How To Get Approved for Safelink EBB Program

Telecommunications has actually played a crucial function in ensuring that people continue to thrive as normally as it was circumstantially possible throughout the pandemic.

Nonetheless, not everyone was equipped enough to maintain the effortless flow of connection with their fellow community. This issue was the major driving factor behind the development of the Safelink EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefit) Program.

So the needy ones with low-income family members can stay in touch through the internet across the duration of this pandemic and beyond. Safelink is the lauded supplier of this program, that has supported all the eligible members of the country.

Today we will unlock the much sought-after answers to these questions and much more.

Safelink EBB Program (Emergency Broadband Benefit)

safelink ebb phones

Safelink EBB program was originally drafted and developed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the objective of making it possible for financially struggling families and vulnerable individuals to continue to be connected to the internet and basic telecommunications service throughout the pandemic resulting in lockdown.

The outlining details of this program may differ depending on a lot of factors, but nonetheless, there has been no compromise on the vision and the end goal. You can get an extra $50 in lieu of your monthly broadband bill. Additionally, you can secure $75 if you are a resident of tribal lands.

One can apply for this program either with your preferred participating provider, online or by speaking to the Safelink customer care team. To get to the consumer care team, you ought to dial 833-511-0311 for application. After that, send it with proof of qualification to this address.

Safelink is among the best companies in the EBB program. Nonetheless, only qualified households are bound to harness the far-reaching benefits of the solutions offered by this program. The keynote to keep in mind is that only one person per house can take advantage of this program. A Safelink EBB program has truly revolutionized the connectivity of the needy ones.

How To Qualified For The Safelink EBB Program

To be qualified for this safelink ebb program, you have to adhere to either of the following requirements;

  • You should be an active participant in either free or much reduced prices on college lunch or school morning meal programs.
  • You lost your source of income, regardless of it being a job or any other means, since February 29, 2020. Also, if you can prove that your total earnings in 2020 were listed below $198000 for joint filers or $99000 for single filers.
  • If you successfully claimed the Federal Pell Grant in the current honor year.
  • Your revenue is at or listed below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • You or a family member are involved in any activity and listed federal government programs such as Supplemental Security Earnings (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Medicaid, etc.
  • If you or any other individual in your household joins in the Head Starts, Bureau of Indian Matters General Aid, Tribal Temporary Help for Needy Families, and more, you are eligible.

Normally, it is given that if you qualify for the Lifeline Aid program, you are by default eligible for the Safelink EBB program.

What Does Safelink EBB Program Offer

With the Safelink EBB program, you are bound to benefit from their beneficial policies;

  • Free Month-to-month limitless talk, data, and also message.
  • Free 10 to 15 G.B. Hotspot data (Nevertheless, this deal varies from one state to one more).
  • Limitless global calling.
  • Free mobile phone.

How To Apply for Safelink EBB Program

The first step is to visit Safelink’s official website and scour through the details. Enter your postal code and then tap proceed. Remember, if you make your application online, you will be called to submit the following authentic information:

  • Your official name
  • Your address
  • Your government-issued I.D. number
  • SSN.
  • Date of birth, a photo, or a checked photo of your I.D.

Just keep following the steps you are directed on the screen, and you will be good to go. Ensure that you have proof of your eligibility for the program. Remember that Safelink will certainly not use this program for individuals that do not deserve it. Just qualified people will receive safelink wireless phones from the Safelink EBB Program.

Benefits of The Safelink EBB Program

  • Through the Safelink EBB program, you save much more on the expenses of telecommunication. Why? You will not pay to text or make phone calls. What more can we ask for? You will not strain your budget plan when it comes to telecommunications solutions.
  • This legendary program allows you to obtain a cost-free cellphone that can assist you remain connected with those whom you enjoy.
  • Given that it is a mobile phone, there are multiple applications you can earn simultaneously from. It’s like, with zero investment you are reaping widespread gains.
  • Lastly, the freedom to dial up to 15 distinct worldwide phone numbers makes it a to-go choice for many people that come from financially struggling households. Typically, you will certainly save extra on mobile phone costs as well as be gotten in touch with friends and family participants during the COVID-19 pandemic for less charge.


While the benefits of the Safelink EBB Program are promising, there are of course certain pertaining limitations. Among most of the government aid programs, when utilized in the right manner, it has catered to the fundamental need for telecommunication connectivity for somewhat struggling sections of the society.

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