Free Internet at Home Without Paying

Can you get free internet at home? You can access free internet for your school work and entertainment without subscribing to an internet service provider (ISP). From public municipal Wi-Fi to mobile applications that provide access to free internet, the options are endless.

This article discusses how to get free internet at home without paying. It provides easy solutions that come in handy when you need to access the internet but have no money to pay for it. Keep reading to learn about simple hacks to get internet free of charge.

Accessing Free Internet Services Near You

Did you know that you can access free internet through the available public Wi-Fi? One of the Wi-Fi services listed on your phone, tablet, or laptop could be municipal Wi-Fi. 

Ask your neighbor for the login credentials if you are new in the area. If you’ve already signed up with an ISP, check if they offer free or cheap internet packages.

Here are suggestions on how to find free internet services near you:

1. Free Internet from Your ISP

If you don’t ask, you cannot know if your ISP has cheaper or free internet if you don’t ask. If they provide you with an internet plan, the ISP may reduce the speed or institute a data cap.

So, there is no need to suffer in silence by paying for an expensive internet plan. Most internet service providers can customize your internet plan and give you a much cheaper one. If you suggest you’re thinking of signing up with another ISP, the company would have no option but to give you a more affordable plan.

2. Get Wi-Fi From a Neighbor

Does your good neighbor have an internet connection? It does you no harm to ask your neighbor if they could share the internet with you. Your neighbor can activate a guest network on their router that remains active until the network surpasses the bandwidth limit.

Even if your neighbor doesn’t ask for anything in return, offer a service or a little money for the Wi-Fi. It can be easier for your neighbor to agree to cost-share the internet rather than providing it to you free of charge.

What if your neighbor says ‘no’? At least you would have tried. In that case, you would appreciate your neighbor’s choice to maintain the privacy of their network.

3. Local Municipal Wireless Network

Your local government might have installed a wireless connection to serve you and other people within that region. The public Wi-Fi could be free or at a small maintenance cost.

The Wi-Fi networks can be large, covering the whole municipality or a portion of the city. But you can only access it if you know about its existence. Make sure you check with your neighbors for the login credentials.

Free Internet Using Tools and Applications

How to Get Free Internet at Home Without Paying

Do you know how to get free internet at home without paying? Several tools and applications offer free or affordable internet, helping you reduce your internet bills. You can download, install, and use the apps to get free Wi-Fi on Android, Windows, iOS, or macOS devices. 

The hacks suggested in this section are perfectly legal and cannot lead you to breach any law. Once you understand the applicable terms and conditions, you’re good to go. The following are the apps and tools that can give you access to free Wi-Fi:

1. NetZero

NetZero is an affordable ISP, offering low-cost monthly plans and free dial-up internet service. The company has provided free dial-up internet since the 1990s, making it possible for you to access up to 200 Mb of internet every month. While that package looks too little, it’s enough for you to carry out some limited browsing.

Regardless of your location in the United States, you can access internet services from NetZero. Their website has all the areas in which they provide coverage. So, don’t hesitate to check it out.

You can either use a NetZero compatible device or get one from the company. Before buying a third-party device, check their website for compatibility. If you already have an ISP, you can transfer your existing device to NetZero.

2. Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop was established in 2011 to provide virtual mobile and wireless internet services. The Los Angeles-based company doesn’t utilize regular cell phone signals to transmit data. Instead, it operates on a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) for telephone and long-term evolution (LTE) for data transmission.

Therefore, you can send and receive text messages without connecting to the internet. With Freedom Pop, you get free internet, text, and calls. Additionally, they sell mobile devices for use on their network.

It has low-cost mobile service packages, free internet monthly plans, etc. Users can get 500 Mb of data, 500 text messages, and 200 voice minutes. However, you can only access the package if you have a compatible device.

3. Juno

Juno is an ISP providing web-based electronic mail and internet access. Its customers can access paid or free internet service plans. Juno has an extensive network that reaches over 8,000 cities in the United States.

From 1996, when the company was established, it provided free email services by installing a program on users’ computers. They also offer high-speed dial-up internet services without requiring the installation of new hardware. Instead, you can use your old phone jack.

Juno offers a service that includes free internet by up to 10 hours monthly, email, and a reliable connection in the free plan. With Juno, you can create as many emails as you wish.

4. Wi-Fi Free Spot

With Wi-Fi Free Spot, you can get free high-speed internet as a customer or a general public member. You can access a directory listing all the free hotspots available in your locality through the company.

The directory is a state-by-state listing of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S. Their listings include RV parks, hotels, motels, vacation rental properties, airports, and other large companies. When visiting a particular location, you can use Wi-Fi Free Spot to check if it appears on the list. You can then contact them to enquire about free Wi-Fi before visiting.

5. All Free ISP

All Free ISP lists all broadband internet service providers in regions across the U.S. On the directory, customers can find free or affordable Wi-Fi access. All you need to check the comprehensive database of free ISPs.

The directory has an improved version through which you can find the cheapest internet deals. You can choose 4 to 5 ISPs and narrow it down to one with the best possible prices. Besides, you can enjoy email, VoIP, and TV streaming services.

6. WifiMap

From its name, WifiMap provides a Wi-Fi hotspot map, providing access to over three million hotspots and their location. The free internet application obtains and lists Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords through crowdsourcing. Owners of the hotspots upload the information for public members to access and use while in the locality.

You can search for available hotspots in your location by typing in the name of your Town. Once you click Search, you can see all the available Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Even though you can search for the Wi-Fi hotspots directly on your device, you need the application to use the password. Luckily, you can download the app both on Android and iOS devices.

Free Internet Government Program

There are several programs to access free or affordable internet connectivity. However, you have to be a specific group member or meet a criterion. The following are some of the most prominent accessible or affordable internet plans:

1. Lifeline Free Internet for Seniors

Lifeline is a program by the U.S. Federal Government targeting seniors and low-income families with free internet services. Conditions to qualify include participation in Medicaid or SNAP by at least one family member.

Instead of offering internet access directly, it provides a monthly, which users can use to pay their internet or phone bills. Thus, users may have to pay the remaining portion of the internet bill or enjoy services free of charge if on an inexpensive plan.

2. EveryoneOn

If you come from a low-income household or family, you can access free internet via EveryoneOn. That’s because the company took on the task of providing affordable or accessible internet to people in the low-income bracket.

In some cases, they can enable the families to access computers and other devices if they do not have any. Once you get your device, the company gives you the grant to procure internet connectivity from a low-cost ISP.

3. Free Internet for Students

Are a student or have a school-going student, you can check with the school district to see if it provides access to free internet. The school district will facilitate you to enroll with a low-cost or free ISP if it does. Otherwise, they might provide you with a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to get free internet at home without paying, why don’t you go ahead and try it? Even though most of the available services provide limited data, they enable you to browse free of charge. It is a good option if you’re not a heavy internet user. Otherwise, you might go ahead and subscribe to ISP services.

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