Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet

Keeping up with the current trends in technology requires one to have the most up-to-date devices. Tablets are a perfect tool as they are portable and powerful enough to be used for communication, business or studies.

However, most tablets are costly, effectively pricing out low-earning individuals. Luckily, that is where the Emergency Broadband Benefit free tablet providers come in. They offer fully functional tablets at highly discounted prices and others at no cost.

They accomplish this by participating in the Emergency Broadband Benefit program offered by the Federal Government. This article will focus on the best Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers and how you can qualify for a free tablet from them. Keep reading to get the finer details.

What Does The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Entail

The Emergency Broadband Benefit or the EBB program was formed during the Covid era by the Federal Government. Its sole purpose was to help financially challenged individuals across the country to access Broadband.

Over 10 million individuals were pushed below the poverty line during the pandemic, making it impossible for them to afford internet services and essential services such as food, healthcare, and housing. 

However, through the EBB program, the Federal government ensured that they could get monthly benefits to afford internet services. It also gave them access to one-time discounts that they could use to buy devices such as tablets and desktops. This enabled them to stay connected and continue their day-to-day online activities.

More recently, the government abolished the Emergency Broadband Benefit program and initiated a new one called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The new program has the same mandate as the one before, with the only difference being the amount of benefits households could receive.

While the EBB program offers benefits of $50 monthly to each household, the ACP only provides benefits of $30 monthly. It is important to note that the Federal Government facilitated a smooth transition for members of the EBB program to the ACP to continue enjoying benefits.

EBB Eligibility Criteria

Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers usually require all applicants to satisfy specific prerequisites to be eligible for a free tablet. These requirements were set explicitly for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. They include:

  • The applicant’s income should not surpass 135% of the Poverty Threshold set by the Federal Government. This threshold is uniform across various states but varies every year. Consequently, you need to check the current threshold before applying for a free tablet.
  • You should be signed up for one of the Government Assistance programs. Several programs are available, including the Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, Tribal Head Start, and Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • The applicant should have been awarded a Federal Pell Grant in the present year. This grant is only offered to students from low-income backgrounds to help cater for their tuition fees and other expenses.
  • Anyone participating in the Free and Reduced-price School Lunch or the School Breakfast Program can freely send their application to Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers.
  • To enjoy the benefits of the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, you should prove that you lost your source of income or were retrenched from your previous place of employment.

Collect Necessary Documents

There is a set of documents that every applicant has to present to Emergency Broadband Free Tablet Providers for them to verify their eligibility. Below is a comprehensive list:

  1. A document confirming your identity, for example, a passport, a state-issued identification card, a military identification card, a social security number, and a driver’s license.
  2. An official document that verifies that you lost your source of income.
  3. Documents showing that you’re currently enrolled in a government assistance program, such as a SNAP award letter, Federal Public Housing Assistance benefits award letter, and Medicaid approval letter.
  4. A document that confirms your address, for example, a utility bill or bank statement.
  5. An emancipation letter for individuals under the age of 18 years but still want to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit.
  6. A document that proves that you are financially incapacitated or your earnings are not greater than 135% of the Federal Poverty Threshold. Good examples include a tribal tax return, an unemployment benefits statement, an income statement from your current employer, pay stubs, a W2 form, and an employment letter.

You should avoid submitting original documents when making your application. Only use copies when applying through mail or unhindered photos when applying online.

The 7 Best EBB Free Tablet Providers

Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers

If you qualify for the EBB program offered by the Federal Government, the next step would be to apply for a free tablet. Fortunately, there are several Emergency Broadband Benefit-free tablet providers available. All of them offer different perks, and their application procedures differ. Some of the most dependable ones include:

1. Boost Mobile

The second Emergency Broadband Benefit-free tablet provider on our list provides phone and internet services at no cost to participants of the EBB program. Boost Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that utilizes T-Mobile’s infrastructure to distribute the network to its customers.

New and existing customers can easily access their free mobile service plan to enjoy EBB benefits. This service comes with 35 GB of Data, a mobile hotspot, and a tablet at no cost. The FCC facilitates this offer to enable financially-strained families to get back to their feet as soon as possible.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is among the largest wireless service providers in the US. It has extensive coverage due to its vast network infrastructure that is spread widely. Its customers all over the country can enjoy a 5G network.

If you want to benefit from the EBB program, then T-Mobile is your best bet. They provide internet services to not only low-income individuals but also non-profit organizations, learning institutions, and government agencies providing aid to people.

Additionally, they offer a free tablet that you can use to stay connected using their strong network. They also provide 20 GB of data that you can use for surfing and 10GB of data for hotspot.

3. Windstream

Windstream is a telecommunications company that offers wireless services to consumers across the United States. Through their entity, Kinetic, they can provide high-speed internet and offer free tablets through the EBB program.

If you visit Kinetic EBB platform, you will be guided on how to make your application. Kinetic gives eligible households as much as $100 discounts to buy tablets. This helps to lower the cost of some tablets to only $20.

