Unlock A Tracfone Mobile Phone Easily

Tracfone is popular for its no-contract plans. It is a good option if you are looking for a cellular carrier that does not require a long-term commitment. You can cancel your subscription after one month without attracting penalties. You will not get a monthly bill, overages, extended commitments, or additional fees. You are also not restricted to use your data, minutes, or text within the month. The company supports unlimited carryover. Unused data, minutes, and texts will not expire if you maintain an active service.

Beyond a flexible subscription, Tracfone offers affordable smartphones and basic plans. The company further offers great discounts on its products, including mobile devices. With a budget of $50 or less, you will have a big selection of Tracfone smartphones you can buy at various online stores. In this article, we will show you how to unlock a Tracfone smartphone and take advantage of the big discounts.

Tracfone Mobile Phone Unlocking Policy

Tracfone allows subscribers to unlock their phones, but you may have to meet a few requirements. The unlocking procedure and policy depend on your subscription date, brand, and company’s network coverage. Military personnel can request the company to unlock their phone if they receive relocation orders to an area without Tracfone network coverage, irrespective of the lock period. You can call 1-888-442-5102 to check your eligibility or submit an unlock request.

Tracfone Unlocking Policy on Apple Phones

Apple device customers do not have to do anything to get their Tracfone Apple smartphone unlocked. Tracfone unlocks Apple devices automatically when they become eligible. As per the Tracfone unlock policy, Apple devices activated before November 23, 2021, get automatically unlocked after twelve months of use. Tracfone automatically unlocks Tracfone Apple devices activated on or after November 23, 2021, on the Verizon network after sixty days. The policy is applicable in the absence of fraud.

Tracfone Unlocking Policy on Android Phones

Tracfone sends an unlock code to all Android phones and non-Apple devices upon request. However, the phone in question must meet unlock eligibility requirements. For Tracfone Android phones activated before November 23, 2021, the device must have been active for at least twelve months. It must also have no fewer than 12 months of service plan redemptions. Tracfone Android devices activated on or after November 23, 2021, require at least 60 days of active subscription to qualify. The phone should be in good condition and not reported as lost or stolen.

Note: Tracfone may unlock your phone even if you have not met the requirements. Nonetheless, you will incur a charge of up to $300, depending on how long your subscription is active. The company may also deny your request to unlock the phone if it may result in abuse of its unlocking policy or fraud.

How to Unlock a Tracfone Mobile Device

How To Unlock A Tracfone

The method you use will depend on Tracfone’s unlocking policy. If you meet all the requirements and your phone is not indicated as lost or stolen, you can request an unlock code from the mobile carrier. For Tracfone Apple devices that meet unlocking requirements, the mobile company unlocks them automatically. You may request unlock codes for Tracfone mobile phones that are not eligible but at a cost of up to $300. The steps you can use to unlock your Tracfone smartphone include:

  1. Review Tracfone unlocking policy: Read the unlock policy before you initiate the process to know if your phone does or does not qualify. It must be active for sixty or 12 months if activated before or after November 23, 2021. Knowing the eligibility status of your phone will guide you on the next steps. If your phone will become eligible soon, you should wait to avoid incurring a cost. If the smartphone meets the unlocking guidelines or you are determined to unlock your phone, proceed to the next step.
  2. Contact customer service: Call 1-800-867-7183 to request unlock code for your phone. Tracfone customer care is available between 8:00 am and 11:45 pm ET, seven days a week. The representative will verify that your account and phone meet all unlocking conditions. If everything is okay, customer care will give you an unlocking code. Write down the unlock code. The customer representative may request you to pay a fee to get an unlock code if your phone does not meet the unlock policy guidelines.
  3. Unlock your phone: You will need a SIM card from a different carrier to unlock your phone. Power off your device, remove the Tracfone SIM card, and enter the card from a different carrier. Power on your device and enter the unlock code to unlock a Tracfone mobile device.

