Verizon Government Discount

Verizon Wireless is one of the major network carriers in the United States, reaching millions of customers across the country. Users can get a government discount via Lifeline Assistance and Fios Home Internet.

Verizon offers a phone service discount to qualifying low-income households through Lifeline Assistance. Besides, each family may get a free phone.

A family may get the Verizon government discount on wireless connectivity or Fios Home Internet. Fios is Verizon’s service that offers high-speed fiber optic internet to customers across the U.S. With discounted fiber optic internet, you get blazing download and upload speeds.

Lifeline Assistance Verizon Government Discount

Lifeline Assistance is a government program initiated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide discounted phone services to eligible low-income households. It provides a discount on clients’ Verizon monthly bills.

Only eligible customers can enroll for Lifeline Assistance and get toll blocking at no extra charge. In some states, the government may discount the cost of a new landline service if you live on Tribal Lands.

You only get one discount per household. So, no two individuals may receive Lifeline Assurance discounts. It doesn’t matter if you opt to apply for an additional discount from another provider.

Verizon restricts beneficiaries of Lifeline Assistance with other network providers from applying for the government discount. That’s unless you transfer the existing discount from the current network carrier to Verizon Wireless.

How to Qualify for Lifeline Assistance Verizon Government Phone

The eligibility criteria for Lifeline Assistance may vary from one network provider to another. But generally, you need to be a beneficiary of a government assistance program or live in a low-income household. Here is a comprehensive description of the criteria to qualify for the government discount through Verizon:

1. Income-Based Qualification

You can get the Lifeline Assistance Verizon government discount if your household income is below 135% of the Federal Government poverty guidelines. However, some states may raise the income limit to 150%.

Below is an outline of the poverty guidelines for 2022 across the United States:

2022 Poverty Guidelines for 48 States and the District of Columbia

No. of persons in a family or householdPoverty guideline

In a single-member household, the income limit is $18,346.50. With every additional member, the income requirement increases by $6,282. The more people in a household, the easier it is for you to qualify for the discount.

2022 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska

No. of persons in a family or householdPoverty guideline

Alaskans have different poverty guidelines, which are higher than the national average. If you live in a one-member household, your income should be $22,936.50 or 135 percent of $16,990. There’s an extra $7,965 for each additional household member.

2022 Poverty Guidelines for Hawaii

No. of persons in a family or householdPoverty guideline

Hawaiians have a different set of poverty guidelines. On the island state, you would need a $15,630 income in a one-member household. As the household members increase, the income limit increases by $7,330.50.

2. Government Assistance Programs

There are several state or federal government programs to make life more bearable for low-income families, veterans, or the elderly. For can get a Verizon government discount if you or a family member participates in one of the following programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit

3. Federal Lands Residents

Residents of Tribal Lands can get a government discount from Verizon if their households benefit from some programs. If you or a household member participates in any of the following, you can get a government discount through Lifeline Assistance:

  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF)
  • Tribal Head Start
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

How to Apply for a Lifeline Assistance Verizon Government Discount

Verizon Government Discount

The Lifeline Verizon government discount is not automatic. You have to apply for it to get it. Luckily, the application process is straightforward. Here is how to apply for a Verizon government discount via Lifeline Assistance:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility Status

You should start by checking that you or one of your household members meets any of the conditions of participating in Lifeline Assistance. Even though you can review your eligibility status privately, it’s important to do it via the National Verifier.

Step 2: Apply for a Verizon Government Discount

If you choose to check your eligibility status via the National Verifier, you can also go ahead and fill out your application. Alternatively, you can print out the application form, fill it out, and submit it via the mail. If you opt for a paper application, you may have to wait for one to two weeks before deciding on your eligibility.

Step 3: Attach Necessary Documents

There are several categories of documents that you must attach to your application, both online and mail-in. The following are the various categories of documents you must have on hand when applying for a Verizon government discount via Lifeline Assistance:

Proof-of-Identity Documents

Only one member can apply for a Verizon government discount in each household. The applicant must attach proof-of-identity documents, including the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S Government, State, Military, or Tribal-Issued ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Foreign Passport

Proof-of-Address Documents

Besides proving your identity, you must also prove your address. Verizon requires that to be sure that your bills and other correspondence reach you successfully.

