Switch From T-Mobile To Verizon

T-Mobile and Verizon have some of the most expansive nationwide networks in the USA, but they vary in service delivery. Verizon offers some of the best speeds and a broad range of mobile services, which allows customers to get the best from their subscriptions. If you are not happy with your T-Mobile service, you can easily switch from T-Mobile to Verizon and keep your number. Verizon further offers big welcoming bonuses on phone plans and product discounts when you switch.

The main reason most customers switch is that they are paying too much for data, calls, and texts. It is more frustrating when the mobile plans do not match well with what you need. The carrier could offer less data than you need but offer more minutes than you need. Verizon ensures that you are not overpaying to use their service.

In this article, we look at why switch to Verizon, Verizon switch deals, and steps on how to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon.

Why Switch From T-Mobile to Verizon

The suitability of a mobile carrier over another depends on several elements, including network coverage, customer service, and affordable mobile plans. You will get dissatisfied with a mobile carrier if you did not like how a customer care representative treated your query. You will also reduce your monthly expenses if you switch to an affordable mobile plan. While paying $5 more on your monthly mobile plan may not look much, you will end up paying $60 more in a year and $120 more in two years.

Switching from T-Mobile to Verizon can help you save while enjoying a superior network and faster speeds. It also lets you take advantage of the exclusive switch to Verizon bonuses and products that can help you save up to $1000. Verizon further rewards its loyal customers with exciting deals. It recently changed its prepaid plans structure to reward loyal customers. Customers who stay with the carrier will see a $5 drop after three months and another $5 drop after nine months.

Some of the highlights of switching to Verizon worth noting include:

1. Bigger coverage

Verizon has the best network coverage, which guarantees a better connection. The carrier provides over 70-percent 4G coverage nationwide. You will likely enjoy better speeds in remote areas with Verizon than with other providers. It also covers major cities and towns with a 5G network, which offers blazing fast internet speeds.

2. Amazing bonuses and rewards

Whether you have just switched to Verizon, or you are a loyal Verizon customer, you will always find special deals for you. You will find a long list of temporary deals on mobile devices and attractive welcome bonuses on mobile plans. Check the Verizon deals page before you switch to find the offers that you can get. You may come across wild offers like buy-one-get-one iPhones deals, or get $200 off when you buy a device.

3. Great perks

Verizon offers great perks when you buy their mobile plans. Some of the perks include one year of free Disney, a $10 autopay discount, six months of free Apple Music, and mix and match data family plans. You may also get more perks if you bundle your services or upgrade your subscription.

4. Flexible plans

While most mobile carriers have a standard data cap, Verizon gives you the freedom to choose what you need. The T-Mobile plans have a 50GB data cap, but the data caps for Verizon start from 25GB for Play More Unlimited Plan to 75GB for Get More Unlimited plan. Average internet users will find the 25GB data cap adequate as it allows them to enjoy quality speeds without paying a premium for data they will not use. High data users will find the 75GB data cap more ideal as it enables them to stream at great speeds for a longer amount of time.

5. More than data and calling

The primary products of mobile providers include minutes, text, and data, but Verizon goes the extra step in providing a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. You do not have to buy your data and then look for a video streaming service for your home entertainment. Verizon allows you to bundle your data plan with its entertainment packages and save as you entertain your guests. The company also offers other services like storage solutions that let you keep your memories and everything you may want to store on your phone.

Does Verizon pay you when you switch from T-Mobile

Yes. Verizon will reward you when you switch to its network by offering you a prepaid gift card. The amount of money you get when you switch from T-Mobile to Verizon depends on the special promotions running at the time of the switch. Verizon will pay an early termination fee of up to $350 if it applies to you. The company will also offer you a trade-in value if you bring your phone, which you can use to pay off your early termination fee.

In general, Verizon can offer you a prepaid card worth up to $600 to pay the fees associated with your account. You may also get a $350 worth of prepaid card to cover early termination fees.

What Deals Does Verizon Offer When You Switch

The deals you get when you switch to Verizon depend on the special promotions currently on offer. Nonetheless, you can expect to get mindboggling deals on smartphones, trade-in deals, buy-one-get-one deals, and giveaways when you subscribe to Verizon plans. Currently, Verizon is offering free Amazon Smart Plug, Echo Dot, and Disney+ if you switch to its network.

Verizon also offers a Welcome Unlimited plan for new customers. It is the cheapest entry-level plan that makes your switching easier. It costs as low as $30 per line a month with four lines or $65 for a single-line plan.

Some of the exciting Verizon deals currently running include:

Free Phones

  • Free iPhone 12 with a new unlimited data line, which saves you $699 for a new device
  • Free iPhone SE 2020 with a new unlimited data line, which saves you $499 for a new device
  • Free Galaxy S20 FE 5G with a new unlimited data line
  • Free Google Pixel 6 with a new unlimited data line that is worth $699. New customers also get a $200 gift card.

