MetroPCS Bill Paid for Free

MetroPCS, formerly Metro by T-Mobile, is one of the most prominent wireless network carriers in the United States. Due to its dependence on T-Mobile, MetroPCS provides reliable high-speed internet in 4G or 5G.

It is a popular Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provider, hooking customers with free or affordable phones and discounted call, SMS, and data plans. Therefore, MetroPCS customers can get their bills for free without requiring a minimum deposit.

This article discusses how to get your MetroPCS bill paid for free. With this company, you can choose how and when to pay your bills. You are also free to select the frequency to send in your payments.

For example, you could pay half of your bill at the onset of the billing cycle and pay the balance close to the due date. Now, a look at how you can pay your MetroPCS bill for free.

1. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The ACP is a program by the Federal Government that pays off part of clients’ monthly high-speed internet bills. It targets individuals from low-income families and has been operational since January 2022.

The following are some of the provisions of the ACP benefit:

  • A $30 monthly discount on qualifying plans
  • A $75 monthly discount on qualifying residents of tribal lands
  • One monthly service discount per household

MetroPCS Plans that Qualify for ACP Discounts

The ACP discount is available for all MetroPCS phone plans. So, you can get free unlimited texting, calling, and high-speed data with this discount. The following are the MetroPCS plans for which you can qualify courtesy of the ACP plan:

  • $30 per month for unlimited talk and text, unlimited high-speed data, 15GB hotspot data, 5G network access, Amazon Prime subscription, and 100GB of Google One could use storage. Since the ACP pays $30, you can avoid paying $60 monthly.
  • $20 per month for unlimited talk and text, unlimited high-speed data, 5GB hotspot data, 5G network access, and 100GB Google One cloud storage. With the $30 ACP discount, you can avoid paying the regular $50 monthly bill.
  • $10 per month for unlimited talk and text, 10GB of high-speed data, and 5G network access. Without the $30 discount, you would have paid $40 for the plan.
  • The free plan with $0 for unlimited talk and text, 5GB of high-speed data, and 5G network access. For this particular plan, the ACP discount covers the entire cost, making it completely free.

Eligibility for MetroPCS ACP Discounts

As you grapple with how to get your MetroPCS bill paid for free, you must ensure that you meet all the credibility criteria for the ACP. The discount is for households meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Low-Income: If your household income is below 200% of the current Federal Poverty guidelines, you can apply for the ACP.
  • Government Assistance Programs: Households with at least one member participating in a government assistance program can get the ACP discount. Eligible programs include Lifeline, WIC, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Medicaid, and SNAP (food stamps).
  • Federal Pell Grant: If a household member or you have received a Pell Grant in the current year, you can apply for and get an ACP discount.
  • Tribal Assistance Programs: Participation in Tribal-specific programs like Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Tribal TANF, or Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • School Assistance: Approval to receive or already receiving benefits under the reduced-price or free school breakfast or lunch program such as the USDA Community Eligibility Provision.
  • MetroPCS Criteria: MetroPCS is one of the major providers of ACP discounts. Therefore, you must meet its eligibility criteria for low-income families.

How to Check for Eligibility for the MetroPCS ACP Discount

Through the National Verifier, you can check whether or not you are eligible for the discount. All you need is to go to the National Verifier website to check your eligibility. If you skip this step, you might end up disappointed when your ACP application gets rejected.

Once you get eligibility approval, you can participate in the ACP program for the next year. After that, you would need to check your eligibility once more. Even so, the pricing for featured devices may change after that.

How to Apply for MetroPCS ACP Discount

How to Get Your MetroPCS Bill Paid for Free

After checking that you’re eligible for a MetroPCS ACP discount, you should apply for it. Here are the steps you can take in the application process:

  • Step 1: Open the ACP website and fill out an application form. Also, get approval for ACP from the National Verifier.
  • Step 2: Join MetroPCS and choose one of the available 5G phones on a prepaid no-contract plan.
  • Step 3: Open metro by T-Mobile website and go to My Account. Fill out the online application form. Alternatively, visit a local MetroPCS store to complete a physical application.
  • Step 4: Wait for a text message informing you whether or not you have managed to enroll in the MetroPCS ACP discount.

2. First-Time MetroPCS Customers

If you want to know how to get your MetroPCS bill paid for free, join the network for the first time. MetroPCS offers free prepaid service for all their new customers for two months.

The offer makes it possible for customers to choose between a $50 unlimited LTE plan, $60 unlimited LTE plan + 10GB hotspot data, and $100 4-line unlimited LTE data.

