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How to Transfer Phone Number to New Phone? – 2022 Methods

You’re just got a new phone, and you can’t help the excitement. Understandably, you want to transfer your number to the new phone as soon as possible. You can access your contacts and stay in touch with family and friends.

Luckily, it’s extremely easy to transfer your number to a new phone. Depending on your needs, you can transfer your number to a new phone within the same network or to a different network. This article discusses how to transfer a phone number to a new phone in greater detail. Please keep reading to learn more about it.

How to Transfer Phone Numbers Within the Same Network?

If you’ve bought a phone within the same network, it’s easier for you to keep your number. It’s possible to swap numbers within AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or other network carriers. You have to deactivate your old phone and activate the number on the new device. That won’t change your phone number ever.

Here is what you can do to transfer your phone number within the same network:

1) Visit the Network Carrier’s Store

Visiting the network carrier’s store is the easiest way to transfer your number to a new phone. If you bought your phone at the provider’s storefront, you could transfer your number on the spot. Otherwise, you should carry the old and new phones to the service provider and request to transfer your current plan to the new phone. Since there’s no significant change in the contract, the whole process should take only a few minutes.

2) Call Your Provider’s Customer Service Number

If you can’t visit the store, you should call your provider’s customer service number. It is convenient to call a phone number, especially if you want to avoid extremely long wait times. Alternatively, you can carry out the transfer on an online portal if the provider allows it.

In both instances, you need to have your phone account information ready. You must know the account number, PIN code, and residential address. It can be inconvenient if you do not have that information.

In some cases, you may buy a new phone which requires a new SIM card. Your service provider would provide you with a new SIM card and facilitate your number transfer. That’s a simple process called SIM swap. It helps move your number from one SIM card to another in the same network.

You may have to visit your network provider’s offices to initiate the SIM swap, check their website, or give them a call. Some network providers may require you to fill out a form or send a text to get a security code.

How to Transfer Your Phone Number Between Networks?

Say you have a Verizon phone number, and you’ve just bought an AT&T phone. You can transfer your Verizon phone to the AT&T phone in simple steps. In that case, you need your Verizon account number, PIN code, and residential address. You can make the switch either by visiting your current network provider’s store. 

A Federal Communication Commission (FCC) porting process puts your number on hold while transferring between two different providers. The process aims to prevent network providers from locking you into their service. 

You can legally change network providers and keep your number with the porting system. For that, you do not need to carry out number portability. All it takes is canceling one contract and signing up for another one.

Here is how to transfer a phone number to a new phone:

Step 1: Commence a New Contract with New Network Provider

Before you can transfer your number to a new phone, you must contact the new network provider and commence a new contract. If the network provider agrees to enter into a contract with you, you can reach out to your old network provider.

Step 2: Contact Your Current Provider for a PAC Code

Now you can contact the old service provider to cancel your contract and give you a PAC code. You may call or text the network carrier. Under normal circumstances, you should get the PAC number within two or so hours. The FCC stipulates that timeframe, so you can expect your service provider to comply with it.

However, the network provider may want to verify your identity to stop any efforts to steal your number. So, expect some questions that may require you to have the required information at your fingertips. You can provide quick answers, verify your identity, and receive the PAC code sooner.

A typical PAC code is a nine-digit number that remains valid for 30 days. If the allowed time lapses before using the code, you have to ask for a new one. Otherwise, you cannot go ahead with the number transfer process.

You’ll pay standard calling rates if you choose to request a PAC code by calling your network provider. If you find it difficult to call or text your current network provider, you can do it under the new FCC regulations. Test “PAC” to the shortcode 65075 and get the code immediately without making a phone call.

Step 3: Contact New Network with PAC Code

Now that you have a PAC code, you should immediately provide it to the new network provider to commence the number transfer process. The new provider needs to get in touch with your old network to arrange the number transfer. Also, it needs to schedule when the switch will take place.

Usually, the phone number transfer should happen on the next working day. Meanwhile, you should keep the old SIM card on the phone to remain in contact with your family and friends. If there happens to be a weekend in between, it can take longer to port the number to the new network.

Here is how it works, if you supply the PAC code on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the number transfer can only take place the following week on Tuesday. So, in that case, you need to be patient with the network carrier.

Step 4: Confirm that the SIM Car Works

How do you know that the phone number transfer process was successful? Put the SIM card in the handset and call someone. Alternatively, you may ask a friend to give you a ring. 

As you wait for your number to transfer to a new phone, you can still use it on the old network. Therefore, there’s no cause for alarm or loss of communication in the intervening period. The only interruption may happen for a few minutes during the number transfer process.

If you have no problem losing your old phone number and want to switch to a new one, you can request a Service Termination Authorization Code (STAC) by dialing 75075. You can terminate the contract with your old provider and switch to a new one.

How to Park a Phone Number?

It can sometimes be a while before you can transfer your phone number between two different network providers. In that case, you need to park the phone number until you’re ready for a new contract. There are several number parking services on the web. You can find them through a simple search, pay a small fee, and have your number parked. These parking services can hold your number until the right time to activate it with a new network service provider.

Number parking isn’t that different from transfer between services, only that it’s a third party holding onto it. It uses the same porting service to transfer your number to a parking space instead of straight to another network provider. The parking service provider would require to pay a monthly fee for maintaining the phone number ownership. Overall, it’s a simple and inexpensive process.

How to Transfer Contacts to Your New Phone?

How to Transfer Phone Number to New Phone

Apart from transferring your number to a new phone, you may also want to move your contacts, music, apps, games, and photographs. It would help if you took your time to carry out the transfer to prevent losing anything.

You can transfer contacts through your Google account by syncing with your old phone on an Android phone. Alternatively, you may use apps such as Mobile Trans – Phone Transfer. The app has a simple procedure that doesn’t require you to be a tech geek. There also exist apps that can move contacts between an iPhone and an Android phone.

The Bottom Line

Do you know how to transfer a phone number to a new phone? It can either be moving your number to a new phone within the same network or a new phone to a different network. If the transfer is within the same network, you need to move the SIM card to the new phone. 

Where a new SIM card is necessary, the network provider can carry out a SIM Swap. If the phone number transfer is to a different network, you need to port, which is an elaborate process. With only a few steps, your number should be up and running.

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