Proof-of-identity documents should show your name, date of birth, and SSI number’s last four digits. You may prove your address using any of the following documents:

  • Federal, State, or Tribal-Issued ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Current Lease or Mortgage Statement
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Current Income Statement, W2, or Paycheck Stub

Proof-of-Low-Income Documents

Do you live in a low-income household? If so, you must provide documents proving you have a low income. In your application, include copies of all documents that make you qualify for a Verizon government discount. Here are some of the documents that can help you prove that you have low-income status:

  • Current income statement or paycheck stub
  • Social security statement of benefit
  • Tribal, state, or federal previous year’s tax returns
  • Divorce decree or child support documents
  • Worker’s compensation statement of benefits
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits

Proof of Participation in Government Assistance

Do you or your family members participate in a government assistance program? If so, you must attach at least one document proving the same. When attaching the documents, Verizon requires you to ensure they meet the following conditions:

  • Your name or that of the qualifying person
  • The name of the government assistance program like Head Start
  • Date of the issue within the past 12 months or an expiration date in the future
  • The Tribal, State, or Federal program administrator or managed care organization (MCO) issuing the document

The proof of participation in a government program documents include the following:

  • SSI pay, benefit, or award letter
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) award letter
  • Medicaid award letter
  • SNAP benefit statement, pay, or award letter
  • Pension grant letter with address, name, and monthly payment
  • Cost of living adjustment (COLA) letter
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) General Assistance Award Letter
  • Tribal Head Start letter listing the name of the participating child
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families award letter
  • Indian Tribal Organization (ITO) Food Distribution Program award letter

Step 4: Choose a Service Plan

Once you get approved by the National Verifier for a Lifeline Assistance Verizon government discount, contact the company at 1-800-Verizon to select a service plan. You may choose either a wireless service or the Fios Home Internet Service.

With the Verizon government discount, you’re eligible for reduced rates on your monthly bill. That means your household will pay much less for internet services. Suppose you willfully provide false information to participate in Lifeline Assistance. In that case, Verizon may de-enroll you and take action so that you pay a fine, get imprisoned, or get prohibited from the program.

Verizon First Responder Discounts

Besides the general public, Verizon offers discounted services to first responders. Those who qualify may get a mobile plan, accessories, and other features. The following are the different categories of people who can get first Verizon first responder discounts:

  • First Responders: First responders include local or state personnel, volunteers, killed in action (KIA), retired, and next of kin (spouse and children).
  • Military Members: If you’re currently serving in the military, a cadet, veteran, or Gold Start member.
  • Nurse: RN, NP, LVN, LPN, or respiratory therapist.
  • Teacher: Currently employed to work in an elementary or high school.
  • Student: Actively enrolled online or in-person in a secondary school or higher learning institution (vocational, undergraduate, and graduate).
  • Employee: Employees of organizations or companies with an agreement with Verizon. You may contact Verizon directly or your company.

All these categories can apply via the Verizon website by checking eligibility and filling out the form to provide the necessary information. The registration process caters to the needs of both new and existing customers. You can get the Verizon government discount on only one account if you have two accounts.

How to Get the Verizon Fios Discount

There is a Fios discount called Verizon connections. Virtually anyone can apply for the discount. It offers a four-year guarantee on the gigabit and 2-gigabit plans. Customers can choose either of the plans based on how well they can meet their streaming and gaming needs.

For only $25 monthly, you get 300Mbps and 500Mbps with a premium 5G unlimited plan. However, you need to have enrolled in AutoPay and the Mobile+Home discount. All Fios internet plan makes it possible to rent a router on a complimentary basis.

You get a 300Mbps router and a free Wi-Fi security camera with a two-year price guarantee. If you opt for the three-year price guarantee, you’ll get a 500 Mbps router and a four-piece Simplisafe bundle. Finally, the four-year price guarantee includes a gigabit internet router, an eight-piece Simplisafe bundle, and free six months of Disney+.

Application for a Verizon Fios Discount for New Customer

  • Step 1: Go to Verizon connections page and enter your last name, email address, and place of residence.
  • Step 2: Verizon sends an email to your address. Please open it and check for the link to the embedded token. Click the link to enter the Verizon website.
  • Step 3: Add your current phone number and address.
  • Step 4: Check the box below to keep your current phone number. Click continue to move to the Verizon order page.
  • Step 5: From the list of bundle options, click the one you prefer the most. After ordering, the Verizon Connections discount should be added to your plan.

Application for a Verizon Fios Discount for Existing Customers

  • Step 1: In the email link to the Fios discount page, enter your phone number. If you have other services and not a phone number, check the box under the field for the phone number.
  • Step 2: Verizon checks your phone services to ascertain if they are enough for you to qualify for the Fios discount. Verizon adds the discount to your monthly bill if you qualify.
  • Step 3: If you have no qualifying service, Verizon will show you the services you must add to get the discount.
  • Step 4: Enter your Verizon User ID plus password to open your account. You must register on the site using the latest Verizon phone bill if you have no account.

The Bottom Line

Getting the Verizon government discount is possible through Lifeline Assistance. The government program targets low-income families looking to stay connected with their loved ones. You must meet the eligibility criteria for Lifeline Assistance to apply for the discount.

The application process is straightforward and can happen via the National Verifier or in-store. Once approved, your discount will project in the next monthly Verizon bill.

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