Metro by T-Mobile Add a Line Get a Free Phone

But coming on to the strategical analysis, let’s take a walk and learn how Metro PCS strives to fulfill telecommunications needs, a basic necessity for people today and how you can activate MetroPCS add a line get a free phone.

If you haven’t already checked out the super cool Metro PCS connectivity policies or signed up for Metro by T-Mobile. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced unlimited plan along with the complimentary free phone, MetroPCS free phones with activation offerings are a must-see.

When we are talking about a single-line phone, Metro by T-Mobile unlimited plan starts at $40 a month. If you can transfer your entire family of four, though, you may get unlimited rates for as little as $25 per line per month. Of course, each line comes with a free phone. What more can we ask for? At this point, MetroPcs is like an all-season Santa!

Still wondering if all the effort for activating MetroPCS add a line get a free phone, worth it?

What is Metro PCS add a line Updated Features

Existing and future Metro PCS customers can take advantage of a variety of exclusive incentives.

Their special offers and discounts change frequently, but right now, existing MetroPCS add a line get a free phone feature that lets you enjoy the latest features of:

  • Samsung Galaxy A02 is available for free.
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab Lite is available for free (when you add a tablet line)

MetroPCs Add a Line Get a Free Phone

MetroPCs Add a Line Get a Free Phone

Metro PCS has come up with revolutionary deals, cutting-edge tech, and great convenience for its users. The competitive pricing is enough to entice the single users to add multiple lines with MetroPCs esteemed network.

The process of availing MetroPCS to add a line get a free phone is pretty straightforward. You can check for yourself on your MetroPCS network or contact their customer support team for details. Let’s take one step at a time to understand the entire process.

When you add multiple lines, your MetroPCS plans start at a great low of $60. Needless to point out, it’s the $30 plan times two. You also get to enjoy wholesome 1GB of data at a striking 4G LTE speed per line.

The plan is all-inclusive. Now, with the Metro PCS add a line to get a free phone policy; you get an additional discount when connecting multiple lines and secure a bigger plan, i.e., 3 GB for $65 per line and Unlimited Data for $80.

The cherry on the cake is no hassle with the contracts, great connectivity with 4G LTE speed, Wi-Fi calling, groove anytime with limitless music streaming, and Scam ID.

How to Add a MetroPCs Line

Now, that we are clear on all the brilliant reasons that make securing a free phone from Metro PCS a great option, let’s explore the INS and Outs of the procedure. There are more than one way to add a line to your Metro PCS account.

This has been done for the ease and convenience of their diversified clientele. The easiest one is through your phone or via an online application. But for your ease, you can also visit the nearby metro PCS service station. Here is a detailed account for your ease:

MetroPCS Add a line through Phone

Like we said, the easiest alternative, you just to speak to the company’s customer service at 888-8metro8 (888-863-8768) or by calling 611 from your Metro phone. You’d be guided through a set of instructions to contact an executive, follow them and you’d be through.

Inform them about your request to add a line. The qualified representative will walk you through the procedure, as a result the whole thing will be done in no more than a snap.

Metro PCS Add a line by visiting the store

The alternative is to add a line to your Metro account by physically visiting a Metro Store. There a well-trained, qualified sales representative will certainly assist you in unlocking Metro PCS add a line to get a free phone. This choice also allows you to have a look at the available mobile phones face-to-face instead of digital shopping.

Any kind of inquiries in relation to the device or the activation procedure, the agent will certainly have the ability to address them. In addition, this way, you won’t need to wait for your brand-new phone to arrive in the mail. Rather, you will get your precious new free phone on the go.

MetroPCS Add a line Online

The simplest and the handiest method to add a line to MetroPCS and get a free phone is by logging right into your existing account online and selecting the pre-existing option of “add a line”. You can do that from the official Metro by T-Mobile website once you log into your account page.

Once you have selected add a line option, you will be prompted through the procedure of choosing a brand-new gadget as well as a plan that best fits your needs. When you’re ended up, finish the checkout process as well as you’ll be up and running in no time.

Final Words

The keynote to consider is that while you’ll constantly be able to add even more lines to your existing MetroPCS account, the process, plans, and benefits offered are subject to change by the provider, i.e., Metro Pcs. MetroPCS is still killing the competition with their terrific deals and discount rates as you include more lines.

However, you can always feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a great deal on whatever plan you pick. Since Metro pcs add a line to get a free phone is a pretty solid deal in itself.

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