Upgrade Metro PCs Phone Online

Life is all about moving on to better things. Switching your phone to an updated and more technologically advanced version. Metro, presented to you by T-Mobile, is an excellent choice if you wish to switch mobile carriers. And here we will fine-comb through all the reasons why to say yes.

Since the strategic merger of Metro PCS and T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile has several offers for its eminent consumers to enjoy the latest tech. Metro PCS phone upgrade and attractive deals at a low price appeal to those on a restricted budget. Metro PCS has been providing full-proof network coverage throughout solutions in the United States.

There are two options available, the limited and the unlimited one. The unlimited plans provide a variety of exclusive services like 35GB of data per month. And the best part? You also get to enjoy unlimited music streaming, ample hotspot data, cloud storage, and Amazon Prime access are all included with the plans.

If you have a large family and a limited monthly budget, Metro PCS phone upgrades and programs specially designed by the experts for financially struggling families are appropriate.

Why Upgrade Metro PCS Phone

MetroPCS Phone

If you are considering switching to Metro PCS, you’re in for a treat with the amazing cost-free option Metro PCS phone upgrade program.

Many amazing features have become accessible since Metro and T-Mobile merged, notably the well-appreciated high-speed internet connectivity, faster message delivery, and sharp and consistent voice calls. The lovely clients can take advantage of some once-in-a-lifetime kind of deals, including T-5G Mobile’s network technology.

There are a lot of queries that come up regarding the cost of a Metro PCS phone upgrade and the models available in the market.

To avoid future problems and malfunctioning of your gadgets, it is necessary to upgrade your phone. With the evolution of science, technology advances, and telecommunications firms are modernizing their equipment to suit the most recent advancements.

There are a lot of fun options you get to enjoy with the latest Metro PCS phone upgrade right now.

Tablets, pet trackers, Smart Watches, and a Metro Smart Ride, and some of the cool features you can connect with your Metro PCS phone. Instead of buying MiFis, you can share your internet with such devices, making connectivity more convenient.

How to Upgrade Your MetroPCS Phone

It would be best if you modernized your smartphone to meet the current innovation to minimize hassles with various interconnections now and in the future.

A Metro PCS phone upgrade includes the current operating system and some really cool additional capabilities while discarding the old phone. Always check Metro PCS upgraded phone pricing before making a move to see which option is the most cost-effective for your particular situation.

Metro PCS is currently offering a $150 discount on any new phone purchased. There’s no excuse for you to keep fighting with that pathetic old phone of yours. What helps up big time is the easy process to order an upgrade.

The first and obvious step is to get to the official Metro PCS website or physically visit one of their stores, where you can also find out about current promotions.

The upgrade starts with as little as $39.

Easy Online Application Process for a Metro PCS Phone Upgrade

If you have never used this type of service before, you can apply for your Metro PCS phone upgrade online by visiting the authorized Metro PCS website and looking at the upgraded information and guidelines.

The best part is that the MetroPCS phone upgrade expenses are reduced when you activate your phone online. Customers who want to upgrade must go to a Metro PCS store or call their officially registered numbers for proper guidance.

Today, there are a lot of models when it comes to smartphones embedded with high-tech features. There are some with 5G features as well.

All you have to do is place an order online and enter your verified information, including your actual address for phone delivery, or simply go to a nearby store, whichever is more convenient for you.

Costing for a High-Tech Metro PCS Phone Upgrade

The cost of upgrading your Metro PCS phone to technically advanced versions varies from one consumer to the next, depending on how they upgrade. As time progressed with such policies, Metro PCS has been re-evaluating its upgrade fees. There are also sales tax and activation fees to consider.

The cost of upgrading in 2018 was set at $10. There are now a number of deals available when upgrading your phone. MetroPCS has been generous with their upgraded discounts from up to a $150 discount on every phone purchased, subject to certain limits and conditions. The total cost of MetroPCS phone upgrade varies depending on whatever phone you are looking to replace the older version for.

A great deal would be the Samsung Galaxy A01 phones since they don’t cost anything to switch to. However, the offer is available only at Metro PCS Stores. The entire process would be easily facilitated in a physical store. Validation will necessitate the use of an ID, so it’s advised you carry the required documentation.

Alternatively, you can switch and receive two free LG phones and two free tablets. Furthermore, 5G phones start at $29.99 with no additional fees. The devices are supported by T-5G Mobile’s network, so you can expect the fastest connectivity.

If you’re a hard-core iPhone lover, you get to save $200 on any iPhone 12 model. Other Metro PCS phone upgrade promotions can be found by visiting a Metro PCS store or scouring their website.

Saving Money on Metro PCS Phone Activation Fee

Metro PCS is strict on its policy of not charging an activation fee if you pay for your first month’s plan in advance.

While it’s common for telecommunication providers to charge an activation fee, Metro Pcs have a very friendly policy. You will be charged $10 for a new SIM card. Self-serving online is another way to avoid paying the activation charge.

If you don’t already have an account with Metro PCS, you can establish one and use the online phone activation kit to complete the procedure. The cost of a Metro PCS phone upgrade is often determined by the method and process you are using.

How Do You Activate Your Metro PCS Upgraded Phone

  1. Take your Metro PCS SIM card and phone and put them in the slot. You won’t be able to upgrade your phone without the SIM card installed. Once it is successfully inserted, make sure it is connected to the Metro PCS network on your phone. You’ll also need the IMEI numbers from the phone.
  2. Metro PCS requires new customers to create brand new accounts. You must supply your names, physical and email addresses, and the mandatory security information, such as a PIN, security question, and security answer, along with sufficient documentation for verification.
  3. If you are an existing client, you can activate the device by calling 1-888-8-Metro8 (1-888-863-8768) or going to the nearest store. You can transport a number from another service provider if you wish to.
  4. You should know the phone number as well as the PIN of your new Metro PCS Upgrade Phone. Verizon customers must get a Number Transfer PIN.
  5. To acquire the PIN, call #7678 on your Verizon phone and follow the directions.
  6. There are many plans available for your convenience, choose carefully after thoughtful consideration, depending on your particular needs.

After you have acquired a Metro PCS phone upgrade, you might want to do thorough research for the family plans, individual tops, the list of Metro PCS compatible phones, and the price guidelines by the state.

Transition into Your New MetroPCS Phone Upgrade

Changing phones on Metro PCS phone upgrade does not have to be severely time consuming.

Contacts, messages, music, images, programs, documents, and other important settings are just a few examples. If you’ve backed up your contacts in your Google account, all you have to do now is connect to your account on the latest device, and the contacts will show in your contact list.

If you have an Apple phone, sign in with your Apple ID, and contacts from the iCloud will show in your contact list automatically. You can copy music, images, and documents on a memory card, then simply plug the memory card into the new device.

You can also use Bluetooth to transfer the files to the new device, albeit this will take longer. You should also keep in mind that backing up your data can assist you if your existing phone crashes or is lost.

Does Metro PCS have a BYOP Policy

Yes, they do. Bring your phone to Metro PCS to avoid paying the Metro PCS phone upgrade fee, the smart way to save a few bucks.

If your current phone is compatible with Metro PCS, there’s no need to acquire a new one. Once you have your phone, all you need is a SIM card to activate, receive your plan, and begin using the services according to the plan.


Securing a Metro PCS phone upgrade is not the huge hassle that it is assumed to be. With the right knowledge and following proper procedures, you can get it done in no time. Harness the true power of advanced technology as you experience global connectivity on your tips. All your regular gadget functions just got elevated.

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