Best Verizon Smartphone Deals

  • Up to $700 off for iPhone 13 with a trade-in
  • Up to $700 off for iPhone 13 Pro with a trade-in
  • Up to $700 off for iPhone 13 Pro Max with a trade-in
  • Up to $800 off for Google Pixel 6 Pro with a trade-in, plus a $200 gift card for new customers
  • Up to $800 off for Samsung Galaxy S22 with a trade-in, plus a $200 gift card for new customers
  • Up to $800 off for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a trade-in

Upgrade And Plan Deals

  • $500 e-gift card when you switch and bring your own device
  • AMC plus subscription on select unlimited data plans
  • $800 off on select phones when you upgrade to a 5G device
  • $25 off a month for students with unlimited plans

Can You Keep Your Line if You Switch From T-Mobile to Verizon

Yes. You will be able to keep your number when you switch to Verizon. However, you should not cancel your T-Mobile subscription before porting your number. Call Verizon customer care and inform them that you would like to switch and keep your number. Customer care will help you port your number and even give you exciting welcome bonuses. Your number will continue to work during the transfer process and you can even make calls from your Verizon phone. The process will take four to 24 days to complete. Verizon will text you once the transfer process completes.

How to Switch From T-Mobile to Verizon

Switch From T-Mobile To Verizon

You do not have to remain with your current mobile provider if you are not happy with the service they offer even if you are under a contract. Verizon allows you to move from T-Mobile and move with your phone and keep your number. You only need to contact Verizon customer support to get the process started. Verizon will help you switch and also offer you exciting welcome bonuses. The company may even pay your termination fee or offer you a prepaid gift card.

The steps that you should take to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon include:

Step 1: Check Verizon network coverage in your area

You do not want to switch to a mobile carrier and notice it has poor network coverage than your current mobile carrier. Although the Verizon network is available in over 2.5 million square miles, ensure your area has good 5G or 4G coverage.

Step 2: Find the best plan

Verizon offers a big selection of cellular and data plans to match the needs of diverse customers. The best plan should meet your personal and home needs without being highly expensive. If you love streaming HD videos or playing online games, you should go for a plan with a large data cap like the Get More Unlimited plan. If you are a conservative user, the Start Unlimited plan offers enough data for basic tasks. You may also look at the Verizon shared Family plans if you are looking for a plan that suits your family.

Step 3: Check your device compatibility

If you would like to switch with your mobile phone, you need to ensure that it is compatible with Verizon’s network. Go to Verizon’s bring your phone website page to find the list of compatible devices.

Step 4: Unlock your phone

Check to ensure that your phone is unlocked or can be unlocked. A locked phone will not accept a SIM card from a different carrier. Luckily, you can easily unlock your T-Mobile phone by logging into you’re my T-Mobile account.

  • Go to accounts
  • Select the line you want to unlock
  • Click on check device unlock status

If the phone status is unlocked, you should proceed to the next step. If not, check if it can be unlocked and contact T-Mobile to help you unlock your phone.

Step 5: Check your number transfer eligibility

You do not need to get a new number when you switch to Verizon, but you will need to check if you can port your number. Do not cancel your T-Mobile plan subscription when you begin your transfer as you may lose your number. Transferring your number to Verizon from your current cellular provider can take four to 24 days.

Step 6: Familiarize yourself with Verizon switch deals

Verizon rewards new customers when they switch to its network and you need to get the best from the available offers. You will find plan deals, phone deals, and trade-in deals that can help you save money. The company further offers a prepaid gift card that may be worth up to $600. You may also qualify for a free phone with a new line. Call Verizon customer care to find the deals they are willing to offer you if you switch from T-Mobile.

Step 7: Finalize the process

You will complete the switching process by activating your phone. You can activate your switch online by going into your account and starting the process. Follow the instructions and the phone will activate automatically. If you find challenges, call customer care to help you switch. It may take up to 72 hours for your number to fully activate on Verizon.


You can switch from T-Mobile to Verizon and enjoy great discounts on phone deals. You may also get a prepaid card gift worth up to $350 and other financial benefits when you switch. Call Verizon customer support at (886) 893-7723 to find the switch deals available to you. However, you should not cancel your T-Mobile plan before porting your number to avoid losing your number.

People Also Ask

How long does it take before I can use the service if I bring my phone?

It usually takes a few minutes to activate your phone on the Verizon network, but you may have to wait up to 24 hours in some cases.

Can I transfer my number from T-Mobile to Verizon?

Yes. You can move your number from T-Mobile to Verizon. Call a customer care representative to help you complete the process. However, you should expect the process to take between four and 24 days. You should also not cancel your T-Mobile plan before porting your number as you lose the number.

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