How To Do Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone

Nowadays, no one can imagine a single day without a smart phone. It is a great news that some of us can own a prepaid wireless service such as Assurance wireless. The best side of assurance wireless phones is that; you can use smartphones comfortably with assurance wireless. It is a great chance that is given by the government. You can enjoy this opportunity and also another one that is assurance wireless phone upgrade.

Assurance Wireless phones are actually for those people who are not able to afford an expensive phone at a time, low income consumers and whose earing source is not that much good. There are some specific criteria for getting assurance wireless phones.

There are many smartphones to use with assurance wireless. You can buy one according to your services through applications and following some instructions. Besides, you can use your own phone through upgrade your phone with assurance wireless. Now many questions will arise in your mind like what is assurance wireless, what is assurance wireless phones and how can I upgrade these. This article will help to make you clear about these questions.

What is Assurance Wireless

Assurance wireless is a lifeline provider, which is owned by virgin mobile. Virgin mobile company provides this offer according to the needs of the government for low income families in the US.

You have to know some basic information about assurance wireless compatible phones. Before talking about upgrades, you should know what kind of phones you can use with an assurance wireless plan. Nowadays, assurance wireless companies provide Android phones and they offer a monthly basis discount.

Assurance wireless phone upgrade is given to people as their recommendations, people don’t need to think about payment. Through mail, you are able to get your phone. For this reason, you have to sign up through a representative for a phone, you will get it.

Why Do Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone

After signing up for an account to get an assurance wireless phone, there is also a possibility that you can upgrade that phone. There are many reasons to get an upgrade phone from your old one.

  1. You can upgrade your phone through replacement. There must have some common genuine reasons for replacement. Some of these common reasons are given below:
    • If your device is lost, you should inform them within 24 hours.
    • When your phone is stolen.
    • When you need an Assurance wireless phone upgrade.
  2. The functions of smartphones are getting updated day by day and added some new features these are different from old phones. These features are also may absent in your phones. Smartphones run more than basic phones. you can see from some reviews of new smartphones.
  3. The most important part of smartphones is Internet browsing. You can do modern communication through smartphones. You can browse the fast Internet and can use the modern technology system through it. In a basic phone, you have to text or voice calls to communicate with someone, which is costly. By using a smartphone, you can do chat, voice and video calls at a low price. Easily, you can reach anyone, and everyone can reach you fast.
  4. without communication, you can use smartphones for many purposes. You can pay your electric bills, gas bills, or can search for anything you need or to know the location of somewhere. If urgency, you need someone, you can notify them to let them know by text, email and various messaging applications. Besides that, assurance wireless offers some new data plan, which is affordable than basic call rates. It may reduce your basic call rates.

How To Do Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone

assurance wireless phone upgrade

After hearing your recommendations and financial situation, they will inform you whether you are qualified for an assurance wireless phone upgrade or you can upgrade your basic phone to a smartphone.

At the time of buying an assurance wireless phone, you have created an account named my account. You can get it in two ways, one is through email and another is a phone call. If you really want to upgrade your current assurance wireless phone, you have to go to their website. Then you have to go to your created account and go to the customer account section to apply.

Now you have to fill up all your requirements. Then you can have sent their mail or you can call their customer care service number. They will inform you whether you are eligible for an assurance wireless phone upgrade. They will inquire about your status.

Assurance Wireless Phone Replacement

Assurance Wireless phones are given a one-year Warranty Card at this time, if you face some technical or manufacturing problems with the phone while using, you should inform them about your problems.

Immediately, you need to report the problem and your location. They will help you with how you can replace your old phone. Another thing is that, if you lose your phone, you should inform them within 24 hours, so that they can replace a new one. If your phone is stolen, the same process will be used.

When new updates are launched, you can apply for a replacement. They will arrange how can you replace your phone. Within a few days, you will be able to get assurance wireless phone replacements for free if you report them on time. There will be some changes to your new device. The replacement model may not be the same as your original one.

The 7 Best Phone Companies That Familiar With Assurance Wireless

1) Assurance Wireless

It the best among all the free wireless phone services. It is operated by Virgin mobile. Virgin mobile service is a free phone supplement under a government program. It has the best network connectivity that covers the best network system. It has limitations, that the company only operates in the state of California.

2) Safelink Wireless

It has a large market of free cell phones and offers vast customer assurance wireless phone replacement. This service is only for those people who live in California. If you write your location in California, you will be able to get the assurance phone replacement service.

3) TruConnect

It has also some limitations, that it provides service among some selected areas.

  1. Kansas
  2. California
  3. Missouri
  4. Navada
  5. Texas
  6. Kentucky

It especially gives services in assurance wireless phone upgrades. This company has some great offers on talk time and unlimited text packages.

4) Reachout Wireless

This company reaches people gradually and rapidly with the service of assurance wireless phone replacement. It deals with a number of phones, these are iPhone 4, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung A850, HTC Droid Incredible 2. It covers a vast area of states, already 20 areas can enjoy its service.

5) Q Link Wireless

Q link wireless provides touchscreen phones to qualified customers. This company also provides a free Wi-Fi hotspot service for its customers. If a customer’s phones support Wi-Fi, they can use broadband data every month to create a hotspot, for this reason, customers are given passwords.

6) Verizon Wireless

The main goal of this company is to help those families who cannot afford regular communication with their loved ones. It has become the biggest telecommunication company for its rapid growth. This company offers assurance wireless phone replacement service. It has some package plans for customers. It gives services to people living in Lowa, New York, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

7) Access Wireless

It offers assurance wireless phone replacement for eligible customers. It gives some free cell phones like Motorola, Alcatel, ZTE, and Samsung. This company also gives service as assurance wireless phone upgrade.


People can get easily this assurance wireless services and upgrade through registration with a lifeline program. If anyone is eligible for this service, they will get it at an affordable price. This program is mainly for people who have financial challenges.

If you have assurance wireless phone, you can also apply for a replacement and upgrade. It is very easy for requesting an assurance wireless phone upgrade. Assurance wireless company is reliable, so they will accept such kind of your request. You should inform them of what you need in your upgraded phones, they will help you.

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