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Boost Mobile Free Phones When You Switch in 2022

Boost Mobile is a wireless service provider based in the US. It has made its name in the telecommunication industry by being one of the leading brands in offering plans that fit the consumers’ needs. Currently, you can get Boost Mobile free phones when you switch from other service providers to their platform.

Boost network coverage is almost at 100%, thanks to their partnership with one of the telco giants, T-Mobile. As a result, consumers who make a move to Boost Mobile get a network that they can entirely depend on.

Boost Mobile carry out all of its operations virtually since they don’t have any physical address. The free mobile phones that Boost Mobile offers and their strategic partnership with T-Mobile have helped them poach many consumers from their rivals. Today, we will take you through switching to Boost Mobile, why you should switch, and the free phones to expect. 

Why Switching To Boost Mobile Is The Best Decision You Can Make?

Boost Mobile is a service provider that you can trust, but before you make the switch, here are some of the reasons why you will be making a significant decision:

a) Excellent Network Coverage

With a network that covers 99% of all states, Boost Mobile guarantees customers uninterrupted service provision no matter where they are. You can comfortably use a 3G, 4G, or 5G network at your home or workplace.

b) You Can Get A Variety Of Phones At A Discount

Besides the Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to their network, they also avail several phone models to their consumers at a discount. If you’ve always wanted to save on cost, then Boost Mobile is your best bet. 

You can get as much as $100 knocked off the retail price of a deluxe phone. For example, you can purchase the Apple XS for $799 while it goes for $899 at the market.

c) Attractive Plans At A Cheaper Cost.

Getting an attractive plan that won’t dent your pockets can be quite a hassle. However, with Boost Mobile, you can choose from various plans without feeling a pinch. With as little as $15, you can get unlimited talk, text, and even 2GB to create a hotspot on your phone for a month.

 You can get even better perks if you have $50 or $60 to spare. 12GB and 30GB for a mobile hotspot, respectively.

d) Their International Services Are Splendid.

Boost Mobile has made it easier for its consumers to communicate with their compatriots all around the globe. The first plan is a $5 per month plan that enables you to call people in Mexico and Canada unlimitedly through mobile phones and landlines. 

The second is a $10 per month plan that allows you to call people in Mexico, Canada, and many other countries through mobile phones and landlines. Both plans allow you to text people unlimitedly in a majority of the countries in the world.

e) Insurance Is Guaranteed

After-sales services are just as essential as direct sales. Boost Mobile ensures that your phone is insured against water damage, theft, and physical and software damage. You will only part with a small $7 fee every month.

f) You’re Not Tied By Contract

Boost Mobile has given its customers the liberty to seek the services of other providers whenever they feel they’re not receiving good service. Additionally, you will not incur any cost when you terminate your contract.

g) Good Customer Service

Whenever you have a query or problem with your boost mobile free phones after moving to their service, their team is there to assist you. Whether you chat with them through their site or call them, you will be delighted by their service.

h) Data-free Music Streaming

With Boost Mobile, you can stream music freely without accruing any data charges.

Switching To Boost Mobile Free Phones

Boost Mobile Free Phones When You Switch

If you’ve already decided that you need a change of wireless service providers and have settled on Boost Mobile, these next steps are crucial for you. Luckily, they are very straightforward:

1) Find Out If You’re Eligible

When people switch to Boost Mobile, the primary issue is that they fail to check for compatibility. The issue occurs when you come with your phone. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are about to receive a new phone from Boost Mobile.  

Not all models of phones are compatible with this service. Go to their site: boostmobile.com, use the unique number of your device, and continue to check if yours is compatible.

2) Take A Simcard

Boost Mobile gives you a Simcard for free after you join their network. If you buy a phone from them, visit your nearest Walmart to purchase a SIM kit 

3) Settle For A Plan.

There are several plans to choose from, as we mentioned above. Once you are done configuring the Simcard you have received, choose your favorite plan before proceeding.

4) Phone Activation

Once you have configured your Simcard, the phone activation process follows. You can visit https://www.boostmobile.com/  and follow the step-by-step procedure needed to activate.

What Free Phones Does Boost Offer When You Switch?

1) The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Boost Mobile has offered this phone to consumers who want to switch to their service. Well, if you’re interested, this offer runs till June 2022. Only first-time customers who port their numbers on an eligible plan can get this phone. Some of the features of this phone are:

  • This phone has a big screen size of 6.5 inches on a TFT LCD. This is enough for a free phone to carry out your daily operations. Its gorilla glass ensures that your screen is well protected.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G runs on Android 11, which you can upgrade to Android 12 if you want. It has an internal storage of 64 GB and 4GB RAM. The memory itself is sufficient for storing personal data such as movies and music.
  • With a battery capacity of 5000mAh, this phone can perform heavy tasks throughout the day without shutting down.
  • If you need to take crisp photos and videos, the Samsung Galaxy A32 boasts of a quad back camera, with the primary camera having a resolution of 48MP. The selfie camera also has a respectable resolution of 13MP.
  • For added security, you have a fingerprint sensor mounted on its side.