In addition, they give customers $50 credit every month which they can use to settle internet bills. One great thing about Kinetic is that they will replace your tablet if it was damaged during transportation. All you have to do is contact their Customer Service representatives at 1-800-347-1991.

4. TruConnect

TruConnect uses T-Mobile’s network since it doesn’t own any network towers. It offers the EBB program to its Lifeline-eligible customers. If you’re an existing customer, you can either sign up for the TruConnect EBB program using your current account or register a new one. TruConnect allows you to get discounted 8-inch Android tablets through their device benefit option.

There are many plans offered under the TruConnect EBB program. The first one is solely meant for California customers. It consists of 14GB of mobile data on the 4G LTE network, which you can also use for a mobile hotspot. You also get unlimited talk and texts.

The second plan is made for customers who don’t reside in California. This plan gives you 12.5GB of data bundles and a mobile hotspot. Finally, their data-only plan provides 8GB of fast data.

5. QLink Wireless

QLink Wireless is a telecommunications firm that focuses on providing free wireless services to lifeline customers who meet the conditions put in place by the Federal Government. These wireless services include free data and unlimited text and talk time.

Like other companies on our list, customers have to register for their EBB program to apply for a free tablet from them. Successful applicants will have their tablets mailed to the address they provided. QLink Wireless only provides a single tablet to each household.

6. Standup Wireless

Standup Wireless collaborates with the Federal Government to assist people from poor backgrounds through the Lifeline and Emergency Broadband Benefit programs. If you want a free Tablet from Standup Wireless, you must enroll in their EBB program first.

Besides a free tablet, you can also get free data, unlimited texts, and minutes. Standup Wireless only offers three types of Tablets: the Vortex Tab 8, NUU Tab 8, and SKY Elite 8. All these devices are also capable of connecting to WiFi.

7. DailyTel

DailyTel is a network carrier that plies its trade in several states. Their headquarters is located in Palm Beach, Florida. It is one of the country’s most reliable Emergency Broadband Benefits Free Tablet providers.

They can offer several enticing perks thanks to their participation in the Federal Communication Commission’s EBB program. This has also helped them to give eligible customers free devices such as tablets and phones.

If you join DailyTel and subscribe to their EBB program, you will get as much as 20GB of monthly data that you can hotspot for your friends or family. Furthermore, you will receive a SIM card for free that will give you unlimited access to their 5G network.

How To Apply For Free Tablets From Emergency Broadband Benefit

The application procedure for free tablets from any of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers is very straightforward. Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Choose an Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet provider

Several service providers in the country participate in the EBB program. However, not all of them offer free tablets. Locate the ones that offer free government tablets and are available in your state.

Step 2: Check If You Meet The Prerequisite Criteria

After settling for an EBB provider, the next thing is to confirm if you fulfill the guidelines they have set. You can call them through their official number or chat with them online. The prerequisite criteria set by EBB providers may differ from one provider to the next.

Step 3: Carry Out The Application

Visit the application page of your respective EBB provider to begin the online application process. You will be required to sign up, after which you will be redirected to a page where you will fill out your details in an application form. After that, you should attach all the documents mentioned in this article and submit your application.

Alternatively, you can apply through mail. Just download the application form from your EBB provider’s official website, fill it out, attach copies of your documents and send it through the mail.

Step 4: Wait For Approval

Emergency Broadband Benefit Tablet Providers usually vet all applicants for a couple of days. But once they determine that you satisfy all their guidelines, they will get in touch with you immediately.

Step 5: Receive Your Tablet

Your tablet will be shipped to the address that you provided once your approval is complete. These may take a few days, depending on your location.

Devices Offered By Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers

Qualified customers can choose from a wide range of devices depending on their Emergency Broadband Benefit provider. Some of the most common affordable tablets available to EBB-eligible consumers include:

  • The Huawei MediaPad T3
  • Amazon Fire 7
  • Vortex Tab 8
  • Lenovo Tab E10
  • SKY elite 8
  • Huawei  MediaPad T5
  • Nuu Tab 8


If you did not know how to get a free tablet, this article has listed the top Emergency Broadband Benefit free tablet providers. It has also expounded on how you can apply for one. Visit the official website of each EBB provider and carefully go through their application guidelines. Also, check out their qualification criteria before you pick the one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The EBB Program Still Running?

The FCC abolished the Emergency Broadband Benefit program on 31st December 2021. However, the Affordable Connectivity Program was initiated to continue assisting low-income individuals.

Does The Free EBB Tablet Come With A Warranty?

Yes. EBB service providers offer tablets that have a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period is the only thing that differs.

Can You Choose An Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Provider?

Yes, you can. Not all EBB service providers offer the same perks. So, it would be best to look for one nearer to you and one that provides the benefits you need.

Which Types Of Tablets Can You Get From EBB Providers?

The type or model of tablet you receive free from Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet Providers will depend on what is in store. Generally, you cannot choose the specific type you want. However, all these tablets are usually in mint condition.

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