Things to Know Before Requesting a Tracfone Unlock Code

Mobile carriers lock phones under contract or promotional devices to prevent a user from using another mobile provider’s service. It is not the carrier’s joy to unlock a cell phone, but the law requires them to unlock the phone or compensate the user after extended use. Furthermore, the mobile provider will not unlock a phone that has liabilities. You will need to ensure that your account is fully settled before you contact Tracfone to request an unlock code. Moreover, the cellular provider will not unlock a phone flagged as stolen. When preparing to unlock your phone, make sure you know;

  1. Your phone’s IMEI: Tracfone customer representative will request your phone’s IMEI to send you the unlocking code. You can easily check the code of your phone by dialing *#06#.
  2. Blacklist status: Tracfone will not unlock a phone blacklisted for fraud or indicated as lost. You can use an online service like WipeLock IMEI Checker to check the status of your phone. Contact your dealer if the phone is flagged to solve the issue before you request the unlocking code or use a third-party phone unlocking service.
  3. Clear pending bills: The mobile phone provider will check your account for liabilities before sending you the unlocking code. Make sure you have paid all due bills if any before contacting the customer representative.

How to Unlock a Tracfone If You Do Not Qualify for the Provider’s Unlocking

Although it is easier and free to use the carrier’s unlocking service, you do not have to stick with an unlocked phone, if you are not happy with the service. You can use other online phone unlocking alternatives to bypass your carrier’s restrictions. Some of the popular third-party unlocking services include:

Direct Unlocks

Direct Unlock helps you bypass your carrier’s unlocking restrictions. It permanently unlocks your mobile, which makes it possible to use with any compatible network. The unlocking process is quick and takes between one and six hours. It is not expensive and has a simple process.

To unlock your phone, visit the Direct Unlocks website, select your phone’s model and enter your device’s IMEI number. Once you enter IMEI, click “unlock for any Sim card” and pay for the service to unlock your smartphone.

Apple iPhone Unlock

Apple iPhone Unlock is a popular unlocking service for Apple devices. The company has a straightforward interface that lets you apply to unlock your phone in minutes. It works for all network carriers and offers instant unlocks on most occasions.

To unlock your iPhone, visit the Apple iPhone Unlock website and enter your phone details. You will select the model, and network and enter the phone’s IMEI. Then pay for the service to start the process and wait for a confirmation message on your email. 

People Also Ask

Does Tracfone allow users to unlock Tracfone mobile devices?

Yes. Tracfone automatically unlocks Apple devices that meet the unlocking policy. Other mobile users have to contact customer care to get an unlock code for their phone. The carrier may charge you a fee to unlock your phone if it does not meet unlocking requirements.

After how long can Tracfone unlock my phone?

It depends on your activation date. Phones activated before November 23, 2021, must be active for at least 12 months with 12-month subscriptions to qualify. Phones activated after November 23, 2021 qualify for carrier unlocking after 60 days.

What happens if my phone does not meet Tracfone unlocking policy?

It depends on why you need to unlock your smartphone. If you will continue using Tracfone services, you should wait until your phone qualifies for carrier unlocking. However, if you want to use another carrier, you can pay a fee to get an unlock code from Tracfone. The unlocking fee for phones that do not qualify for Tracfone unlocking depends on how long you have used the service. You may have to pay up to $300.

How do I get a Tracfone unlock code?

You do not need to request a Tracfone unlock code if you are using an Apple device. Tracfone will automatically unlock your phone after 60 days or 12 months, depending on your activation date. However, Android users have to call a customer representative at +1-800-867-7183 to get their phone’s unlocking code.

Can I buy a Tracfone mobile if I am not a Tracfone subscriber?

Yes. Tracfone mobile devices are available for sale on various online stores like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. However, you will need to buy a Tracfone SIM card kit to activate the phone. Alternatively, you will have to use third-party unlocking services to unlock the phone and use it with other networks.

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