2) The Motorola Moto G Power

The Motorola Moto G Power ‘s offer is valid until June 2022. If you join Boost Mobile from a different service provider, you can grab one of these phones. The standout features of this phone are:

  • Like the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, this phone comes in at a screen size of 6.5 inches. The only difference is that the Motorola Moto G Power uses an IPS LCD.
  • Once again, the internal  memory is similar to the first phone on our list: 64GB with 4 GB RAM. 
  • This phone has a glass front and a plastic back. You have a nano-sim port if you need to put your Simcard in the phone.
  • You have a triple backside camera on the backside, with the wide one having a resolution of 50 MP. You can use the camera to record videos for your next presentation or class project. It has an Android 11 OS with a MediaTek Helio chipset.
  • The Motorola Moto G Power has a Li-Po non-detachable battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh which will take some time to drain.

3) The Coolpad Legacy

Those who choose a Boost Mobile plan greater than $50 in a month stand a better chance of getting this phone for free. Let’s have a look at its features:

  • The Coolpad Legacy has an IPS LCD screen that is 6.36 inches. This screen has a high resolution capable of bringing out images in high definition. It also has protective corning gorilla glass.
  • Compared to the other phones on our list, it has a slightly smaller internal memory and RAM; 32GB and 3GB, respectively. However, this is a decent size for anyone who doesn’t have a lot to store or can purchase a microSD card.
  • This phone runs on an Android 9 OS and a 1.8 GHz Octa-core  CPU. Your phone shouldn’t lag even when heavy applications are running. 
  • It has a dual back camera with a resolution of 16MP and a front camera with a 13MP resolution. You can still take high-quality photos despite their average resolution.
  • You have a fingerprint sensor on the rear end of the phone for unlocking your phone.
  • The battery is non-detachable, although it has a good capacity of 4000 mAh. You can carry out fast charging using a USB Type-C.

Can I Bring My Phone to Boost Mobile?

Many people are faced with the dilemma of dumping their old phones and getting Boost free mobile phones when they switch to their service. However, if you don’t feel like getting rid of your mobile phone just yet, just search for its compatibility with Boost Mobile, and you will be good to go. 

Nowadays, most devices are tailored to different networks, so you should be fine. Switching to Boost Mobile comes with a free sim card that will enable you to start enjoying their services.

These Simcard are easily accessible since you can get them online and have them delivered to your place of residence. The best thing about joining Boost Mobile is that you can retain your previous phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Boost Mobile Suit For Me?

A combination of attractive plans, excellent network coverage, good customer care, and Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to their network, will make this service the most suitable for you.

How Reliable Is The Network Offered By Boost Mobile?

Having partnered with T-Mobile, Boost Mobile has ensured that consumers all over America can enjoy full network coverage. Problems arising due to poor signal are very minimal in most areas.

Where Can I Purchase A Boost Mobile Phone

You can first purchase a Boost Mobile phone from their site: https://www.boostmobile.com/. The second place is their physical stores which you can find easily. This link should help you get there: https://www.boostmobile.com/stores.html. You should also find them on established e-commerce stores like eBay and Amazon.

Will My Boost Mobile Simcard Function In A Different Phone?

As we mentioned before, compatibility plays a significant role. While you can quickly put your Simcard in any phone with the same Simcard adaptor size, it won’t guarantee its functioning.  However, if you check and find out that your phone is compatible with Boost Mobile, then you will be able to use it without any bottlenecks. You will enjoy all Boost Mobile services.

Does Boost Mobile Give Out Free iPhones?

No, at the moment, the Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to their service consist of basic android phones, e.g., Samsung Galaxy A12. However, keep checking their site for any new enticing offers. You never know what they have in store for their consumers.

Will A Different Phone Service Function In My Boost Mobile Phone?

Boost Mobile phones’ policy which allows you to use your old phone, makes it possible to use a different phone service so long as they are compatible. You can check out more reviews of Boost Mobile here: https://www.reviews.org/mobile/boost-mobile-cell-phone-plans-review/


Currently, many service providers are competing for a share of the market, with each one of them doing their best to woo customers to their side. Boost Mobile is emerging to be one of the consumer favorites due to the ease with which you can switch to their services. 

On top of that, they have so many enticing offers. Whether free phones, cheap plans, or special deals, you will definitely be hooked to their service. Luckily, this article explains, in detail, the process of getting Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to their service.

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