Since MetroPCS includes all taxes and fees, you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra. At the end of the two months of free data, you’ll get a prepaid Mastercard for $100.

3. MetroPCS Bill Payment Methods

Did you know that all the MetroPCS payment methods do not attract additional charges? Regardless of how you choose to pay your MetroPCS bill, you’ll do it free of charge. The following are some of the ways you can pay your MetroPCS bill:

  • In-Person MetroPCS Bill Payment: If you live near a MetroPCS store, you can walk in with cash, debit, or credit card to pay your bill. MetroPCS doesn’t require you to pay anything on top of your bill.
  • MyMetro App: The MyMetro App is a convenient way of paying your MetroPCS bill. After downloading the app, you should sign in and select PAY. It is all free of charge and doesn’t attract additional charges.
  • AutoPay: With the AutoPay option, you can make recurrent bill payments through your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Besides being free of charge, this payment option grants you a $5 discount. It also makes it unnecessary for you to visit a MetroPCS store.
  • Express Pay: The Express Pay option is available to customers who carry out transactions via the company’s website. Here, you won’t pay anything on top of your MetroPCS bill. All you need is to carry a debit card or credit card to do it.

Can I Negotiate a MetroPCS Bill

MetroPCS is one of the most affordable prepaid cellular carriers in the U.S. But that doesn’t prevent you from negotiating your bill. If you cannot pay your MetroPCS bills fully, here are the negotiation options available to you:

1. Switch to a More Affordable Plan

At some point, you might realize you’re getting expensive bills from MetroPCS. In that case, there’s no harm in asking MetroPCS to switch you to a more affordable plan. Here is how you can go about accessing an affordable MetroPCS plan:

  • Do an in-person plan change by visiting a MetroPCS store
  • Dial *611 on your MetroPCS phone and follow the prompts
  • Call MetroPCS at 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768) on a different phone
  • Sign in to your MetroPCS account and change the plan

2. Ask for a Family Discount

Did you know that MetroPCS offers discounts for you up to five lines on one account? The discount depends on your plan and can be $10, $20, or $30 for every extra line.

For the family members using another network carrier, asking them to switch to MetroPCS sets you off to qualify for the discount. With that, you can save substantial amounts of money.

3. Pay Half Your Bill

MetroPCS doesn’t have a minimum amount that customers must pay to continue using the service. So, you can pay an amount you can afford. The network carrier allows you to pay your bill in installments.

For example, you could split your MetroPCS bill and pay half the amount when the billing cycle kicks in and the other half before the due date.

However, if you don’t clear the bill when it’s due, MetroPCS might suspend the service. Also, you won’t get a discontinued phone reactivated if you pay only a fraction of the total bill amount.

4. Request for Financial Assistance

If, for some reason, you’re unable to pay your MetroPCS bill, request financial aid. It is the best option, especially if you can’t afford the cheaper MetroPCS plans and can’t get a discount. You may consider applying to any of the following programs for a discount on your phone bill:

  • Lifeline Assistance: If you live in a low-income family, you need Lifeline Assistance to access discounted phone bills. Lifeline has a stringent eligibility criterion similar to the ACP. for example, you or a family member should participate in SSI, Medicaid, SNAP, or any other government assistance program.
  • Catholic Charities: From this non-profit charity, you can get substantial discounts on your phone bills. Applicants must provide past-due phone bills and proof of income. The organisation prioritizes those experiencing hardship or in a financial emergency.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to get your MetroPCS bill paid for free, you can enjoy unlimited calling, texting, and data from one of the best cellular service providers in the U.S. Those who are eligible for the ACP discount can get free or reduced phone services on any of the MetroPCS plans.

Besides, MetroPCS subscribers have different ways to pay for their phone plans. Whether you do it in cash, autopay, or Express Pay, MetroPCS won’t charge you a single cent. The fees and taxes are already included in the phone bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free service with MetroPCS?

MetroPCS’s existing and new customers can get a free wireless service through the Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP). The discount comes in terms of $30 or $75 off for low-income families or Tribal Land residents. All the MetroPCS plans accepting the ACP discount provide 5G access.

Does MetroPCS do the ACP program?

Yes, MetroPCS does the ACP program. It provides the ACP discount on all the available Metro PCS plans with free unlimited texting and calling, high-speed smartphone data, and hotspot data for some of the plans.

Can I pay half of my MetroPCS bill?

Yes, you can pay half of your MetroPCS bill at the start of the billing period so long as you complete the payment when it falls due. If you fail to complete the payment, MetroPCS may suspend your phone service, rendering you unreachable.

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