like the first phone on our list, it has 64GB storage and 4GB RAM.

For people who love to take selfies, the iPhone 11 has a dual 12 MP camera that takes crisp photos. It runs on an iOS 13, enabling the phone to function seamlessly. You have a 3110 mAh non-detachable Li-Ion battery to power up the phone.

3) LG V30

The manufacturers of LGV30 permanently unlock it before sending it out to the market. This makes it compatible with all network providers. Its features are also outstanding, starting with its 6-inch P-OLED display.

You can pick between a 64GB and a 128 GB internal memory, both of which are ample enough to store documents, music, and movies. It has a dual camera, with the standard camera having a resolution of 16 MP. With a 3300 mAh battery, its capacity rivals other phones on our list. Overall, the LGV30 is a premium device.

Other Common Free Cell Phones

Some other popular free cell phones that service providers offer without activation or deposit costs are:

  1. iPhone XS
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  3. Alcatel Tetra
  4. Moto E5 Cruise/Play
  5. ZTE Maven 3
  6. LG Stylo 5
  7. Moto G7.

Step By Step Guide to Getting a Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation

STEP 1: Look up all the service providers that give out free cell phones. The ones mentioned above are an excellent place to start.

STEP 2: Confirm if the offers are legit from the provider’s website. Some scammers dupe people into giving out their details and money for fraudulent offers.

STEP 3: Pick a phone from their wide range of options. Ensure that it is unlocked in your State.

STEP 4: Pick a payment plan that you can afford. Don’t go for something that will make you default payments.

STEP 5: Send your application together with all relevant documents. You can contact the service provider’s customer care to explain the whole process to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee is one of the best feelings in the world. All the service providers mentioned in this article allow you to choose from a wide array of phones.

You should take your time and compare all the phones and plans offered before picking one. Hopefully, this article has elaborated on everything you need to know about getting a free cell phone from the government or other sources. So, go ahead and try your luck!

Many wireless service providers can offer you a free cell phone no deposit no activation if you meet their eligibility guidelines and you are enrolled in the Lifeline Program.